BT Chapter 35

Fwenrinia Species

Wolf dashed on the grass covered earth.


Toward the large castle wall(Rampart).


Wolf leap with unchanged momentum until Wolf reached almost half of the large castle wall in one go.


A super-jump is close to 10 meters in height.


The half-beast’s superior physical ability is no match for the human in jumping power.


And Wolf’s jumping power surpass the rest among half-beast.



Furthermore, Wolf ――runs up the large castle wall as it is.




It’s a wall run.


And in addition to that, it’s a vertical wall run.


I’m can even say that it’s a “miracle”.


Anyway, Wolf was able to run through the obstacle vertically without magic.


Thus, with superhuman physical ability and superior sense of balance, and for the reason that Wolf have skills that are probably taken from a divine being (god).


As for my previous existence knowledge, I knew that there’s vertical wall run from Chinese martial arts called 「karumiitawari (nimble body art) 」.


If it’s a fake, I won’t believe it.


There appears to be a suspicious martial arts-related book which was published in people’s light bookstore. I cannot believe in existence in exceedingly suspicious common martial arts.


Now that I reincarnated, I still thought it’s impossible without magic.


Until I come across Wolf.


Even though Wolf previously worked for the military nation, Rendouru empire of the northern major power; to run on vertical wall of more than 10 meters and complete this kind of extreme feat, Wolf might be the only one to do it.



It’s terribly unusual to that extent.



Wolf was able to succeed in doing that kind of superior technique without a thing.


The half-beast ascends until the top of the 3-meter-thick great rampart and drawn 2 brilliant swords on his back.


It’s an ancient genuine silver sword (mithril sword).


I bought the sword as a gift for Wolf.


Mithril sword is a very expensive sword of more than 100 large gold coins for one sword. (TL: *ahem!*“ 一本-long cylindrical thing*)


It’s more than 200 large gold coins with 2 swords.


However, it’s worth investmen if wolf is the one who use it.


Good sword only fitting in the hand of adept swordman.


Wolf uses the equipment of 2 mithril sword, before he was able to cut talons and boulders unarmed and that excellent fighting power increases even further with his mithril sword.



Among the three of them, Wolf jumped toward the prioritized dragon.


From the top of the great rampart, Wolf leaped once more.


Wolf soaring about 30 meters above the ground.


That’s as high as 10 story of the so called multi-floor building in my previous memory.


If Wolf fall down on the ground with that height, Wolf would not get away with that scot-free no matter how tough its body is.


Nevertheless, Wolf jumped without hesitation.


It’s wonderful that Wolf have that courage in terms of heroism.


This is a feat that need wholehearted courage.



I’m fascinated and admire it.



Wolf soars up to the front of the dragon, who’s over-all length greatly exceed 10 meter, slash the dragon’s throat with its sword before the trembling dragon breathe out 1 ri(1里 = 2.44 miles) breath of flame.[i]


I wonder how many time he slashed in that instant.


At least more than 5 times over.


My eyes perceived that it was only 5 times, Wolf had let out more numerous frequency of slash attack with that pair of sword.


Finally, Wolf pierce the dragon’s throat with 2 swords in order to interrupt the dragon’s control.


If it’s an expressive technique, Wolf uses the 《Wolf pair of fangs》 dual sword technique in order to crunch the flank or temple (forehead).



Furthermore――Wolf kicked the dragon’s chin only to suppress it.



In the state of having 2 swords stabbed on its throat, Wolf’s hand separate from the handle and Wolf perform a summersault kick.


Wolf fractured a number of dragon fangs which fell on the ground.


And the dragon itself fell down too.



That dragon over there already lost consciousness――or probably already dead.



Before Wolf fell down by itself, Wolf thrust its hand like a sword at the dragon’s belly.


Wolf’s hand-sword possesses sharp, solid nails that is able to cut and pierce boulders.


The dragon’s belly is not very tough in comparison to other because the scale doesn’t cover its belly, thus Wolf easily pierce through.


Without change, Wolf, who fallen inside, climb up the dragon’s body and extracted/recovered the 2 swords that were inserted on the throat.


And then, Wolf jumped off from the dragon and landed on top of the large rampart.


Meanwhile, not only several seconds have passed by.


Wolf fell one dragon with only several seconds.



――I cannot lose too.



I finished 『preparation』 and flew in the sky by《wings of wind (sylph wings) 》.



On my right hand is《blade of water spirit (undine blade) 》.


On my left hand is《blade of fire spirit (salamander blade)》.



While grasping 2 spirit swords.


I produced a pool of water from the magic canteen for preparation and created a small bonfire with true magic 《Ignition》 to burn the prairie grass.


And now I take hold of the newly created spirit swords in both hands, respectively water spirits, which are swimming in the pool of water, and dancing fire spirit in the bonfire.


I didn’t knock down the dragon with spirit magic from a long distance, I chooses to knock down the dragon with 『swords』.


Now, it is time for training my swordmanship.


Besides, even if I used ordinary spirits, it’s not like a swordsman but as a “spirit swordsman”; I knocked down the dragon this time with swords.


Unlike half a year ago, I was able to invoke excessive spirit magic as much as 3 times at once.[ii]


Therefore, now I am able to invoke 《water spirit sword (undine sword)》, 《fire spirit sword (salamander sword)》 and 《wings of wind》simultaneously.



「GOGOGO!Ash-sama’s wreck that lesser dragon body」



Syl, the wind spirit, give me an assist while cheering me with a somewhat dangerous words.






Syl intends to help me by dancing while going round and round on my shoulders.


By getting ahead in life, Syl seems to become the leading figure of the wind spirits in this area and entrust the 《Wings of wind (Sylph Wings)》 to other wind spirits.


Syl became Chief Sylph who is the leading figure of sylph’s wind spirits as she becomes my support while rousing the other wind spirits.



My flying speed increases furthermore as it reach to the point that it’s possible to perform evasive maneuver in the sky.






Among the two dragons which stayed, the dragon closest to (the flying) me breathe in a huge breath.


Although a low rank, it will probably be firedrake; that fire breathe power is probably considerable.


I might be dissolved to bones if I receive it upfront.


However, I was not confused.


Now, I grasp the 《fire spirit sword (salamander sword》》 in my left hand.



「hyahaaaaaa!!!! Cleanse this filth!!!!!!!



[Part 2____]

The 《fire spirits》 dwelling inside of《fire spirit blade (salamander blade) 》spit out world-despairing scream from the end of century*. [ED : referring to Hokuto no ken]


I pointed the tip of the 《fire spirit blade (salamander blade) 》toward the dragon as flame burst out from the tip.


The fire breathe resembles the figure of the fire spirit, salamander.


The dragon breathe and salamander breathe clash in the sky.


And then―― I surpassed the salamander breath.



「Hyahaaaa! Do it! Ash-san!!!」


「Yeah, as expected」


「I admired Ash-san who have the capability to become a spirit emperor (Seitei/virtuous emperor) who will eventually take the title of great emperor (Imperial) spirit user, Hyahaaaaaa!!!! 」[iii]


…………it’s different when I’m a virtuous emperor, but named as a spirit emperor, that’s…… different …… a little; it might be a dirty joke in some way.



I stared at the dragon that had its whole body burst into flames from the salamander blade while I made a bitter smile.


Now, the dragon is engulfed in the blazing flame.


Firedrakes are the most fire-attributed monster.[iv]


They have high resistance toward fire, so the fire doesn’t inflict damage to them with this degree of fire



However――If it’s 《water spirit blade (undine blade)》…



「let’s do our best for Ash-chan~」



The water spirits spoke in dull, exhausted voice.


But, the blade of the water spirits’ power swells in form of a kamikaze attack at the fire-attributed monster, firedrakes.



That is the ice spirit that represents the ice wolf (Fenrir) is the most effective for the fire-attributed monster.



The most effective attack is ice spirit attack on the true dragon king, Zogudarizu who resides in the truth flame mountain (volcano?), not to mention the firedrakes.


However, I am not intimate to the ice spirits as I didn’t have much contact with them.


Anyway, Ice is not available in this world if the very north region does not include snowy mountains and ice and snow area.


Even if it come into my possession, I don’t have cooling technology so it will melt eventually.


In the first place, I don’t have ice on hand at the current moment, so there isn’t any ice spirit in the vicinity.


In addition――my ice attribute might be inferior, even the water spirits are considerably effective against the firedrakes.






I flew near the dragon’s comparatively soft belly and pierce deeply using my 《water spirit blade (undine blade) 》.


The firedrake gave a shriek.


There would be considerable damage.



Yet, there are still more to come!



I moved in all direction with the 《water spirit blade (undine blade) 》stabbed in its belly as I continue to fly.


I sliced the stomach, tore it, and ransacked it as the dragon suffered a fatal injury and fell to the ground.



――Oops, one down.



I turn my line of sight toward the dragon who is flying on the top right hand side.


At that moment, my eye met Wolf at the bottom of the great rampart.


We simultaneously nodded.


I flew higher in the sky.


And then, I flew right above the dragon.


Holding the pair of swords, Wolf drop his waist, bend its back and prepare itself.


Several seconds later.


I stick my 《water spirit blade (undine blade)》on the crown head of the dragon from above and Wolf pierce the dragon’s jaw from below using Wolf’s mithril sword.[v]



Our blades stabbed through its head until it reaches the dragon’s brain from top and bottom.





「Incredible! Ultra-Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


「Instructor Wolf and Ash-sama are both surpassingly terrifying!!!!!!!!!!」


「All together now…………Ash-sama, you’re fantastic!!!!!!!!!!」


「Instructor Wolf is the strongest on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」



As many as hundreds of children clamour on the courtyard that’s surrounded by the great rampart and another rampart (2nd earthen wall).


They are the boys and girls of the slave ranch.


The instructor-assistant beast-man maiden Angela, who have surpassing leg strength as a beast-man, run to the third courtyard.


Although Wolf and I made a joint-battle against the dragon, I witness her during a marathon because it builds up her body foundation. She stopped her foot on reflex to survey the surrounding. (TL: sorry, not sure if it’s supposed to be assuming Ash surveying the surrounding or Angela, I assume Angela because “she” stop her foot)





Angela made an all-out dash toward me.


The beast-man maiden, who is wearing shorts and sleeveless white shirt. ferociously dash at me.


The run is so tumultuous that clouds of dust flutter around.


The other slaves ran like the assistant instructor Angela too.


Nobody was a match to Angela’s full sprint with her fast beast-man legs and she open the distance before my eyes.



Likewise, Angela is very quick with her uncommon legs.



Short distance…mid-range…long proximity…that’s fast on an entire level.


Half a year ago, they’re illed things that were unable to even walk that became my slaves about that time.


Angela’s legs are amazing to be able to recover all of her stamina nowadays.


I praised the speed of her legs previously, and she begin to temper her legs every day. Then she hones that leg strength more and more.


Physical strength in itself is abnormal, so assuming a long-distance runner, the rapidity/movable range is surely terrifying.


Anyhow, she has so much physical strength to run almost all day without taking a rest.


If I grumble about the ice that I wanted previously which is beyond several hundreds of kilometers, she would run until reaching the northern snowy mountain.


And then collect ice all night from the frozen mountain stream and still came back to the unfamiliar home early morning of the next day.


She ran the distance of more than dozens of times of the full marathon with that round-trip.


She truly does not take a rest at all.


She would deliver the ice that the master (me) grumble to himself about by a mere word of what the master (me) wants.


Even if the toenails were broken along the way, it seems she would continue running without stopping.



A slave acting rashly in various ways.



In the first place, there are dangerous monster between the prairie and northern snowy mountain.


Even though I have the《concealment cloak》to award because I heard it’s works against the nose and perception of wild animal and monster, after all there’s still risks.


……Maa, the present Angela took lessons in close combat technique from Wolf who’s a super first-rate combat warrior. Angela can bring down everything with her bare hand even if it’s a bear.


Not just leg strength/stamina type, but Angela seemed to have a rare hand-to-hand talent.


Angela receive guidance from Wolf and found that talent rapidly blossom. (TL: …what kind of hand-to-hand combat…and… guidance…wolf in sheep clothing…poor Ash…*nosebleed*…medic!)


That sort of Angela sprinted at me with all her power toward me. (TL: I think we really need a medic. Not for me, but Ash.)


The assistance instructor, Angela, who is leading the marathon separates from the children steadily.



I made a faint smile, while I got down on the prairie ground.



「Master, is there’s no injury!!!」 [vi]


To Angela who heard it with an uneasy kind of face.


「As you can see, even if you worry, I am perfect.」


I made a satisfying reply.



“Hoo” Angela heaves a sigh of relief




[Part 3______]

However, it grew.


It was big from the start, but this year, Angela’s breasts grew again.


It keeps shaking while in the midst of running just now


Well, you might say there is never a time when I look at this fellow with lecherous eyes.



「Ah, Master, you’re sweating……」



I merely sweat was still pointed out by Angela.


It’s because I was battling and tempering with wolf on the fire breathing firedrake just a moment ago.


That will probably make me sweat a little.



「The smell of master’s sweat is…………the best. It’s the finest of floral fragrance. 」(Bonn)(TL: *booonnngggg* jiggle jiggle jigglypuff)



Angela’s subtle murmuring seems to show her nose, particularly the beastman effective nose which is better than human.


Her eye’s became moist.


Because there is, for some reason, a smell fetish that this fellow have.



Last month, Angela approached her 13-year-old birthday so I ask what she wanted.


「If-If you please don’t mind, I want master’s P-P-Pa-Pan-Pants, eh, no, that was a joke!!!Shi-shirt! If I can have master’s shirt, I’ll be super happy!!!!!!」[vii]


And so forth is what she said.


I would have oppose in giving my pants as a birthday present as one would expect, but if it’s shirt…well, I don’t mind doing it.


I hand over my shirt without washing the shirt that I wore that day as it is by Angela’s request.



…………By the way…That night, Luna, the half elf slave, seemed to have accidentally witnessed Angela writhing face buried by my shirt.


「Ah, Uh, ano-ano-anoo」




「s-sweat-swat, May I taste it?, i-is is that okay?」


「……it’s okay, doesn’t matter particularly.」


「YATAA!!!!!! (yeah!)」



*pyon!* The Beastman maiden jumped up then and there.



「Master, Thank you very much!!!! I-I will do it at once, e-excuse me.」



Angela approached me and licked the flowing sweat on my hands, arm, neck, and then my face with that compassionate, cherry blossom (color) tongue.


Her tails waves while temporary shaking vigorously.


She’s really seems like a dog.


I don’t think it’s very delicious and yet, I see Angela petitioned to lick the sweating me even if it’s a little. I made a wry smile.





My heart pounds not because Angela licked all over me, but because of my immediate combat with the dragon.


Even if she’s cute and adorable, there’s no way that my heart rumble rapidly because I’m licked by a beastman who is unable to become an object of romantic interest.


Such things as the feeling of Angela’s soft tongue are none of my concern, even if her good fragrant body odor tickle my nostrils.


Even Angela’s plentiful breasts pressing on me completely have nothing to do with me.


That, well, moment about licking all over by Angela isn’t disliked by me, I rather liked it.


However, that is not different from becoming happy about experiencing (being licked by) my charming pet too.



「Hauuuuu……Delicious, it’s delicious! Master’s sweat ia very very delicious. Delicious.」


「…………」(TL: (ಠ_ಠ))


「Really…………It’s sweeter than honey too. And it’s delicious after-taste…………」 (Ash : 凸(¬‿¬))



Angela’s face is flushing in the state of moist eyes and continues to lick me. (TL: fuuuuu****eeee)[ED : I’m with you]


My sweat is not sweat.


If my sweat is really sweat, then it’s no doubt that I’ve a diabetes. (TL: not sure, too many negative to understand it. Check please!)


When I am going to become an eleven year old boy tomorrow.



「Angela,  that’s enough already.」


「A little-little longer, only a little longer……Please. A bit longer――」


「Because the children of the slave soldier, who learn by observing, are looking up until now」





If I separate Angela from myself, she would be reluctant to part and so I earnestly spoke out.


As for raising the slave soldier apprentice in the slave farm, the tempered boys and girls surround instructor Wolf.


Their eyes twinkles at Wolf as Wolf instant-kill the dragon with overwhelming strength.


However, one portion of the boys and girls are catching glimpses of Angela and me.


There is some distances, so it doesn’t mean that they clearly see Angela licking all over me.



Seeing me separated Angela, Wolf approached with the children.





Somehow, Wolf let the two of us be in order to be treated as father and child.


Now, when Angela was licking me, Wolf jump down from the great rampart as he achieve his purpose of not letting the children near us; I felt that Wolf is acting as if it’s a game/ entertainment.


That kind of Wolf stopped at a distance of several steps from Angela and kneel down to bow its head.


Acting completely like it’s toward a noble.



「Ah,  umm, Wolf-san. I said it many times a while ago, please don’t humble yourself in that manner toward something like me. Because it’s my request, please stop it~~~」



Angela looked uncomfortable.


I think I feel regretful that Wolf’s attitude border on to her (Angela) like a high-ranking noble.



「I cannot stop it. Princess Angela is a noble birth of nobles for beastman and a half-beast like I. 」


「The-Therefor, I am not such things as a princess.」


「No, Princess Angela is a descendent of originator of ice wolf (origin obu fenriru) who’s an ice spirit god as a divine beast, fenrinia-kind.

Only Princess Angela is the daughter of the leading patriarch in the pure-bred clan of the Fenrinia species.

If that’s the case, a beastman is naturally, by all rights, very noble to the extent of hearing from the mouth. 」(TL: no idea on the last line, help me!)



The half-beast Wolf kneel down on one knee and did not stand up.



「Something like a descendent of the original Ice Wolf-sama, the Fenrinia species, that kind of ordinary old legend. When they’re still few people believing in it even now.」


「However, this legend I learned from mother who’s a beastman, I still believe it.」


「N-No, that’s」


「The pure-bred Fenrinia species at some future date will reincarnate into ice spirit after death and precious existence become ice spirit king (fenriru lord) I have faith in it.」


「it se-seems superstitious to that extent.」


「No, Mother seriously believe in it. Therefore, I believe in it too. Therefore, I cannot  show my lack etiquette toward the princess.」


「……u, uu…………Master.」



Angela wanted to be relief, and sent out an imploring eye toward me.-

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