CE Chapter 14

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 ­ The Return Journey Begins

The distance between the calm and concentrated figure of Amaysu and the two Savage beasts were crossed in an instant.

Even though only an instant was needed to reach him, to him, who was putting all his concentration on his next move felt like time was slowing down.

His breathing was steady and quite as he focussed on the permeating pressure that surrounded him, his arm felt heavier and heavier as his muscles stored more and more power within them.

While Amaysu concentrated an unknown emotion blossomed deep within his heart like a lotus.

Slowly the aura surrounding him emitted an undetectable pressure that was increasing the longer he concentrated.

The Black Viper and the Bronze Stag reached only a mere distance of three metres away from him when suddenly his eyes opened.

As his eyes opened an undetectable fearsome torrent of aura struck the two Savage beasts. In the instant that his eyes opened, their instincts terrorised their mental state as they felt as if they were facing an unsurpassable mountain.


With a deep exhale, Amaysu swung horizontally with a force that was equivalent to a cultivator swinging a battle axe. The power carried by the sword was his full power, the speed at which he swung the sword caused a flowing afterimage to follow the blade. This terrifying attack could be said to be at the same level as someone at the 4th rank of the Fighter stage.

The blade edge whistled as it split the air, at the momentum that the two Savage beasts were travelling, they had no way of dodging or even protecting their vitals at that moment.


Blood splattered into the air like drops of flowing water rebounding against a rock. The blade connected with the Black Viper’s smooth body, cutting right through the area behind its head.

The force carried by the sword was reduced by quite a bit and the momentum reduced by a lot however it still moved at a speed that made it impossible for the Bronze Stag to dodge. With a whistle sound the sword connected with its neck.

Just as it made contact the sword embedded itself a couple centimetres into its neck, but most of the force had disappeared, this caused Amaysu to frown. The reduction of power allowed the Savage beast to take this opportunity to quickly stagger backwards.

The Bronze Stag was bleeding from its neck area and on the floor right next to Amaysu’s leg lay two parts of a severed snake’s body, blood flowed outwards and its mutilated organs could be seen.

The Bronze Stag was breathing heavily as its body was filled with trepidation, the undetectable hidden terror that it felt, existing within the boy caused it to shiver in fear.

“Too weak! Too Weak!” Amaysu felt irritated, he expected the attack to have enough force to take care of both Savage beasts. His rate of improvement was already beyond the realm of belief but with the burden he carried, he found that he wasn’t strong enough which greatly irritated him.

Amaysu faced the Bronze Stag and glared, his expression was that of an emperor looking down at his empire and was filled with scorn. His glare had a clear meaning: Why aren’t you dead?

Seeing this it shivered but it did not realise that the terrorising feeling that it felt from the boy had disappeared, but that didn’t stop it from fearing the boy.

Not saying another word Amaysu rushed at his prey, the coldness he bore within him grew greatly because of the feebleness of his power he felt earlier.

The Bronze Stag was caught off guard and was already heavily injured, despair filled it as it realised that the prey had turned into the predator.

Amaysu swiftly ran towards the Savage beast, he swept sideways and his figure blurred, instantaneously he appeared on its right.


Blood trailed down the barely visible beautiful reflective surface of the 3-foot blade while the tip was covered in crimson blood which dripped onto the grass. The main body of the sword was lodged in the Bronze Stag’s chest. A blood curdling, pain filled roar rattled through the entire forest.

The nearest Wild beasts shivered in fear and the stronger beasts ran away in fear when they heard the hopeless roar of a dying beast.

Amaysu pulled out his sword allowing the blood to spray outwards with more intensity. After the blood-curdling roar died down, the Bronze Stag, having used up most of its energy, had lost control of its body. Swaying left and right, it collapsed lifelessly into a puddle of its own blood.

The coldness in the boys eyes had disappeared and only an indifferent expression was left behind, however he was feeling indescribable inside.

“I killed two Savage beasts… I’m getting closer and closer to the 3rd rank!” He felt close to the third rank. If you had to put Amaysu’s training speed in terms of time, he had gone from being the highest of nobility without having any cultivation to the 2nd rank of the Fighter stage in six months under the guidance of Master Etros.

If you did not count the time Amaysu had been sleeping for, he would have reached the peak of the 2nd rank in only 8 months. This speed was faster than Amaysu’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather by manifolds, it proved his masters evaluation of his talent.

After an hour Amaysu already had two more Violet cores in his possession, making it a total of three. He had separated the most valuable parts of the two savage beasts and had created a net using the vines hanging down from the trees to store the body parts.

Amaysu left the area, travelling at a casual pace and in a few minutes he had arrived at the foot of the mountain, however without stopping he jumped and moved with such precision that it looked like he was flying across the uneven precipitous edge of the mountain.

In a matter of a few seconds, he arrived at the entrance of his cave, “Finally returned.”


Every day he would train and experience challenging battles, not a single free moment would be wasted. The meals he ate was beyond what a normal person was capable of and it would cause them to feel queasy just watching him, but the Savage beast meat carried flavour and also strengthened him.

Amaysu would practise the Emperor arts until he coughed blood and collapsed and train the Dragon’s wrath combat skill. While constantly strengthening his body under the pressure of gravity Amaysu reached the 3rd Rank of the fighter stage only a week after he had started training.

He would lure Savage beasts and slaughter them with no remorse and grasp their Violet cores. During his constant battles with Savage beasts, he came across a Rank 2 Savage, nevertheless, it died under Amaysu’s sword.

Spending his days like this, 2 weeks passed by like a breeze.

At the foot of a mountain, Amaysu was calmly sitting in the lotus position, his eyes closed and his hands clasped together, he had been in this state for nearly an hour. His appearance was serene and tranquil, his mind was in a dream like state, his senses were cut off from the world. The foot of the mountain had barren grass for a length of ten metres in all direction, the late autumn cold breeze was blowing as it caused the head of sandy brown hair to whip around wildly. His clothes also fluttered, revealing a square locket necklace that hung around his neck, this was the gift his master gave and he had never taken it off no matter what the circumstance was.


Amaysu sighed as his eyes opened, with a hazy and unfocused gaze his eyes casually moved around without a purpose and finally locked onto a boulder. The boulder was two metres tall and was thick enough that it would take three grown men to hug it to wrap around it.

The previous hazy look in his eyes disappeared and a serious expression appeared on his indifferent face.

He stood up and moved his right leg forward and pulled his left leg backwards, lifting his right arm forward, his fingers locked onto each other while he tensed them. The index finger joined the middle finger, as the ring finger joined the little finger leaving the thumb on its own. If the form of Amaysu’s hand could be described in any way it looked like the claws of a dragon.

The stance was kept perfect for two minutes, nothing disturbed him, the concentrated expression on his face did not falter.


With a deep utterance, he bolted towards the nearby boulder, appearing in a flash.


An echoing blast occurred as the fingers heavily implanted themselves deep within the surface of the rock.

Amaysu gradually pulled his fingers out and with it dust fell out, he also left behind three holes at the place where his fingers pierced the boulder.

Turning around he walked back towards the foot of the mountain, suddenly a shocking sight appeared behind him.


With the three finger sized holes being the centre, cracks started appearing all around the boulder, the boulders surface was now covered in web-like cracks.

“Clack…” Each piece of the boulder fell apart one after the other, each piece fell down creating a ‘clack’ and ‘thunk’ like sound when it came in contact with the ground.

Amaysu sighed while he flexed his fingers by stretching and contracting, “I can’t dream of reaching ancestors level but the force should have at least obliterated the boulder.”

Discarding the thought Amaysu looked at the light blue sky and a lingering feeling emerged, “It’s been 2 weeks since I began my training and I’ve finally reached the 3rd stage of the Fighter stage… It’s time for me to return.”

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