Chaotic Emperor

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The Dasecris Empire was the most powerful and most advanced empire on the Dasecris continent. It stood tall and proud for nearly ten million years and was ruled by the Royal family of the Dasecris clan. But this great empire was annihilated in a single night. Every member of the Royal family and branch family were slaughtered in that one night.

Amaysu was the Crown Prince of this great empire. He was born into royalty, surrounded by loved ones, a genius of many arts and well versed with the clan’s Inherited Legacy. With the clans vast resources he was able to show signs of his future accomplishments, however, this tragic night ended all that.

He, his younger brother and sister were put in a state of suspended animation for over ten thousand years, hidden away from the world.

Amaysu wakes up in this new era with no one to rely on, an era where his family is considered to be monsters and his existence is unknown. Fuelled by the desire for revenge and with the power of his Inherited Legacy, he will climb his way to the highest rank in the world to get revenge.

In this world there is no second chance, only power will protect you and your loved ones. This is Amaysu’s journey for revenge, finding his love, meeting new friends and adventure.

What are the dark secrets that his clan hid from him?

Who are the people that destroyed his empire?

And what did they want?



Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance , Sci-Fi


Book 1

Chapter 1: End of an Empire

Chapter 2: Sorrow Upon Awakening

Chapter 3: New Beginning

Chapter 4: Raza Averice

Chapter 5: Thirteen VS One

Chapter 6: Emperor Arts

Chapter 7: ­Insights of the Dasecris Emperor

Chapter 8: Home for the Lost

Chapter 9: Joseph Averice

Chapter 10: Brownwood Forest

Chapter 11: Whiteback Bear

Chapter 12: Thirteenth Emperor’s Insights

Chapter 13: Amaysu’s Plan

Chapter 14: The Return Journey Begins

Chapter 15: Horror Upon Returning

Chapter 16: Hope Returns

Chapter 17: Battle Against the Wolves (1)

Chapter 18: Battle Against the Wolves (2)

Chapter 19: Title Withheld 

Chapter 20: Overwhelming Power

Chapter 21: Before the Banquet

Chapter 22: Amaysu Faces Joseph

Chapter 23: Inherited Legacy Bloodtekros

Chapter 24: Goodbye Raymond, Arisa


Book 2

Book 2 Prologue

Chapter 25: Two Years Pass

Chapter 26: Brawl In An Inn

Chapter 27: Iron Grip Erikson

Chapter 28: Central Library

Chapter 29: Mysterious Masked Elder

Chapter 30: The Auction

Chapter 31: Luca Damian

Chapter 32: Particle Cannon

Chapter 33: Amaysu Vs Iron Fist Ren (1)

Chapter 34: Amaysu Vs Iron Fist Ren (2)

Chapter 35: The Return Of Amaysu’s Alter Ego

Chapter 36: Pursuit

Chapter 37: Amaysu’s Vow

Chapter 38: Getting Into Trouble

Chapter 39: Call Me Shadow

Chapter 40: Luna

Chapter 41: Training Resolve (1)

Chapter 42: Training Resolve (2)

Chapter 43: Remembrance of a Great Tomorrow

Chapter 44: Mist Sword Style

Chapter 45: No Mercy

Chapter 46: Silent Tempest

Chapter 47: Deja vu

Chapter 48: Scorpion Spider

Chapter 49: Death will be a Blessing

Chapter 50: Spatial Estate

Chapter 51: Tomb Spatial Estate

Chapter 52: Arthur Dasecris

Chapter 53: Geniuses Of The Overlord Sects

Chapter 54: Entering the Mansion

Chapter 55: The First Trial Begins

Chapter 56: The Azarling Inherited Legacy

Chapter 57: High-Class Grey Golem

Chapter 58:­ Body Altering Pond

Chapter 59: Droid Puppet

Chapter 60: Hidden Path

Chapter 61: Illusion (1)

Chapter 62: Illusion (2)



  1. “He, his younger brother and sister were put in an animated state for over ten thousand years and hidden away from the world.” Animated? They were turned into cartoons?

    Seriously though, “animation” refers to movement; you want “suspended animation”, which means movement has ceased.

    And with that nitpick out of the way, I’ll actually read the story now. 😛

    1. Thanks for telling me, never got the chance to check that out.

      1. He, his younger brother and sister were put in a suspended animation state for over ten thousand years and hidden away from the world.

        This might sound a bit better:

        He, his younger brother and sister were put in a state of suspended animation for over ten thousand years and hidden away from the world.

  2. Sound interesting ,and what made me more interested is the fact its an orginal novel ,good luck with the novel @liesz ,ill check it out 🙂

  3. so far you got me as a fan of your work.

    to put it into the words of andy samberg “never stop never stopping” you got a good thing going on here

  4. is this novel on hiatus??

  5. Woo. An original novel!
    Jack supports!
    Thank you for the chapter

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