Written by: Liesz So Liesz has come back then disappeared again but I’ll post in his stead and hope he gives us more of his pretty damn good novel. If you’re bored waiting for R8CM or Have a Meal read this. It’s a good binge with 65 chapters. I’m translatingRead More →

Hi, this is my first time posting a chapter here on this site. Mondays regular chapter came out kind of late, but it’s still hot and ready for today. Written by: Liesz Edited by: Enjoy, Chapter 62Read More →

Written by: Liesz Edited by: Enjoy this first regular chapter of the week and much appreciation and thanks to all those that are trying out and reading this novel.   Chapter 60 Direct Link  Read More →

Author: Liesz Edited by: Few announcments to make. WE HAVE AN ORIGINAL. YAYY:) If you’re like me and ran out of novels to read and went to RR you might have seen this novel. A very good novel so please give it a try. If you tried it before thisRead More →