CE Chapter 12

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 ­ Thirteenth Emperor’s Insights

Amaysu spent the next hour cutting open the Whiteback bear’s body using a silver knife that he had formed with his Inherited Legacy.

Staring at the Whiteback bear’s head, he slowly forced his right hand into the White back bears head, squeezing through the innards of the head and pulled out a violet coloured stone that was similar in shape to an oval pearl. The violet core possessed a crystal-like surface and the texture was smooth yet squeezable.

“This is a Rank 1 Savage beasts core,” Amaysu mumbled as he fiddled with the Savage beasts core and inspected the surface of the stone that core that was still covered in blood stains.

During his time with master Etros, Amaysu had killed countless rank 1 savage beasts and had obtained their cores. Master Etros himself was an alchemist while also being an extremely powerful Body Transformation expert, so master Etros refined many elixirs and pills during his six month’s with the boy.

Savage beast Cores were different from Rank 1 to Rank 10, this was also one of the reasons that separated them into ranks and depending on the lustre of the core you could tell the grade of the core which was: Lower, Mid or High. This corresponded with the grades of Savage beast: Lower, Mid or Upper.

The higher the rank of the Savage beast, the colour of their core changes. Starting off with Violet cores, higher ranked was the Red core, then the Orange core, Yellow core, Green core, Emerald core, Sapphire core, Blue Core, Cyan core, Black core. The colour of the core corresponded with the ranking of the Savage beasts. Some of these cores were similar in colour however they were quite different when examined closely, this was due to their texture and luminosity.

Not many outsiders knew of the colour and order of the Savage beast cores, nevertheless, it was natural for Amaysu to possess this knowledge because of his family and clans long history and standing.

Amaysu after glancing at the glistening violet core, he set it aside. Looking at the items in front of him he pondered, the Whiteback bear’s fur, meat and bones were set in front of him.

I should first set up a fire to cook the meat while that’s happening I should use the fur to create a small sack to store the core and then I’ll think about what to do next. Having decided on what he was going to do, he started building a fire.


After two hours Amaysu laid down on the grass gazing at the sunset through the gaps of the blocking leaves.


The sound of flame’s crinkling and burning the dry wood could be heard, a sack that was the size of a messenger bag was set aside. The bones of the Whiteback bear were huddled together and not a single chunk of meat was left behind.

Amaysu’s figure was small compared to the Whiteback bear, however, he had devoured every single shred of meat on its entire body.

There was a phrase that his master used to say during his time with him: “Eat until you can’t eat anymore, eat until you burst because you won’t know when your next meal will come.” The first time he had heard this was in the midst of a warm spring night with his master, it was the day he had first killed a Savage beast. Whenever his master, Etros said this he always carried a cheerful smile on his face.

The meat that he ate wasn’t devoured by him just to fill his stomach to the brink of explosion, he was taught a miscellaneous technique that allowed him to circulate and digest anything at a frightening speed. Amaysu’s stomach became an abyss with a bottomless appetite.

Amaysu stood up, staring into the distance, looking at the small rocky mountains that peaked through the endless green tops of the forest.

Picking up the Black sack with a single white stripe encircling it, he hung it over his shoulder. Taking a step forward, he disappeared into the endless vegetation and wildlife of the forest.

After travelling for about an hour, the sky had already gotten dark and the sky was now lit by the shining light of the moon and stars, but he had also reached the foot of the range of mountains.

Activating the Lunar moon dance, Amaysu stored a large amount of energy in his calves and forefoot, pressing down holding the pent up energy in his legs.


With a natural roar, he released the energy and his body shot, at least, ten metres into the air like a bird that had been restrained on the ground for far too long. As soon as his feet touched the rugged surface of the uneven and precipitous mountain side, he pushed upwards moving to another uneven surface and then repeating it again and again.

If anyone saw Amaysu in this dark environment they would mistake him for a Mountain goat, because of his agile, flexible and fast movement on the uneven surface of the mountain.

Having constantly climbed and moved around the surface of the mountain he finally found a naturally formed cave on one side. This cave was especially convenient for Amaysu because there was a clump of shrubbery covering it. If he wasn’t searching intently for a dwelling and was only passing by, he would have ignored the existence of the cave hidden behind the shrubbery.

Amaysu walked into the cave and found that it was only about 5 metres deep and was 2 metres wide, just big enough for him to stay in.

Having decided that this was where he was going to live, he sat down and leaned against the uncomfortable, irregular rocky walls. After a moment, he pulled out a red covered book that was tucked into his tunic.

There’s no moment for me to relax, relaxing gives mother and father’s killers more time to live. An expression full of resolve appeared on Amaysu’s face, in this new era the only person he could rely on was himself.

Opening the ancient book that existed and passed down since the time of his ancestor, he turned to the page he desired.

A White screen appeared once again.

Amaysu spending two months in that guarded and open home inside the town had no way to train most of the techniques he desired to learn. The reason for this was that he did not want the contents of the book and his knowledge to be known to an outsider because it could bring him unwanted troubles.

With the small amount of privacy he had the only thing he could practice was the first chapter of the Emperor Arts and the Dream Conscious technique. With the Dream Conscious technique, in theory, he could practise all these techniques, however, his mental capabilities and concentration was far too weak for him to do so. This was the reason that he left to train in the wild and another reason was that he felt, he was about to breakthrough into the 3rd rank of the Fighter stage. If he made this leap in his cultivation he would no longer feel restrained under the eyes of the 5th rank Patriarch of the clan.

scrolling through the hologram, he was searching for a technique that had caught his eye but he had no way to practise it in the cramped up space. He also required some subjects to test it on and what better subjects than the Savage beasts.

“My name is Edrick Dasecris, I am the Thirteenth Emperor of the Dasecris clan and this is my insight on the Ancient Valour Illustration. What I leave behind to my future descendant is a special Combat skill, this skill is called Dragon’s wrath.

Amaysu had gone over this technique over many times, but no matter how many times he read these words he felt the aura of an unfathomable Savage beast.

Dragons were Savage beasts that were considered a myth. When he was a child he had heard many stories of this profound Primordial beast, but these stories described the achievements of the ancient Emperor’s of the Dasecris clan who slayed these primordial beasts. To have the power to kill a Primordial Savage beast was something Amaysu could not comprehend.

“This technique requires the user to increase the strength of the fingers to a level where you can harden and loosen the tendons and muscles at any given moment. The user’s fingers must be as sharp as claws and when I mastered this technique to the highest level, the illusion of a great primordial dragon appeared.”

Illusion of a primordial dragon?! Amaysu was shocked, to create an illusion of a dragon would mean that he would have to master this technique to a level that was equivalent to the Thirteenth Emperor.

Many of the techniques that were left behind by the past Emperors were sometimes vague for example this Combat skill. However, there also exists skills like the Lunar Moon Dance that has instructions on how to master the movement technique.

The main reason that Dragon’s Wrath was very vague was because the Thirteenth Emperor wanted his inheritors to explore the skill through different methods and gain their own comprehension. This allowed different variations and power to appear within the skill.

Amaysu after reading the instructions, he tucked the book away.

Inspecting the cover of the book an expression of respect and appreciation was on his face. He had long come to an understanding that the Emperor Arts was a priceless treasure trove that contained over hundreds of thousands of skills, techniques and other insights of the past Emperors.


The next day, Amaysu woke up at the first light of the morning sun that rose from the east.

After a while he picked up the sack that he had made and pulled out a Violet core, this core was the core of the Whiteback bear.

This forest is really small compared to the vast forests in the depths and outer regions of the continent. I’m already in the centre of the forest and the highest rank I’ve seen is a Rank 2 Savage beast.

Depending on the size of a forest it could also give a person a rough estimation of the highest possible rank Savage beast within the forest had and also the average rank of the Savage beasts. This  was not always the case but it was more common for a high ranked Savage beast to live in an enormous and vast land.

Since this Forest is small, that would mean that the Savage beasts would be scattered… I guess I have to lure them here. Amaysu formulated a plan to hunt the Savage beasts within the forest.

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