CE Chapter 15

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 ­ Horror Upon Returning

Amaysu was sitting in his cave that was his home for the past two weeks. He was packing many glittering Violet cores into a sack that he had made with the fur of the Whiteback bear that he had first killed when he first entered the forest.

There was a large pile of Violet cores, at least, a few dozen. Each Violet core released a dim glow in the darkness, shimmering with an intoxicating colour, but atop the large number of Rank 1 cores sat a radiant Red core. This Red core slightly lacked its lustre, which meant that it was a Low-grade Rank 2 core, however it outshone the pile of Violet cores.

This was the core of a Rank 2 Savage beast which he had killed the day after he had reached the 3rd Rank, the battle was swift and clean. If he was facing a Lower Rank 2 Savage beast while he was in the 2nd Rank he would have been able to defeat it but killing it was an endeavouring task.

These cores would not have been considered important during the peaceful moments of his life when his parents were still alive; as of this moment, he needed to sell these cores to make money for himself.

Amaysu could have simply asked Patriarch Joseph from the clan to loan him some money, but his dignity would never allow such an act because he did not like to be in debt or be controlled because of this.

The cave was mostly empty, during his entire time in the forest he had used this cave to conceal him, when he slept, the only thing he left here was the sack and the cores he had obtained. These cores would definitely attract the attention of a wide range of Savage beasts, however as long as the items stayed on him, his very own aura would block off the remnant energy left in the core. However, the energy was only detectable when a Savage beast drew close to the core.

Amaysu stood up and lifted the sack, placing it over his should, on his back.

The cave was open allowing sunlight to enter, Amaysu walked out and stared out at the vastness of the forest.

When he reached the edge of the cave, he jumped down, beginning his return journey with an adrenaline filling jump.

The wind blew onto his face, causing him to feel a brief sensation that he had long forgotten, a feeling of nonchalance.

The speed he fell at kept accelerating, Amaysu immediately activated the Lunar moon dance, his feet closed down onto the rocky surface of the mountain. When his feet came into contact with the mountain’s surface he pushed off at a diagonal angle causing his speed to quickly drop, like this in a matter of a few seconds he landed on the surface of the bordering grassland.

Without slowing down Amaysu disappeared into the vast greenery of the forest.


A figure dashed through the forest for nearly half an hour, blurring passed countless trees, jumping over wide streams and rivers.


A deep grumble echoed in front of Amaysu’s figure as he rushed passed another cluster of bushes. The sound came from about a 50 metres ahead of him, but with the deep grumble a Savage beast walked out into Amaysu’s line of sight.

He wasn’t bothered by the sudden emergence of the Savage beast, it’s appearance only represented that his meal had arrived.

Amaysu slowly licking his lips, staring at the huge body of the Savage beast he muttered quietly, “Ah? Lunch.”

As the distance quickly disappeared, he had a clear view of the characteristics of the Savage beast: It had very thick fur that coated its entire body, its expression was one of hunger and the desire to eat was revealed by its open mouth.

The Savage beast couldn’t resist the temptation any longer as it rushed towards the boy. Amaysu raised his hands and a Silver sword appeared.

Just before they came into contact, Amaysu waved his sword in a casual manner. However it was anything but casual, when it came into contact with the Savage beasts body it tore right through like a scissor cutting through a sheet of paper.

Amaysu slowed down and stopped while the Savage beast let out a blood-curdling roar as it smashed headfirst into a tall Brownwood tree.

While looking at the figure of the dead Savage beast, Amaysu walked towards it.

“Rank 1 Savage beasts are no longer a threat to me… I guess they can only be considered a meal now.”

After an hour Amaysu carried on his journey, leaving behind only a large pile of bones that was lying on thick brown fur. Right next to it was a dying flame that crackled, burning its last bit of energy while it watched Amaysu’s figure disappear.


Since the beginning of the journey, a total of nearly 2 hour’s had passed and for the first time, he could see the emergence of Brownwood mountain which rose over the dull green land.

A rare smile appeared on his face when he thought of how he’ll meet his siblings again, his last blood relation.

When he had left Arisa and Raymond under the care of Aya he feared that Joseph would try to kidnap them and use them as hostages for his ‘treasures’.  Amaysu knew that since Joseph thought that he had a Body Transformation expert as his master he wouldn’t try anything. Now that Amaysu had reached the 3rd Rank of the Fighter stage he no longer feared Joseph and was prepared in case anything happened to his younger sister and brother.

The land gradually elevated, Amaysu didn’t notice the dead silence of the land. After a few minutes of running, he noticed in the corner of his eye that nearly 5 Brownwood trees had been shattered by an extremely powerful attack or strike.

At first, he believed that it could have been lightning or something similar to it because it had been raining and thundering for a period of time during his training.

However the closer he reached the town he noticed more Brownwood trees that had been ravaged with countless claw marks and shattered trunks. The land had also been unearthed and completely overturned by some sort of calamity.

An uneasy feeling emerged in his heart and anxiety surged through him. The closer he got to the town, the more mindless destruction he saw and the anxious feeling within him also grew rapidly.

“I don’t know what has happened, but please, just please let them be safe.” A distressed expression appeared on Amaysu’s face. He didn’t know who caused this devastation but he felt the uneasiness growing.


Amaysu jumped over a cluster of shrubbery and finally entered the grassland bordering the walls of the town.

The sight before his eyes caused him to feel utterly helpless, what was once a formidable stone wall that protected the town from danger had completely collapsed. Within the city smoke was rising and the nearest huts were all demolished, there was only senseless destruction in every direction.

“No…No…NO!!” Amaysu roared with a crazed savageness that he had never felt before, simultaneously running deep into the town. His voice echoed in all direction, forcing anything that heard his voice, to shrink in fear.

Rushing at a pace he had never reached before, Amaysu streaked through the demolished town. Amaysu couldn’t care less about what the state of the surroundings was, all he cared about was the safety of Arisa and Raymond.

However if he paid any attention he would have realised that even though everything was destroyed, there was no casualties or dead body to be found.

Amaysu turned at many different corners, jumped over rubble and broken buildings and then he finally arrived at his home.

The moment he saw the state of his home, Amaysu felt nothing, nothing at all, the last shred of emotion that kept him sane had disappeared. In front of him, what used to be a wall was now only a pile of rubble and the wooden lodging was no more than just the portrayal of every other home in the city.

Amaysu clasped his hands onto his hair in a crazed manner and pulled his hair uncontrollably, “No..No…NOOOO!!” Amaysu’s voice echoed wildly in every direction, his voice was one full of despair and desolation.

The roar was the only thing that left his body and then Amaysu shook uncontrollably nonstop for the next five minutes.

WHY THE F*CK DID I LEAVE THEM BEHIND?! WHY DID I NOT TAKE THEM?! WHY?! WHY?!!! Amaysu’s stomach churned as he felt an unbearable feeling of regret filling every inch of his body. If there existed a medicine for regret he would have taken an overdose of it.

As the helpless and hopeless feeling grew, deep inside Amaysu’s heart a malicious and terrifying emotion bloomed like a lotus, it was one of uncontrolled destruction, pure madness and utter savagery.

“URG” Amaysu immediately vomited many mouthfuls of blood with saliva around it, his face was pale and was chalk white like paper.


Hearing the footsteps, Amaysu violently turned his head to stare at the place where he heard the sound of footsteps and there appeared… Hummels.

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