BT Chapter 30

Prophecy Evasion


Right after the pledge of love with my beloved, we’ll be separated by her death1?

Wha, what’s with that depressing development? It’s too unpleasant.

In my previous life, following the death of my beloved pet, I was infected with pet­loss-syndrome, which developed in an unbearable way2.

…….. We, well, it was a free fortune ­telling after all.

Just…..a………fortune ­telling…….

Is there any method to avoid that?

Leaning forward, I inquired the fortuneteller with a serious expression and ask.

「Betrayed by the people I trust from the bottom of my heart; separated by death from my beloved one ――That bleak future, is there any method to avoid it?」

It was, at most, a fortune ­telling. It wasn’t something to get flustered about.

However, the current me couldn’t help but to seriously ask the fortune teller.

It was for just an instant, but I get the feeling that the fortune teller chuckled.

「I can tell you the answer to that, but you must pay an extra fee for the info. Is that fine?」

……She got me.

Oh well, the fee for fortune­ telling wasn’t a great amount of money for the current me.

I pay the additional fee.
「…………A true bond3

「A true―― bond?」

「That’s right, if your beloved one is tied by a true bond with you, she won’t betray you4

That kind of thing………….. there’s no way a true bond would be formed immediately.

In the previous life, I never had something like a bond with another human, not even one.

Forming a true bond with another………….. I don’t believe it’s possible for me.

And then………… as for how to evade the separation by death with beloved one; it’s impossible.




「If you desperately wish for it from the bottom of your heart――

――you can meet with her ―― again.」

Reunion, with a dead person?

「That, do you mean that she could be revived with resurrection magic or something, and we’ll be reunited?」

As far as I knew, in this world, there was nothing like resurrection magic at all……….. including resurrection magic tools.

「My apologies. As for the specifics of that reunion, it’s beyond my capabilities.」

(Don’t tell me; could it be that she will die and then be resurrected as something called an undead?)


If she became a top tier undead monster, who has a heart and emotion, I might be okay with it………….

But, it would be really depressing if she was resurrected as a low tier undead, beings who detest living things, like a zombie.

For the sake of purifying her soul, to let her pass on in peace――I would have no choice but to kill her again.


Separated by death from your beloved one “right after the bonding” with her.

If that was the case――

In the case of ‘my beloved one’, it’s fine if we do not ‘pledge’ our love ………. right5?

That was the best way I could come up with in regards to the death of my beloved one …..or so I thought.

We leave the fortune telling tent.

Since it seemed like Lara was trying to set fire to the tent, I told her to stop it.

Even though we received many unpleasant readings, I couldn’t just leave an arsonist to be to spark her creativity.

When a slave commits a crime, the one that would be interrogated would be its master for their incompetence at controlling their slave.

Of course, I never had much faith in fortune telling.

So, there was no way I would believe in that prophecy.

Now that I think about it; spouting bad omens at the start, fanning my anxiety; it was just an old trick to make me want to ask for more fortune telling to learn how to avoid that bleak future.

On all accounts, she successfully managed to lead me by the nose and make me pay an additional fee.

Anyways, that entire fortune could be false.

I decide to understand it like that.


I just feel…… so very uneasy.

How could she………. say something that seemed 100% like a lie……….?

Unnoticed by me ……… maybe that extreme uneasiness was a flag…… which would be unbreakable.



I will definitely break it. ­­­­ The flags towards such a depressing route……….. YEP, I’LL DEFINITELY SMASH THEM ALL TO PIECEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear that in my heart with clenched fists.

With that vow, I firmly believe that I can avoid such a bleak future6.

+++ [Part 2______]

「A battle slave? Wa~~~~it, a really good slave just happened to arrive today, Ash­-sama!!! It’s certainly good timing, yes7?」

The Benoria slave firm owner showed his usual business smile while rubbing his hands together.

Furthermore, with a tsutsu sound, he had quickly approached us.

「Customer, you’re truly a lucky one!!!!!!」

He poked lightly at my arm many times with his elbow while saying that line.

It was annoying and disgusting.

I send him scornful eyes and he quickly stops his actions.

Lara, who was behind me, came up in one step and asks him.

「Is it a shota?」

「Heh? A shota…… a kid?」

「I’m asking if that battle slave is a shota, of 14 years or younger in terms of human age.


Though it doesn’t matter even if he’s an old man, as long as he has a baby face. Though I will call him [Shota­jiji8] in that ca­­­―Ouch!」

I stop her by driving a karate chop into her back, who was starting to make demands according to her own perverted wishes.

「Lara~, I did not come here to buy a slave for you.

…………Don’t get over excited」

「You don’t need to mind the things this fellow said. As long as they’re not senile, I don’t care about their age, nor their genders.」

「Ah. Yes. Understood, Ash-­sama.」

Said Benoria while trying as much as possible to not look at Lara’s state.

「*Pant* *Gasp*……Wha, what was that feeling I felt………… this pleasant feeling that far surpasses pain when my head received an attack by a beautiful shota……*Gasp* *pant*」

Lara mutters those abnormal words while twitching in pain.

Leaving the hentai slave [Lara], I go after the slave trader, Benoria, towards the exhibition room of the battle slaves.

「Let me introduce Wolf to you. He’s a half-human half-beast that’s closer to a beast even when compared to other beast-men. He’s really strong.

As you know, the Rendohl Empire is a northern empire which is hailed as the strongest military empire. And this fellow was once a member of its strongest slave soldier platoon, [Mamu Beastonia]. Our Lemuria allied forces (including our country) clashed
with that Rendohl for countless days; did you know that we barely achieved a draw with them in the great battle of Limdo prairie?」

I nodded.

I was aware of Limdo battle from my parents’ conversation.

「Oh! As expected, Ash­-sama. This wolf belonged to the slave soldiers of the Rendohl Empire in that military campaign. He alone wreaked havoc upon the chivalric order of magical wolfs, which consisted of 500 hand-picked true elites, that were armed to the teeth.

But due to heavy blood loss, this half-beast weakened. He was subdued using dozens of wild beast nets and finally sent here to be sold as a slave.」
While walking through the exhibition area for the battle slaves, the slave dealer Benoria frequently tries to appeal to me about the prowess of the battle slave called Wolf.

From what I heard of his story, I knew that the wolf battle slave was extremely powerful.

In the first place, half­-beast, half­-humans seemed to be a race filled with warriors9.

Rendohl Empire, which was famous as the strongest military empire, seemed to be in an antagonistic relationship with my homeland, Runreshia kingdom

That Rendohl Empire forced beast-man slaves to copulate with a beast, which then give birth to half­-beast, half-humans.

Half-­beast, half-­men were closer to a beast than a beast-man; they were also less intelligent and acted on their instincts.

Their training was rather harsh as well

However, with their fighting power and high fighting spirit, they were distinguished as excellent soldiers.

As for their special affinity; the half-beast, half-human had an innate combat ability.

Having received training against each other and having an extremely harsh death penalty for the half-beast, half-humans, the Rendohl Empire was doing a very sound job of training the half-beast, half-human slaves. The Empire then formed them into a unit called [Mamu­ Beastonia].

The [Mamu­ Beastonia], which was composed of half-­beast, half-humans, was extremely powerful, even amongst the soldier slaves of Rendohl Empire. To the soldiers of another country they were a synonym for ­­­­­­ “The Grim Reapers of the Battlefield”.

Practically, the fighting strength of one of the members of [Mamu­ Beastonia] far surpassed the strength of ten expert, fully armed knights.

And then, we arrive at the half-Beast, half-Human, who was a former member of [Mamu ­Beastonia], whose fighting power surpassed even the 500 hand-picked elites of a chivalric order.

For me, if there was such a strong person, when he displayed such fighting power, I’d expect that he would be more than enough to guard Angela and the others.

「How’s that! This power, those steel-like flexible muscles, tempered only for battle!!!」

He certainly has broad and trained ab muscles but……….. This slave, where are his arms?

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