BT Chapter 7

Unicorn Ranch

「Death Confirmed! ! ! ! ! 」
Syl made her report with lot of vigor.

Though it’s not like I’m worried about killing, I just kill three people simultanously.

It’s not like it somehow didn’t affect my conscience.

But, from those guys conversation, I know that they’re a murderer, I have no doubt that the one I just kill is just a scum.

It’s a legitimate self-defence, as for killing those guys, well let’s not thinking about it too much. [TLC : 正当防衛とも言えるし、殺してしまったことは、そんなに気にしないようにしよう。]

Well, now this problem is settled but.
……………………….Must I bury them?.
With the assistance of Earth Spirit(Gnome), the hole is filled by soil, and returned to it’s previous condition.

Their corpse’s won’t be discovered, forever. [TL : he is an evil one]

The problem is, Angela reaction.
「Ma…………….Master, are you…………..a wizard?
Angela looking at me with respecting gaze.
「Well, once」[TL : maybe, he is referring to wizard legend from akihabara] The basic foundation for wizard in this country is that they’re [Magic Leter(Activating)*] by chanting. [TL : It’s written as Run as [Your computer is running], but it’s feel out of place so I change it]

Hearing that, Angela instantly confinced.

As for my activation, unlike the true magic, spirit magic borrowing the power of the spirits.

To avoid troublesome situation, I drop the topic when we’re entering down town.
「Uwa~~~………………….this is amazi~~~ng………….」
This slave girl looking at me with sparkling eyes.

Being looked by those kind of eyes, I somehow feeling embarassed.
「But just before, you’re unexpectly have guts」

「E? E? 」
「Those three people from before just drop to death before you, furthermore, when I’m burying them you’re not that confused」
When I’m pointing that, Angela face instantly become gloomy.

「……………The human race troops attacking my village hunting for beastman, tha, that assault………… even more disastrous than the scene before……………I’ve………………already watching more than enough of those scene…………」

「……….I see」

「……….Be, beside, those peoples, have awfully disgusting smell. All of them is a murderer, they’ve already killed someone before, the smell of dead is disgusting………….tha, that’s why, it can’t be helped that they got their karma………..」[TL : the real text said “It can’t be helped that they’re dead”, but it’s just feel strange] Has smell of dead? [TL : I assure you it’s not deadly smell like from shinkanomi]

As expected of a beastman their nose is sharp, can they really sniffing as far as smell of dead?

Though maybe it’s just somekind of metaphor.

「Oi, hold on tightly. So you won’t fall」

「………….ye, yes. Bu, but, even though I’m just an ugly slave——–」

「It’s fine. Since it will be troublesome to pick you if you fell」

「……………..E………….Ex………………., excuse me………………」
While being embraced by Angela, I leap to the skies with 《Wings of wind》to the great prairie.
「I’m flying………….in the skies……………carried in princess carry by a man………it’s just like a dream……..」
Did Angela just muttered something that I don’t understand.

Gradually, it’s already evening when we’re arrived at my house in great prairie.
「This is my house」
I get into the house while carrying Angela, it’s a house that I created by hardening the soil.

It’s simple but, only certain part of the house. [TLC

Since it’s occupied more than 100 acre. [TL : 10000 square metres or 100×100 metres, so it’s indeed has a simple design and will be an ordinary huse if not for it’s size]

I have a plan to rebuild it eventually.

Before long, I will build a small brick castle in this great prairie.

I borrowing power from [Earth Spirit(Gnome)], [Fire Spirit(Salamander)], and [Wind Spirit(Sylph)] to create bricks.

The ingrendients is clay or shale, mud can be produced from the earth as much as I want.

It’s not particularly need furnace to bake it in hardening step.

With combination of Gnome, Salamander, and Sylph I can create pseudo furnace.

Actually, I already created many of them and stack it near my great prairie house.

Eventually, I will put them together to create a small castle.
Anyway———-I dropped Angela on the bed instead of pile of straw.
「Wait for a bit, I will leave for a while. You mast wait obediently」
Aside from that command, when I leave the house.

I build more than three metres high mud wall surrounding the house to avoid wild animals.

With the help from [Earth Spirit(Gnome)], I make the mud wall surrounding the house at it’s centre with 50 metres radius.

Wild animal and monster won’t be able to get inside the house, so it’s not a problem even if Angela is waiting in the house alone.

Flying in the skies, I’m looking for the flocks of unicorn.

It’s not even one hour, and I already found flocks of them.

I’m descended till only more than 100 metres separating my position and those flocks of unicorn which maybe numbered more than 200.

I release my 《Concealing Cloak》magic.

After this, I’m going to use considerably strong spirit magic, that’s why it’s necessary for me to release other magic.

Those uniconrs is being vigilant toward human like me, that’s why I keep some distance so they won’t be running away from me.

My mind is focusing at it’s utmost limit.

「Answer my calling, [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)]」
The earth split apart.
And, a gigantic beast with it’s figure covered by rock made it’s appearance.
It’s the earth spirit king, Behemoth.

As expected of a beast with overall length exceeded 50 metres, it’s force is as amazing as usual. [TL : Godzilla, as amazing as it is still can’t beat Mozilla] 「Made an 《Earth Wall》surrounding those unicorns!! ! ! 」

「Okay. Use my power, young spirit user」
Because [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)] granting my wish, it creating a gigantic wall with 100 metres radius with those unicorn flocks as it centre.

The thick earth wall then hardened in a minute. [TLC : Help–>大地から、土を固めた分厚き城壁が生み出されたのだ。]

Though it’s created from soil, with thickness exceeded one metres, it’s extremely firm.

It’s height is ten metres, which made it impossible for ordinary wild animal to jump over it.

After Behemoth granting my wish, it’s going back into the earth.

The extremely exhausted me collapsed on the grass field facing the sky.

To borrow great spirit arts from superior existance like spirit king and use their power is too much burden for me right now, which is why I left exhausted.

Just by using it once with my current physical and Mental strength, already made me extremely tired.

I lied down for a few minutes to recovering my mental and physical power.

My breath calmed down little-by-little, flying through the skies, i stand above the giant wall.

In the inside, those more than 200 unicorns is not that much frightened.

In the approximately 30000 metres square area, 10000 square metres unicorn ranch is complete. [TL : maybe he is talking about square inside that circle] Then————-it’s hunting time.

I’m shooting with wind spirit arrow towards the unicorn that failed to escape.

It will die anyway if I break their horn, so I might be as well as kill them beforehand.

Though it was fine to completely annihilated them, I decided to only kill 10 or twenty of them.

It’s such a painstaking job to create fence[wall] to surround the unicorn ranch.

Thinking about long term, it’s necessary for me to take only what I need.

Without any carnivorous predator, the horse inside those fence[wall] will rapidly increasing their number.

In the first place, I’m thinking to buy that high elf, so I guess 20 of those horns will be enough for now.

All of those 20 horns, must from an adult unicorns.

I won’t kill their offspring.
Well then, time to collect those horns.
When I’m approaching them, the remaining unicorns already evacuating themself to the nearby wall.

How should I put it———-My objectives is only to cut the horns of those dead unicorns, I’m not particularly care about them.
《 Wind Spirit Edge(Sylph Blade)》
Then, some of the [ Wind Spirit(Sylph)] combined, and forming a long cylindrical sword. [TL : Holy———Is that a beam saber? ]

Gripping the handle portion of the sword, I chopped off the horn from it’s base.

《 Wind Spirit Edge(Sylph Blade)》is for CQC, it’s extremely sharp.

I cut off that hard unicorn horn straight from it’s spot.

While I cut the unicorn horn, one aged unicorn timidly approaching me.
「Young human」
It suprised me.

This unicorn can speak in human language.

————–well, though he can talk like people, a horse is still a horse.

I don’t feel guilty at all, that’s my conclusion.
「Are you going to hunt us till the last of us? 」
I answering he question that this old unicorn throw at me.
「I didn’t plan to do that. I will at most hunt ten of you for one year though. Since I only need your horn」

「I see…………..if that was the case, please stop from killing the life unicorn from now on. Since our companion in this flock dying by natural cause exceeding that number in one year. If you need our horns, you can take it from the corpses of our companions」

So, I will raise the number of unicorns in the ranch from now on, while taking their horn from the deceased one, that’s okay.
「Okay. I will do as you wish in the future」

「I’m grateful…………….. and then, this place is too cramped for our flocks. Though I’m grateful for that since there won’t be any beast preying on us for our meat. But, at this rate the grass in this place will soon exhausted for meal」

「For that, I will soon expanded the range of the wall」
Summoning [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)] and borrowing his power to create 《Earth Wall》, then made it’s position adjecent to the wall, I open apassage by creating a hole on the wall, with this I can rapidly expanding the unicorn ranch.

But, creating those《Earth Wall》is really exhausting.

Well, I will get better sooner.

After I collected the horns, I created [Big Hole On the ground(Tunnel)] to bury the corpse of those unicorn.

After that, with the help from wind spirits, I transporting those 20 horns to my prairie house.

Then leaving it on the outside of the house.

This great prairie is still unexplored by humans, so no one will try to steal this horns.
「I’m back」
I’m entering the house while carrying armfull of unicorn horns.

Angela the beastman slave trying to welcome me while she do her best to walk to me.

And then fall.
「Don’t overdoing it, your legs are weak」[TL : restraining my hands from typing “ your lower body is weak”] Using her arms to raise her body, she is coming toward me.

Well then, how is the correct way to use unicorn horn?

I will bring it closer to Angela for the time being.

It give no particular reaction.
「Angela. Push aside your hair for the time being」

「E………….bu, but………………under my hair is very ugly…………I, it’s bad for you………….master」

「It’s fine」
Repeating my order, Angela pushing aside her hair exposing her left side with shivering hand.

Certainly………..It was hard for me to look at her left side.

This time, I made the unicorn horn come into a contact with the left side of her face.

At that moment, te unicorn horn shining brightly.
「A……………AAA……………aAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAA」[TL : I love this part] Angela let out surprised voice.

Before my eyes, the ugly left side of her face quickly healed.
Though she is too skinny, Angela is lovely girl.

Well, now it’s back like before she got that disasea.

It’s not just her face, her left arm, and left foot healed too.
「………..It’s medical treatment. Take off your cloth too」
Taking of her clothes in embarassment, I use the horn to heal her from the back of her body.

Because of unicorn horn, I’m surprised by Angela clean skin. [TL : her left side is previously ruined]

Thanks to her being cured from her disasea, she is walking toward me.

So that horn didn’t recover physical strength, though she still can walk by herself.

The unicorn horn that used to cure Angela skin and heal her from her disasea, it then crumbling into dust.

I just used one long precious unicorn horn………well it was fine.

I pulled Angela hand to made her follow me since she didn’t believe about the change at her body, and going to the nearby river.

Taking a good look at her body reflected by the clear river.

I think now she use this opportunity to made her taking a bath.

「…………….It’s return………….My old self……………it’s return」
Looking at her face that reflected by the clear water river, Angela keep on shedding her tears.
「Happy……… happy UU……….UuUU…..Ua……….UUUUUUUUUUUUUU」[TL : Yeah, she is crying] After bathing, and the dirt dropped from her body, Angela returned to the house together with me.
「Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much, Master」
On the way back to house, this beastman slave girl is lowering her head so many times.
「Well I think it’s fine already. You’re so persistent」

「Bu, but………….I, I’m, truly…………….really feeling grateful from the bottom of my heart」
Till we’re arriving at house, Angela keep on bowing her head in gratitude.
「Now it’s time to fetch some food. Did you want to eat meat? like rabbit meat」
The reason is because once I heard that it’s taboo for the beastman’s to eat meat.
「A, Ye, Yes. I love rabbit meat……………..Though I never eat it again since become a slave」

「Wait in the room」
I leave Angela in the house, then leave the house.

There must be many wild rabbit and deer in this great prairie.

Using the only true magic that I can use [Ignition], I set a blaze the growing grass.

As for 《Ignition》, it’s the basic of the basic of true magic.

It consume very little magical power, even I only need very little magical power to use it.

The [Ignition] set the grass ablaze.

Though it’s only little fire, it’s already enough for me.

I summoning [ Fire Spirit(Salamander)] from inside that fire.
「《 Flame Spirit Arrow(FIREBOLT)》」 [TL : Ehm, now he transformed into Bell Cranell] I use flame arrow by borrowing the power of [ Fire Spirit(Salamander)]] to snipe those hare.

I kill it in one blow.

The nice smell of it’s grilled meat tickling my nasal cavity. [TL : Holy—It’s an INSTANT BARBECQUE!!!]

I hunt three more hare. Then end my hunt with one deer.
Though water buffaloes inhabiting in quite distant ———-well, maybe it’s okay for now.

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