CE Book 2 Prologue

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 ­ Book 2 Prologue

Two weeks passed by very quickly. At the peak of a small mountain that was constantly being attacked by biting winds stood Amaysu, a small black sack was slung over his shoulder carrying the necessities that he needed and he was wearing black clothes. Amaysu was calmly gazing at the boundless forest that stretched out in front of him. There was also quite a few bird type Savage beasts that roamed the air space above the forest at this moment in time.


This boundless forest was called the Savage Kings Forest. One of the three biggest forests on the continent, having a surface area of nearly two million square kilometres. This forest was filled with many different habitats and climate, mountain ranges that pierced the clouds and a sea of green that was filled with continuous roars could be seen from where he was standing.


Savage Kings Forest was situated at the edge of the Dasecris Empire and was shared by two other Empires, however, this geographical knowledge was from over ten thousand years ago, so which empires bordered it could have changed.


This was also the place that he was taken to by his master, Etros many, many millennia ago. From what he could recall, the outer perimeter of the forest contained Savage beasts between Rank 1 and Rank 6, while in the inner regions, the Savage beast’s far surpassed that level. Only extremely powerful individuals could enter the inner regions of the Savage Kings Forest and come back alive.


Amaysu’s black cloak whipped around and his hair fluttered due to the cold wind. He was reminiscing the many memories he had with his late master, that time he had come here with him, but now he was going into this Savage Kings forest all alone.


Amaysu had decided many weeks ago that he would come here to train. He was here to strengthen himself and reach a higher level much faster than training alone and to do this he was prepared to face death.


Releasing a sigh that he had kept in him for a long time he stretched his right arm out perpendicular to his body and a scythe slowly formed in the empty air. The scythe was 6 feet long, the curved blade was approximately one meter long and extremely sharp, on its other side extended a short sharp blade that was similar to a dagger. He grabbed the handle of the scythe and leaped down from the peak of the mountain, treading downwards as safely and agilely as possible.


This period of training was going to be long and he did not know when he was going to return, but this was all for the sake of getting stronger and for revenge. After about a minute he landed safely on the ground and disappeared into the greenery of the forest that was roamed by countless Savage beasts.

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