BT Chapter 34


I was battling with my slave and also my martial arts teacher half-beast half-human, Wolf.


Though I’m saying battle, we were just conducting a mock battle with wooden swords used for practice.


Having one’s slave as a teacher is not that much rare.


Revering the slaves who has technical skills such as combat tecnicques, education including medicine or the ones exceling in knowledge or in culture (教養) as a teacher and learning from them in itself was not so rare of a thing.


Also, these type of slaves who have outstanding expertise or skills are  generally treated well.


That’s because it is valued to get an affluent household master’s respect and protection protection. (P.S. : My lack of experience I’d say, I wasn’t sure how to translate this pieced sentence)[ED : Done’


From the recollections of my past life, it resembles how Ancient Greeks treated their slaves.


It’s said that many of the slaves skilled in medicine, engineering, arts, refinement(cultivation, culture) were valued in Ancient Greek.


There were also times Ancient Roman nobles made Greek slaves into their child’s home tutor.


There are similar stories in this world as well.


Slaves excelling in skills and knowledge living better off than not just slum people, but even better than the common citizens was a commonplace thing.


As the saying goes, knowledges saves oneself.


So I also made Wolf who has exceedingly high fighting strength (combat skills) into my martial arts teacher.


I am also paying respect.


I am also admiring him.


As a man, admiring the overwhemingly strong is probably natural.


And also there exist no social standings to consider when it comes to that.



The wooden sword in my right hand was flicked away by Wolf.


Next the wooden sword in my left hand.


As expected, my swordmanship is still not up to par, I am no match for Wolf.


No, more like, I am not even close to it.


Though It is not frustrating.


It is because Wolf’s [Dual Wield] is certainly at the level of unequaled under heaven. (T/N: The word tranlated into peerless here is “tenkamusou” which literally means unrivaled-under-the-heaven, i think the orijinal sounds more cool. What do you say?)[ED : Agree, I’ll change to that]


It is what I am aiming for.


Though Wolf’s martial arts is in extreme heights where I don’t likely to reach.


However I should be improving as a swordsman by taking lessons from Wolf, someday I would… like to climbs the same heights as Wolf.


“Please, Ash-sama”


The high elf slave Remilia who was observing Wolf’s and my sword practice brought the both wooden swords to me.


Remilia had been watching our sword practices frequently.


There is no problem with that.


There is no problem with that, but…


“Being in a teacher-disciple relationship is such a nice thing. The reversal of positions, the slave being the teacher and the master being the disciple is also… nice.”


Though Remilia mumbling such things to herself while being all fluffy was definitely on my mind.


“Macho type grown up young man with flexible steel body and rosy cheeked pretty boy (bishounen) match up is also…nice”


Was even muttering these while putting her hand on her cheek.


「If I were to say my desire I would want Ash-sama to put more [muscles] on. Especially brachials and quadriceps [muscles]. 」 (T/N: she uses “niku” which primarily means meat)


Though I am doing muscle training, perhaps because of my constitution, my arms and legs are not muscling up.


I explained towards remilia’s mutterings brought by wind spirits on their own accord in my mind.


Be that as it may.


“Wolf, I’ll go at you with spirits this time.”


I declared while taking a stance with the wooden swords brought by Remilia.




Wolf also took his stance with two wooden swords.


By the way, Wolf just barked “won” like a dog or wolf right now.


Though half-beast half-human’s intelligence is lower than those of humans and beastmen Wolf still understands Yushia common language I normally use.


However, either because the construction of their throat or vocal chords, half-beast half-man cant speak the same language as humans.


But the magic item <Ornament of interpretation> I have bestowed to Wolf, tranlates his words into common language and voices them out in his stead.


By the way <Ornament of interpretation> is in the so-called similar form.


Wolf made it into necklace and puts it on his necklace.


I think of this <Ornament of interpretation> as the upgraded version of <Bowlingual> sold for dog-loving pet owners which i remember from my previous life.


By the way, It is possible to configurate the <Ornament of interpretation> into honorific speech mode, but I removed it mode on purpose.


Honorific speech kinda does not suit to Wolf





Besides, though he is my slave since he is also my teacher, I do not mind him speaking unreservedly with me. (T/N: Though I’ve translated tameguchi into “speaking unreservedly”, “peer speech” is an option which would be more spot-on. What do you think?)[ED : It’s okay as it is]


It’s not like because… I feel like speaking unreservedly instead of honorific speech makes the sense of distance between us smaller.


So as not to be misunderstood. (or “Don’t misunderstand me.”?)


『Gale Robe』


I raise my <Agility> with usage of physical ability enchancement spirit magic by clading myself with wind spirits.


I close the distance to Wolf in an instant with a far above agility than my usual.


And the unleash joint moves one after another with two wooden swords.


By using <Dual Wield> taught by Wolf.


Nevertheless, they all have been seen through by Wolf entirely and been avoided.


Welp, though I increased my agility with <Gale Robe>, my sword is not reaching to Wolf.


The one right now was seen through in a milisecond and been avoided.


I shudder at the greatness of my teacher.


When thinking back on it, I was not able to put up a fight even when he did not have his arms.


There is no way for me to win against Wolf now that he has his arms restored by using Unicorn horns.


One day… I want to exceed my teacher.




Wolf swepts kicked while dodging my sword with the edge of his eye.


My balance crumles and I fall on my back on grassland.


Guh… It was as if he wasy saying “You left your underfeet wide open.”.


Wolf thrusts the wooden sword in his right hand to my central part while im lying on the ground… but stops as it was about to connect.


Wolf did a sundome. (T/N: Sundome means stopping just before hitting and a term used in swordart)


“I give up.”


I honestly admitted my defeat.


If it’s against Wolf I can honestly admit my defeat.


Since my teacher’s strength is that outstanding.


“As I expected, I am no match at all to Wolf.”


“No, your skill with sword is improving at a tremendous speed. You are bound to exceed me sooner or later.”


Wolf praised me so.


It honestly makes me happy.


A disciple becomes happy when praised by his master.


Furthermore for me, Wolf is not just a teacher but also a frie…


Well, I can not accept the earlier words just like that.


Some part of it must be lip service.


In the first place, <Ornament of translation> makes liberal translation, it appears it also slides subtle nuances at times.


I grab Wolf’s extended hand.


It is a big burly hand.


Yet the part where there is the paw is unbalanced with the rest.


Though the fist is harder than a rock, the paw is squishy(punipuni).


I am about to be fascinated with the disperancy. (T/N: Refer to “Gap Moe”.)


“Haaa~~~. Actually its OK.”


Remilia was mumbling to herself while being all fluffy again.


Staring at the scene me taking Wolf’s hand and being lifted by the Half-Beast


This night’s production activity will also progress.


…though I wonder what the heck is that production activity she is talking about


However, because the image of fantastical beauty and transiency I held of Remilia may get wrecked, I could not bring myself to ask the contents of that production activity.


“Let’s take a break, Wolf.”




I lowered by waist to Great Praire’s land. (T/N: Why does not he simply say “I sat.”? It’s a wonder…)[ED : Cool Kenja-san, Coo~L]


Wolf also lowered his waist similarly.


And then we entrusted our backs to each other. (T/N: Friendship of men is a very nice thing, indeed.)


It’s the Rendall Empire armymen’y break pose I learned from Wolf.


To guard against suprise attacks from enemies while resting they entrust their backs to each other.


Because by leaning on each other’s back blind spots disappear.


It appears… It also helps them mentally by leaning their backs to someone they can trust, thus it lets them rest effectively.


I do not… dislike resting like that.


Leaning on each other’s back with Wolf.


“Oh… good… very good.”


Remilia was staring in agony both hands on her cheeks.


While staring at Wolf and me leaning on each other’s back.


That noble and fantastically beautiful High elf is drooling… I want to believe that to be a hallucination.


After resting for a while I call out to Wolf.


“Shall we enter into actual fighting slowly?”


“Hunting, right?”


Wolf said delightfully.


No, the one talking is the magic item <Ornament of interpretation>


But Wolf being glad is correct.


Even his tail is swinging


I rose and blow a certain flüte.


It is the magic item <Whistle of Demon Calling>”


It is a magic item which let’s one call demon by blowing it.


Because we are inside of ccastle walls no matter how many times we call surface monsters cannot enter.


However flying monsters can invade by flying over the castle walls.


I blew the whistle for fighting flying monsters, also including the actual combat training.


It also leads to reduce the number of flying monsters in Great Praire and its surroundings which can invade by flying over the castle walls, it’s killing two birds with one stone


I also want to be thanked by Unicorns and my slave centaurs which suffered at the hands of flying monsters for long years.


And also I can get raw materials by defeating flying monsters, I could have said three birds.


“Remila, you use concealment just in case”


I instructed Remilia who is also a spirit user as such.


Let’s see what kind of flying monsters drop by today?


I was looking forward to a little bit while I kept blowing the whistle…


Something came flying.


And also three of them at that.





It was uexpected.


Though I was expecting few Griffons or flocks of Griffons as usual.


Griffons are typically considered as considerably formidable enemies.


And then a dragon’s power exceed those of Griffons by far.


Bu then again…


Wolf is beside me.


The strongest warrior Wolf which I took as my teacher.


Whether it’s a dragon or hundred of them I do not feel like losing.


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