BT Chapter 5

High Elf Female Slave

After asking from the second-hand shop owner for the location of the slave merchant, I quickly found the place.
There are 2 famous slave merchant in this fortress city of Carre.
First is Smith slave firm who sell their slaves in auction format.
Another is Benoria slave firm who put their slave in a display case, then sold them with a price that agreed beforehand.
This time, I went toward Benoria’s slave firm
I landed from the sky on the back alley that hard to see in the neighborhood of Benoria slave firm, then release The《Concealing Cloak》afterward.
Benoria’s slave firm building even larger than my parents mansion who is a local lord.
It’s a three story building which is rare in this world.
Well, slave merchant is a very profitable job afterall.
「You, a kid coming to a place like this. Brat, you should just back to your home and suck on your mama tit’s.」
Immediately after entering the merchant house, one eyed-skin head-burly man tried to expel me.
I silently, removing the heavy leather bag from my breast pocket and show it to the guard.
Furthermore, from that leather bag, I pull out one large gold coin.
「I welcome you for coming to Benoria’s slave firm! What kind of slave you’re looking for, young master! 」
Just now, they understood I’m a valuable customer in their business. The bald headed man’s attitude turned 180 degree.
Rubbing his hands together in an overly modest manner.
I am completely amazed by their sudden change of attitude.
The bald headed man is not a bodyguard, but was this shop’s owner.
He’s a bad natured merchant.
The moment he know I’m possessing large amount of money, his attitude completely reversed, maybe it’s his attitude as a professional merchant.
At benoria’s slave firm has a great number of cages with their respective
slave in those cage.
The guest near me also inspecting the slaves.
Price tag are written on the cage, the slaves price can be known at a glance.
They’re males and females slaves .
It’s not just human,there is also demi-human such as elf, dwarf with appearance close to spirits, and beastman.
Female are usually more expensive than male.
It’s only restricted to a young female, as for middle aged woman , it’s cheaper than male slaves. (TL: I feel some perverted thing going on with young one, and old ones are thrown away)(ED : you will know that later)
Still, elves are more expensive than human. In opposite, beast man were cheaper. (また、人間より妖精たちは高く、逆に獣人たちは安いみたいだ。)
Here I think, that slave have tendencies of getting a bad treatment.
One person for each cage, with selfish complexion, they were trying to be as attentive as much as they can (TL: mono- single, so モノ?)(ED : can also refer to a single person)
The slaves were handled by the firm, as they are very important commodity, are receiving decent treatment.
They especially giving a very good treatment for a young and beautiful female slave .
As for the cage without iron bars, it displayed a small room inside semi-transparent case.
Inside the room, is filled with most likely inexpensive furniture, the lives of the people inside those room is mostlikely more comfortable than those poor people living outside.
A young beautiful female slave sitting on chair while crossing her long legs, while the customers on the opposite of her estimating her price.
As for the customers that look like he didn’t carry enough money, she turn her head with enough courtesy, ignoring them by turning her head to the side. (TL: think he’s trying to say that they behavior depend on social class) (ED : yeah, she is trying to ignore the customer without enough money)
On the other hand, toward a customer with much money they’re giving the brightest and courteous smile they can give.
Anyhow, I think they know that they know they can’t be bought if not the buyer is not a rich man, that’s why their attitude changed.[ED : refers to previous line] Moreover, there is various kinds of 『Master*』that want to buy the slaves life. [ED : goshujin-sama] It’s not like I don’t understand their mentality that their life will be improved after being nought by a rich customer.
I just didn’t like that kind of person who change their attitude according to their opponent.
When seemingly rich and young and very handsome customer getting closer, the female slaves giving an amazing reaction.
Acting flirtatiously while frantically trying to show their appeal to the customers. (しなをつくったりしながら、必死に自分をアピールしていた。)
Since I’m only a 10 years-old kid, most likely they will think that I don’t have money to buy them, so I tried to go to the nearby case, many of those female slaves didn’t give any reaction to my existance. (TL: probably meant the slave thinking of him) While I pass by, they’re many enslaved woman who had no reaction to me. (From here on out, rushing) [ED : they think that he is too small to buy a slave] Although, not just female slaves had to change their attitude in according to the customers.
Male slaves too, have difference reaction toward the customers.
Quickly appear from the cage is a burly handsome slaves, trying to show of his muscle to the customers.
Especially when a young female customer come to them, they’re doing that as hard as they can till their muscle . (TL: not handsome but sweating,
eww.)[ED : it’s not sweaty, it’s burly in other words they become a muscle
daruma] There’re male slaves that taking off the upper half of their cloth taking a pose, there’re male slaves that doing push-up and squat vigorously inside that cage.
Male slave, as I thought it seems I don’t have enough funds to buy them.
As I walk back and forth near the slaves, they didn’t ry to appeal me with their muscle.
Zoku…………。(TL:help?)[ED : you will understand what this means in next few lines] Something like cold shiver down my spine.
Back……no, I sense someone’s line of sight aiming around my Gluteus Maximus*. (TL: meaning: butt, why not? sounds more interesting!)
I turn back to see who it was, one male slave send me a hot/attractive glance. (TL: bro love!!)[ED : YAMETE~E!!!!!!!!!!!] With a fresh trace of beard that just shaved, it’s a muscle man with thick eyebrows and split chin.[ED : Collonel Armstrong from FMA] When our eyes met, he is being hyped and tried to appeal me with his muscles. (TL note: Ew. Still interesting! It’s a good time to run out of there!)[ED : you will find something more dreadful than this] Moreover, this homo slave send a wink to me.
My whole body hair stand up as I felt the goose bumps!
Furthermore, the muscular male slave even blow a kiss toward me.
I feel nauseous.
Unintentionally, I was about to use the wind spirit arrow, but somehow controlled myself. (TL: you break it, you buy it)[ED : HE CAN USE ALCHEMY!!] When I check his price, it was 5 large gold coins.
Although there is no reason to buy him.
The male slave will also be useful for physical labor, that’s what I think toward this male slave called Ali but, only an insane person will take this
homo slave that trying furiously to show off his muscle.[ED : STOP IT!!!!!!!, MY HEAD, MY HEAD!!!] As I thought, I will buy female slave for the time being.
「This person is our Benoria slave firm supreme goods for the time being 」
Following the bald slave firm owner, I was introduced to a certain woman. (TL option: The slave company’s owner, the one eyed bald man who introduced the female slaves, had given out the firm information.)[ED : this one is a crazy perv…..] Inside the High class room with glass-like panel is an extremely beautiful female slave, that’s how beautiful that woman is.
To the extent that anyone who watch her will baturally admiring her beauty.
The beautiful girls are wearing dresses like the high-class noble and female royalty, her elegance is as if she is a refined princess.
I never seen so a woman this beautiful before.
Including my previous life.
—I want her.
That’s what I think from the bottom of my heart. (TL: any better way to express it?)[ED : done] However, looking at the price, I was discouraged.
500 large gold coins, outrageously large amount of sum!
Selling 2 long Unicorn horn, I obtain 75 large gold coins that regular people can’t buy. (TL:each?)[ED : it’s two] (TL additional option: as it’s banned/outlawed)
I don’t have enough at my hands.
Surely, it’s the best quality.
However, I believe that this is really a value of one slave.
500 large gold coins… WHAT! In Japanese currency, I felt it would be approximately 500,000,000 yen!
Even this society, the stately mansion that have a garden would be valued this much!
Nevertheless, she is a beautiful woman.
Only that, I feel anxious since she is as expressionless as a doll.
As if she close her heart then giving no reaction to anything.
Smile. (TL:fake smile I assume.)[ED : it’s still a smile] I see that doll like woman smiling in my direction.
That alone is enough to made my heart leap in joy.
But, the young lady’s gaze subtly shifted from me.
Rather than my face, shoulder…no. Staring at something on my shoulder, I can feel her smiling toward the wind spirit. (TL: Creepy, I just remember the hook man’s story)[ED : she is creepier than that] Could it be that she also can see the spirits?
「How is it Ash-sama. This beautiful gem name is Remilia」 (TL: leaving “は” could mean incomplete sentence that may be picked up by other person.)[ED : done] The slave firm owner calling my name by adding –sama wanting to hear my thought while rubbing his hands together.
「She, she very beautiful. Wonderful. But, whatever the circumtances may be isn’t she too pricey?」(TL: break up “いくら-なんでも-高すぎないか”instead of “in no circumstances”, sounds more natural for me.)[ED : do you like my version] 「Not at all, No No, there is no such thing! You see, this Remilia is a precious gem since she’s a High Elf.
「High Elf?」
Come to think of it, this beautiful girl called Remilia, has long blonde hair which made it not too stand out but, her ears is longer than human, and a little pointy toward the tip. (TL: Erm. Reword it if you wish.)[ED : done] Is that so, so she is a fairy elf?
As for that“High”, it might be a higher species of elves.
「yes, it can be said that high-elves are noble of fairy races. Amongst them, Remilia is born as a noble with high-elves queen blood running in her veins. Therefore, including her beauty 500 large gold coins is rather cheap」
「he, hee」
「Though it’s just between you and me…..」
Radon, the slave firm owner bring his mouth close to my ears then whispering.

「Remilia is a Spirit Magic user who can borrow the power of the spirits. The spirit magic user is condemned as a heretic in this country by St. Magic Cult that’s why their number are dwindling. (TL option: spirit user group), they were recognize of heresy; in this country, the magic user drop sharply. That’s the Spirit Magic user over there. Of course, she can’t escape. Right now, that energy is sealed in a special magic tool. 」(BosoBoso(TL: ?))
「The Spirit Magic user……」
「Ash-sama、your voice is loud」
With Radon’s index finger in front of his lips, he carefully warn me to be quiet with “shh”.
「…………」(TL: leaving it as it is in silence)
「Anyone know that the relationship between the Spirit Magic user and fanatical mage of St. Magic Cult in this country is very bad.that’s why this talk is confidential. In case that conversation coming into inquisition ears, Concluded in the situation if the poor happen to subject to the inquisition, tortured, otherwise, burned at the stake is not that strange 」
The treatment for spirit user is awfully shocking story to hear.
I live in the rural town, Raan. Not just Raan, but also in this whole country are giving the feeling that spirits are being detested for sure to that extent.
With the exception of true magic, they were not recognize as exclusive true magic fundamentalist in the power of St. Magic Cult. Every day, the power of St. Magic Cult grows. That power and political authority has exceed beyond royal families. (TL: long son of a gun, help me on this one!)[ED : it’s nicely done, good job] When I’m using the Spirit Magic, I must conceal myself from the surrounding so no one can see me. (TL: cause he might die in the future if expose!)

「Anyhow、I assure you that Remilia, who uses Spirit Magic, will help you at some point. 」(BosoBoso)
「But, the reason is that Spirit Magic are used with abomination.」(Bosoo)(TL: must be the sound of whisper)
Following radon, I was also whispering in low voice.
「This Fortress city, Carre, is the capital of the whole town openly manipulate Spirit Magic. It would certainly be better if they stop entirely. Where the St. Magic Cult fanatical magician believer come in, that I don’t know. However, secretly hidden with utilizing someone chance is a not a problem. The point is that, it won’t be difficult for them to find it out」 (BosoBoso)
「hmmm, Really?」(Bosoo)
Using Spirit Magic to hold a conversation with the beautiful high elf female
slave named Remilia is much more interesting. (TL: …this is the moment where
I am confuse)[ED : fixed] As I though, I want her.

「However, I can’t buy her now」
「you can’t buy her now… Why? 」
The slave company owner, Radon muttered to himself as he catch my word.
「In one month, no, in 10 day, I will be able to provide 500 large gold coins.」
If I were to hunt unicorns in the prairies, there’s probably I can do it.
「Oh! That’s wonderful! Well then, let’s do this, Ash-sama! 」
Radon clapped his hands. (TL: Erm, just think it as a handshake or high
five.)[ED : reference to slave trader from Tate no Yuusha for more info] 「During these 10 days, Remilia will be arranged for you with provisional contract. During that time, she won’t be sold to the other customers. Please bring the money to buy her within 10 days」


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