BT Chapter 25

Slave of Slave

「My deepest apologies, Angela-sama.」

After we arrived at the house, I put on the neck of the lamia slave (Lara-120 years old-woman)   a collar of slavery, and immediately made her apologize to Angela.

I had the lamia bow her head to Angela.

To our newest slave, Lara the lamia, I ordered her to serve Angela.

So Lara was now a slave to Angela who was also my slave.

Peon of a slave.

She was considered as the slave of my vassal.[1]

It was my coined word, but that was a position called Baido[attendant]. [2]

For Lara who caused trouble to Angela, (I) intended to let her serve under Angela for the time being.

「N-NNNN-No, I, dododo-don’t need a pepepe-pet.」

Said Angela (that) while shivering with a ghastly pale face.

She was frightened of the half-snake Lara the Lamia.

「Lara. Angela is not very good at dealing with snakes. Can you turn into your human form?.」

「Understood, Grandmaster.」

When I gave the order, Lara instantly transformed to her human form with the two lovely legs.[3]

No matter how you look at her, her looks were that of a beautiful woman.

Angela’s shivering became somewhat better after Lara’s transformation.

By the way, Lara, who was the attendant or slave of a slave, seemed to decide to call me “Grandmaster”.

Since I was master of Angela who is her[Lara] master, that’s why she called me Grandmaster.

「Lara, as an oath to serve as a slave, kiss Angela’s hand.」

Since she was the slave, I could make her to kiss the foot instead of the hand, but let’s pardon her from that for now.

「…… understood.」

In that moment, though she look disappointed, she obediently executed my order.

Angela who got her hand kissed made an apologetic face.

‘Angela, she[Lara] is your slave, there’s no need to make that kind of face.’

「………………I, from the high rank class Lamia, became a slave……furthermore, a slave of a slave…………」 (whisper)

Lara muttered in a very low voice.

It was a very small voice to the point that another person wouldn’t hear it, if they’re normal person.

Although, I could hear it.

That doesn’t mean that my ears were particulary good.

Like then, there were times when wind spirits brought over another person’s voice.

Something like another person’s murmuring or speaking in secret in distant places were carried to my ears.

Maybe it was the wind spirits goodwill towards me.

Sometimes, I even got to know something that I didn’t want to know; it just accelerated my distrust toward humans.

Even my hometown, the rural town Raan— no, Let’s stop the talk now.

「High rank? Lara was a lamia of the high rank class? 」

「Ah, eh, yes, that’s right.」

Lara was a little surprised after her muttering voice was heard by me.

「I am the Lamia Queen, the Higher class of Lamia.」

She proudly said that.

High rank class, hmm?

Well, though she seems to be somewhat of high rank, right now that has nothing to do with it, she was just a slave.

There was really nothing to do with that, whatever rank, especially since she was a slave of a slave.

In this world, it was not so unusual for the royalty of the defeated nation to fall into slavery.

「Umm, Grandmaster.」

「What is it, Lara?」

「Will I also do oath by kissing the hand of Grandmaster.」

「No need for that.」

「H, How come?」 [feeling dejected]

Lara was a little shocked when I refused.

「Though it would be fine If it’s my foot」

I tried to be a little mean by saying that to her.

For Lara, who was a slave of a slave, I intended become a little harsh toward her compared to the other slaves for a while.

That was not discrimination.

It was distinction.

It was training to let Lara understand clearly her position as “slave of a slave”.

For hurting Angela, my important Ang⎯……thing (slave), though it was not like my wrath had completely subsided, I wouldn’t say that it didn’t have anything to do with it.

Lara crouched down in front of me.

「Understood. Then, please allow me to take off Master’s shoes and socks.」

H-Hey, do you really intend to kiss it, Lara?

I didn’t really mean that.

「Excuse me……Nn……Chyu*」(kiss sfx*)

The appearance of Lara, which was that of beautiful woman kissing my foot, in a serious manner.

Furthermore, Lara was already on the floor on both of her knees.


She licked all over my feet with her tongue.

No, I didn’t tell her to go that far.

Moreover, though Lara was licking my feet while on her knees, why was there an expression of ecstasy on her face?.

This fellow……don’ tell me that she also an extreme masochist?

!!! (Sigh)

……No-not just licking, now she began to suck on my toes.

「Kapu…………Rerorero ……Chyupu……」[PF n TL : SFX, I really hope it was sfx]

「Th-That’s enough already.」


When I pull my food, Lara made a facial expression as if she regretted parting with it.

And then, holding her cheek with one hand she showed an entranced face⎯

「Ufufu……The foot of a cute shota, truly DELISHHHH……Ufu……Ufufufufufufu」

Heh, was that fellow a pervert?

That fellow, I already felt that ―― That fellow might be a double layered hentai called shotacon and top class masochist.

Taking the slave, we went out to the garden.

And then, looking at the installation of the bed, that was temporarily carried in the magical leather bag, done on the ground of great prairie. And then, we installed the bed that we carried for the first time in the magical leather bag onto the ground of the great prairie.

But since it was a magic bed, it was floating several tens of cm above the great prairie.

I’ve always wanted to do this at least once, to put down a bed under the night sky so that I can sleep surrounded by it.

Since it seems that the star tonight will be a beautiful one, I immediately commenced this plan.

I took off my shoes and climbed on the bed.

I lied down with my face up on the center of the extremely soft and luxurious huge bed.


First, I called Angela.

The beast girl delightfully approached while her tail wagged enthusiastically.

After she had taken off her shoes, she cheerfully went on the bed.


I stretched my right arm at shoulder height like last night.

It was to offer my arm pillow to Angela.

The adorable beastgirl slave made a deeply moved expression.[4]

And then, as she lied down on my right side, she brought her flushed red face closer.

「Ah, Ah, Um Master. I-is it okay for me to ask something?」

Angela whispered.

「Hmm, What?」

「Um, you see, Um. A-I, t-to m-master……Ah, li-lili-little, excuse me.」

Angela cut off her words at once, and began to breathe deeply many times.

As if she was trying to regain her composure.

What was it?

After taking a few deep breaths, Angela whispered again with a face as if she had made some kind of resolution.

「W-wha-what a-am I to Mas…………」


+++[Part 2____]

I waited for the question while looking at the silent Angela.

「…………Whi-which rank……am I?」

「The first.」

I immediately replied.

Because the answer to Angela’s question is a fixed answer.


Because Angela was the first in the『Order』 of the slave.


Angela seemingly felt a deep impression toward my answer.

She put both hands on her mouth and her body was trembling all over.

…………Large quantity of tears spilled from her eyes, though I think that’s too exaggerated.

Well, there’s still another another arm free.

If it’s according to the orders of becoming a slave, it should be for Remilia right?

「Remilia, Hey!」

While my heart beat was rising, I stretched out my left arm and called upon Remilia.

「Excuse me」

Remilia lied down on my left arm while taking the attitude of no concern with her usual expressionless face.

She’s using my left arm as a pillow.

While looking like she was unconcerned by it, I got the feeling that there’s a tinge of red on Remilia’s face.

I felt my face becoming red too.

My heart has begun to beat considerably faster.

「……I am first……I am first……I am first……」

Angela desperately endured something while murmuring in small voice…………Let’s pretend that I didn’t hear anything for now.

「Um……Because it’s for the first time for me.」

Remilia grumbled about something while looking up at the sky where the stars glitter.


「……Arm pillow, desu. From someone other than my father…… this is the first time….. 」

「Is-Is that so?」

My heartbeat accelerated again.

Next, I called out Luna.

I felt sorry for her, but both of my arms were already occupied.


When I called out her name, Luna’s face which was uneasy till now shone.

「You may sleep in your favorite place.」

Since the bed is sooo big, there’s plenty enough space to lie down for Luna.

But, Luna who felt no confidence in herself lied down at the edge of the bed.

「It doesn’t need to be on the edge.」

Luna was so far on the edge of the bed that she was about to fall.

The space on the bed had yet to be filled.


「You may sleep at your most favourite place.」

「…………My favorite……place……」

「That is correct.」


Luna was looking at my chest with sparkling eyes.

……Does that mean she want to lie down on top of me? [PF : Luna is cowboy girl, just for future reference]

In spite of being a slave, she want me[her master] to become her『Human bed』

But well, I did said that she may sleep at her favorite place.

「Luna, I don’t mind if you want to lie down on top of me」

「……Is it…really……Okay……?」

I gave a silent nod.

Since Luna body was light, it’s not that much problem if she’s lied on top of me.

「I……I am first……I am first……I am first…………」

While Angela frantically put up with something, her murmuring voice could be heard once again.

I will pretend to never heard that.


Lara the new slave was standing near the bed and staring quietly at me.

Since it’s scary, stop it please.

Don’t stare at me with your index finger on your lips as if you really want it.[5]

Everyone is here.

I didn’t mean to summon Ramia, who was a slave of slave, to bed for at least tonight.

It’s to show the distinction between other slaves and her. [remember she was a slave of a slave (lowest)]


「Oy, you too climb up to bed, Lara」

「Thank you very much! I’m so happy desuwa.」

It’s because to be firmly stared wistfully in that way is bothersome.

Today was exception.

As for Lara, I thought of making her lie on the edge of the bed but ――

「Grandmaster. By all mean, please use my lap as your pillow.」

「…………Do as you like.」

Lara lap pillow, honestly it was veryy comfortable.

No, this fellow’s legs is an imitation, the truth is, it’s the snake lower half of Lamia.


If this is 『personification』, should I say that this is as good as genuine legs?

I gazed at the starry sky together with my slaves for a while.

Lying down while gazing at this night sky, it was the second time for Angela too, she was fascinated.

It’s the first time for the other slave but, they’re were also deeply moved.

「……Really……he’s cute enough to the point that I want to eat him……*jyururi* 」[PF : Sound effect for excess drool, mainly due to food][PF : erm wait a minute, one person not looking at the night sky but still being “entranced”]

Originally, Lara was someone who lives in this place, so it’s only natural that she wasn’t interested with the night sky of the great prairie.

She’s the only one who wasn’t looking at the night sky; she was looking at me who was using her lap pillow instead.

While repeatedly wiping her drool with her arm.


…………This fella, is it really okay to take her as my slave?………….

I got up earlier than usual in the morning than usual and gave a morning kiss to the slaves.

Though, it was on the cheek.

Nevertheless, as a distinction, I didn’t kiss Lara.

Though somehow, she really wanted to kiss me.

I went back to my parent house by flying at high-speed.[6]

And then, with a face like nothing happened I descended to the first floor to have a breakfast with my family.

Though Juno ani was saying something sarcastic towards me, I ignored him since it’s not worth my worry.

To be accurate, I asked Sylph to block Juno voice from entering my ears.

Juno’s voice was completely shut from my ears.

I received mother’s lecture like usual in the morning.

After I ate lunch, I leave the mansion saying that I will do my self study in the forest as usual.

I concealed my figure and fly in the sky.

The first thing I need to do today is, I think, to retrieve the raw material from the corpse of the dragon that I slayed yesterday.

Afterward, I will also retrieve the raw materials from the dead griffons that were also killed yesterday.

I planned to sell the collected material to the fortress city, Kare.

I will also purchase some goods while I’m at it.

I wanted to buy something that the slaves will be pleased with.

Not only that, I also wanted some battle slaves.

Vanguard type combat slaves who were experts of CQC[7] ⎯ as escorts for Angela and the other slaves.

In addition, for the sake of cockatrice farm plans, I intended to verify the demands and market value of the cockatrice egg.

If I have time, I will go to the library and examine the strength and the ecology of giants.

After taking care of my business, maybe I will go back to the house of the great prairie by the evening.

I want to meet my slaves quickly.

…………Well, let’s finish my business quickly so I can meet them earlier.

Then I raise my flying speed.

If I remember correctly, It dropped in this vicinity.

Though I was flying around looking for the dragon that dropped last night, I couldn’t find it’s corpse.

I discovered a village of different ethnic groups instead.

…………Moving toward the village after failing to find the corpse of the dragon, should I ask them?

I’m not really eager to have a contact with human.[8]

First, should I conceal my figure and try approaching the village?

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