CE Chapter 10

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 ­ Brownwood Forest

Early the next morning, on the outskirts of the town, stood Amaysu. He was wearing a black woollen trouser and a long black tunic, with a brown belt wrapped around his waist and his sandy brown hair was swept backwards.

Staring into the deep dense forest, Amaysu remembered the warnings he received from Joseph.

“The mountain that we stay on is called Brownwood mountain and we are located at the centre of the Brownwood forest. The forest has a length of at least a 100Km and there are many villages in the forest as well. There are many Savage beasts inside the forest and they are very dangerous, but they never come here, the reason for this unknown, but I think it has something to do with that ancient door.”

Amaysu already understood why no Savage beast would come near the door, it was because the door was releasing invisible waves of magnetic ripples and different frequencies of sound that made these  Savage beasts very uncomfortable and weak. He knew it was created by his parents so nothing dangerous would befall upon him when he left the room behind those doors.

Savage beasts were normal animals that were either born with an exceptional body due to their bloodline or they unknowingly or knowingly gained strength through countless battles.

A rank 1 Savage beast was split into the lower stage which is equivalent to a 1st rank Fighter, a middle stage which is equivalent to a 2nd rank Fighter and an upper stage which is equivalent to a 3rd rank Fighter.

During Amaysu’s time with Master Etros, he would live in the wilderness with the earth as his bed and the sky as his cover. In the day, he would regularly fight against Rank 1 Savage beasts, under his masters supervision he gained a large amount of combat experience.

Every single part of a Savage beast was beneficial to a cultivator. The body and blood of a savage beast could temper a person’s body and give them a savage aura. The core was something that other Savage beasts valued, by devouring the Core of other beasts a Savage beast could increase in strength by many folds.

Humans used these Cores as well, except only alchemists had the ability to refine and create a pill or elixir using the core.

At this moment an unnoticeable silver membrane covered the slim figure of the boy. He took a step forward and then in a flash he disappeared into the distance.

Amaysu had begun practising the technique that his father had left behind, the Lunar Moon Dance movement technique. This technique was an unpredictable movement technique, that used the uneven terrain to your advantage.

During these two months, he had been cultivating the Dream Conscious technique, using this technique, he had started practising the Lunar Moon dance. Whenever he practised this movement technique inside his own dream space, he would only last One Tenth of the average time.

For the next few minutes, Amaysu’s feet tapped on the trunk of a tree on the moist ground and on the smallest rocks. He tried to integrate the Lunar moon dance and get used to it by practising properly during his training excursion.

“I’ve barely mastered the footwork part of the Lunar moon dance that father left behind, but I still need to train my entire body and train it using a weapon,” he mumbled to himself.

The Lunar Moon Dance focussed on the entire body and trains the user to control the centre of gravity, strengthening the calves to increase agility and flexibility, to traverse at an extremely high speed was also a part of the technique.

Amaysu was a blur as he traversed at a speed that was beyond his rank. His body pushed of the trunk of a tree that was over 20 metres tall, suddenly a ferocious bloodthirsty killing intent was instinctually felt by Amaysu. In an instant, his body pushed down on one of the stones on the wet, muddy ground and he immediately shot into the air. Without wasting time after landing on a branch, he hid under the slightly orange and yellow leaves.

During his time with his master, Amaysu had spent months in forests filled with Savage beasts and under the constant danger of being attacked by these beasts he honed his perceptive ability and relied more on his instincts rather than logic. Even though he trained in such an environment, he was always being watched by his master so that life-threatening calamities wouldn’t befall upon him.

Calming his breath, he didn’t even move an inch, he looked through a pocket of packed leaves that looked down onto the marshy ground.

*Crish* *Crish*

Amaysu instantly stopped breathing as he stared at the being that created the crushing sound of dead leaves and twigs.

Dire Wolf!! It’s a Rank 2 Dire wolf.

Fear grasped Amaysu’s heart, Dire wolves were ancient wolves that had a bloodline that went far into ancient times, they have survived through many extinction level disasters and this one was a Rank 2 Savage beast. These Dire Wolves were kings of the wolves species and each wolf would usually carry a pack of normal wolves with it. Within the Dire wolf species, they also had differences which identified their status.


The Dire wolf raised its head and sniffed the air, attempting to grasp the scent that it had sensed before. It’s gaze inspected the area around it, suddenly it stopped at the place Amaysu was hiding in.

Amaysu could clearly see the appearance of the Dire wolf. The wolf was 2 metres in length and a height of about a metre, it’s powerful jaws seemed as if it could shatter the hardest metal with absolute ease.

Its golden eyes stared right through him causing him to sweat uncontrollably.

He sat still not looking through the pocket of leaves anymore, what he didn’t notice was that the silver membrane lit up slightly as the Dire wolf tried to trace the scent of its prey.

The wolf not noticing anything looked around in confusion for a moment.

“AHOOOOOO” With a soul piercing howl it left the area at an extremely frightening speed, only leaving an air of dust behind.

For the next hour, Amaysu hid behind the leaves not daring to move an inch or even breath.

A figure finally jumped off the base of a branch and finally landed on the marshy ground.

“That was an upper Rank 2 Dire Wolf, that’s equal to a 6th rank Fighter expert,” Amaysu mumbled and then sighed thinking how lucky he was that he wasn’t noticed. If he was with his master, he wouldn’t even have a tinge of fear against a Rank 2 or even a Rank 3 Savage beast, but now everything was up to him, he was in a world where the strong rule and the fittest survive.

This time, Amaysu carefully tread around the forest with caution, he couldn’t help but remember the domineering presence and feared that the Dire wolf was still around.

The atmosphere in the forest was quite, with the occasional sound of his feet trudging on the marshy land. Dead leaves were mixed with mud and twigs littered the land, the air was fresh, clear and rejuvenating. There were countless trees and vines all around him, occasional sounds of cries and roars could be heard in the forest.

Amaysu once again sensed a bloodthirsty aura coming from his left, cold sweat covered his forehead once again, he was about to jump into a tree trunk once again to hide, but he soon realised that the aura was many times weaker than the Dire wolf’s aura.

“Grr!” Slowly a huge black figure walked out of the green forest bushes. Its immense figure was at least 3 metres in height if it stood up on its two hind legs, it was covered in black fur with a streak of white fur that highlighted its spine. The huge black paws were embedding itself into the soil, its deep blue eyes gazed at him with a ravenous glint, baring its fangs.


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