CE Chapter 11

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 ­ Whiteback Bear

An upper Rank 1 Savage beast?! Amaysu was astonished because of the sudden appearance of the Whiteback bear and the fact that he had met 2 Savage beasts so quickly.

However he frowned at the fact that it took him quite a while to notice the bears killing intent, it seemed that he had been too cautious of the Dire wolf that he overlooked the presence of the bear.

Whiteback bears were common Rank 1 savage beasts that could be found in many forests. Compared to the other species in the Bear family, White back bears lacked intelligence meaning that they wouldn’t make it far on the path of cultivation, however, their population was very high to make up for this.

The Whiteback bear was currently around 30 metres away from him, moving towards him slowly, step by step causing the crushing sound of the twigs to be emitted across to Amaysu. Suddenly the bear stood on its hind legs:


An ear shattering roar was emitted from the depths of its throat, causing the tree’s to rustle and the weaker Wild beasts to run in fear and the birds resting in the trees to flee in terror.

Wild beasts were different from Savage beasts, they are below Rank 1 so they aren’t ranked, this was similar to normal humans that couldn’t reach the Fighter stage. However, just like how all humans have the chance to become a Cultivator and reach the Fighter stage, Wild beasts also have the chance to become Savage beasts by devouring a Savage beasts core or by training their bodies.

Amaysu pressed his hands against his ears, he frowned as he looked at the ferocious aura that this Savage beast carried.

“I’ve finally found a Savage beast that I can test my strength on.”

Savage beasts were quite different to a normal human cultivator. A Savage beast that was at the same level of a human was naturally stronger due to their inborn strong physique, agility or speed. Some special and extremely powerful Savage beasts had innate abilities that could be used against human cultivators possessed combat artifacts.

As the roar of the bear died down, its blue eyes stared deeply into Amaysu, evaluating the value of its prey. Amaysu stared back at the bear with a mocking gaze which had a clear meaning.

“You stupid bear all you do is eat, I dare you to come at me,” Amaysu ridiculed as he raised his hands and waved his fingers in a way that aggravated it.

Lower ranked Savage beasts had their primal beast like nature where they would know when their pride and power was being questioned, this provoked it and invoked its rage.


A deep rumble erupted from the bear as it revealed its fangs at the young sandy brown haired boy in front of it.


With a heavy push off the ground, this Rank 1 savage beast rushed at Amaysu with the intent to kill, with each step its paws would embed itself into the ground causing the earth to tremor.

Amaysu’s expression turned serious, the glint in his eyes turned ruthless.

“NANOTEKRO INHERITED LEGACY, ACTIVATE!” Amaysu roared within his heart.

On his palm, a silver diamond shape crest appeared and released a bright luminescent light.

Silver specks started gathering around Amaysu’s arm, coalescing to form a sword. The silver specks materialised the weapon, it was double edged with a silver guard and a silver hilt. The sword was made completely made from the Inherited Legacy and he grabbed it by its hilt.

For the Nanotekro Inherited Legacy to form a weapon was considered the most basic and insignificant ability of the Inherited Legacy. The Inherited Legacy had the ability to form any structure, in any size and had an unfathomable destructive ability. The more Nanotekros the user could create the more powerful the Inherited Legacy would become, this was Amaysu’s basic deduction of the legacy.

At his current level, Amaysu could only form a single weapon or other small structures at the same point in time, this was due to his current concentration capabilities.

He waved the silver blade that was 3 feet long, causing the wind to break apart under the sharpness of the sword. His gaze stopped at the bear that had already crossed half the distance between them.

His right leg drew a semi-circle and his left leg was placed in front, like a spring he bent down causing a large amount of energy to be focused on his calves. This was one of the effects of the Lunar Moon Dance movement technique, by storing a large amount of energy you could release it in a single moment allowing a startling burst of speed.

Amaysu pounced with the speed of an arrow released from its bow. As the distance between the bear was reducing, he pushed himself off the ground causing his body to float due to his fast motion.

In an instant, he floated over the bear which was also staring at him as he floated over its head. As Amaysu was about to land, he twisted his body to face the hind of the bear.


As Amaysu landed on the roots of a tree, he pounced at the bears hide without giving it an instant to prepare.

If I remember correctly master said the White back bears weakness is its agility.


With an unhesitant swing, an arcing slash was sent at the bears hind legs, causing a burst of blood to be released from its hind leg like a small fountain.

An earth shattering roar of pain was emitted from the bear as it turned around, a glint of absolute hatred and rage was portrayed in its eyes. It swung its paw at him with a terrifying force behind its attack.


The bears paw struck at Amaysu who reflexively used his sword to protect himself from most of the force, but its paw carried the weight of a huge boulder as it smashed into him.


The tremendous force winded him, coughing saliva as his body shot into the distance like an arrow. With his feet landing first he skidded backwards, immediately stabbing the silver sword into the ground to reduce the carrying force.

Without backing down Amaysu directly pounced at the bear that was running towards him with a bloodthirsty aura around it.

As the distant between them reduced to merely 5 metres he snorted, his expression was one that mocked its intelligence. Once they were so close that there was no possibility for the Savage beast to dodge Amaysu threw his sword at the bear, without a trace of hesitancy and then immediately jumped to his right to avoid directly clashing into the bear.

As this was happening the sword flew like a spear towards the Whiteback bears head, causing the air around it to split and a whistling noise to be produced. The distance between it and the sword was too close for it to dodge and with its weakness being agility all it could do was move its head slightly in the hopes that it would miss.


The sword embedded itself deep into the Whiteback bears left eye causing it to release a gut-wrenching roar. Blood leaked from the wound of where it’s left eye used to be. The blood pooled on the ground causing the marshy ground and the green grass to be soaked by the crimson coloured blood.

Amaysu snorted coldly as he looked at the Whiteback bears sorry figure, instantly he rushed at it. This was just the beginning, as he raced towards it the silver sword formed from the Nanotekro legacy diffused turning into silver specks. In an instant, it traversed the distance and coalesced around Amaysu’s palm once again.

“You dared to prey on me without knowing who the predator really was, trying to bite off more than you can chew.” Amaysu barked coldly, running towards the suffering bear.

While the bear was distracted by the pain, Amaysu’s sprinting figure jumped into the air. Landing on its back with an unwavering expression, the blade glittering under the light of the sun he stabbed the blade into its back.

The Whiteback bear’s eyes dilated as it felt a terrifying and overwhelming danger on its back, it immediately dropped onto the floor ignoring the pain in its now blind left eye.

Amaysu was affected and lost his balance, he quickly stopped mid stab and jumped off the back of the bear. His figure somersaulted in the air and then landed softly on the ground, nevertheless, his guard was still up.

The Whiteback bear stood up, the expression on its face was now of intense fear and dread. The feeble feeling it felt  was intensified as it looked at the Sandy brown haired boy who was looking at it with a calm expression. The calm expression of the boy caused it to feel an overwhelming coldness emanating from him.

A beasts aura, no matter what level would always carry their natural inborn gift, their instincts. Their instincts allowed them to make split second decisions and was strengthened in their constant life and death battles.

However their instincts also acted as warning signals, these warning signals would activate when they faced tremendous danger and they would escape without looking back for even an instant. Instincts were what kept them alive and right now the Whiteback bears instinct was blaring as it warned it that this boy was far too dangerous.

Ignoring all the pain it felt, it turned to run away.

A cold smirk appeared on the Sandy brown haired boy’s lips as he watched the Whiteback bear fleeing in fear.

Pushing off the ground, he chased after its sorry figure.

For the next few minutes, there were two figures running through the forest, one figure was relentlessly attacking while the other was fleeing hopelessly. There was a trail of crimson blood leading to the figure of the Whiteback bear, which was all caused by Amaysu.

The bear had lost a large amount of blood, causing it to lose its momentum and its heart to be filled with despair.


The head of the bear dropped onto the patch of grass, as it was beheaded cleanly by the fragile looking boy’s silver sword. The Whiteback bear’s body crumpled lifelessly to the ground. After holding on hopelessly to life, it finally lost its final will to survive and was killed by Amaysu.

Blood flowed from the clean cut that Amaysu left on the place where its head used to be. The grass was stained with the crimson blood, which also soaked the severed head of the bear.

Amaysu was standing calmly, the silver colour of the sword was covered in blood making it look sinister under the light of the sun, his forehead was covered in sweat as he looked down at the dead Savage beasts body.

“Guess I’ve found my meal for today.”

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