BT Chapter 29

Ominous Oracle

After reading books for a little over an hour in the library, I once again left to visit Meruru☆ Raw Material Shop.


It seemed Greed was rather famous for his fast work.


I got that feeling because Greed had said, “I will set an appointment for you to meet Meruru baa-chan in less than one hour .”



「Indeed, I heard about Ash-chan from Greed-chan.」



Meruru baa-chan said that while smiling happily.


Just to mention, after I entered the store, Meruru baa-chan hung the [CLOSED] sign board at the front door and locked it, temporarily closing her store.



「Hmm… if I can remember, I was contacted about it roughly an hour ago.」



As expected of Greed, he works fast.


In this universe where telephone and email were nonexistent, it took time to transfer information.


I exited the slum quarters by flying in the sky, and still, by the time I got here, the info on me had long arrived at Meruru’s baa-chan.


I feel that man has a superior information network that is pretty extraordinary.



I’ll just leave it for now.



Though, Baa-san please don’t add [Chan] when you say my name.


But I felt it was useless to tell her that, considering she also addressed Greed, who is far older than me, with [Chan].



「However, Ash-chan is still really young right? Despite that, Greed-chan praised you saying you possessed a promising future」





I wonder what he meant by『a youth with a promising future』?


I’m perplexed, should I stop reading too much behind the lines, or should I just happily accept it as a praise.



「By the way, that beautiful nee-chan next to you is Ash-chan’s older sister, right?」


「No, it’s not.」


「Then――a lover? Although there is a little age gap, your compatibilities seem to be very good 」



What is this baa-chan saying?


But, did we really look like a (baka) couple?


Did her presbyopia already progress that far?


Even though a slave collar is clearly attached onto Lara indicating she is a slave.


That’s…….. oh whatever, there are considerable cases where love has surpassed the master-slave status in this world too.



「Ara……This baa-sama has really discerning eyes. Ufufu」



Oi, Lara, she had hugged me from behind and spoke in a delighted voice.



「No, no! Ash-chan still can’t do that at his current age. But, my late husband was also extremely straight forward at that age. Thanks to that, many girls fell for him back then, I was always worried ……」



Baa-chan’s stories continued for a while.



Since it was too long, let’s just omit it.



Because I am used to listening to the elderly tell old stories, it wasn’t that much of a pain.


I didn’t have any friends my age in my previous life, so I had a lot of free time after school and during the holidays.


Thus, I often visited a bedridden baba-chan(old lady) in the hospital and had many memories of me listening to her telling me old stories.


Also, Lara who was misunderstood as my lover, was in an awfully good mood and sat there listening to her old stories with a huge smile on her face.




All the griffon raw materials sold in the『blackmarket』 could be sold at a greater than normal price for every set of seven.


In total, I got 500 gold coins.


If one converted it to Japanese Yen, that would be almost 50,000,000 yen.


We got this price beause Lara had beautifully stripped off all the raw materials from the bodies of the 100+ griffon we had killed.



「This huge amount has been skinned thoroughly. Usually, there will be a few scars left during the skinning process, but there’s almost no damages found on the raw materials. It’s truly a good job. There’s no praise enough for this.」



And so forth, Meruru baa-chan praised.



「I’m getting old, and I think it’s almost time for me to retire.

How about it Ash-chan?

Together, with Lara-chan’s skillful handling of raw material, both of you could succeed this shop as a married couple.」




Meruru baa-chan once again had asked if I’d like to take over the raw material shop.


It’s a good idea, but the future of becoming a married couple with Lara is impossible.


No matter how beautiful she is, Lara’s true nature is a monster called Lamia.


Besides…………this fellow is a HENTAI.



I answered, “I will consider it” and left the Meruru☆Raw Material Shop.


Alongside Lara, who was in a very excellent mood.





「Ufu. Ufufu. Ufufufufufu♪」 (TL:PLEASE, I need those memories suppressed.)



I walked through the city and turned towards Benoria Slave Company together with Lara whose face became very relaxed.


It was not that far from Meruru☆Raw Material Shop, so we left on foot.


Lara said she wanted to walk together holding hands, so we did.


She had done a good job stripping off the raw material, and it isn’t that much of a problem if it’s only this kind of wish.


Lara’s hand felt smooth, like the highest quality silk and was comfortable to hold.



「A date while holding hands with an adorable shota ♪ Ah……*Nosebleed*……」


……I must be clear-headed with this HENTAI.



Despite being such beauty, what a disappointment.


Of the men we pass by in the city, 9 out of 10 will turn their head looking at Lara, lured by her beauty, truly a shame.


When we have walked for a while――



「Ooo! What a beautiful slave.」



A handsome, muscular man gave his admiration upon seeing Lara, an attractive female slave distinguished by the slave collar around her neck.


He was a middle aged man who was adorned with expensive jewelry and precious metals all over his body, as if he had a hobby to show his newly acquired wealth.


Bad hobby aside, he appeared to be quite rich.


Also, an『albino snake』lay coiled around the man’s neck.


It might be a pet………… such a strange man.


Although, there was definitely a certain mystery and charm that emanated from the albino snake.


Accompanying him were two muscular men, which were probably his bodyguards.


They’re probably slaves considering both were wearing slave collars on their thick necks.



「You, by all means, are you selling that slave woman? If it’s about money I will pay no matter how much you ask 」



Piku (TL: Sfx on something?)[PF : his ears reacting to [whatever price you ask]]



Lara’s hand applied pressure and squeezed my hand.






I remained silent.



「My name is Bacchus, I am a wealthy merchant and also the president of the merchant guild. I’m extremely famous in this town. It’s about money right? How about 50, no, 100 large gold coins??」



He suddenly threw a high price for Lara.



An average price for a male slave that will be used for labor is 1-5 large gold coins.


A young and beautiful female slave would be sold for 5 large gold coins minimum.



This self-proclaimed wealthy merchant Bacchus, offered the equivalent value of 20 beautiful female slaves for Lara.



「…………I have no intention to sell this slave[Lara] for such a price」



It didn’t signify that I currently was experiencing financial issues.


Lara became extremely delighted when I rejected his offer.



「Fumu, so 100 large gold coins won’t do huh?. Then …… Okay, how about 200 large gold coins?」


「No, I mean ……….. 」


「EEI, then 300 large gold coins!」



The wealthy merchant Bacchus offered that price by raising three of his fingers in front of me.


Before I noticed, the amount of spectators had increased.


The wealthy merchant Bacchus had unwittingly attracted people’s attention by shouting out such large amounts of 200 and 300 large gold coins.(TL: editor!! Translation checker!!?)[PF : Done!]


It also appeared that I desired to sell my slave to the rich merchant Bacchus.


I do not like to stand out.


I want this man to quickly give up on Lara.


However, what should I say to politely reject his offer?


I have a feeling that rejecting this man will make my position more difficult.


Furthermore, thanks to the power of money, the majority of these type of men believed they could get anything they wanted.


In fact, maybe this time too. [PF : LARA BANZAIIII!!!]


It seemed he already thought he could buy Lara with a large amount of money.


While I was silent, thinking of how to politely refuse him—- Lara’s hand trembled a little.


Checking her expression with a sidelong glance, I noticed an anxious face.


I believe she’s worried I would be enticed by the money and dispose of her.[PF : spicing a little]



I still remained silent,



「muu…………400…………no, 500! As expected, even if it’s me, this number is the most I can offer.」



The wealthy merchant Bacchus stuck out his five fingers towards me.


I can hear the rising cry of “OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” from the spectators.

[PF : take your hat kid, IT’S A DOLLAR!!!–>reference from A MILLIONS WAY TO DIE IN THE WEST]



500 large gold coins…………



It is the same price I paid to buy the high elf Remilia.


Remilia is by far more beautiful than any kind of jewel; a noble among nobles, the descendent of the queen of high elves that are referred to as the noblest of elves.


With 500 large gold coins one could purchase a plot of land[small castle included].



「YOU! Please be reasonable here! 」



With me remaining silent, Lara’s anxiety finally exploded, and she stepped out in front of me.



I could feel her pride by the way she crossed her arms in arrogant manner. [PF : PRIDE AS A SLAVE? Or AS A HENTAI?]


「Grandmaster――Ash-sama said he won’t sell me! And yet, you’re persistently raising the price. It’s disgusting, leave now, or I will make you leave with a magic barrage. Just seeing your face makes me want to step on it with my feet.」[PF : Once again, as expected of Lara] [ED: Her sadistic nature is showing…]


She declared in a very blunt manner to the wealthy merchant Bacchus.




[Part 2______]

Maybe she’s trying to stall for time.


I think she’s trying to weaken the wealthy merchant Bacchus will by showing her domineering pride and vomitting poisonus words, before I nod to the deal.


Though I really wish that you can refrain yourself from inciting the wrath of the president of this city’s merchant guild.


Oh well, maybe the wealthy merchant Bacchus will lose interest toward Lara with this,.


But, just when I had that thought—–




Far from being angered, he was moved. [TL : did he just opened a door to the new world?][PF : Certainly]


For some reason his face instantly turned as red as tomato.




He-Hey, Lara.


Disgusting pig… Disgusting pig is— maybe a bit too much…


「BUFUUuuUUU――this throbbing feeling that I never felt till now, I WONDER WHAT FEELING THIS IS? …….. Despite being abused like that, WHY DO I FEEL DELIGHTED? I― I want her. I DEFINITELY WANT THAT SLAVE WOMAN!!!」


The more Lara abused him, the more his besottedness flared. His desire to buy was not diminished one bit.


The Lara S-Queen mode just made the wealthy merchant Bacchus awaken to his sleeping M-side ――looks……that way……


「PLEASE, I WILL BUY HER FOR 1000 large gold coins!!!!!!!! PLEASE SELL THIS FEMALE SLAVE TO ME!!!!!!」


The wealthy merchant Bacchus had dogezad on the floor, earnestly begging me.


And Lara’s price just increased to 1,000 large gold coins.


Registering that, the great number of spectators[Bystander] broke into uproar.


It can’t be help that it stands out




「Listen. I will not sell my important things for money. No matter how much you offer ……… Lara is mine. She is my important thing.」


「*breathe*!!! G-Grandmaster……」


When I made that declaration Lara was so moved that her body trembled.


「NO WAY!!! It’s hard to raise the price further than this, I will give you representative stock of merchant guild instea—」


I looked at the wealthy merchant Bacchus who didn’t gave up and I realized that persuasion was impossible.




There are many spectators, so I can’t to use spirit magic to disappear and escape by flying in the sky.


It can’t be helped.


「Lara, run!」




I grabbed Lara’s hand and ran away from that place.


I weaved my way through the opening in the spectators and ran away from the wealthy merchant Bacchus with Lara.


「Ah!……Has……Has……I HAAAAAASsss……AHHHhh」


Lara was letting out an intoxicated voice as we ran with our hand linked together.




We escaped into the back alley, verified that no one had come chasing us, and performed 《Concealment》.


With this, we can be relieved.


「Ah…… I, I already can’t separate from my dear master anymore anymore…… We won’t be separated even if you try to DISCARD ME, MY DEAR MASTER…………」[TL : 貴方様(anata-sama), you-sama. I choose to use my dear master instead]


Lara made a scary declaration whie enclosed her face to me and rubbing it againts each other.









As expected, should I have just sold her when I had the chance.


Now, I began to regret it when I lost that chance.




Concealing our figures, I walked with Lara.


I can’t separate Lara, so we’re still holding hand.


It’s the so-called holding our hands together like lovers[interlocked fingers].


No, it’s because Lara wished for it.


Now, I expect that we will almost reach Benoria slave firm soon.


「Ara, it’s a hall of fortune-telling」


「hmm? Ah, I want to see that.」


Lara pointed at the hall of fortune-telling which was running it’s business inside the small tent.


「As a matter of fact, I love fortune-telling.」


「Fuun」(TL drop dead)


「Grandmaster. Is it ok to stop by?」


「……Oh well, it’s okay」


I do not trust the result of a fortune-telling that much.


However, having someone give you an oracle wasn’t bad as entertaiment.


「Ufufu. Let’s have someone tell the affinity of me and grandmaster. I’m sure it will be the highest score of compatibility! 」


I undo concealment and set foot in the hall of fortune-telling with Lara who was feeling excited.


「――the affinity of you two is the worst.」


「…………………………………………………………………」(TL:…Fatality!)[PF : Lara received critical hit. Lara HP[1/300]. Lara inflicted by BERSERK status]

Since she is unable to accept the result of the fortune-telling, Lara became frozen stiff and her temple began to twitch.


「Both of you have the worst compatibility as lovers and marriage partners.」[PF : how about as An [S] master and his [M] slave?]



「ARARAARA, Ufufu…………………………………………………………………Let’s Burn This Tent R-I-G-H-T N-O-W~~」



Lara[Arsonist to be] just sentenced the incineration of the fortune teller.


Due to her smile a person would think it was just a joke, however, her eyes truly didn’t smile at all.


She said it in a polite tone but—– I feel that she’s truly pissed off right now.


Holding the cane, she immediately began chanting the fire-system magic, I get the feeling that she really want to burn–


This tent, with the fortune teller included.


「Well, WiThDrAwThErEsUlToFtHeOrAcLeNow— otherwise—- it will be too late. And hell fire wil turn you into a cind–」


「Stop it Baka!」


Bishii! (TL: fire being douse sfx?)


And I throw a hand chop at the back of Lara’s head.


Because Lara really begun to sing the incantation.


The blind female fortune-teller have nerves of steel even when threaten by Lara with nonchalant air.


「……B-But, Grandmaster」


Although the hand-chop isn’t very painful, Lara eye’s was damped and filled with tears.


It may be tears of her feeling that was hurt by the result of the fortune-telling.


Since it’s the long awaited fortune-telling about the result of Me and Lara’s affinity.


Anyway, now it’s my turn to receive the oracle.


「………… Betrayed by the peoples your most — trusted people’s.」


What come out was such depressing result.


「And the storm of betrayal hit you so many times.」




W, well……. As expected…………. it’s free oracle afteral……..





I really and truly didn’t care at all. This feeling, I mean.[TL : He’s used to be betrayed, so he’s acting strong]


Yeah, My mind won’t be wavered just by that.


Ki……Ni……Na……N……Ka……Shi……Na……i……. (TL: “I don’t mind”)



I somehow calming my heart and asking for an oracle about love and wealth.


「…………If you do business and manage it well, Sooner or later—You’ll obtain extraordinary large sum of money.」




「……As for your love fortune’s, It seem’s that — you and your beloved one’s will made a pledge of love」[i]


Ho~, My beloved one.


Angela’s face floated for a moment.


She’s not that kind of target for me.


Geez, that was such ridiculous story.


「S-……Sexual intercourse…………I, I wonder when will it be?. As for me, it’s an “OK” even if grandmaster is still YOUNG!!! “tehee” eating such unripe fruit……… sexually …….. “Nosebleed” ………. IT WON’T STOP!!![the nosebleed]」


Lara, though I won’t going as far as stopping the wild delusion inside your head—– I absolutely won’t be ended like inside your delusion.


I don’t even want to think about embracing you, a monster with lower half of her body in the form of snake.


I will never, ever!!!.


I mean, how the hell we’re going to “combine”?


「……And then as soon as you pledge your’s love and sex of course.」


The oracle didn’t end yet, there was continuation.


I made a [be quiet] gesture to Lara, I was waiting for her to continue.


「You—-and your beloved one —- will be separated by death」

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