CE Chapter 1

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 ­ End of an Empire

“Ouch!” On a rare warm sunny morning in the midst of the cold season. A kid shouted inside the courtyard of a wooden hut as his body flew back and was about to slam onto the floor. However just before he landed a silver net appeared formed from small grey specks, which protected him and prevented him from hurting himself.

As soon as the boy stabilised himself, the net disappeared. The kid stood there rubbing his shoulder and head, he had a pained expression on his face which showed his straightforwardness.

The boy looked as if he was around 13 years old, he had sandy brown hair that matted his forehead, covered in sweat and his sides were trimmed short. One of the boys eye had a deep brown iris, while the other was a golden copper coloured iris, which was absolutely mesmerising. He had smooth, white spotless skin, thin lips, sharp full eyebrows and a high nose. The boy was around 1.6 metres tall and was wearing black training apparels.

“Master, You promised me you wouldn’t use your bamboo sword to strike me,” the boy exclaimed with a hurtful and sad tone, looking at him with a sorrowful expression.

“Amaysu, for the sake of the Empire you have to become stronger, so strengthen your control over the Nano Tekro Inherited Legacy and plus by physically beating you I can help you strengthen your body and you’ll reach the Body Transformation stage faster.” Amaisu’s master retorted, he knew that this seemingly lovely boy was very innocent but would subconsciously act in front of him, which would irritate him sometimes. This kid’s control over his Nano creations are much better than his father at the same age and he only possesses a fragment of the Inherited Legacy.

The man Amaysu called master was an elderly man that was well built and had short grey hair anyone that saw him would never believe that this man was old, he had wrinkles on his face and a scar on his face, that exemplified his stern face. This elderly man had a necklace around his neck which held a silver square locket with nothing special about it, but this locket was something he would never take off. This elderly man was wearing a black T-shirt and Black army pants for training, while holding a bamboo sword. This man was the perfect example of a veteran warrior that had faced countless life and death battles.

“Hmmph!” The boy had a sad expression as he sighed; his master was one of the rare few people that would treat him like a child and not like a prince.

Amaysu was the part of the main lineage of the royal family of the Dasecris Empire, which was within the Dasecris Continent. The Dasecris Continent had many Empires and Kingdoms within it and leading all of them was the Dasecris Empire themselves. They were the most powerful on the continent and Amaysu’s father was the current emperor of the empire.

The Dasecris Empire had been in rule for nearly ten million years. Because of the Dasecris Empire, this age was called the golden age in history; the empire was the most advanced empire on the continent, with technology that was a couple tens of thousands of years ahead of all the other countries and empires. They had countless Body Transformation experts and their secret Legacy had made them the unmovable power of the continent.

“Amay, listen to Master Etros’s instructions.” A voice echoed, a man dressed in a beautiful white robe with silver linings all over it, causing him to look majestic, he was an extremely handsome man, around 1.9 metres tall, with long sandy brown hair, he had an appearance similar to Amaysu’s, except he had brown eyes. However the tired expression on his face made it seem as if he had aged many years.

Behind the man was a woman carrying two babies that looked identical to each other, she wore a beautiful light blue dress that was the exact same colour as the sky, with intricate flower patterns. She was an extremely beautiful woman, with straight black hair that descended down to her waist and had silky smooth white skin, golden copper eyes and she had an amiable smile on her face.

Amaysu quickly straightened himself and smiled, “Father, Mother.” The only person that used his nickname was his father and mother

“Your Majesty,” Master Etros Slightly bowed to show his respect.

This man and woman were the current Emperor and Empress of the empire and they were Amaysu’s mother and father.

“Master, you don’t have to bow in front of your old student.” The Emperor said helplessly.

“Hahaha, Elisa are you doing fine? And Ranel I thought after you became the Emperor you would have forgotten who I was since you haven’t visited me in such a long time.” Master Etros laughed not bothering to keep his respectful attitude.

“Mother, Father… Why are you here?” Amaysu abruptly asked curiously, he had been isolated from the outside world for 6 months and was continuously training the Nanotekro Inherited Legacy, lived a life of a commoner and would go train in the wild, which tempered his personality under the tutelage of his master. His parents rarely visited him because they were really busy managing the empire.

“Why? Can’t your mother come to see her own son’s progress? Now come here.” A gentle voice resonated; this was the empress who was speaking.

Amaysu sheepishly smiled and then walked towards his mother who was carrying the two toddlers.

He helped his mother carry one of them, these two babies were Amaysu’s younger brother and sister, who were no more than a year old and they were twins.

For a few minutes they were all casually talking, Amaysu explained the experience he gained in the past 6 months under Master Etros’s tutelage.

“Amaysu, we’ve come to pick you up, you’re training with your master is finished. From today onwards you’ll return to the Palace with us.” Amaysu’s father suddenly said with a serious expression, showing that he didn’t want Amaysu to talk back.

Amaysu nodded, his father would only use his full name when he was serious. Amaysu was confused at first but was happy that he got to return to his parent’s side; however he was also sad that he had to leave his master whom he had built a close bond with.

“Amaysu carry your younger brother and sister and wait near the Teleportation field, while I and your mother discuss some affairs with master Etros.”

Amaysu carrying both toddlers walked through the courtyard that Amaysu was previously sparring with Master Etros.

As soon as Amaysu left, both Ranel and Elisa had a solemn expression on their face; they turned to face master Etros who also had a solemn expression on his face.

“How is your father holding out on the front line?” Master Etros suddenly said with an extremely serious tone.

Ranel gritted his teeth, with a vexed and irritated expression, “Father is being pushed back little by little, to think they have three Origin Transformation experts leading them. Father is only a single Origin Transformation expert,” Ranel said with seriousness. “If only I was at the Origin Transformation stage, but I’m only at the 9th Body Transformation stage and it’ll take me 50 to a 100 years to reach the Earth Transformation Stage without any external help.” Ranel said helplessly, his anxiety and distress was visible in his tone.

“Master I don’t know how long we’ll be able to hold out, a week at most probably, but I need to know, is Amaysu ready to inherit the entire Inherited Legacy of our family?”

“Ranel, you’re son is more talented than you, your father and even your grandfather. But he is still so young,” master Etros after speaking this far, he looked at Ranel and saw the fear and helplessness in his eyes, he sighed. “Your son is barely qualified to gain the complete Inherited Legacy.”

When both Ranel and Elisa heard this they had a delighted smile on their tired faces.

“As long as our children survive, our family will return and they’ll never obtain our Inherited Legacy.” Ranel said with a weary smile.

“When is it possible to pass on the Legacy?”

“We can do it today, if you want to rush it, but he’ll feel unimaginable pain. However if we prepare everything correctly and wait till the new moon comes out, which is next week; the process of transferring the legacy will be smoother and less painful.” Master Etros said.

“Okay, we’ll do it all in a week’s time.” There was a serene silence between them, as they bathed under the rare glistening heat of the sun in the cold season. “Master, thank you for your service to our family, I hope you’ll leave and escape from this calamity of ours,” Ranel said with sadness visible in his tone.

“Ranel… No matter what, I’ve sworn to protect your family till my last breath, so don’t joke around. You should be asking forgiveness from your children, they’ll be going through a very hard life.” Master Etros said grievously.

“When the army reaches my small hut here, I’ll use every bit of my strength to hold them back for as long as I can.” Master Etros said with a heartfelt smile. “I’ve never once regretted serving your family and I will finally have a chance to repay the great opportunity you’ve given me so please don’t show me that face.”

Elisa hearing this hugged Ranel without a care as shimmering drops of tears rolled down her cheeks, Ranel in return embraced Elisa back as he stared into the calm blue sky, which foretold nothing of what was soon to come. An unmistakable tear was rolling down the side of Ranel’s face as he stared into the sky.

“Thank you… Master.”

“The Empire will end with us… We only have a few days to share with our children and then they’ll be forever alone, even with all the vast wealth, power, advancement we’ve made in our technology and weapons, we can’t stop those barbaric warriors.” Ranel said bitterly. Tears were now uncontrollably falling down from both his and his wife’s cheek as they let out the sorrow and grief they had kept deep inside their hearts.

Master Etros also sensed the pain inside the Emperors and Empresses heart.

“What have the countries in our Alliance done?” Master Etros asked.

Suddenly the sadness inside both of their hearts transformed into a bone deep hatred, resentment and fury, Ranel said through gritted teeth, tears still on his cheeks: “Those Bastards, the ones we’ve helped even during their hardest times have neglected us and are acting like they have nothing to do with us.”

Right at this moment Amaysu was sitting on a bench near the teleportation field playing with his younger brother and sister who were both twins.

“Come here Raymond, Arisa.” Both toddlers looked up at their older brother, drool was coming from the side of their lips as they stared at Amaysu with their big brown eyes, showing the intelligence contained within.

“I wonder what mother and father are talking about?” He asked himself, the past six months were the hardest moments of his life, yet it was the most fulfilling moments of his life: Hunting beasts, trekking mountains, searching for fresh water and training his Nano Tekro’s in the forests with his master.

*Tap* *Tap*

Amaysu looked up to see his parents walking towards him, followed by his master. When his parents noticed Amaysu look up at them, both of them had a painful yet loving smile on their faces. Amaysu’s mother, Elisa walked up to him, Amaysu automatically stood up and his mother gave him a loving embrace as she held him tightly, fearing that if she let him go, she’ll never see him again.

Amaysu was confused by his mother’s sudden embrace, but allowed his mother to embrace him tighter.

“Amaysu get ready we’ll be leaving now.” Ranel looked at Amaysu and said, grief in his eyes knowing of the heavy burdens he’ll carry in the future, which caused him even more heartbreaking pain.

Amaysu left his mothers embrace and nodded, he was confused as he noticed his parent’s heart aching expressions.


After Amaysu packed the few things he had in his possession he walked outside the hut. He headed a hundred metres north of the hut to find his parents and his master standing there next to the teleportation field that was situated near his master’s hut.

They all viewed Amaysu with a loving expression. Master Etros walked towards Amaysu and gave him a big bear hug.

“Guh!” Amaysu felt the air in his lungs leave him as his master tapped his hands on his back, which felt more like heavy slaps on his back, sometimes Amaysu felt that his master didn’t even realise his own strength.

After master Etros let Amaysu go, he placed his hand on Amaysu’s shoulder and said: “Amaysu, this world is vast; there are many continents out there. It may not seem big because of the vast array of technology we possess but when all of it disappears and you don’t have anything left you’ll realise how vast this world truly is.” While saying this his master lifted the necklace around his neck and took it off.

“Master this is…” Amaysu hesitated, as he noticed what his master was about to give him.

“Amaysu, this is a life protecting treasure that we created using the vast technological advancement and only a few exist on this entire continent. When you go out in the future and face impending danger this will protect you.”Master Etros said as he placed the necklace around Amaysu’s neck, the expression on his face explained he didn’t want Amaysu to reject it.

Amaysu helplessly nodded, he clenched his grip which was holding the silver square locket.

“Thank you master, I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. We’ll meet again in the future.” Amaysu said with a tinge of reluctance and sadness in his voice, these six months were probably one of the happiest and fulfilling moments of his life.

Amaysu walked towards his parents who were standing in the centre of the teleportation field, as they held a child each.

“To the Central Palace of the Dasecris Empire,” Ranel shouted out.

The Teleportation field buzzed as if it was responding to Ranel’s orders and a blinding light flashed across the field and in an instant the light died down and no one was inside the field anymore.

Master Etros eyes turned hazy as a tear rolled down his cheeks. ” My disciple… I’m sorry… This will probably be our last meeting, please forgive this old fool, my disciple.” The old man said with melancholy in his voice.

“Now I have to prepare for the invasion.” Muttered Master Etros as he destroyed the Teleportation field, making it impossible for anyone to repair it and started preparing counter measures to stall the enemy.

“BOOM!” Master Etros turned to hear an explosion that came from about 5 miles up north.

His eyes widened in shock as he panicked for a moment and quickly calmed himself. “Shit! They’re already here!”

Master Etros quickly went into his old hut and brought out a glistening silver sword that emanated its own blood thirsty aura after many years of being soaked in the blood of the enemies of the empire.

“Hmph…” A man that wore a pitch black cloak that covered all his features sighed, he was followed by 2 others that were dressed similar to him and they were all standing in front of the wooden hut.

Master Etros emerged from the hut as soon as he sensed the powerful auras emitted by these 3 men.

“Who are you?” Master Etros asked keeping his guard up.

“… We’re here to kill you.” The man on the left uttered as he looked at Master Etros through the cloak.

“You’re with them.” After saying this he instantly raced towards the men wearing the black cloaks like a savage beast, sword first. Afterimages were created at the speed he was moving.

The man that uttered the previous words moved forward, the other men covered in their cloaks didn’t bother stopping him.

The Silver sword came crashing onto the black robe of the figure in black.

“Clang!!” A metallic sound echoed across the empty grassy courtyard of the wooden hut.

“Origin Transformation stage!” Master Etros’s eyes widened in shock, he himself was a rank 7 Body Transformation stage and he was also closing in to the end of his life. But an Origin Transformation stage felt nothing when the blade came in contact with his robe, even the black robe didn’t show any changes under the force of the attack.

“Hmmph” With a disdainful sigh the man chopped his pale white hands.

As the black cloaked figure hand moved towards his neck, master Etros had realised that there was no way for him to escape. Master Etros’s entire life flashed before his eyes, an instant brought memories of the nearly thousand years he had lived for. He remembered the priceless favour that the Royal family had given to him, he remembered his children and wife and the agonising and desolate memories of losing them. He remembered the father like bond he had created with both of his disciples: Ranel and his son Amaysu which filled his empty and desolate heart, the brotherly relationship he had with the ancestor of the Dasecris family. Everything flashed across his mind.

Only one thought was left, when the sharp sword like hand was barely an inch away from his throat: “I’m sorry… I couldn’t stall them,” a trace of a tear appeared on his eyes.


The tear drop didn’t have the chance to well up as master Etros’s head fell down from his shoulders, landing on the grassy floor, under the grace of the foreboding calm weather.

Right at this moment Amaysu and his family had already arrived at the teleportation field inside the Palace and were now walking to the dining hall. The palace was located at the centre of the capital city, Dasecris city.

“Thump…Thump.” Out of nowhere both Amaysu and his father Ranel felt a heart wrenching pain inside them, there mood transformed into a deep sorrow, they both felt tears well up and Amaysu unlike his father had tears dripping down his cheeks.

Why am I crying?

Amaysu wiped the tears away and looked at his father and noticed that he had the same facial expression and feeling that he was having, to Amaysu it felt like something precious had been stolen from his heart and he didn’t know what it was.

“Dear, what’s the matter?” Elisa asked with a worried expression on her face.

Ranel shook his head. “It’s nothing.” And they all carried on walking through the hallway to the dining hall.


The dining hall was beyond beautiful, pillars of plated gold held the ceiling of the room, huge windows stared out of the palace showing a great view of the magnificent city, the walls were carved to make beautiful and mysterious patterns. Paintings of vast and breath taking sceneries were kept on the walls of the dining hall, each painting would cost millions of gold if they were put on auction.

The dining table wasn’t enormous to the point where it would fit the entire hall and each seat would be around 10 metres away from each other. Rather the dining table was quite small and modest, around 3 metres wide and 9 metre long. There were exceptionally carved chairs for four people and two special made chairs for the toddlers. These four seats were especially made for: Amaysu, his father: the Emperor Ranel, his mother: the Empress Elisa, Amaysu’s grandfather the Ancestor of the royal family: Raisel and the special chairs were for the two toddler twins.

Large amounts of exquisite, high class, dazzling dishes that would cause anyone that had feast their eyes upon it to have the heated desire to devour it. It was all being brought onto the table by countless servants dressed in the royal uniform given to them. Countless guards aligned around the walls, standing on guard, each one was exuding a powerful aura.

Even though Amaysu had returned to the castle after six months, for the first time in his entire life, he felt an oppressive aura coming from all around the castle and city, causing his already extinguishable appetite to disappear completely as he lazily moved his spoon around a bowl of soup that emanated a mouth watering scent. His baby brother and sister were being fed by his mother; usually the maids would feed the babies but Elisa for the past few months had been feeding the babies herself. Amaysu didn’t notice anything different; this was a way his mother showed her affection to her children.

Suddenly a loud commotion was heard outside the dining hall, which caused Ranel to frown as he was annoyed by this sudden disturbance in this already heavy atmosphere.

“Get out of my way!” A very hoarse voice blasted right outside the door. This caused everyone in the dining halls eyes to widen in shock.

“Bang!” the door slammed open with a tremendous force causing the bolts of the door to tremble.

Amaysu, his fathers and mothers eyes were wide open as they stared in disbelief and grief.

A trembling, bloodied elderly man was standing there, behind him were countless servants and maids with worried expressions on their faces, they all knew who this kind hearted yet strong willed old man was. This elderly mans entire body was soaked in blood, his once stern and prideful face was covered in blood, where there used to be a left arm was now missing, his breathing was rasped and heavy. He looked weary and it seemed as if his legs would lose themselves any moment and he would stagger onto the floor however the sword he was holding was enough to keep him steady. The elderly mans, once smart military clothing was now shredded into pieces. The sight of this elderly man was painful for everyone in the room to bear.



“Father-in-law!” Three voices shouted out in unison.

Ranel ran towards his father: Raisel, the Ancestor and the most powerful person of the empire and the Dasecris continent. However this figure now looked wretched.

“All of you prepare the healing facility now!” Ranel shouted. “Amaysu, wait in your room until your grandfather has healed.” Ranel further said, it seemed as if he was more worried about Amaysu than his father’s injuries.

Amaysu seeming to understand left the room without requesting a reason.


It had been 3 hours since his grandfather had returned, but nevertheless the entire Palace was in chaos as the news of the great ancestor returning spread out and countless workers were moving at extremely fast paces following the orders of the emperor preparing many things.

Amaysu was standing in his room, it wasn’t adorned with anything over exaggerating, however it was still decorated enough so that people would realise the wealth of his family.

He had a massive bed and countless wardrobes around the room, with a study table and a holographic receiver in his room. However Amaysu was standing next to the window that was staring deep into the city. Darkness had already encased the sky, stars filled the empty, vast darkness and a bright circular full moon stood in the centre.

Tall skyscrapers stood all around the city, all lit brightly, causing the skyline of the city to glow brightly. This showed the wealth and intelligence of the Dasecris Empire. The Palace itself was located on top of a mountain in the centre of the city; it was high enough to look down upon all these sky piercing buildings, which were made with steel and glass to show the beauty and simplicity of the building’s designs.

Flying vehicles would float through the skyline of the city and an unfathomable huge amount of small dots were walking across the streets all over the city. The advancement of the Dasecris Empire was largely due to the importance that they held to knowledge, which was just as important as the military power of the empire. This was one of the reasons that the Dasecris Empire was the power fullest force on the continent when compared to the barbaric and power hungry empires across the continent.

Despite the beauty of the city, Amaysu was staring blankly through the window in the darkness of his room; the only light was produced by the moon and the city. Since his parents returned to pick him up on this day, everything felt weird and tense. Amaysu wasn’t a clueless child, on the contrary he was extremely smart, but on the outside he kept a lazy or clueless exterior. The thoughts of his masters sad expression, seeing his grandfathers bloody figure, he realised something was going on and he didn’t know what it was.

As he stared into the darkness, grey dots floated around his open hand, they changed into a miniscule size of a skyscraper, into a sword and into a metal pearl. This was part of the Nanotekro Inherited Legacy he and his family possessed, in the past 6 months he had made immense improvements in his control over the legacy. His skills in controlling the Legacy were many levels higher than before.

Amaysu new little about where the Inherited Legacy had come from. But he knew that all the Inherited Legacy that existed and the ones that had yet to be found were technological items. They were so complex that it would take an immeasurable amount of time for them to figure out how to reproduce it and it would take even longer for them to make one of the same quality as this.

“I wonder what’s going on.” Amaysu questioned himself.


The small formless grey particles vanished, when the knocking sound was heard.

“Come in.”

A maid walked in looking down onto the floor, showing her respects to the crowned prince.

“Your Majesty, the Emperor is calling upon you, he wants you to come to his study room.” The maid said respectfully, still keeping her gaze low.

Amaysu gave a calm side glance at the maid. “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

The maid courteously left the room.


Amaysu walked through the great hallway of the palace. The walls of the hallway were releasing a radiant white colour. The hallway was extremely spacious, allowing many people to walk together at once. It had countless wooden doors leading to different rooms under carved arches that were splendidly carved by sculptors. The height of the hallway made it even more spacious. The study room was placed at the end of the hallway; it was placed in the quietest and calmest place in the palace. No one besides the royal family was allowed to freely walk in this area of the palace, everyone else was forbidden unless they received the invitation of a member of the family.

Amaysu carried on walking, each step created a desolate echo that moved across the empty hallway. After a while Amaysu arrived in front of a door that was behind two huge white pillars, that held the roof. The door to the room was white unadorned of decoration and was rather simple, which fitted the emperors simple and calm personality well.

“Knock…Knock…Knock…” Amaysu knocked three times, as it was custom to enter the private study room.

“Come in.” A hoarse voice echoed from within the room.

Amaysu opened the door to the room; the room was simple yet releasing an atmosphere of intelligence and knowledge. There were bookshelves all around the room and there were so many books, this was the families personal collection of books that had been passed through countless generations, containing the history of the empire, military tactic books, medicine books, books holding technological information, etc.

Sitting behind the desk was Amaysu’s grandfather, Raisel. He was wearing a white robe and his chin was leaning on his open palm while the other sleeve was loose and empty, because of the loss of his limb. Raisel had a grave expression on his face. He was now mostly healed because of the advancement in the empires medical facilities and because of his constitution as an Earth Transformation stage expert. If he had spent at least a week in the healing facilities he would have also formed another arm. In front of the desk was an empty chair and the desk itself was empty except for a pot of tea and two cups.

Sitting on his right side was Amaysu’s father Ranel, who also had a grave expression on his face. And Elisa was sitting near a book shelf on the sides as she looked down on a cot that had been relocated into the study room and Amaysu’s younger siblings were sleeping within.

“Amaysu sit down.” Raisel said, with a tinge of sadness in his voice.

Amaysu felt the uneasy and tense atmosphere.

“Elisa, pour some tea for the child,” Raisel instructed, he then turned to face Amaysu.” This is to keep you calm.”

Keep me calm? What’s going on?  Amaysu though with a confused expression, he felt a certain discomfort and restlessness inside him. He had the feeling that something was wrong, after all his grandfather, the most powerful person on the continent came back with severe life threatening injuries.

Elisa poured a cup of tea and laid it out in front of Amaysu, she had a painful and a sorrow filled expression.

“Drink it my boy.” Raisel waved his hand instructing him to drink it.

Amaysu picked the unadorned cup filled with tea, he took a sniff, the herbal aroma instantly tackled him, it was as if all the stress in his body instantly disappeared causing his body and mind to be extremely calm and tranquil. It felt as if his nerves were being calmed down and every muscle in his boy relaxed.  Amaysu slowly took a sip of the hot tea and in a few seconds had drunk the entire cup dry.

After Amaysu had put the cup back down, he looked back up at his grandfather who was taking a deep breath, his expression was still grave, but it was also full of concern and it was directed to him.

“Amaysu… Your master… Your father’s master…My brother, Etros is… Dead.” Raisel uttered each word very slowly and clearly.

Amaysu’s pupil dilated, his heart beat increased and his thoughts were blank. This was something he wasn’t prepared for, just a few hours ago, his master was perfectly fine and right now he was hearing that he was dead. If it came out of anyone else’s mouth he would have punish the man with over 100 lashes with a metal whip.

“H…How? How?! Who did it?!” Leon’s stuttering voice changed into a frenzied roar, the disbelief and heartbreaking rage he was feeling was enough to shatter his mentality; however that tea had caused his mind to be clear despite the unquenchable surge of wrath.

“Amaysu calm down… I don’t know who did it, but I have a rough Idea of who it was.” Raisel interrupted, if it was any other time he would have scolded Amaysu harshly, but seeing this boy and the future he was going to face caused his heartstrings to pull.

“Then why aren’t we going after them?!” Amaysu enquired loudly, with melancholy in his voice.

“Amaysu, when I was racing back towards the palace using our families Inherited Legacy, I passed through Etros’s hut and… and found his body crumpled on the floor, his head was cleanly severed from his shoulders, the blood that flowed had just been recent,” Raisel stated. ” But my grandson, the same people that killed him, a person who was in the 7th stage of the Body Transformation stage was killed by the same people who nearly killed me.”

Grandfather was nearly killed by the people that killed Master. How is that possible? Amaysu was shocked, he couldn’t utter a word. But the sadness in his heard caused tears to well in his eyes.


Amaysu looked up to see his grandfather say his name.

“Keep your Inherited Legacy hidden from the outside world because today you’ll be the sole possessor of our Inherited Legacy and will.” Raisel stated, tears were welling up in his eyes.

Amaysu’s gaze was full of confusion.

Amaysu felt as if he was saying his farewells.

“Sob sob!” Amaysu’s mother and father had tears well up in their eyes and his mother had burst out crying, he felt his heartstrings being pulled.

“Amaysu… Please…Please forgive this old fool, for not being able to protect you!” Tears were rapidly flowing as Raisel burst out into tears as well as he wept in sorrow , Amaysu felt something wrong, it felt as if they were saying there farewells.

“My son, please forgive your mother and I for not spending enough time with you.” Ranel said as he got up and hugged Amaysu tightly and his mother also walked towards him and hugged him tightly.

Amaysu didn’t know what was going on.

“Amaysu you’re the eldest, protect your younger brother and sister,” Elisa whispered into his ears as she hugged him tightly fearing if she let go, he would be gone forever.

“Grandfather, Father, Mother, what is going on?” Amaysu asked concernedly.

“Amaysu today is the day our empire ends,” His grandfather said solemnly as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

Amaysu’s eyes widened, while he was still in his parents embrace. “How? Our empire is the strongest force on the continent, who could end it?”

Raisel shook his head. “Amaysu the people that killed your master and nearly killed me, are the ones attacking… They are intent on gaining our Inherited Legacy and want our family dead.” Raisel said with bitterness.

“But, Amaysu you will escape with our legacy with your younger brother and sister,” Raisel explained with hope in his eyes.

Amaysu finally understood why his parents looked at him in sorrow, why they were all crying, the reason they told him to take care of his siblings and inherit their Inherited Legacy, and why he had left his masters side. Everything was for him to escape this disaster befalling on his family and live on.

“No. Grandfather I will stand and fight with you,” said Amaysu in a resolute tone.


Amaysu felt heavy heartbeats and he noticed his vision blur as he saw double, he felt as if his leg would give in any moment, but he was held in his parent’s embrace, his head felt hazy and misty as if he was losing consciousness.

That cup… Amaysu thought, realisation dawned upon him, that tea was drugged.

“Amaysu I’m sorry, you are our only successor and we can’t afford to lose you, you are my grandson, I’m sorry Amaysu, forgive this old fool for not showing you enough love, forgive your family for not fulfilling their rights towards you and always protect your siblings.” His grandfather stood up as he started weeping again as he held onto Amaysu’s lifeless arms while his parents held him tightly.

“Amaysu, we love you, remember this forever in your heart.” Elisa said as she hugged Amaysu even tighter.

“Amaysu, we’ll forever be in your hearts, always remember honour is something you cannot throw away, you are the Inherited Legacy possessor of the Dasecris family.” Ranel uttered as he sobbed, hugging his son, whom he, the father had left an unimaginable burden upon.

“Boom!” An explosion rang, causing the windows of the study room to shatter, this blast had hit the capital causing the entire city to light up, it was as if dawn was breaking within the dark sky.

But right at this moment none of the family members in the study room heard the explosion, they were all inside their own space as they looked at Amaysu’s eyes flickering and losing its light.

Amaysu felt everything go hazy, when he heard the final words of his parents; he wanted to cry on their shoulders like a child again.

He used all his willpower which was slowly receding to complete his last words. “No… Matter… What… I… Will… Always… Love you!” following these words, black spots appeared in his vision and then everything went black, the last thing he heard was the weeping of his family members.

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  1. The boy… had sandy brown hair that matted his forehead, covered in sweat and his sides were trimmed short. One of the boys eye had a deep brown iris, while the other was a golden copper coloured iris, which was absolutely mesmerising. He had smooth, white spotless skin, thin lips, sharp full eyebrows and a high nose. The boy was around 1.6 metres tall and was wearing black training apparels.
    But the chapter ended made me tear up!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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