BT Chapter 33

Half Year Later

Half of a year passed by.

Various plans advanced considerably smooth within this half year period.

So much that the house in the prairie undergo expansion with addition to the building; it became a scale that you’re able to tell that it’s a pretty good mansion.

I also built an exclusive shed (brickwork) next to the house (mansion) for the half-beast Wolf who seems weak toward opposite gender.
It’s not――a dog house.
It’s a house in isolated location that’s been maintained to an adequate extent.
(Wolf was very glad about being given a house by me for personal use of himself.)

Also, the earth wall around the house became tripled.

From the start, the house is the center of the 50 meters radius of the wall, there’s even a wooden door attached pn the 3 meters tall mud wall which can be used as entrance.
The mud wall was made together by the earth spirits (Gnome) and the wooden door were produced with the assistance of Dryad who’s plant and tree spirit.
Furthermore, by borrowing the power of the earth spirit king (Behemoth), I made a huge wall (second barrier) with a circumference of at least 100 meters in radius.

The height is 10 meters; its thickness is over 1 meter; it’s an earth wall.
I installed door in that one too.

And then, I made up to the third barrier last month.
And finally the great rampart.
The radius is nearly 300 meters, 2 kilometers in circumference; the height is 20 meters, and I made the great rampart thickness exceeding 3 meters.
The true strength of using spirits increases daily as I persist using the earth spirit king (behemoth).
I couldn’t finish it at once, but had to divide it by several times and complete it.
Although I managed to completed it, I was really worn out in the end.

But, I think it’s better to build it.
At any rate, something like 20 meters tall rampart also isn’t something that can be seen too often in this world.
It is the knowledge according to Yuushia continental history (all five volume) that I bought half a year ago.
In the memory of my previous life, I predicted the castle wall height in the imperial capital of eastern roman empire, Constantinople, is around 10 meters; I thought the thing that made the great wall is significant even for me to do such a thing.
The slaves looked up to the third wall (The Great Wall) and were dumbfounded by the overwhelming height and its grandeur too.

Incidentally, I dug 『trenches』 around the third wall (The Great Wall)
I got the cooperation of the earth spirit king, Behemoth, and the gnomes.
It is an interior moat with an outside digging.
The outside digging is a dry moat not filled with water, but the depth is not less than 10 meters.
The inner moat/canal is a water moat that draw water from the large river flowing in the prairie.
The water is clear, so I can enjoy swimming in it.
Yesterday, the slaves wore the swimsuits that I bought and had fun swimming in the water canal.
In addition, there are many fishes in the water canal, so we enjoyed fishing.
Even if wild animals and demons attack by large waves, the unyielding great wall that I completed will not move an inch.

It’s probably almost secured unless giants in great numbers attack.

Though when I reveal of the giant name, I hope that it won’t become a flag for the flocks of giant who live in the great forest to attack …… I definitely wishing for it.

The story changes and I become 11 years old by tomorrow birthday.
The kingdom where I, at least, reside in this world do not often have that said custom of celebrating showy birthday.
Such things as imperial national event, the fortunes of upper nobles and upper wealthy merchant seems to be different.[i] Commoners and low-class nobles like Hawkwood family only have plain words as congratulation.

Which reminds me of my previous life, there is never a time when I am available for the like of birthday party where they invite friends.
Or perhaps I should say I didn’t need to be invited to another person’s birthday party.
It’s justified if I said it’s natural.
Including friends who celebrate birthday, they celebrate it because they aren’t alone.
To a certain extent, even my family completely ignores my birthday after a certain age.
How many number of times would a birthday party of one person (solo) last?
No, to be exact, I still receiving a congratulation from my indian hill myna[Gracula Religiosa].
A clever hill mynah, Q-chan, I trained it to memorize a birthday song――okay let’s stop the story right there.

Apart from that, let’s explain the present conditions after half a year pass by.

「In the present, the unicorn farm have―― over 200 mare that’s pregnant with the child of the unicorns.」
「Oh, Yes, they keep becoming pregnant. Ash-sama’s 『remedy』 is effective in getting the unicorn-tan to copulate with non-virgin partner and keep on impregnating them. 」

I heard my own monologue and the wind spirit, Syl who remained on my shoulder, said something during a break in conversation.

「After 10 years, the unicorns will become as much as 5,000 if I increase it at this pace. Awesome. 」
「That is different, Syl.」

I, who sat down in the third courtyard surrounded by the second wall and third wall, corrected Syl’s blunder.

「They won’t increase only 500 unicorn by a year, but several years. After the baby (borned) unicorn becomes an adult, the number of mare that become pregnant in one year are increasing that much if they increase potential. 」
「Ah, is that so!」
「They are expected surpass 10,000 unicorns by far after 10 years according to my calculation. If it goes smoothly nevertheless」
「Ho-eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!! Super-Awesome! It’s the creation of U-Unicorn Kingdom!!!」

Syl jumped up and became astonished.

「They may exceed 100,000 after 20 years later. 」
「Ho-eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!??? The creation of the Great U-U-Unicorn Empire!!!!!!!」

It must be remembered that it’s only a conversation of calculations.
In the first place, I must evacuate from this prairie at once after four and a half year pass by.
That’s because the True Dragon King, Zogdrias awakened from it’s slumber――at the True Flame Mountain that’s barely visible beyond south of here where it slumbers.

The relocation probably requires considerable amount of effort to do, and I want to bring down the True Dragon King if I could bring it down.

「The unicorn still died of old age by 1-2 bodies a month at the present.」
「Therefore, We can only obtain 1-2 unicorn horns a month, right?
「Ah, but if the number of unicorns increases that much――」
「The number of unicorns becoming old in first month (Hitotsuki) increases considerably.」
「We keep obtaining Horns Na-no!!!」
「Because a little over 1% with regards to the total herd died of old age in a month. Judging from that calculation, I expect to obtain over 100 unicorn horns per months after 10 years.」
「On-One Hundred horns!」
「20 years later, it is more than 1000 horns.」
「U-HyaaaAAaAAAaaa!!! We will keep getting unicorn horns so much that it’s (like) giving away such a thing!!!」

No, I will not throw them away even to the extent it become softened by maturity.
However, 1000 of them, right?
Taking in consideration of a considerable price collapse by the large provision increase, it might become higher than 10,000 large gold coins a month.
If it’s in that period, then it’s 120,000 large gold coins.
In terms of Japanese yen, that’s about 120 billion yen.

…………That’s an astronomical amount of money.
If one were to speak of 120,000 large gold coins, then it’s certainly more than the annual national budget of a small country, or the annual administration budget of a mid-size municipal.
No, you might say we will obtain more than 1,000 unicorn horns per month after 20 years. After all, it’s only according to my discussed calculations.
Because the number of the horn will be increasing to 100 horn each month in 10 years of time, I don’t things will goes as smooth as my plan. (TL: saying that it might not go according to plan because unexpected stuff happens. You know, that dragon in the neighborhood will find out that his food has disappear.) [PF : Something like that] nevertheless, That plans still smoothly advanced.

Even after 10 years stage, I expect the income in a year to be as much as 20,000-30,000 large gold coins.
By my calculation, the fortune that entering my pouch is surpassing the entire asset of an average noble.
Only if my plans smoothly advanced though.
At any rate, the unicorn ranch will reach the point that it produces enormous profit, but That’s still way in the future.
At the present time, the area of cockatrice farm (cockatrice development field)will raise more profit than the unicorn ranch.

「In the same cockatrice farm where I collected around 30 cockatrice feathers and close to 30 cockatrice eggs every day.」
「The cockatrices-tan lay eggs of money every day. Excellent! Excellent-nano!」
「because the black merchant, Greed recognized the egg’s size and quality is the highest class that one egg worth 4 gold coins. That’s 120 gold coins with 30 eggs, in other word, 12 large gold coins. 」
「Because there are ten cockatrice farm now……umm, umm」

The wind spirit, Syl began to count with her fingers.
Well, it’s just an extremely simple calculation by multiplying it by ten.

「It’s 120 large gold coins.」
「T-Thought I just finished my calculation and about to say it!!」
「My bad」
「uh-huh, I’ll forgive it then. If it’s 120 each month then for one year it’ll be ……… it wil be~~~~, it’ll be ~~~~」

Syl head already released a steam.[ii] I think she’s about to short-circuit.

「In one year――」
「You mustn’t! Ash-kun mustn’t say it!!! I can calculate perfectly (quickly).」
「eh-to, eh-to…………..*calculation overhaul*…………….uuuuuuuunnnnn, *batan!* *kyuu*」

*Bataa (sound effect for falling over)* The wind spirit collapse above my shoulder.

「Is it ok if I answer?」
「u,uu, please-nano. I give up.」
「In a year, it’s 43,800 large gold coins.」
「Ash-kun’s mental arithmetic ability is too dreadful!!!」

Before, I was able to memorize the arithmetic answer with calculation and write it on paper.

「……The current phase in cockatrice farm (cockatrice development field) is the best source of income. 」
「there are various cockatrices-tan. Ordinary cockatrice-tan seems to have lower fertility. Therefore, it’s extremely unlikely to multiply by quite an amount. 」
「That’s right. Likewise, the income by the cockatrice farms will reverse in the future. 」

Because I supply a considerable amount steadily everyday, the cockatrice’s egg is becoming oversupply.
Not as a city level like the fortress city, Kare, but already as a national level. (oversupply in terms of national level)
The value will probably collapse soon too.
The cockatrice farm revenue will be completely dampened if it were to happen.

…………Should I include sales to other countries into the field of vision?

At least I made enough money in cockatrice farm only in this half year.
Anyway, I have an income of 120 large gold coins per day.
In terms of Japanese Yen, that’s more than 100,000,000 yen. [PF : That’s around 1000K $ dammit] Thanks to cockatrice farm, I saved so much money that it’s possible to buy 『Magic Castle』 that I wanted.
And the price of the 『Magic Castle』is as much as 10,000 large gold coins.
Tomorrow, I will go to the fortress city, Kare and I plans to buy the 『Magic Castle』.
-As a birthday present to myself.

Furthermore, I will declare the founding of this 『kingdom』――and try to dominate this prairie and its outskirts tomorrow.

………… If it’s just a declaration, then I’m free to do it.

After all,
You’re not a man if you’re not aiming to become a king, right.

Although I might say it’s a declaration of a founding nation, it doesn’t mean the nation will get acknowledgement and foreign-like approval from other countries in particular.
I don’t think we will get acknowledgement, it’s unthinkable to acquire it to begin with.[iv]

Although one might say it’s a declaration of a founding nation, naturally, I can say with confidence that I only declare on my own accord.

It’s something like enjoying myself. (TL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

At the least, I can say it’s a game of make-believe king.

In my memory of my past existence, the king game[v] is said to be the standards of drinking party………………I have never done it even once. [PF :Stop it, please stop opening my old wound]

By the way, I’m thinking of making the 『yuushia rubber tree』[vi], a kind of 『rubber tree』 as the national flower.
In the memory of my previous existence, the trees and shrubs in Japan extremely resembles the India rubber tree that’s being cultivated as a decorative plant.
There are plenty of them growing in the considerably spacious forest (naming, rubber forest) at southern part from the prairie; they are not as vast as the vast forest.
I would put them in the pot as a decorative plant and decorate my prairie house too.
I heard the “milky liquid” that comes out/seeps out of the gash on the trunk will become the raw material of rubber, so every kind of rubber development of manufactured goods and production that was emphasized on will be interesting from now on.
The various development and production seems includes contraceptive device too.
At any rate, the “milky liquid” that seep out from the India rubber tree seems to be an inferior item in terms of raw material of rubber, but the “milky liquid” of 『Yuushia rubber tree』 seems to be far superior to that.
though the yuushia rubber tree is far more superior, it seems the 『Yuushia rubber tree』 itself didn’t grow in the Yuushia Continent.
According to the Yuushia continental natural history (all five volumes).

The discovery and naming of rubber forest by me might be the biggest continental 『Yuushia rubber tree』 forest.

「Ash-kun, Ash-kun.」
「What! Syl」
「Not only the unicorn ranch and cockatrice farm, but the slave farm is doing well too, right? Nano!」
「mhmm? Ah, I guess so.」
「But, I, I think.
Is the idea itself of buying children slaves, teaching sword technique, training into top grade combatant, and sell them off as gladiator and slaves soldiers that became an adult good?
But I recommend that you might as well have some on your possession as it is without selling them off anyway.」
「And then you can gather the top most combatant to form a strongest slave soldier army!」
「Why would I make such a thing?」
「WORLD DOMINATION!!!!」[vii] 「……hai? 」
I was shocked by the wind spirit who tossing her fist toward the sky.

「It’s a man’s dream-nano! It’s a great ambition! 」(TL: *ahem* romance *ahem*)

That’s absurd!
I’m just going to sell them of as a slave soldier or gladiator, In the end I’m just training them for my own gains.
As businessman.

「After all, frankly when I’m thinking about child-support expenses, we’ll still in the deficit even if we sold them.」
「That is a very good story for the children-nano.
I think you can sell them as gladiators and slave soldiers and they will be able to have very good livelihood if you say that they are top-grade soldier and have sword skills.
Even if something like poor serfs who are made to work very hard like horses and cattle until they die, I think they can live a very good life.
The living condition of the slave farm itself is good too; it’s a very good story for the enslaved children.
But but, the child-support expenses from selling price will rise and become a deficit. As for Ash-kun, it’s not at all a very good story-nano.
They can eat delicious meal until they had enough after all. 」
「No No Na-no!」
「……iya, that idea」(TL:??check??)
「When Ash-kun do it, the business is no good-nano. It’s a charitable enterprise-nano. If Ash-kun’s welfare-like charitable enterprise intended to make a slave farm, it’s not particularly good.」

I admit that the implication of welfare is put into the slave farm.
However, it doesn’t mean that I made the slave farm as a complete charitable enterprise.

「That’s different, Syl.」
「If I remember correctly, it’ll probably be in the red if I only raise the children of the slave farm as soldiers of 『first-class standard』. However, the selling price will also skyrocket if I raise them until they are the 『best』. Even if profit appears, it’s enough. 」
「I think the 『best』 of the SOLDIER can’t be raised that easily.」
「If I teach an ordinary human being, it will be so/meet expectation. But――」

I open the door at the second barrier and select the half-beast to approach that direction.

「Over a great number have skill, the best……. iya, the story is different if the extreme finest quality soldier become their is their instructor. 」

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