CE Chapter 1-59 Release

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Few announcments to make.

  1. WE HAVE AN ORIGINAL. YAYY:) If you’re like me and ran out of novels to read and went to RR you might have seen this novel. A very good novel so please give it a try. If you tried it before this announcement the format might’ve been a bit screwed up but its fixed now so please read it again. It’s got a 4/5 on RR which mght not been much but to RR users you know thats the bottom line for a good novel so pleaseeee try it out. It’s got a bit of that OPness, that cute little brother and sister bonds, that OPness, them auction chapters, them OP skills and that OPness. Definitely a good binge so please once again I bow down to you guys to try it out.
  2. We also have another Korean novel joining us which you probably have read already… Emperor of Solo Play!!!! It’s a real honour to have this novel on my site as its one of the biggest korean novels with 4.5 million views so yeh. Try it out here if you already havent. EoSP TOC
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Chaotic Emperor TOC

CE Chapter 1


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