BT Chapter 4

Sale of the Unicorn Horn

Flying high in circle in high on the sky of capital, searching for the store who want to buy my Unicorn horn.

as expected of a famous city it’s bustling with people.

If I want to walk I must descend to the ground first, I might get intoxicated from the scene of that many rubbish human, maybe I already get feel bad now.

But there is no need to do that, so I continue flying in the sky.

「Look!! those humans look like garbages! ! 」

「Ash, You just said villain like words 」

That’s just a joke but, one of the wind spirit rebutted me.

and finding out that the roof of second hand weapon shop and the likes is lining along the market.

If it’s here, I will surely find the buyer for Unicorn Horn.

to buy Furniture, moreover for the sake of buying slaves, I must sell this horn quickly.

I come into one shop and another in the alleyway.

confirming that no one in vicinity I released 《Concealing Cloak*》. [TL : originally 姿隠しの衣-Cloth of hidden figure]

because if I’m hiding my figure, I can’t trade. ,

because I’m carrying unicorn horns just like that, I immediately entering nearby pawn shop.

「Welcome. has some errand, boy?」[TL : a bit skeptic about this–>いらっしゃい。お使いかね坊や]

The shopkeeper is a niceman around his forties calling out to me.

It’s look like, this old man is the owner of this shop.

「this, can you buy this? 」

I’m talking to the shopkeeper.

I hate human but, it’s not like I fatally lack communication ability.

No, my comu* power isn’t that high, I hate to communicate with other, aside from bussiness talk. [TL : I don’t get what コミュ means, is it abbreviation of community?]

as for the spirits, I enjoy childlish conversation with them, but conversation with humans is too much for me.

「Oh, want to sale something? let me………..see! ?」


the pawn shop shopkeeper chair fall with a loud sound.

The reason is the unicorn horns that I bring with me.

but, how much the price for this horns though, well it must be pretty high considering his reaction.

now I need information about this unicorn horns prices, by his reaction it’s considered as something precious.

if that was the case, the price must be pretty high.

the shopkeeper hurriedly running to the store entrance, and close the door.


somehow, I feel the atmosphere tensed up.

「Bo, Boy…………since three years ago selling more than two unicorn horn is banned, where sis you get that?」

with shivered voice, the shopkeeper asked me.


could it be that my unicorn horns, is very dangerous things?

Father never say about that.

if it was like he said that it was banned since three years ago, being a lord of the rural town since twenty years ago, but since it’s a rural town there is a possibility that father didn’t know about that all this time.

anyway, this atmosphere is pretty suspicious.

this place is so quite, I could only ask him.

I become silent for a while thinking about the shopkeeper statement and piling more and more queation for him inside my head.

「could it be you, are someone from another country beyond the 『Unicorn Forest』and get that things from hunting 」?[need TLC : ひょっとして、国境の向こう側にある『一角獣の森』で密猟してきたのかい?]

I don’t know what is unicorn forest, so I vaguely nodded.

「 The unicorn in『Unicorn Forest』 is under protection of Druid* and Forest Knight group of Lemuria Kingdom from being hunted, but…….well it’s just in the limit of them looking after the unicorns……..however, boy being young you already could ckilfully hunt them.」[TL : written as Nature Priest(自然司祭), read as Druid]

「It’s because I use true magic.」

「aa, so it’s magic. indeed if you use magic, it’s even possible for a kid to hunt unicorns. But, boy, are you hunting them alone? or there is another adult with you——」

「if you prying on my bussiness. I will bring this to another store」

Just like that with unicorn horns in my hands, I made a movoment like I want to quit from this store.

「A, wa, wait. I Understand, I won’t inquire you again.」

The shopkeeper given up on my threat, so I also stop my acting.

I’m judging what the shopkeeper said carefully, and pass the unicorn horns to him.

Few minute later, the shopkeeper say. [TL : need TLC with this phrase 道具

「u~n, no mistake this is genuine. Boy, how about fifty big gold coin for this two?.」

he offered the price to me.

though this old man said this things is banned, he still purchase it. [TL : need TLC again ご禁制の品と言っておきながら、買い取りはしてくれるのか。]

as far as this things can be exchanged with money immediately I will be very grateful.

But, is this purchase price really valid?

I don’t know the market price for unicorn horn, I need to judge whether the 50 big gold coin he presented to me as purchase price is really valid price.

certaintly that was a high price.

anyway, from what father said, that amount is same three common soldier salary combined for one year.

by the way, I receive one silver coin each month for my pocket money from my parents.

I’m pretty sensible about this since I’m reincarnated from earth, apparently one silver coin worth is about 1000 yen.


100 silver coin is equivalent to one gold coin.

10 gold coin is equivalent to 1 big gold coin.

And because of that, 50 big gold coin equvalent to 50000 silver coin.

converting it to yen, the total amount is more than 50 million yen.

that was plenty enough.

but, I doubt it’s market price is really 50 big gold coin, as I thought I still can’t judge it’s real price.

「50 big gold coin, eh. let see the other store, and sold it to the place that give highest price.」

I made my move, and taking back the unicorn horns.

half serious, and the other half is my tactic to bargain the price.

「Boy, it’s different from the past, it’s different fro three years ago before the unicorn horn is banned. you must somehow looking for the shop with black market route, another shop won’t by this. on the contrary, I’m managing this shop honestly, I could call the city police, and maybe push you to be arrested for illegal hunting.」

looking at me taking back my unicorn horns, the shopkeeper give me a warning.


「Ne~ you can’t say bad thing, if you still want to sell.」

[TL : need TLC ねぇ悪いことは言わない、ウチで売っていきなよ]

And, he’s trying to coax me.

certainly this old man advice is make a sense.

But, my basic is, I’ve never put my trust on humans.

「I can already see where this talk will going to, as I thought I really need to look for the other store.」

「there is no need to faking it……….then, how about 60 big gold coin? 」


I raise my hands to take back my unicorn horns, in silent.

「N, No, then 70 big gold coin?」


「……70 each, no it’s 70 for two right ?」


「okay, okay, I will speak honestly. using my black market connection I can sell two unicorn horn around 80 big gold coin. but, this oldman must also take a risk with this things ban law, at most, I will gain around 5 big gold coin profit no less, I won’t across dangerous bridge. 75 big gold coin, this is the limit price I could offer.」

The profit for selling that is 5 big gold coin since the beginning.

certainly, from this shopkeeper atmosphere, trying to raise the purchase value, this is already the limit.

If I like, I could bring these to another store, and really detained for bringing banned goods, that’s certainly extra trouble.

beside, there is still countless unicorn in the prairie.

Unicorn Horn aside, what is this book no, to be precise dozens of those books. [TLC needed : ユニコーンの角は、まだ何本いや、何十本もとれそうだ。]

anyway, I think now I can receive the purchase price from this store.

「okay.75 big gold coin, it’s deal.」

「Oh, really. well then, I will pay immediately」

the pawn shop shopkeeper immediately dissapeared to the inner part of the shop.

And back after a little while, carrying folding skin bag.

「inside this bag, exactly 75 big gold coin」

confirming what the shopkeeper said, it’s exactly 75 big gold coin.

「Ah boy, aren’t you thirsty? to celebrate our bussiness estabilishment, I will treat you black tea.」

while saying those words, the shopkeeper going to the inner part of the store again taking water and black tea and mix them in the cup then turning it to me.

「I won’t drink that. because you mixed sleeping drug in it ! 」

from inside the cup, I could see The figure of Undine* give a warning to me. [TL : read as undine, written as water spirit(水の精霊)]

……this old man, he really didn’t want to pay the unicorn horns.

if there is a chance he will drug me, then throw me to the road side.

or kill me when I slept…………, he is a clever one, he won’t resort to murder.

even in this world, murder is a serious crime and the risk is too high if it was come to light.

with him holding on those banned things, when I open my eyes, it won’t guaranteed that I won’t go to the goverment office to sue him.

with that, I could arrest him for crime.

It’s not like I’m thirsty either, so I refuse the black tea.

but the shopkeeper insisted with his black tea, it’s pissed me off and I glare at his face, reluctantly taking the cup.

quietly also carefully, I, said to him.

「there’s sleeping drug in this black tea, I heard that quite tasty.」

GACHAN. [TL : this is SFX for slamming noise]

The pawn shop shopkeeper dropped the cup.

That pricey looking cup is broken to piece, well he just reap what he sow.

「Wa, wa, What are you saying boy? ………hahaha…….haha……..」

the shopkeeper eyes are swimming, I directed my cold piercing gaze to him.

……………Really, this is why I hate humans.

「hand over the unicorn horns, certainly, it’s my lost boy」

with his back relaxed the shopkeeper saying those words and giving me a nod once*. [TL : it’s just that he won’t try to trick him anymore]

and then, I take those heavy leather bag and leave that store.

「Going as far as trying to made you drink the sleeping drug, won’t you burn this store? I, will help you」

From the lantern on the store front, the Salamander* showing himself, and offering his help to burn this store for me.

that’s just too extreme.

This fire spirits, many of them has extreme personality.

「Burn, nee~ let’s burn. Fire, fire—」

I taking the first step to become a pyromaniac.

certainly, as resenment for trying to made me drink those sleeping drug.

but, I will pardon him for this one.

now I need to think about the next step, with ban law for purchasing I’m expecting* better condition.

[TL : need TLC今後の事も考えて、禁制の品でも買い取ってくれる<t0/>アテ<t1/>店<t2/>は残しておいた方が俺にとっても都合が良いしな。]

like that from now, I currently have important 75 big gold coin in my possession.

[again need TLC そんなことより、俺は今、大金貨七十五枚という大金を持っている事の方が重要だ。]

well then………..I need to buy a slave, with this money.

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