BT Chapter 9

Thief Guild Leader, Greed The Dark Merchant

「Welcome home, Master! ! ! ! 」

When I arrived at house of the great prairie, the one who come out running to welcoming me is Angela the beastman slave girl.

It seems she immediately dashed out when she sensed that I’m going back.

She is dashing at full speed toward her master who is coming while her tail is waving, truly like a dog.

「Kya! ? 」

Since it’s not possible for her to immediately stopped, as a result she is tumbled before me.

I intstantly hold Angela to prevent her from falling.

I can easily stopped light weighted Angela.

Though it’s good that she is lively but, that’s still dangerous for her.

「T, T, T, T, Thank you very much, master. A, auau」

Angela blushing in my embrace.

This is nothing compared to her tail which is shaking to left and right repeatedly.

I piled mountains of fruit in the coener of te room for Angela food.

Fruit like peaches, pears, and grapes growing at the southern forest in the great prairie.

It’s at least enough for two days………..or that was how it is supposed to be.

Currently, only half of it left. [ TL : WTF!!!!]

That amount is equivalent to the amount of Angela lunch for several days.

「Is all of that going into your stomach」[TLC : not too sure abou this one–>お前の胃袋はどうなっているんだ」]

「E, Ehehehe」

While I said that in amazement, Angela laughing sheepishly while plaing with her left and right fingers.

「Though it doen’t matter to me how much you ate……… so you really are the hungry girl type」

「Hu, hungry girl type……..」

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Angela face flushed and she hang her head in embarrassment.

I will think this as her embarrassment toward her gluttony for the time being.

「Hyau!? 」

This beastgirl* slave suddenly screamed when I patted her stomach out of curiousity. [TL : BEASTMAN SLAVE GIRL is just TOO LONG]

U~m, though I don’t think that her stomach can hold that many amount of food,

Isn’t that just ignoing law of mass. [TL : honestly I’m also puzzled where all that food going to?]

Don’t tell me that she has 4th dimension stomach? [TL : most likely]

「Ma, master…………A…………..」

When Angela calling me with coquettish voice which is unusual for her, I stopped rubbing her stomach. [TL : Since you just like a husband waiting his wife to give birth to their child]

「Anoo~, master………….. What kind of horn it is? 」

Angela pointing toward unicorn horns that I casually left on the outside of the house.

「It’s Unicorn horn」

「Uni……….. Hi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ? ? 」

Angela jumped in surprise.

That’s quite great reaction. [TL : well just imagine someone so shocked to the point of his eyes come out from their socket while they’re jumped in surprise]

Though it’s quite amusing to watching that.

「U, Uni, that’s unicorn horn……….a, ano, that is the one used to cure me—-」

「Yeah, I used one unicorn horn to cure you」

「tsu! ! A, a, I’M SORRY! ! ! ! 」

Angela suddenly prostating before me. [TL : Otherwise known as Dogeza]

Trembling while rubbing her forehead to the ground.

「What are you doing? 」 [TLC : need confirmation—>何やってんだお前」]

「Bu, bububut! For someone like me, Master is using that precious unicorn horn……….. Fo, for me……」[TL : It’s not BUTT, it’s BUT]

「……….Don’t worry about it」

「Bu, bu, butbut! O, one of those can buy a big house!  You can also buy more worthy slave than me! I, I, how can I recompensate……………..Fo, for that precious unicorn horn………」

「Well it’s fine if you serve me with your all from now on」

「Ye, yeyeye, YES! Thank you, I, will devoting this life of mine to you and you only, my master! I will serve as yourself for as long as I life! 」

Saying that lines with exaggerated manner.

But, dog won’t forget their favor, since she is dog beastman* is her loyalty is……..real? [TL : remember that Ash is a misanthrope, and beastman is combination of human and animal, so half of them are human, that’s why he is a bit skeptical]

………..Though I already given up on trusting human, this girl is a beastman.

Though she is greatly resembled human, some part of her is beast.

I think, it’s fine to trust her————in regard to those some parts of course. [TL : honestly this lines made me speechless ]

Embracing Angela, I’m flying in the sky toward fortress city, Carre. [TL : it’s name written as(カレ:Kare), so I don’t know whether it’s name of cuisine or name of city]

The wind spirits also carrying those 20 unicorn horns for me.

The [Concealing Cloak] isn’t just effective on a person, it’s also can hide goods so no one can see them.

「I want to sell 20 unicorn horns at once」 [TL : the actual line is (ユニコーンの角、二十本をまとめて買い取って欲しい)]

I’m going together with Angela to the second hand shop that I visited yesterday to sell my unicorn horn. [TL : yeah it’s the shop that the owner trying to made him drinking sleeping drug in chapter 4]

As for the unicorn horns, it’s buried and hidden in the [Tunnel] that I dug in the alley.

Just being vigilant.

「As for the total price for it is, 700 large gold coin」[TL : is he trying to sell unicorn horns or destroying this PAWN shop, remember he sold his unicorn horns IN THE SECOND HAND SHOP]

The shopkeeper instantly become speechless, I continue my words.

「And then, from now on I think I will give a steady supply of 10 unicorn horns per year」

This oyaji* isn’t a man that I can make light out of him. [TL : Oyaji means [Uncle], like weapon shop oyaji from Tate no Yuusha]

Since he is trying to made me drinking black tea with sleeping drug mixed in.

But, what he said about the price last time is true.

The second hand shop Oyaji before me really sold those two unicorn horns at the price of 80 large gold coin, in short he didn’t lie to me about selling one horn for 40 large gold coin. [TL : if not for his human hating clicque, Ash won’t become a great bussinessman]

Since Radon, the owner of Benoria slave firm said that each horn sold for 50 large gold coin.

Black market, huh, thinking about the profit and the risk taken to sell those horns to the customer, 40 large gold coin each is a valid price.

If that was the case, I think it’s still fine for me to sell one horn for 37 large gold coin. [TL : previously he sold it for 35 large gold coin each, now he is trying to milking it further]

That’s if I negotiating directly with the blackmarket merchant, I think I can haggel the price that much.

As for bigger profit, I think I need to sell it directly from blackmarket to the customer. [TL : ………..]

But, I don’t have any connection to go there.

In the first place, I don’t even know where is the place of the blackmarket.

So my plan is to sell the unicorn horns to this oyaji for the time being.

「I, I’m grateful with this talk but, se, 700 large gold coin, I don’t have that much money. Beside, it’s also very difficul to sell 20 of those. It’s risky to find a buyer in short amount of time. Ah, that’s right………..I can bought 12 for 50 large gold coin, so the total amount is 600 large gold coins how’s that? [TL : …………honestly I don’t understand what he said, but it’s look like he is tryng to lower the sell price from 70 to 50]

「Then this talk is never happen. If that was the case, I will find another buyer」

I’m pretending to leave the store when he is trying to bargaining the price.

「Wa, wa, wait a minute!」

Before my hand touching the doorknob, the second-hand shop oyaji quickly stopping me.

「I’m sorry to say this but, this kind of big transaction is difficult to handle alone. That’s why, I will introduce you to the one who is managing the black market, Greed-san the dark merchant, boy……no, Ash」

「Greed The Dark Merchant] ? [TL : from this name I conclude that the author is a genuine chuuni, it’s a blessing that he didn’t named him “dark turtlez”]

The second-hand shop Oyaji then lowering his voice.

「Yes. Greed-san the dark merchant is the one who is also leader of the thief guild」

Less than one hour later, Greed the dark merchant also thief guild leader along with his two subordinate arrived at this second-hand shop. [TL : just write it GREED, no need for another long and painstakingly chuuni like title]

Greed is a tall and slender man.

There is a darkness in his eyes*———that’s my impression about him. [TL : if you’e watching Fate/Zero, Greed has same eyes as Emiya Kiritsugu, that’s my impression about him(try to compare Emiya Kiritsugu eyes when he is still a kid and after he is an adult, you will know what I mean]

Angela is hiding behind my back, since when Greed show-up she is terrified. [TL : it’s not killing intent right?]

Though dangerous atmosphere exuding from him like he want to kill you, Greed is a very calm and composed man. [TL : Ehm, welcome Ors………I mean president-san]

This guy is extremely dangerous——-I also think like that.

「……………..Where is the goods?」

Then, I moved along with Greed and his subordinates amongst the alleyway.

Though I told Greed subordinates to dig in the place where I bury the unicorn horns, I told them to dig it carefully with shovel.

Though I’m borrowed Gnome power to dig this [hole] in an instant, I didn’t dare to do that now.

It’s because in this country, I can’t carelessly showing my spirit magic to a stranger.

「Certainl, those 20 horns are new. Moreover, the quality is high………….A, no, It’s A+. Fine then, your price for all of this is 700 large gold coin, I will buy this for that price」

After confirming the exvacated unicorn horn, Greed gave a large skin bag to me.

After confirming it’s content, indeed there is heaps of large gold coin in there.

It’s counted by Angela.


Angela counting the number of large gold coin behind me while squatting, her hand and voice are trembling.

「Say………….Ash. Hmmm, to think that a kid have that kind of eyes」 [TL : I assure you it’s not a sharingan, byakugan , or rinnegan]


「Inside your pupil is gloomy and containing hatred inside」

Greed muttering that while looking into my eyes.

I have a hunch that he can see through me.

Although, it doesn’t mean that he can see through to the point of my previous life who is always betrayed by humans.

「If it was about the darkness in my eyes, it’s still lost to your’s」

Without overwhelmed by his pressure, I answered back without averting my eyes.

「Pfft, you can say that in spite of you’re still a kid」

Far from angry, Greed expression is changed into that of a happy one.

「By the way, Ash. Though I don’t have any intention doing various things and inquiring you, there is one thing that I want to ask. There is a ban for trading this『Horns』, isn’t that scaring you? If it was exposed to the govement, you will live the rest of your life in prison. At worst, is death by hanged」

Is smuggling and hunting the unicorn horn is really that serious crime?.

I’m considerably surprised myself.

But, I keep my voice and expression as calm as I can.

「Not really」

that’s only an empty howl. [TL : only loud barking]

「Kuku. nice guts」

Greed laughing in a small voice while narrowing his eyes. グ

Though I’m not really sure, he seems to be happy.

「Well, though I say that it’s completely same for the ban rule between narcotic and 『Horn』, in reality it’s completely different. It will made a man mad and made ruining them, for the person himself, for the people in his surrounding, all of them will caught in this disaster because of this shit narcotic. In the contrary, the flow of the 『Horn』 from the blackmarket will save a life instead. 」


I fall into silent hearing Greed speech.

「 Ash. Did you know why the 『Horn』is banned since 3 years ago? 」

I’m shaking my head.

「By my intelegence it’s because the high nobilities decided to protect the unicorn——-or that was what known by the public」

「Known by public? 」

「There is countless unicorns inhabiting 『Unicorn Forest』, the declining of these unicorn made the this country neighbour, Remlia kingdom raised a strong protection for these unicorn. That’s why now, this country also required to do so to strengthen it’s alliance with Remlia kingdom」
[TL : That was long and hard one] [TLC : ユニコーンが多数生息する『一角獣の森』がありユニコーンの保護を強く訴える隣国レムリアにこの国は遠慮しているのさ。]

「Isn’t that a good political judgement to opposing Rendol, the strongest and largest military country in the north?」

Since mother also teach me in history and geography, I also learned about the state of each country so speak what come to my mind.

「It’s very different in reality. Fu, you’re also smart, I like it」 [TL : calm yourself guys, he is not a homo!!!]


「Let see as for protection of the unicorns, I don’t think that the politicians in this country taking it seriously. It just that, they’re extremely similiar to the politicians from Remlia kingdom but. This country exporting the unicorn horns from the dead unicorn in Remlia kingdom at high price. To prevent lateral big damage such as the price collapse of the 『Horn』, there is banning for smuggling and hunting the unicorns in each country. In reality, the price for the 『Horn』 in this country are rising for this 3 years」

When talking about he ulterior motives of the politics———- Greed talking with sarcasm tone.

I can only agre to that.

From the memories of my previous life, I also remember that many of the politicians are filthy dirt. [TL : same goes for Indonesia]

Well, though I believe that all humans are same if only limiting it to their ulterior motives.

「Although it’s a disgrace to compare them with politicians of this country, all of the Remlia politicians are cute compared to the ones in this country. The traditional narcotic, it’s a 『Drug』that already customized and has it’s effect raised by magic and all of the maggots in this country having a competition to smuggling it outside of the country. 」[TL : damn it, this line is very hard to decode]

I can see a flame of hatred lodged in the Greed eyes.

It’s happens again though he is a dark merchant of the blackmarket, why did he hate the narcotic so much?

But, to smuggling the Narcotics(Drug) that has it’s effect increased by magic outside of the country………

I just don’t understand why this country doing something so heartless.

Well, in my previous life, the country also doing that for national project by smuggling narcotics. [TL ????]

It’s very harsh, especially from middle ages to just recently.

Like the famous [Great Brittain Opium War]. [TL : ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!, or that what I want to say……..]

Though the corruption of the other country is caused by the smuggling of the narcotics like opium, I think it’s too brute to provoking a war to the other country that supervising the Narcotics(opium). [TL : Please just stop this uselesss, long and hard to translate line already]

But historically, this type of savage act is carrying out calmly under the leadership of the main country.

It seems the same things happening in this world, Whatever it is, it’s not a mystery.

Rather, I think it’s necessary.


「It’s bullshit」

I remember a very unpleasant memory, I’ve muttered my own feeling as a cover. [TLC :強い不快感を覚え、俺はつい感情を表に出しながら呟いていた。]

「Hou~. Ash, it seems you already a human from this side」

Greed have a delighted expression on his face.

It’s just like that he just discovering a comrade with the same kind of thought.

Since Greed can’t bear to invite me to become a member of the thief guild.

Though I refuse that, I promise him to visit it another time if he tell me the hiding place of the thief guild.

Since I think, Greed is regarded is a big shot in the dark organization in this country.

It’s not that bad to have a connection.

Though I hate humans, I know that connection is also important.

That, though I need to keep a safe distance since Greed is a genuine heretic.

But, the thief guild that Greed belong to, is an 『Orthodox』respectable thief guild that forbid on selling narcotic drugs and assasination jobs.

Though it’s not necessary that the thief also from orthodox faction, Greed’s himself proud that he himself is from orthodox faction.

Greed hate narcotics to the point that he cut-off the black market from it, because of that it very obvious from the trade of narcotics in this street.

Though he doen’t seems to be a very good person———- my hunch said that at least he isn’t heretical scroundel.

I’m going toward Benoria slave firm with Angela next to me.

Angela seems to reluctant to go there, maybe because she has bitter memories about that place.

But, when I offer her to wait in the inn, eventually she choose to go with me.

「I wanted to be as near as possible with master」

She said those words amongst other things.

Benora slave firm, Radon eyes rounded when he see Angela.

Though it’s only the left half, it’s to the extent that it made this beast girl slave turned into an ugly one but, now her appearance is returned to it’s former beautiful one.

Beside, she can’t even stand properly by herself till yesterday, now her physical strength is recovered to the point that she can walk properly.

Also, now I already bringing the remaining money to buy that high elf slave in one night, it shocked Radon.

「Co, could it be Ash-sama, you’re a royalty-sama from some big country? 」

This slave firm owner, Radon, is abasing himself even more than yesterday.

Aren’t your fingerprint gonna lost if you’re rubbing it like that repeatedly.

「That’s an unnecessary question」

「A, A, AA, I’m really sorry! 」

Did he think that I’m angry, Radon lowering his head, his face is paled.

Just like that, Radon persistently bowing his head over and over. [TLC : まるで米つきバッタのようになんども頭を下げるラドン。]

It’s look like he is already regarding me as a rich customer.

Maybe, he is still a merchant in some sense.

「Leaving that aside, I come to take the High Elf slave」

「Ye, YES! I will present her right away! 」

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