BT Chapter 8

Hawk Wood’s Family

「Delicious, so Delicious! 」 (TL: haha, exaggerating delicious already?)[ED : well, she is basically starving for days]

Isn’t she too hungry? Angela’s appetite is surprisingly terrifying.

I was about to admiring with all that food disappear into her body.

「I going to return to my parent’s house. You can spend your time freely in this house.」 (TL: unfamiliar with this “ておけ”)

I said that and left the house.

It’s almost sunset, I must quickly return to my parent’s home in the Raan town.[ED : I write is as Raan [ラーン] in chapter 1, have better name?]

Though no matter how much freedom they gave to me, as a 10-years-old kid going back to home at such late night, I expect that both my parent’s are definitely gonna scold me.

Thought it will made Angela feel really lonely, it can’t be helped.

Leaving this beastgirl alone in this house, her eyes resembling a pet dog that worrying whether it is abandoned by it’s master——–Even I fell guilty by doing so, but. (TL: long one, I think he’s talking about the stuff that the beast girl is keeping considered as “thrown away”.)[ED : in short Angela putting a “puppy eyes” act]

As it is, I conceal my appearance and flying in the sky toward the forest in the vicinity of Raan town.

After releasing my concealment, I walk by foot from that place to my parent’s home (mansion).

「Ash! You are spending the night in the warehouse without supper and reflect yourself of what you’ve done. 」

Though it’s not midnight yet, I received punishment from my mother since I come home terribly late at night. (TL: first part was difficult to decipher)[ED : done]

「To come home this late at night like this…………You will set bad example for the other kids, if that was the case you will be send as a foster child*! 」[ED : disinherited]

Rather than discipline me, I think this will be set as warning for my sibling with thought that my action will influencing them.

I obediently receive my punishment and enter the warehouse in the garden.

Under normal condition, I’m not showing rebellious attitude in my parent’s house, so I’m not really gonna become foster child[adopted child.

Inside the warehouse that is locked from the outside covered by darkness. (TL: Of course it’s still night time! Party!)[ED : what party?]

Naturally, I’m also quite friendly with [Darkness Spirits(Dax)], so getting shut into a dark and closed space won’t scare me. (TL: ダークス = Darkest)[ED : that’s rather lame, how about Dax?]

…………。(TL: *Fart*)

Now I wonder if it’s safe to sneak away from here?.

Since my stomach become quite hungry, beside, I’m also quite worried about Angela that I left alone in the house of the great prairie.

With the help from [Earth Spirits (Gnome)], I made a 《tunnel》 in the warehouse ground. (TL: it’s a spirit magic!)[ED : he will become quite gravedigger]

I also dig a hole by using 《tunnel》 horizontally underground. (TL: prison break 101)

By the way, after I dig in considerably distance I dig toward the above ground.

I appeared in the forest. (TL: animal POV: Wild ash appeared! Wild ash threw a pokeball at you! You’ve been caught and barbequed!)[ED : his rarity can be compared to legendary pokemon indeed]

Now I’ve opened an underground tunnel for emergency escape from the warehouse to the forest.

As I appear on the ground I conceal myself, then I’m going inside the forest making sure that no one in the vicinity.

Just like that, I fly in the night sky under the moonlight, toward the great prairie. (TL: without change = without interruption, sounds much better.)[ED : just like that sound better]

After I arrived at the prairies, I decided to catch some fises in the stream in the vicinity of the house.

It’s difficult to see in the night so I catch a lot of fish with the help from water spirits (undine).

「Ash-chan, yes, the fat running along on its tail seems to be delicious. 」

「I assure you that this [Sweetfish(Ayu)] is a delicacy for you Ash-kun. Yes! Here you go! 」 (TL: “どうぞ” learn that it meant “here you go”, like serving an item/food to a customer, who will say “どうも”. Short for thank you)

「Then I will go and get three, yes, I will give all of it to Ash! 」(TL: they sound fanatical)[ED : it’s not sound like, they’re his fanatical worshipper]

My undince aqcuaintance having a catching fish competition for me.

I feel like to use the cormorant method of fishing. (TL: use their mouth to fish)[ED : it’s called stoning, andhow did they fishing using their mouth anyway?]

I also getting excited, by borrowing Gnome and Sylph power I use stoning technique to fishing, fishing in this way is fun.

After thanking the water spirits (undine), I carried the large quantity of fish together with Sylph toward my house where Angela waited.

「I’m home. Hello, I’m gonna staying overnight here. 」

At the moment when I entered the house, Angela hurriedly running toward me.

And then she fall. (TL: … それがあたまがくなっかた。-That wasn’t smart-)

Her foot tangled and her face spectacularly hit the bed.

Even if the illness is cured, her physical strength has yet to return, despite this she forcing herself to run.

「what are you doing?」

「I, I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I run………E, Ehehehe 」 (TL: Imagine laughing at your foolishness)

Angela laugh while feeling embarrassed.

While waving her tail a little.

While watching at her tail, I thought that this girl is really like a dog.

I went outside the house immediately and collect the batch of grass on the hill and set it a blaze using《ignition》 to made a bonfire. (TL: why do I have double nose bleed… because I woke up in a hurry. 11:30 a.m.)[ED : wow that’s quite a long sleep, that ignition might be the cause of your nosebleed]

I skewer the fishes with subtitute skewer made using branch and grill it over the bonfire.

The fragrant smell of grilled sweetfish is really appetizing.(TL: wasn’t it freshwater trout? I must have done something wrong) [ED : sweetfish(ayu)]

Gugyurururuuuu! (TL: stomach growling? Or was that Angela.)[ED :both of it]

Angela’s stomach growled magnificently. (TL: note to self… the author will explain it later one)[ED: Doraemon in another sense]

Her face blushes from embarrassment with her head hung down. (TL option: The beast girl hung her head in embarrassment.)

How many minutes has passed since we eat the previous meal, not even 2 hour has been passed yet.

It might be bad for my body if I eat all of this alone, I wonder it’s better to eat this fish quickly. (TL: little help interpreting this)

The sweetfish that have a lot of fat that it’s truly delicious.

*drip*……*drip*……*drip drip*……*drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip*

Angela who sat beside me and looking at me eating the sweetfish, has amazing amount of drool spilling from her mouth. (TL: hey! It’s water magic! Sorry, can’t resist to make a joke)[ED : Kazuma-à (Create Water)]

You could say from the lovely lips of a beautiful girl like Angela, overflowing with large amount of drool.

「…………Do, do you like fish too? 」

「I love fish!」

「Is that so…………Here 」

It was a quantity I could hardly eat with just only me. So I decided to share it with Angela.

I hand over the freshwater trout to the beast girl, she look very happy as she eat it. (TL: nose bleed round 2… I hate allergy…)[ED : here some tissue for you]

「here’s the remaining fish, you can eat all of it.」

The shine on Angela face can’t be more brighter than this. (TL: yeah I kind of went with what the translation said because I didn’t know what it meant.)[ED : Her face basically become a lightbulb]

「But, are you ok? Don’t overeat or you will get a stomachache. 」

「I, in the village, they said that I’m a girl with bottomless stomach, so it’s okay! 」(TL: probably mean the explicit form of reproduction…)[ED : no, basically her stomach could rival Doraemon 4D-Pocket]

「……I see 」

Well, I guess it’s oka if the person herself said so.

However, today stars is looking especially beautiful.

While thinking of such things, I’m looking at brightly shining stars in the night sky for a little while.

Ten-odd seconds later, I turn my face down.

Though there is still more than five sweetfish remained a little while ago, now all of them is gone..

……………… How much she eat already?

I lay down beside the bonfire. (TL: hey Ash, do you still remember your punishment?!)[ED : he already forgot about it, till last minute at least]

I like to sprawl in the prairie and gaze up at the stars in night sky.

「Angela, you lie down too and try to look at the stars. 」(TL fall down)

When I gave that order, Angela shyly lied down beside me.

「wow………It’s very……beautiful…………」

Angela muttered in fascinated voice.

「All of those stars are like jewels……..All of them are twinkling and blinking…uu」

「Oi, you don’t need to be so moved to the point of crying」

「Bu, but, but, they, since they’re so majestic and pretty……so, sorry」

「you don’t have to apologize, it’s fine.」

I’m also same with her, I’m also shivered from overwhelming feeling when I’m looking at those sea of stars in this great prairie.

「Moreover, I, I wonder how many times I gave up on looking at this scenery for the second time. Since I feel that I will never left that cage in my whole life…….I really are given up. Then……then…..」(TL add: *sniff* *sniff*)[(ED(me too): *sniff* *sniff*)


「T-To have my master take good care of me soo much…………and let me see the stars……together with master who is like a man from my dream……So, so I, I think, I……I’m very happy……U……Ua…….UaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa, UAaAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAA」 (TL: adding some more words to make better sense and I won’t joke with this one)[ED : UWAAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAA, this sentences almost made me crying for different reason]

「Please don’t cry, because it’s troublesome」

「I-I’m sorry. Bu-But, M-my tears naturally do……do not stop……I-I’m sorry……uU…… 」

「It’s fine already, you can do as you like.」

Considerable amount of time have passed, Angela’s tears continue to flow from her eyes.

「Ma……Master, will, will you do me a favor? 」

Angela said that while there is still tears in her eyes.

「What is it?」

「A…….Arm pillow……..So, sorry, It’s nothing」


While I lie on the ground, I extend my right arms across to her.

「I……I’m so happy to the point of scary…………」[TLC : 「私……幸せすぎて怖いです…………」]

While Angela lied down using my arm pillow, I really wish to fondle her chest in front of me with both of my hands. (TL: what the heck! Ruined the mood!!)[ED : I will definitely fondle her oppai if I’m in Ash position, at least till 2 or 3 years later]

Like that, I sleep together with Angela outside.

This prairie’s climate is always warm. At night it’s cold but not enough to made one catch a cold.

Early morning. (TL: sun shine!)

Angela woke up earlier than me and tried to wake me up.

I washed my face in the clear stream and rinse my mouth.

Afterward, I carry Angela and fly in the air. The stream water going toward transparent lake.

「《Rock fall!(Rock strike) 》 」

I borrowed power from Gnome and Sylph power to make a floating giant rock in the sky and dropped it in the lake.

The shock made the fishes faint and many fishes rise to the surface. (TL: I think their dead, mass murder)[ED : You Got New Title 「《Fish Killer!(Genocide) 》

Earnestly competing with method of fishing called stoning. (TL: yeah sorry about this one.)[ED : fixed]

Though Undines cormorant fishing is also good, using stoning is more to my liking and made my heart excited.

Angela stares in amusement as I order her to collect the fish.

Because of her swimming ability seems to be one of her strong point, there wasn’t any problem.

Meanwhile, I flew and use wind spirit arrow to shoot down flying pheasant.

I use《Ignition》 to produce a bonfire, and grilled the captured fish and pheasant. (TL: pheasant, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s google it!)[ED : peasant is wild bird]

Furthermore, Instead of eat dessert, I pick the fruits from the nearby forest.[ED : this made me remember of Nagasarete Airantou]

「AmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmu」(TL: screw it, I’m not counting all of that)[ED : it’s ~(Infinite)]

Angela picking up the piled up fruit, and stuff them in her mouth at amazing speed.[ED : It’s MORE THAN 9000!!!]

「……Angela, do you intend to eat and exhaust all the fruit of the forest alone? 」 (TL: add some words)

I am amazed about her infinite appetite that she hold as a slave beast girl. (TL: no wonder the slave merchant don’t feed her!)[ED : it’s because she is ugly at that time, she will definitely get a better treatment in healthy condition(her beauty is only one level below Remilia, and even Remilia lost to someone else…….]

「I’m-I’m sorry master. Bu-But, this forest’s fruit is very appetizing and delicious. 」 (TL: I’m tired…I must keep translating!)[ED : Keep your pace my buddy, Look there is delicious cookies waiting]

I wonder if it’s sound like I’m scolding Angela, since she suddenly become less spirited. (TL: or discouraged)

Her ears and tails would hang down like a dog scolded by the master.

「It’s only a joke. You would eat this whole forest’s fruit and exhaust it alone easily. You can eat as much as you can…………and approximately have an upset stomach later on. (TL: confuse me a bit, basically don’t eat too much)」

Angela brightened her eyes and continue to eat staggering amount of meal. (TL: yeah, something about eating a lot and never get fat…oh yeah, there’s my monster if you remember from my comment in Chapter 6)

「well then, I should return to my parent’s house for the moment.」

When I informed Angela, she begin to look very lonely.

She stared at me with puppy eyes.

「……I’ll come back at noon.」

Therefore, I promised her.

It’s already morning, so I should quickly return to the Raan town by flying till nearby forest.

And then, through the tunnel I dug yesterday underground and returned to the warehouse.

I fix the hole.

After a short time, the door of the warehouse was opened by my parents from the outside. (TL: warehouse, storehouse same thing!)[ED : it’ the same anyway, we should use warehouse since that wha you use first]

I ate breakfast in my parent’s mansion.

I had a meal together with my family members.

My mind didn’t calm down because I worried that I would be suspected, so I force myself to eat. (TL: he ate earlier, now if he didn’t eat, he would be suspected!)

「Yesterday, I finally can shoot 3《Magic Arrow (energy bolt)》! 」

Hawk wood’s family eldest son, Juno, my elder brother reporting this proudly to my father.

My father, was absence from the house a little while ago, fondly looking in delighted manner at the growth of his eldest son.

「As expected of Juno-niisan. Rina and I have yet be able to shoot one energy bolt」(TL: your imagination)[ED : your version made me speeechless trying to hold my laugh]

「if possible at any rate, Juno-niisan can enter the Magic University of Imperial capital. 」

My younger brother, Saji the third son, and my elder sister, Rina, praising the eldest son Juno as if trying to suck up to him.[ED : similiar to Itsuki companion from TnY]

「Well it’s not like you too can’t do to my degree, you have talent for true magic. It’s different from a certain dunce 」[ED : I can’t wait to see their expression when Ash show his power to them]

Though Juno brother character is unpleasant, though he speak ill of me, I’m not in the mood to getting into a figh with him. (TL: yeah wordy…rush rush rush!)[ED : Slow down man]

As for me, concerning my talents for true magic, it’s alredy doesn’t matter to me.

The spirits is there for me, I also can use spirit magic by borrowing the power from the spirits. (TL: he’s using spirit magic?)[ED : Hell’s gonna broke if he use it here]

I can shoot 10《wind spirit arrow》simultanously at a distance better than《Magic arrow (energy bolt) 》.

Let alone Juno brother, even my parents can’t use true magic《Flight》and instead of that, I can fly in the air by borrowing the power of wind spirits. (TL: help please)[ED : Doraemon coming]

Juno’s sarcasm toward me followed by the scornful eyes of younger brother and sister and our parent sign of resignation entirely too. They really isn’t motivaated at all. (TL: yeah tough son of a gun here, I understand part of your pain my editor)[ED : HELP!! -àTLC :  (俺に対する兄ジュノーの嫌味も弟や妹の侮蔑の目も、両親の諦め交じりの溜息も、まったく気にはならない。)]

「Really, I wonder when will a certain somebody reach the point of can fire《magic arrow (energy bolt) 》. A, I wonder if it even impossible in his whole life」 (TL: insult right there!)[ED : I fixed your insult to add some fire]

Though Juno brother is unpleasant, he is particularly insistent today.

Well whatever this guy say, I will ignore it.

Juno who had finished eating left his seat, and he want to return to his room at that time—–he magnificently fell down.

A shoelace came loose, he stepped on it and fall down. (TL: humiliation!)

His nose kissed the floor, causing his eyes to become teary.

Taking advantages from Juno, the spirits of the small person, Brownie made a thumb-up to me.

No one but me can see this Brownie type of spirits in my family.

The spirit brownie who live in this house like to pull a prank. (TL: Karma on Juno)[ED : I’m tired, but must continue a bit more…..]

Regarding to Juno’s Sarcasm to me is cruel. Even if I ordered nothing, it’s merely a retaliation or prank to Juno. (TL: talking about the spirit mischievousness)[ED : It’s Holy War for spirits]

I put a thumb under a table in secret so that’s not seen by anyone.

――Brownie, Good Job!!!

Our mother become a teacher, I am learning the history and language in the morning. (TL note: I basicly rush it…little rush it without reviewing here on out)

In the afternoon, it’s magic study. (Studies of magic…)

As always, I was given only a problem and had to self-study.

My brother and sister ability becoming remote as I fall behind, mixed with advance lesson becoming remarkably slow.

When I practice the magic in the forest, I leave a note and leave the mansion.

Of course, I do not mean to do exercises using genuine magic without talent for it.

I concealed myself, flew into the sky and went to the prairie.

We sell off the horn of the unicorn in large quantities, and let’s buy that beautiful high elf slave while we are at it today. (TL: add words for the heck of it! Anyway, IDC! I’m done!)[ED : me too, I’m tired and will left it as it is since it’s already fine as it is]

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