Okay boys and girls I’m back. The last exam, which was chemistry for those who are curious, is over. Thank God and I’ll be back to regular 2 chapter per week for TMM and R8CM. Although the Translators for both have gone MIA, I’ll give them a good whipping andRead More →

So Chamber has decided himself that he would like to move to Kobato so EERs new chapters will henceforth be psted there. There is no reason why Chamber has moved (Nothing to do with Novels&Chill or Kobato) but it was just an individual decision. Nothings really changed except it’ll beRead More →

Okay so I have gotten some comments and messages from people about a few things so I will clear it up here. The Font/Layout/colours apparently hurt my eyes/paragraphs are chunky/whatnot. So people have been saying that the font is too light. I have added an accessibility button on the rightRead More →