BT Chapter 32

Slave Ranch Project

I left the Benoria Slave firm with Lara and my new slave, Wolf.



I led Lara and Wolf to the bookstore.


Because that bookstore had the books I wanted.


My parents’ mansion also has a library with some books, but the collection was just so small that I had already finished reading all of them.


I have to confess, I really like reading. [EDCrimson: and so do many of the people reading this series]


When I was a student, I often went to my school’s library during lunch time.


(Alone, of course.)


Spending the day not talking to others was quite normal for me, being the loner I am. Therefore in a sense, that library became a sanctuary [Holy Land] for me; you wouldn’t get a weird looks for sitting there alone.






Building my own private library in the great prairie seemed like a good idea.


Private might not be the right word though since I’m fine with letting my slaves enter the library.



I made a trip to the bookstore because it wasn’t just me that wanted books. [i]


The beautiful high elf Remilia ⎯ maybe the most beautiful woman in the world⎯ also wanted a few books and said she will be glad if I could buy them for her. [ii]


The paper and ink in this world are quite valuable and its printing technologies are not advanced, therefore a book can be quite expensive depending on the type.


Maa∼, I’ll buy those books for her as gifts.


On another note, the titles that Remilia wants are 『Noble of Rose』, 『Muscle police』, 『Technique』, and 『Tales of The Weird Gladiator』etc.


From the titles, they seem like ordinary novels.


In the bookstore, I flipped through the books to check their contents …The ratio of macho men appearing in the stories is overwhelming.


Does Remilia prefer macho guys?






Muscle training make it more difficult for the body to grow if a person overdoes it when young. Intensive muscle training looks no good to me ―――― let’s focus on the abdominal muscles for now.


As a guy, even I wanted a six pack similar to Wolf’s.


By the way, regarding the novel Remilia wants, it appears that there is a lot of evidence indicating they’re exceeding the boundary of camaraderie with their fellow men*.[TL : No need to say what kind of boundary it is right?]


She⎯ has that sort of hobby?


The [Fujoshi*] word is what pops in my mind.


She is free to have that kind of hobby as long as it does not bother anyone.


I won’t criticize her for that.


Even if she is a [Rotten High-Elf] character, that’s what makes her a unique existence*. [TLC*:  (腐ったハイエルフというキャラも、それはそれで個性的ではある。)]


I decided to pretend that I didn’t notice and not question her either, as long as she does not use me in her [rotten] delusions.



「This hobby doesn’t fit a high elf.

What does she enjoy from reading brawny men having disgusting sexual intercourse? I really can’t understand it.



Lara, who’s skimming through the book quickly, pinched her forehead as if she had a headache.



「Even though it would be fine if it were between cute shota. 」



Lara, I don’t understand you too.


Well, I don’t have the right to say anything about others’ circumstances anyway.






Since I also don’t hate Yuri. (girl love).


In my previous life, I read a lot of yuri manga and novels.


I read『Yuruyuri』 and 『Marimite』 too. [iii]


Therefore, I intend to be an open-minded person if the female slaves’ relationship becomes yuri-like.


The ‘intense’ kind is a little bit troublesome though.



After I obtained the books that Remilia and I wanted, I left the bookstore.


The ones I bought for myself were Yuushia continental natural history, all five volumes of it.


They were written by Ray Windle who was known as {The Wandering Great Sage]; each of them a bulky book that resemble large dictionary.


In the book, the Wandering Great Sage, Ray Windle wrote down accounts of his travels along the Yuushia continent where I reside.


He recorded every small detail pertaining to nations and their geography; he wrote down every region’s legend, history, culture, custom, specialty, as well as ecology of the monsters in every habitat within the continent.


Furthermore, the books I got also contain a section related to 『Spirits』 that was supposed to be erased for censorship.


The book, whose description about 『Spirits』remained intact is particularly valuable in this country, where censorship was strict due to religious organizations.


The store owner sold me the five volumes of Yuushia Continental Natural History, which he previously hid in the back of the store to escape censorship.


It’s great to have obtained it.


A lot of really interesting things seem to be written in here.


There were a lot of items that tugged at my heart strings as I skimmed through『The Floating Continent of Illusion』before I purchased it. (TL: change violated to emotionally moved. Being violated…huhuhu) [ED: just to make sure, it’s mean that words awakened his chuuni soul]


For example, the spirit god Raster, who was the god of wind, was sealed in the『The Floating Continent of Illusion, Wingard*』. [TL*: otherwise known as Laputa]



I will definitely visit it one day.


According to legend, the person who released the wind spirit god Raster became the ruler of a floating continent thanks to its divine protection—- I was really moved by such story.


I, who am linked with the spirit of fate am truly excited.


Though it is still unknown whether 『The Floating Continent of Illusion』 which is said to exist somewhere, is really just illusion.


In the first place, the existence of the legendary continent itself is doubted.


According to this book, because the wind spirit god Raster was sealed, the floating continent lost its ability to float and fell to the bottom of the ocean.



「……The Floating Continent of Illusion, Wingard….. Someday, I will visit it.」





+++ [Part 2______]

I murmured that to myself while looking at the sky.


「Ah, then, I will guide you.」


The wind spirit (Sylph), Syl, who sat on my shoulder casually said.


No even if you say you’ll guide me……Eh……Ehh?


「Ah, but for the current Ash-kun, unsealing Raster-sama’s seal is too difficult. Furthermore, there is still the swarm of crazy wind spiri―― Chowyiii, it’s not the time yet.」


「Syl, do you know where the floating continent is? 」


「I-I don’t know! I don’t know about such a continent that sank in the bottom of the North Sea! 」




「I-I-I  really don’t know that place! You’ll become minced meat fue to crazy wind spirits’ attack-unless if a top-notch spirit user- that continent, that’s how SUPER DANGEROUS it was! I really don’t know nano! 」




「Hyu. Hyu.」


Syl attempted to deceive me by averting her eyes and whistling.


She’s not even whistling properly.


The wind spirits, they know the location of 『The Floating Continent of Illusion, Wingard』?


I really want to hear the complete details but — Syl seems hell-bent on dodging that topic.


It looks like she doesn’t want to tell me about it yet.





Does she mean— it’s difficult to go —– for the current me?


I wished I could go there someday.



I bought some goods from the jewelry store, clothing shop, magic tool shop, and the general store.


They included souvenirs for the slaves.


Among them was a type of magic tool, the magical elastic swimsuit.


The swimsuit is worn at the lake that is near the forest where the rivers flow through the prairie.


Nudity is nice too, but that is a hot spring where they can be seen as much as they like.


Moreover, I want to them to wear the swimsuit. (TL: check please)[TLC:  (それに水着は水着で、彼女達に着て貰いたい。)]



That would be delightful.


……Although the river and lake are good, going to the ocean is fine as well.




As I arrived at the Prairie, I introduced the new slave, Wolf, to everyone.


When I did that, I knew the astonishing secret of Angela, the beastgirl.


I think the time to talk about it will come sooner or later.


Next, I went to the unicorn ranch alone. Unfortunately, there weren’t any unicorns who died of old age.


For example, if one died I could regenerate one of wolf’s arms with the unicorn horn.


Oh well, on average one unicorn dies of old age in a month. (TL: wait what? Unicorn die that fast?)[TL: that’s why they life their life to the fullest and love virgin only]


There’s sure to be one or two of them dead in this month or the next.


Once that happens I will restore Wolf’s arm.




Apparently Wolf is supposed to be worth more than 200 large gold coins if he had both arms.


If that’s true, I don’t mind to prioritize (rather than selling) using two or three unicorn horns on him.


It’s not because I’m sympathetic to Wolf in particular.


This is the result obtained from calmly calculating the terms of profit. (TL: I changed どちらが得 to in terms of profit. Still means the same thing right?)[ED: Yeah]



I then flew towards the location where I previously discovered the flocks of cockatrices living.


During the middle of the flight it rained, but because of the wind spirits protection, I avoided getting wet.


I borrowed the power of the earth spirit king, Behemoth, to make a full circle of earth walls around a nearby group of cockatrices.


Fencing them with my earth rampart was a success.


One cockatrice ranch, completed.


The cockatrices which looked very much like huge chickens couldn’t fly really high in the sky, so if the walls exceed 10 meters, there’s nothing to worry.


Feeling extremely fatigued, I took a break.


Afterwards, I entered the cockatrice farm.


There were cockatrices that rushed to attack me, but after I cast 1 《Lightning Strike》 near them as a threat, they behaved.


In the stormy weather, natural lighting crisscrossed at some distance away; this increased the power of the 《lightning strike》.


I borrowed the power of the lightning spirits to invoke 《Lightning Strike》. Therefore, the more violent the weather, the stronger the strike gets.


On the opposite note, it weakened considerably when the sky is clear.


I put on the 《Green wig》, also known as the Midori no Katsura [green wig], and negotiated with the cockatrices.


The result is that they will give me their unfertilized eggs in exchange for doing the best of my abilities to heal the sick ones and protecting them.


The fertilized egg are for increasing the population of the cockatrices. So, I wouldn’t take them.


Anyways, the unfertilized eggs are those that didn’t hatch, so the cockatrices accepted the negotiation.


Regarding the case when one dies due to old age, surprisingly, they gave me permission to take the body and do with it as I please.


To the cockatrices, the dead bodies would rot and may cause an outbreak. Therefore they were grateful instead when I offered to retrieve the bodies, disregarding the fact that the corpse is one of their kin,


The negotiation advanced smoothly.


I think that’s mainly because the cockatrices are scared of me.


While I’m at it, I investigated the vegetation that grows nearby.


The『sekibousou (stone ward herb) 』-ish grass grows here.


Even so, they’re too many.


It’s exactly like『Meruru☆ material shop』’s grass that I planned to buy, but…………the color is different.


At first, I thought 『sekibousou (stone ward herb) 』grew here, but I think it’s my misunderstanding.


However, just to be sure, I recorded it in the plant material encyclopedia and wrote the color of the variation when I harvested some and stood for a while.


Even so, it seems that it really was the 『sekibousou (stone ward herb) 』.


It’s a good thing that I bought the plant material encyclopedia from the Meruru☆ material shop.


There are many flocks of cockatrice in this prairie.


Was what the cockatrices told me?


It’s really useful information.


Let’s search for flocks of cockatrices for a while from now on.


And depending on what I discover, I’ll make a new cockatrice farm.


Another time, I will probably create enormous profit everyday if I make ten cockatrice farm consisting as much as 20 to 30 cockatrices.


Rather than a farm, it will only be a cockatrice field that’s being developed into chicken farms.


To raise productivity, should I made an earthen cage, and covering the surrounding sky of the ranch with dark spirits? (TL: check please)




Oh well, is this still good?


The cockatrices might make a commotion and died prematurely by stress and I get absolutely nothing.


Besides, I am in trouble when the tastes of meat and eggs declines.


Then I will let them feel at ease to some extent while exposing them to sunlight because I feel it would be the best for them.


……anyway, in case they die from old again, I feel that the meat is unappetizing――Well, the cockatrice farm’s main purpose is for eggs.



I thought about the new farming project while returning to the house of prairie.


Even if there are few, I feel more or less guilty about the matter of not paying tax to the country that will invest it in some social service.


So, I will try some social service activities to make myself satisfied.


Establishing an orphan home is good―― but no matter how hard I think, it doesn’t match my 『character』.


Aside from slaves, I will not bring humans along to this prairie other than me to the best of my abilities――it’s presume that I have that kind of emotion.


Therefore, I am making plans to make new farms.


After engrossing in much thought, I finally came up with a plan for a social service project – which do not feel like one.


As for the name―――― Slave Ranch project.

Title for the next chapter.


「Half Year Later」

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