BT Chapter 26

Mother Earth God

Speaking of different races, my mental image was that of an inferior civilization level.

I think it was only a prejudice.

But then, the reality of this world was that you could still find savage tribes, thriving in the corners of the world, still living in the primitive way, with mud shoes[naked foot] and half naked.

And then, this area could be considered geographically as quite a remote region, one of those corners mentioned earlier.

With that being said, this village of mixed human tribes, its civilization level was high.

They were wearing sandals on their feet and wore linen clothes. (TL: <3)

They attached the feathers of birds to their hair, and a small number of them painted magic like patterns on their faces. It really made one feel the difference [between the expected culture and this].

The Alps mountain range which towered between the rural town, Raan, and the great prairie.

A great number of different ethnic groups lived there.

Though there were tribes that lived on the summit or the hill side (of the mountain), most of them were in the plains that was close to the mountain.

This village was one of those tribes which had settled down on the Alps mountain range.

――hm? That’s……

Keeping my figure hidden while flying at low altitude, arriving at the settlement, I discovered the corpse of the dragon.

It was put in a place like a plaza.

Moreover, when I approached, I saw that the eyeballs, tusks, claws, scales, etc of the dragon were already stripped-off.

A considerable amount of the meat portion had been harvested, exposing its bones.

In just half a day, most of important materials were already stripped off from the dragon corpse.

Even though I was the one who killed that dragon.

Probably yesterday, late at night or recently in the early morning, the dragon corpse was discovered by several or maybe, dozens of warriors of the tribe and they had carried it to the plaza.

And then, one could imagine a festival-like scene where they strip it.

The total number of the villager in that settlement, based on the number of houses, looked to be less than the rural town Raan, which only had a little over 100 people altogether, due to the decrease in population.

…………Let’s get them to somehow to return the torn off raw materials.

It was a dragon that I killed anyway.

If it’s only around 10%, I might consider giving that much to the fellows who recovered the corpse.

But, to let them take all of it. No way.

No matter what, that is unacceptable.


2 women who looked like a mother and her daughter were approaching the dragon corpse, holding wooden plates and cutlery; they were talking about something.

Unfortunately, since I don’t know their language, I didn’t understand what they were talking about.

And I couldn’t use 《Language Comprehension》 of True Magic.

Though my 12-years-old elder brother Juno, who had talent for True Magic, almost mastered it.

Well, even if I couldn’t particularly use 《Language Comprehension》 of True Magic, it was not really a problem.

The reason was I had a magic tool with almost the same effectiveness as 《Language Comprehension》.

I took out the green wig from the magic leather bag that I brought and put it on my head.

The《Green Wig》was a convenient item that understand not just animals, but human and demi-human languages too.

I recited the password.

The password to understand the animal language was in a different dialect.

The 《Green Wig》 was useful for all kind of conversations, no matter what kind of creature it was, just by reciting the password.

It was really a convenient magic tool.

If it happened that the tool, this magic tool that I bought, had some weaknesses, it was its design.

The bangs and the back of the hair were somewhat long and straight.
That was the only design that was left in by the magic tool shop.

Since I will look like a woman when I put on this wig, so I felt a little like …….. Oh well, there was no helping it.

「My daughter! We must remember to give our gratitude to our guardian deity, the mother earth goddess Releena-sama.」

「Yes, mother………… Um, we are really grateful to you, Mother earth goddess for dropping the corpse of the dragon on the plaza.」

I picked up the conversation of the mother and daughter thanks to the green wig.

The mother and daughter knelt and offered prayer in front of the body of the dragon.

Towards their revered god.

「Mother earth goddess, Releena-sama. Our tribe was saved by your present.」

「Because of you, me and my younger sister were not sold to the tribe head of another powerful clan .」

「Our poor tribe was weak in power and narrowly managed to survive by selling our daughters to other influential tribes as slaves. Also, we really just barely passed this year’s winter.
But with Mother Earth God’s present, our tribe will be in peace for at least several years.
We don’t have to sell our daughters too.
Of all things, one dragon fang is worth more than one daughter.
Truly, truly, we thank you so much.」

「Mother Earth God, we give our gratitude.」


These guys misunderstood the dead body of the dragon that fell from the sky as a present from Mother Earth Goddess, Re-Something.

Believing what is convenient for themselves.

……Are you kidding me.

「Well………… We already gave our gratitude toward Mother earth god, Releena-sama, so let’s take the meat.」

「I can eat this big meat tonight, right?! I wanted to eat dragon steak at least once in my life.」

The mother and daughter duo approached the dragon with knives in their hands.

「Wait!!! 」

I cancelled my concealment and called out to the mother-daughter pair, as I floated in the air.

I won’t let this tribe to do as they pleased anymore.

Besides that, I need to retrieve the raw materials they stripped off.


Considering their labor cost for stripping the raw material, not only 10%, I’m willing to give half of it to them.

But, definitely not all of it.

There was no way I would approve it.

「*breathe*!!! NO-NO WAY………… Mother Earth God, Releena-sama!!!」

「eh, that girl, the one flying in the sky, is Mother Earth God…… is that true, mother?」

「Ma-maybe…….. NOT, IT’S DEFINITELY HER. According to the legend that was passed down for generations, Releena-sama, the mother earth god of the mountain is『A BEAUTIFUL GIRL WITH EMERALD GREEN HAIR RESEMBLING THE COLOUR OF THE VIRGIN MOUNTAIN』―― or that was how she is described…… AH! TO THINK THAT I WILL GET A CHANCE TO LOOK AT THE SPLENDID FIGURE OF the Mother earth god, Releena-sama …………」

The mother prostrated respectfully while looking up to me.

Seeing her mother like that, the daughter was flustered and quickly followed suit.

These guys greatly misunderstood something.


「Where, where is she?」

「Look, she’s over there. Flying above the corpse of dragon she gave to us」

「Tha……… Is that a cute androgynous girl? Her hair is CERTAINLY GREEN but …….. still, that ATTIRE is …….」

*WAZAWAZAWAZA*, from the houses in the village, the people from different tribes bustled and came to gather in the plaza.

In the middle of them was a quite old grandpa with a crooked back.

「O, OOOOoo!!!」

His eyes suddenly opened wide and straightened his back when he saw my figure.


「That green hair, that beauty…… She-she is certainly the mother earth god of legend! Certainly, to think that I can see with my own eyes THE FIGURE OF MOTHER EARTH GOD IN MY LIFETIME ………….. fu~n!!」

All of the sudden, he threw himself, prostrating on the ground.

With that appearance, that seemed like a banzai celebrating with both hands[horizontal version]. (ED: the two sweaty hands emoji)

He brushed his whole body to the ground.

He was prostrating with his whole body[Horizontal banzai]. [ED: The first two picture on the left and the one below it.–TpjsgCFcO-jgodaR4LDw&biw=1310&bih=576%5D

「Wha-what are you doing elder!?」


A young man rushed over towards the grandpa that he called elder with a worried expression.

「We must worship and give our absolute devotion to the MOTHER EARTH GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN, RELEENA-SAMA who is our guardian deity! EEI, DON’T STOP ME!!!」

「The-then, elder, that androgynous green haired girl really is, mother earth god-sama ――」


[No, It’s your eyes that have rotted, old man.] Ash

Or should I say, that grandfather had grown senile.

I, a boy and a human, are not a Mother Earth God, am I?

That is, geez…… It seemed I looked like a girl when I put on that green wig.

「Mother Earth God, thank you very much for sending us the corpse of a dragon as your gift!!!」

「Thanks to you we are released from the shadow of poverty.」

「Without the gift of the Mother Earth God, with her deep compassion, we would have to sell off our women and children. 」

「Thank you very much, Thank you very much!!!!」

「Mother Earth God, Truly, Thank you very much!!!!!!」

[Part 2______]

More than 100 humans prostrated to worship me.

Along with their gratitude for my gift [dragon].

I-I was speechless.

In that situation, I was but an ordinary human being, let alone a mother earth god.

Not to mention that the dragon’s corpse was not a present for them.

It made it difficult for me to ask them to return the raw materials that they had been stripping off from the dragon.


I made myself disappear once again.

And then, I flew away from the village, as if trying to escape.

No, how do I say it………… That’s right, it had already become a troublesome matter.

If I explained their misunderstanding, and took back the stripped off material as they were in despair… (it doesn’t feel good)

Therefore, I decided to give up all the raw materials to them.

Since it was really efficient if I just let them do that, compared to me spending my time doing that kind of troublesome thing. I’m better off using the time to do something else. Explaining the truth to them was just too troublesome.

It was definitely not sympathy towards them.

To make up the lost dragon corpse, I would definitely work harder to collect raw materials from the dead griffons.

I flew at high speed towards the rock zone with that determination.

I killed more than 100 griffons in the rock zone yesterday.

「Ah, Grandmaster, this way♪」

My latest additional slave, Lara the lamia (Lamia queen) waved to me when she saw me.

Last night, I ordered Lara to collect the raw materials when the morning came.

Because Lara could use True Magics, such as 《Flight》 and 《Transfer》, she could move to the distant rock zone with greater ease, compared to the other slaves.

Although it was called 《Transfer》, it was actually not that convenient.

It must be to a place that could be seen by the user, the range also depended on the user’s mana, and it varied from several meters to dozens of kilometres at most.

Even so, it can be used to move at high speed for a short time by combining it with《Flight》.

Transfer magic――I definitely would master it someday.

According to the High Elf, Remilia, spirit magic also seemed to have a teleportation magic, that could be used by borrowing the power of a space-time spirit for spirit magic.[ii]

But then, the current me had never seen a space-time spirit.

Since even amongst successive generations of elf queens and from the stories of the great druids of old, no one had ever seen a space-time spirit, so it was only natural that I, also, had never seen them.

In the near future, after my power has matured, would I meet a space-time spirit?

Besides, there was also that overpowered existence called the spirit go ――

「Ahh!? Th-that hair! How do you get that hair!?」

Lara opened her eyes wide and got closer to me to look at my hair.

Which reminded me, I was still wearing my green wig.

「This is not my real hair. It’s a magic tool.」

「Ah, Is that so…………However……………………Ufu ♪」

What was it?

She went around me in circles while staring at me.


Lara muttered in an excited voice with one hand on her cheek.

She gave me a thumbs up with her other hand.

As if saying『Good Job!』

「How can a cute shota in female clothing “kuru”, crossdressing shota …….. GOOD JOB …… “gaspgasp”」

You-know-what? You’re getting out of control right now.

And, you even called me a crossdressing shota.

It couldn’t be helped since nothing else remained in the store except for that design.

I didn’t use it because I liked it.

And as, please stop calling me shota in the future.

「So-somehow, I get the feeling that I just opened the door to a new world……*pantpant*」

Though I don’t know what kind of door it was, close that door quickly. Break the key. And DO NOT OPEN IT AGAIN, EVER!!!.

「*pantpant*……this, will raise our movements in the industry of tra ――」


I threw the green wig that I wore to the ground.

GODDAMMIT…… since Lara began to say some strange things, looks like I would develop resentment to wearing that wig from now on.

Lara was a considerably 『Useful』 slave.

She perfectly completed the stripping all the raw materials, without difficulty, by using magic.

She flawlessly did her job without leaving any raw materials behind.

The Griffon’s eyes, beaks, claws, feathers, hides, tails, etc. were perfectly removed like a craftsman.

The raw materials that stacked up like mountains were loaded into my magic leather bag, while I thought I about giving some reward or something to Lara.

Because giving a reward was standard.

To made the slave keep doing their best in their job, reward are necessary.

「Lara, do you want to have something?」

「Did I just get ……. a reward?」[iv]


「Then……Ah, head…」

Lara blushing bashfully.

Does she want me to pat her head as a reward?

…………she was unexpectedly cute, to have this side of her.

I unconsciously patted her head.

Thought her appearance was that of a woman in their early twenties, contrary to that, she wanted me to pat her.

「Okay, is this okay? 」

「!!! We-well, at once.」

Lara placed her hand gently on my head―― she began to affectionately stroke my head.


「Ufu, Ufufufu」

So she meant that she didn’t want for me to 『Pat Her』, but wanted『To Pat Me』?

It’s irritating, so stop it already, I want you to stop that kind of detestable reward right now.

It couldn’t be helped, I would endure it a little longer,

………… Come to think of it, it had been a long time since my head had been stroked by another person.

Not even once in my previous life. Even now, since I didn’t have any talent for true magic, lately even my parents very seldomly patted my head.

Expressing a tender smile, Lara continued to affectionately stroke my head.

…………Well…………it was not that bad actually.

The 10-years-old me, at least in appearance, continued to let Lara pat my head — it was not that bad a feeling.

And honestly, I never thought that I would fall for the wonder of getting my head patted by another person until just now ……………..

This is……………………………………………………………………………。


「*HaaHaa* I wonder why I feel that touching this hair and head feels so good ……Ir-irresistible……*pant pant*……*Drooldrool*……Oops, I’m drooling.」

As my head was being stroked, Lara wiped her drool, that oozed from her mouth, with her free hand.

Now she basically messed up everything.


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