Translated by: JSmith Another half chapter. Been supppper busy with reading so sorry for the late releases. Also watched a new k-drama called entourage which was pretty funny so I recommend watching it if your a guy. anyway enjoy. Were also lacking in editors as I would released more R8CMRead More →

Translated by: JSmith So another part of a chapter is out. I really don’t understand how CKtalon and Rainbow and Chamber can just whip out chapters. This one took me 2-3 hours of straight translating and asking Chamber for help with a little bit of translating in between league games.Read More →

Translated by: JSmith So here’s the second part of the prologue which took me forever to translate. Also I think Fudge or someone changed the name to Have a Meal Before You Go. I’ll send a msg to the novelupdates staff to change the name. Also someone complained about myRead More →