BT Chapter 6

Beast Girl Slave

「yes, of course. However, you must deposit 10% of 500 large gold coins are needed to be paid in advance. 」

「Deal! 」

Deposit of payment are needed to make a Provisional agreement because it is often the case discussed in this world.

Thus, if I can pay the full amount of 500 large gold coins.

Also, I have wanted Remilia at all cost and paid in advance with good judgment.

「Violation of contract is fined twice…no, three time. Ok? 」

「Ash-sama, for sure, do not match the characteristic for your age and reliable. 」

「Flattery is good, and by that, I mean returning 3 times back is also good, right? 」

「yes, and also that means that I can put it in advanced contract as a matter of special agreement that we introduced. 」(TL: adding some words to make better sense of it all, sorry)

By violating the contract, the requested product can be sold to other customers and return twice the amount of deposit was common on Earth. (TL: yeah no idea, I’m assuming 手付 means advanced or beforehand or earnest. dictionary is not helping)

Perhaps it would be the same in this world.

That, in case of violation of the contract, I would return 3 times the amount as mention in the special contract that was introduced.

With this, these isn’t any important matter that is restricted. Within this money, the greedy-like slave merchant would not sell Remilia to other customers. (TL: huh, what happen to the gay attractive man earlier?)

At least, between 10 days.

Recently, I got the feeling that my parents leave me doing whatever I want, I only receiving writing and reading lesson as minimum education for a noble. (TL: no!!! internet’s down! Manual translation with 1 program and a dictionary!) [ED : I always doing it offline BTW]

After carefully reading the contract, I signed it.

50 large gold coins of my earnest money was received by Radon’s pleasant face. (TL: well, there goes 66% of Ash’s money.)[ED : One more six and he become a demon king]

After a little while ago, his attitude was humble.

「Remilia is nothing, I want to be able to buy the slave right now. I am able to obtain one with price below one large gold coins. 」

「With one large gold coins, it will be the slaves that on the verge of being disposed……. 」(TL: help please)[ED : Done]

「I don’t care about that, so won’t you let me see it?」(TL: pretty much it sounds like the slave trader is disposing all of his unsold merchant.)[ED : the fate of bad product wil be explained in few next line]

「I understand, well then, I will guide you to the basement of the storehouse」

While I feel disturbed by his words of underground basement and disposal, I following him to the basement.

Gloomy underground storage is filled with abominable odor that make me feel Nauseous.

How many days, from their odor I wonder that these slaves didn’t wash their body. (TL: option 2: Many days, with their unwashed body and odor that would take how many days to be washed.) (TL: difficult one to interpret)

Because of excretion (literally poop and pee) have made runaway from inside of the cage, the body odor was mixed with the smell.

「The slaves here are unsold. From the start, these were St. Magic cult’s testing subject that are sold for dirt cheap price and stored them」 (TL: so sad)[ED : Life is cruel]

While listening to radon’s explanation, I feel some kind of sympathy with these slaves to since I also I have been placed in a very poor environment too. (TL: probably mean excited that Ash came to them)[ED : No, he just feel symathy toward them]

The mysanthropist me, can continue to look at them due to their severe condition..

They also lost their emotion and their eyes like that of dead fish.

Did they didn’t get any decent meals, since their rib cage are showing. (TL: assuming アバラ is loosely)

Th female slaves also have dishelved hair and tattered fingernail.

There was no significant difference in the slaves’ clothes as they wear were tattered dust cloth.

Compared to the first floor treatment to the slaves were too much different.

「Test subjects…… what kind of treatment that made this slaves definitely has that kind of eyes? 」

Even while I think about that matter I asked about their policy, so that I can understand them. (TL: erm, little help)[ED : sorry I also lost in this one]

「For discovering new magic, also for more understanding about new attack magic, specimen to gain an understanding of the effect of new secret medicine, and various things. Well, they also won’t survive till half year. Beside they’re lucky since they can die in peace. Because, usually the slaves died in overwhelming anguish/pain. 」

「……Isn’t it too inhuman?」

「Man-kind’s benefitted from it because of the magic development 」


「In the first place———this slaves here is scraps afterall」

Radon spat that line coldly.

This is the first time, I feel disgust and fear toward slave firm owner.

「St. Magic cult’s testing subjects task, who are unlikely to become waste inside of waste. As for punishment, the slaves will be sold to monster merchant. Even if they’re trashy slave, they can still become a bait for carnivorous monster. 」

The mood has become worse.

「Ah, As expected that human slaves can’t be disposed that way. Elf too. So their meat is exclusive for beastman slaves 」

「That’s enough, I don’t want to hear more than this………..Now let me see the beastman slave inside」

While I was watching the slaves that have been packed in large quantities in narrow cages, I asked.

「last week, the beastman slave that almost disposed…………..Aaa, It’s Angela, the beastman that sit alone in the corner 」

Radon pointed at one little girl.

The girl is squatted down while hugging her knees, certainly she has dog ears and animal tail. (TL: I wonder if MC begins to develop a obsession for these slaves)[ED : It’s the opposite, aroung 70:30]

She also have this dead fish eyes, not different from other slaves.

Her left side can’t be seen since it’s covered by her long black hair.

I get into the cage and looking at this beastman slave called Angela, the she noticing me. (TL: any creative way to call these beast-man?)[ED : Nekomimi, Inumimi, Usamimi, sorry but lamia ears are just like human and into monster type]

This girl face, her right side is extremely well featured. (TL: …Radon! cunning pervert!)[ED : no, Angela cuteness is actually one level below Remilia]

It’s slightly dirty because of poor environtment, yet, she is still cute. (TL: …ASH-SAMA! EXTREME PERVERT!)[ED : Second to that]

However, Her left face is basically ruined.[ED : yeah, the text said [崩れ=collapse, ruin] so I choose ruin]

To the extent that it can’t be hidden by her hair. (TL: imagine beaten up face, burnt, bruise and full of scratches. All kinds of punishment)[ED : try too add more gruesome feature like, a zombie[in resident evil] like face]

The upper part of her body is ugly and ruined, her face has swollen in many places. (TL: added some words to make sense)[ED : okay fixed it]

「Well, Angela is a daughter of the patriarch which is like a leader amongst beastman」(TL: seriously where did Radon get these big shots, or did he lied for more profit?)[ED : No he didn’t, BTW Angela rarity is SSS]

Radon continue his explanation.

「She is sold by our kingdom when we attack them but, she got an illness. Ah, no, it won’t infecting another person. Since that was the case it’s an instant disposal for her. In the firs place, she isn’t useful as a test subject. Her meat scheduled to be taken next week」 (TL: feed or be fed?)[ED : the meat of useless slaves become meal for other slaves]

「…………」(TL: leaving as it is)

「Although, it will cause some accident and fear if they know that they just eat this fellow meat. Rather, maybe we can dump her to drainage and chop her there. It can’t be helped that the rest of her meat are scrap 」(TL: help me with this one)[ED : Yeah the beastman slaves will rampage if they know that they just eat Angela meat]

「Is there no medical treatment for this illness?」

「you’re joking. That would be different if cured by the simple medical treatment drug. This fellow illness is to the extent that it can’t be healed without unicorn horn. Because of the ban law in this country, it’s price is skyrocketting, now the price for one is 50 large gold coin. We must violating the law, take a risk to aqcuire such valuable unicorn horn, then using it for this girl, we simply can’t afford to do that. Since we’re also having a bussiness. Such action will made us sink deep into the debt———」(TL: really a long son of a gun, please recheck it)[ED : I usually divide it based on it’s dot mark then began to translate them], (TL: ash got ripped off…)[ED : no he didn’t, the shopkeeper got 5 large gold profit while 10 large gold goes to black market(bribing and such)]

「how much? 」

「Eh?(TL: meaning “what?”) 」

「what’s the price for this child? 」

「…………Given that you buy this trashed slave such as her illness that she hold which causes her face to deform/collapse.」

「…………You want to buy this scrap slave that her face ruined because of her illness」

I nodded silently.

Using one large gold coin for a magic tool that took the magic of absolute obedience to the master.

Mostly, the magic tool cost that much.

「Angela! 」

From the voice of radon, the Beastman girl body shuddered. (TL: sorry. ビク = shudder or surprise, I assume) [ED : fixed]

This reaction was simply by calling out Angela’s name.

What kind of treatment she received till now, I can only imagine it. (TL: probably about her illness)[ED : basically she is treated like Tatsuya in his family]

「Your new master is Ash-sama. Greet him」

The little beast girl, Angela, is saying something I can’t understand with a dumbfounded manner. (TL: Imagine her surprise of being picked when she is designated as trash, left to die)

I already lived in my human life with detestable experience even seem to give up. This little slave girl is like myself, who doesn’t have confidence in her buyer as she is attached to the buyer. (TL: long complicated one)[ED : sorry, I will leave it as it is since I’m too tired]

「You slow!. Quickly come here! 」

With his hand holding the whip, with a snap, Radon strike the floor. (TL: yeah, Japanese Onomatopoeia is confusing me)

The shivering little slave beast girl became worse than a little while ago.


「Ah! Yes! What shall I do, Ash-sama? 」

While rubbing his hands together, Radon turn around toward me.

「This child……is Angela? She is already my slave 」

「yes, indeed honored customer!」(TL: erm…fancy way of saying my lord? Little help)[ED : save it for later chapter]

「if it’s the case, that sort of manner is threatening. I’m unable to stomach such violent treatment toward other 」

「Thi, This my humblest apologies Ash-sama!)

When I showed my anger, Radon hastily bowed his head deeply.

While watching the situation curiously, the beast girl, Angela, wavering as she stood up.

Nevertheless, I immediately settled this.

I guess that the illness or possibly malnutrition must have caused her to have no strength.

Her hip and legs were substantially weaken too.

So by confined in bad environment inside of the cage and likely to have not exercise decently.

「A, umm, I can add a walking cane as a service! 」 (TL: trying to be useful, poor starving slave)[ED : it’s Radon who is saying this]

In the horror that I decide to change my mind because she can’t stand firmly, Radon quickly said that. (TL: made her say it, I assume)

「Ma, Master, I, for buying someone like me, tha, thank you very much. Really…….I, I’m happy」 (TL: oh my god, a monster has been create!)[ED : what monster?]

The little beast girl exited from the cage with eagerness and expression of gratitude by thanking me.

Radon carrying walking cane while I paid for her price, she cant stand up somehow.

Even with the cane, somehow she can’t walk firmly.

If I expect her to be able to walk without a cane, then she need a meal to recover her physical strength.

…………。(TL: left alone)

I wonder if there is an effect in physical strength recovery if I use the Unicorn horn.

For the time being――

I approach the little girl that has become my slave.

「……Uh……um…… 」

Though I don’t particularly have any ill will, Angela become awfully frightened.

Angela’s petite body is awfully too skinny, her body weight is low.

Even for a 10 year old body, I can give her a piggyback ride.

I squatted down with my back toward the slave girl that I bought.

「Ride my back.」

For once, I command her.


「Ride my back! 」

I commanded her again. While trembling, Angela was bewildered.

Is this funny?

Angela is wearing magic necklace tool type that has magic of absolute obedience in it.

She is forced to absolutely obedient toward her master order, and, the magic tool won’t permit any resistance. (TL: sorry is I’m kind of switching prospective weirdly. I don’t know this world anymore.)[ED : the world is vast man]

If she refusing to obedient, and showing resistance, it will trigerring the [Choker(Magic Tool)] to tightening on her neck and choking her, that what is it according to Radon explanation.

I think it’s different from what he told, Rado glaring at me with half opened eyes.

「Ah, Ash-sama! 《Submission collar》 will correspond roughly to the command. However, in regard to the slave, your master stature command of “Ride my back!”is an unexpected circumstances, your master stature. In…In short, that order is unsupported because of …… 」

Radon use his handkerchief to wipe his sweat off his face, as he flustered to answer me. (TL: a bit of edited from the original. Sorry)[ED : I can’t even think the right sentence]

What, there is some instruction that can’t be ordered? (TL: think you got ripe off)[ED : he is just too unique-à refer to………well you will know few chapter later]

Though it’s might be because the one attached to Angela is general version of 《Submission Collar》.

「You, since you can’t walk properly. Because of this , I must carry you on my back, hurry up and get on! 」

Even if the magic tool didn’t work, she still following my order.

Because I’m her master, and she is my slave. (TL: こいつ = probably mean the homosexual slave)

「Ah……I, I, slave……be……beside,ha…half of my face and body…is…in an awful condition…… 」

「it doesn’t matter. It’s ok, so quickly get on my back. 」

「…………bu……but…… 」(TL: too many dots!! Is this a Morse code! Quick! Translate it!)[ED : call it a blessing]

Her face is flustered and she still reluctant.

「I’m your master, how long are you gonna keep me crouching. Hurry up and get on my back! 」 (TL: help.)[ED : ultraman come for three minute then killing the kaiju and back to M80]

「ah…………Ex…Excuse me…… 」

At last! While hesitated, I’ve been ridden by Angela on my back. (TL: no comment)

…………。(TL: silence)

In spite of being very skinny, her breast felt wonderful. (TL: …no comment)[ED : busty loli]

While I remain still, it felt decent. As I leave the Slave Establishment, I am carrying Angela on my back.

Traveling by foot, I move to the back of the blind alley.

I am trying to use the next opportunity to purchase furniture. (TL: is he talking about himself or other customers?)[ED : he need to purchase furniture for his house]

First, I need to bring Angela to my house at the great prairie, to let Angela rest her body. (TL: a little help please)[ED : done]

During that time, I will looking for flocks of Unicorns. I feel I should hunt at least one Unicorn.

Though I don’t know how far it will cure her illness, I need to use the unicorn horn for this beastman girl slave.

I’m not doing this out of sympathy.

Since this slave is already mine.

I’m the person who take care of my things.

However, because I carrying her on my back, I need to stop to borrow wind spirits power to fly.

Since Angela grip weakening, I put it back so she won’t fall from my back.

On one occasion, Angela let go from going against my order. Now I’m carrying her from the front.

As I thought, Angela is light. So I hold her in my arm with ease. I should carry her in front of me next time.

Angela seems to be 12 years old, but her malnourishment made her shorter than me, who is 10 years old. Above all, it’s because she’s skinny.

「A…um……Ma. Master…… 」

The beastman girl that clinging to me has her face flushed red.

Her face became red too, really I wonder what caused it?

「I,I……It’s the first time………princess carry…….how, embarassing」(TL option: replace “what are you” to “where are we?”)[ED : TLC neededà「わ、私……はじめてです……お姫様だっこ……なんて、されたの」]

「…………Oh」 (TL: it could mean ass)

Which reminds me, that I carrying her in princess carry style, I also realizing that this is also the first time for me but, I could only answer coldly. (TL: another long one)[ED : お姫様だっこ-à Princess carry]

「hehehe, Oi, that boy there」(TL: please retranslate this line, I am confuse)

「I saw you, I saw you. It’s appear that you just buy a slave from that slave firm」

「Give your money……….and that woman slave. If you don’t want to die」 (TL: solved my confusion from the next line)[ED : so sleepy, what time is it?]

Three bad looking man’s walking toward us.

Is this robbery? (TL: Oh wow…heck it is, stealing a candy from a 10 year old)[ED : call it stealing slave]

In this fortress city, it’s look like there is district with badpublic, it’s look like I’m around those area.

These bad looking man’s age look like from around second half of their teens till first half of their twenties, those three aprroaching me, I stand still and didn’t make any movement. (TL: I call them criminals because they are robbing ash right now.)[ED : maybe robber suited them the most]

It’s because, I’m using the spirits power. (TL: I think I misinterpret it)

Somehow, I wonder how I made it.

「Ah? Look that slave woman………Ugh, her face is」(TL: no idea what the katakana means)[ED : they can’t bear to look at her face]

「Though half of her face is good, the other half is already ruined 」

「it’s no good! I couldn’t bring myself to hold such a woman. 」

(TL: pretty much extreme insult)[ED : yeah, it’s an extreme insult]

“hya hya hya hya!”The 3 criminals raise their harsh laughter.

Angela look downward, shaking.

Her tears flow from her cheek.

I swear that I will made these three thugs have experiencing painful experience.

These guys were making a fool of my things.

I cannot endure it as they are made a fool of my things. (TL: got to set this モノ to something.)[ED : it’s my things]

「Since we don’t need that slave girl, give us your money kid……..if you’re shouting, we will kill you 」

The tallest man which is look like the leader trying to threating me by taking out a knife from his pocket. (TL: Replace bag with breast if you want to laugh about it)[ED : it’s pocket, or bosom pocket at the clothes]

I only flinched for a moment.

After all, it’s because I died from a knife stabbed into my heart in my previous life.

while being careful so my voice didn’t leak out which will caught their attention. (TL: change the wording a bit)

「If I say that I won’t give you my money——–what will you say?」

「Ah? Basterd, then, we will really kill you brat 」

「come if you dare」 (TL: or replace it with “try and kill me”)

「…………」(TL: left alone)

Something like thirst for blood dwell in 3 criminals eyes.

「Maashyu, then we will really kill you 」[TLC : 「マーシュ、本当に殺しちまおうぜ」]

「After killing you we will bury you like our previous victim, no one will found you then 」(TL: assuming “バレ” is Fuck you)[ED : I’m also confused in this sentence]

「that’s right, I think I will beat this cheeky brat to the death 」(TL: katakana is killing me!)[ED : try Tanslator aggregator(the j-parser parts is like oasis in the middle of sahara)]

The trio rapidly approaching me with knive in their hand.

They are seriously trying to stab me to death.

Although, that assassin’s dagger won’t reach my body

「《Pit fall(Tunnel)》! 」(TL: original is earth hole)[ED : 「《大地の大穴(トンネル)》っ!」à [Earth Great Hole(Tunnel)]]

I shouted and pointed my spell at the men’s feet.

「「「!? u、UWAAAAーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー*kaboom*!!!!」」」[ED : the original line said “Gefu” which mean that they’re dead]

I borrowed the ground spirit gnome’s power in an instant to create a large hole for the trios to fall down.

「Reflect for your sin’s in this hole you fool」

I thought that this might be broke their legs or arms.

It’s their fault for their mistakes, I have no sympathy for them.

After lowering Angela, she looked into the large hole of more than 3 meters in diameter.

For the time being, Let’s look at the condition of these men’s but—– (TL: using “を” so, the men didn’t ask him)[ED : that を part means that the line before that is object, it’s rather hard to explain it]

Somehow, I didn’t flinched.

The pitfall is more than 10 meters deep, is it a little too deep?

Immediately, they have trouble trying to climb up because their limbs are broken from the impact of the fall. They were in the pitfall that’s dozen of meters deep.

Such as their limbs…………their neck bone is broken too………… (TL: so…are they dead?)

「Syl, please look at their condition 」


Amongst the [wind spirits(Sylph)], I asked the first spirit I controlled, Syl, to check if the men were dead or alive.[ED : [シィル: ShiruàSyl], it’s different from [シルフàShirufuàSylph] which is the name for all wind spirits, Syl is name of first wind spirit contracted by Ash(she will get job change later). BTW, Syl also love Ash as a woman though she has nendoroid like form]

The wind spirit, Syl, went into the hole then come near the already not twitching men’s and flying back and forth between them. (TL: I got really lazy on this one. I want to finish it fast)[ED : NOOO~~~~~~~~]

and then, look inside the men’s eyeball.

「Death confirmed!!! They’re dead! 」


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