CE Chapter 13

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 ­ Amaysu’s Plan

A figure was rushing down the rocky and uneven side of the mountain. Its movement was swift and precise, with a final jump, its body gracefully landed on the earthen grassy land within the forest. This figure was Amaysu.

Amaysu looked around casually, after picking a random direction, he journeyed into the sea of trees and disappeared.

Brownwood Forest was big with a length of approximately a 100Km, even for Amaysu it would take him, at least, four hours to cross the entire forest from one end to the other.

After constantly brushing past leaves and grazing against fragile branches for about five minutes he finally arrived at an environment he found to his liking.

“This is the place,” he mumbled as he approved of the scenery. The place that he decided to employ his plan in was a small clearing of grassland. The branches and leaves of the surrounding trees created cool, protective shade and only a few gaps between the leaves allowed patches of light rays to pass through. The small grassland was a small haven in the forest and had a comfortable atmosphere.

It possessed more than just grass, trees and flowers, a stream of clear water flowed around the area of grassland giving it a serene atmosphere. Water was vital for all living things and a stream of flowing water was occasionally visited by Savage beasts.

Amaysu searched under his tunic, creating rustling sounds, he then stopped and slowly pulled out an object. This object that was pulled out from within his tunic reflected with a violet radiance, this object was the Violet core of the upper Rank 1 Whiteback bear.

He walked into the centre of the grassland and merely dropped the Violet core into a pocket of grass in the field of grass. After dropping the core he ran towards the nearest tree, using his momentum he pushed off the ground and ran along the trunk and leapt.

Grabbing onto the closest branch Amaysu pulled himself up, then concealed himself under the protection of the tree.

Amaysu’s plan was simple, it was to lure the Savage beast into the grassland with the core. A Rank 1 Savage beasts core would cause many Savage beasts below Rank 2 to profuse with saliva and stare with greed filled gazes at the sight of the core especially because it was a High-grade core. The reason was because it could help them make a breakthrough into the next grade or move an entire rank.

He was pretty confident because the core would slowly release its energy outwards, drawing savage beasts like bees to flowers.

Even though a Savage beast was more intelligent than a Wild beast, it wasn’t by much. The only difference was the enormous difference in power, so the simple plan that he formulated would work unless it was an abnormally intelligent Savage beast.

Amaysu didn’t have to worry about encountering a Wild beast because the residual energy of the Whiteback bear was still on the core. This would cause anything below a Rank 1 beast to run away in fear.  Even if a Wild beast did encounter the core and somehow gained the chance to devour the core, they would burst under the violent energy carried in the High-grade Rank 1 core.

Amaysu leant against the trunk as he lay on the thickest branch on the tree. Now he waited for the appearance of his prey.

Slowly Ten minutes passed as he waited, then another quarter of an hour passed, gradually Amaysu had been waiting for more than an hour for a Savage beast.

Where are they? Why haven’t they taken the bait? After waiting quietly for more than an hour, Amaysu’s patience had finally run out. Standing up and looking down at the plain grassland he was annoyed that not a single Savage beast had appeared.

Maybe it’s the location, I’ll try finding some other place. Amaysu reassured himself.


Just as Amaysu was about to jump down from the branch he had been concealing himself in, he heard the rustling noise of bushes being pushed around.

Eventually, a lean muscular Savage beast walked out, its appearance was breathtaking. It possessed a lithe, compact body and long, powerful legs. Its skin was bronze in colour, it had an elongated skull, which carried a set of powerful teeth and beady, intelligent black eyes. Brown Antlers protruded from the gap between their ears and above their eyes.

BRONZE STAG AND IT’S AN UPPER RANK 1! Amaysu’s expression didn’t change by much, however inside he was ecstatic and full of joy.

Bronze Stags were commonly found in many Savage beast Forests and were relatively weak, but they possessed very powerful legs that could shatter the bones of even a 4th Rank Fighter if he was careless.


Just as Amaysu was about to head down to face his prey, he heard the hissing noise coming from the opposite direction of where the Bronze Stag had come from, it was coming from within the stream.

The head of a snake appeared from within the depths of the stream as it protruded outwards, displaying its body and features. The snake was around four metres long, covered in black scales that was encased by a shiny, smooth membrane, there were occasional blue scales on it.


The appearance of a second Savage beast excited Amaysu and caused the dormant blood that thirsted for battle inside him to burn. This thirst for battle and the excitement brought by it was nostalgic and unforgettable, despite this he controlled it and his expression was still indifferent.

While Amaysu was excited, these two Savage beasts were staring down at each other while the High-grade core sat in between them, both knew what the other desired.


With a slick movement, the Viper shot at the Violet core in front of it, however, it wasn’t going to be that easy as the Bronze Stag burst into a full speed gallop, aiming to confront the Black Viper.

Amaysu noticing this sighed and jumped down from the high, concealed branch of the tree he was hiding in. The place he was hiding was already closer to the core than the position where the two Savage beasts were at initially.

As soon as his body touched the ground, he was immediately noticed by the two Savage beast. The two beasts stopped and stared at the third party figure that had suddenly appeared without either of them noticing. However before they even realised, the figure shot towards the core and picked it up from the pocket of grass.

“Do you understand how long you made me wait? hm… Well, at least, you came.” Tucking the Violet core back into his tunic he casually said these words that sounded as if he was talking to himself. He did not care about the bloodthirsty expression on the faces of the two Savage beasts. Amaysu casually picking up the core in front of these two Savage beasts and behaving as if nothing happened, naturally enraged them.

Amaysu moved his right hand and the diamond shaped crest started to glow with a silver light, causing the silver specks to rapidly coalesce to form a silver sword. He grabbed onto the 3 feet long, double edged blade.

The two Savage beasts, seeming to understand the boys intent, they glared down at him with an even fiercer bloodthirsty killing intent. Savage beasts like them had gone through countless battles to come out on top and now they were being provoked by a human child.

The cold excitement in Amaysu’s heart grew as he stared at the Stag and Viper. From the beginning he lacked any interest in the core, he only wanted to use it as bait to draw these Savage beasts, if this was anyone else they would not be able to comprehend the lack of desire Amaysu had for the core.

The only thing Amaysu wanted was to fight, fight and increase his power, that was the quickest way to get stronger.

With a step forward, he immediately bolted towards the Bronze Stag first, his burst of acceleration caused him to close the distance between them very quickly.

“ROAR!” The Stag noticing that it was the target was immediately enraged as it charged towards Amaysu.

Its powerful legs carried immense power as the Stag charged at Amaysu, wherever it passed faint cracks would be left behind, this showed how powerful its leg was.

The distance between them grew shorter and shorter until they were merely two metres apart. At the speed they were travelling towards each other made this small distance be covered in an instant.

Just before contact was about to be made with Amaysu’s sword and the Bronze Stag’s antlers a shocking sight occurred.

Amaysu’s waist twisted in an illusory manner, it was subtle and soft, with a graceful twist, his body moved a few inches to the left. This was only possible because of his momentum and preparation. This small change in movement caused his body to swiftly float around the Savage beast and dodge its incoming attack. Amaysu managed to dodge by only a few centimetres, his movements were like a feather that moved away from the touch of a person’s hand.

This was the true ability of the Lunar moon Dances footwork, it was graceful, subtle and untouchable. The body moved in a way that reacted to movements and evades it. However, it could also be used to pressurise and draw close to your opponent.

Just when Amaysu was about to slash the sword edge to cleave into the sides of the Bronze Stag, in the corner of his peripheral vision he saw a black spear-like figure shooting towards him.

Sensing the danger he didn’t dare risk being injured and something amazing happened. His feet moved extremely slowly, causing slow after images of his feet to appear. What was actually happening was that Amaysu was repeatedly tapping different spots at a speed that was too fast for the naked eye, which made it seem as if they were one simple movement.

As the spear like figure closed down on him, his body gracefully flickered as he pushed off the ground and subtly floated three metres across the grassland.


A blast occurred as the spear like figure smashed into the empty ground that he had been just standing in. Dust floated into the air and slowly a black streamline figure slithered upwards through the dust smoke.


Amaysu noticed the black forked tongue of the Black Viper as it fiercely hissed at him as it looked at him agitatedly.

The two Savage beast looked at him with a stronger killing intent because he carried the Violet core. It had the possibility of allowing them to breakthrough, to become a Rank 2 Savage beast.

“Huh…Huh,” Amaysu gasped as he breathed heavily, he raised his hands to wipe the sweat from his forehead. His figure was still upright and he was standing directly under a patch of light, this made his figure seem majestic and valiant.

I guess the first footwork is still too hard for me, I have to practise more to get better at it. Amaysu was frustrated, practising the footwork and actually using it in battle were two different concepts.

Battling two Savage beasts was also harder than he had first expected. Let me try that, Amaysu thought as he remembered a time when he was surrounded by a group of Lower Rank 1 Savage beasts.

Standing motionlessly with both hands clasped onto the handle of the sword, with the sharp tip facing diagonally up towards the sky. Amaysu’s eyes closed and his breathing steadied, a certain tranquil calmness appeared on his face.

The two Savage beast were unsteadied by this unexpected turn of events. Their expression, however, turned even more fierce, their instincts were warning them that something calamitous would occur when this boy prepared himself.

They immediately rushed at Amaysu, the Black Viper shot at him like a piercing spear and the Bronze Stag charged at him like an immense boulder.


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