BT Chapter 24


I moved closer to Remilia who was inspecting the snake, and carefully observed her.

And then, looking carefully at it.

Though it was difficult to understand since it was smashed —- the『Mark of Contract』* was certainly that of a snake. [TLC : Have a better name? 契約の紋様]

The 『Mark of Contract 』. It is a pattern that will surface on the bodies of any living things made into a familiar, the magician included.

Since I had received a lesson from mother regarding『Mark of Contract 』 before, I had the basic knowledge of it.

It was a magic called《Familiar Contract》 in True Magic.

It seemed that it was fairly reasonable for magicians to raise things like cats or ravens as familiars.

There were also some that raised owls and frogs as familiars, too.

And……there were those that raised snakes as familiar.

It meant that this『Mark of Contract 』 was evidence that this snake was a familiar of a true magic user magician.

Could it be that the familiar accidentally slipped into my 『Garden』?

Or was it by the snake’s master’s command?

I thought it was probably the latter.

But what was that person’s goal?

It was likely that there were no other humans who lived in the Great Prairie, aside from me.

However, there may be a master of True Magic.

There existed, among monsters, kinds who used advanced True Magic.

And amongst those type of monster, I had some knowledge regarding the monsters that lived in the Great Prairie and its surroundings.

I ordered Remilia and Angela to turn back and standby at the house, whereas I took to the sky.

I headed towards a certain cave.

Before, when I had just found the Great Prairie, I had continuously flown, spending my time observing the land.

At that time, I saw a certain monster.

Its upper body was that of a beautiful woman, but its lower body was a snake. It was a lamia. [ED: Just to note, lamia is its own plural. It’s like sheep… with fangs]

As for the race’s special characteristics; it seemed that many lamia were superior True Magic users, who excel in magic by nature.

I saw the lamia.[i]

I saw where the lamia came out of by chance, from one of the several caves in the Great Prairie.

But at that time, I just passed over it without trying to communicate with them.

I was going to meet directly with the Lamia from before, thus I was going towards that cave, for inquiry.[ii]

I flew up to the cave and activated 《Concealment》, and snuck inside. [PF : KYAAA~ CHIKAN!!! ]

The visibility wasn’t poor, because a lot of luminous moss grew in the cave.

I advanced carefully inside of the mysterious stalactite cave.

That was because there might be a trap.

I thought that I already knew the general layout of the traps, thanks to previous warnings from the earth spirits that were everywhere in the cave, including the ceiling.

「Who’s there, I wonder? An idiot who was trespassing, as he pleases, into my house?」

I heard a young woman’s voice from the depths of the cave.

It was the lamia.

At the time, I was using 《Concealment》and was still exposed as trespassing.

Was there a special magic that detects intruders on entrance to the cave?

Or did she possibly sense some kind of sign.

「 Moreover, this presence, that quality of magical power is――human, right? Fuun, if that’s the case… 」

After I heard that voice, the lamia showed up from the interior right after.

It was, a lamia…… right?

I was especially perplexed with what I saw, the lower body of the woman wasn’t a snake; it was human legs.

Furthermore, they were beautiful legs. [PF : written with long and slender leg]

No, it seemed this lamia held the unique ability to transform into a human.

Her face was that of beautiful woman in her early twenties, it might be her real face, due to her own effort.[iii]

The legs that grew from her lower body was just a magic disguise, that made her look like a human.

「Ara ara. Even though I’m showing my lovely figure, after such great effort, even transforming myself into a human. And despite that, the impolite human hides his figure from me. Fine then, I will completely break your《Concealment》――――《Spirit Magic Release》」


My 《Concealment》 was released.

Thi-that presumptuous lamia, could it be that she could use magic to forcefully cancel another person’s spirit magic?

It was the first time in my life that my spirit magic had been broken by another person.

I didn’t hide my surprise from the situation that I hadn’t expected.

「Ara……AraAraAraAra. Arararararararaaa」

The beauty, that was a lamia, narrowed her eyes while looking at me.

Correction, she sent a gaze, as if she wanted to lick my whole body.

「Recently, I had presumed that it’s the human who just arrived here recently but ……… In the dark, I couldn’t see through my pet’s eyes. But now, in this light, if I look closely …ufu」[iv]


The beautiful lamia continued her speech, while licking her fascinating lips.

「Meeting suuu~~~~ch delicious looking trap …… ufu …. ufufu」[PF : 男の子 can also read as shota, but I choose to use trap in this occassion]

Using her slightly long, red tongue, she licked her lips clean, with sensual gestures.


「Boy, this onee-san will give you lots of love; in various meanings, of course. Ufu……ufufufufufufufufufufufufufu」

That somehow made my spine shiver.

I felt chills and shivered.

It felt like a snake coiling around my body.

「Nee, Little Boy. I wonder if you can’t let me suck, just a lil’ bit of blood, as a commemoration of our first meeting? 」

It then came to my mind, that a lamia’s favourite dish was young boys [shota].

「It’ll be aaall right, since it’ll only hurt in the beginning.」

「…… If it’s just small amount, I’m fine with sharing my blood」

「Araa, you’re surprisingly a good and obedient boy. That kind of trap is my type ……. to the point that I want to eat you. Ufufufu. In various meanings of course.」[v]

「But answers first. Are you the one who dispatched a snake familiar to my house? 」

The lamia placed her finger against her lips, letting out a giggle.

「Yes, that’s right.」

She easily confessed.

Though, I was quite certain that she was going to feign ignorance.

「…… What was your intention by sending a familiar?」

「Ufu. Since you’re a cute one. I will specially answer it. Since I have no knowledge regarding human society, I was curious about the human who starting to live in this great prairie. I then chose one amongst my snakes, my retainers, and the familiar of this lamia and sent it off for observation. Then 《Transferred》 it using true magic into the vicinity of the house that you built.」

Tran-《Transfer》!? [PF : almost mistaking it for Trans-Am]

Even in my motherland, Runreshia kingdom, with it as the most advanced magic civilization in the continent, only an extremely small number of people could use《Transfer》magic.

Somehow this Lamia ……………. could use《Transfer》, which was an arcane magic. [PF : not sure about this→ 最上級=arcane]

I shivered, recalling my opponent’s ability, which was much more superior than my imagination.


+++[Part 2______] While it may be true that I felt intimidated, I didn’t plan to return as a loser.

They sent out familiars to spy us, to observe us… well fine.

However, I wouldn’t forgive her for having made my treasured Angela frightened to that extent.

Although, the wound to the body itself was superficial.

I still wouldn’t forgive it.

My principle towards my enemies was “Pay the price to settle the fight”.[vi]

「I won’t forgive it; your familiar, the snake that is, attacked a beast girl, who is my slave.」

I sent my killing intent along with a glare.

The lamia spoke with composed expression and voice,

「AraAra. Please don’t look at me with that kind of scowl. It was just a little prank of mine.」[vii]

「……just a prank? 」

「Yes, that’s right. Since that beast girl looked so scared, it piqued my interest and I wanted to play a little prank on her. So I did it through my snake familiar.」

「Angela……That beast girl was bitten by your snake- and she bled.」

「The wound was probably not that significant, so don’t be so angry.」


「Besides―― naturally, the one that should be angry is me.」


「I mean, you…………」

The lamia cut off her remark for a moment.

The lamia’s red eyes began to shine like blood.

「That familiar was still my retainer, killing it was not allowed.」


Such amazing killing intent. Furthermore I could feel an overwhelming magical power from that lamia. I reflexively pulled back my legs and retreated several steps.

「If it’s true, I definitely won’t forgive it. I’m going to tear you limb from limb.
In addition, I will torment you thoroughly, until you wish to be killed yourself.
My snake fangs have a poison that will give you violent pain; to the point that it’s unbearable. I’ll pour a countless number wriggling snakes in a hole. I’ll only take you out from it after tormenting you; how about it?」


「But――the boy look really cute. It’s right in my strike zone.」

That lamia was smiling while putting her fingers on her red lips.

The killing intent vanished, as if it was a lie.[ix]

Also, she exuded a pressure with hr overwhelming maical power.


「I really love adorable traps nano. Ufu, it’s my favourite food nanoo.」


「Therefore, I will forgive you as a special case. For killing my familiar. But — 」[x]

The lamia was fascinating, despite her somewhat disgusting smile.

It was a beautiful and wicked smile.

「Boy, you have to become my slave for the rest of your life.」


「Don’t worry, because I will give you a lot of love. Moreover I will teach you ….. various things」


「No, I am very serious, you know. Ah, I see. Including the beast girl too, all the nuisance women are going to be killed and become the snake’s food, though. Since I only need you, little boy ——- Ara, AraAraAraAraaaa?」[xi]

The lamia pointed the cane hat, that she held in her hand, toward me.

「You shouldn’t hurl such extreme killing intent towards your master. It seem’s ……. you want some training, right? 」

I felt a strong pressure from the lamia again.

But, I didn’t flinched this time.

It was because my anger was stronger than my opponent’s terror.

That’s right, at the time I felt really angry.

Make me into a slave? —- I won’t let her do that!

Since the lamia made a murderous declaration towards my important things, including Angela ………. including Angela.[xii]

「Ufu, you need to be severely punished, a little ――――《Cloud of deadly poison》」

When the lamia swung her wand, a green poisonous “cloud” sprang forth in my surroundings.

「《Dance of the Wind spirits(Sylph Rondo》!」

I commanded the wind spirits to dance and revolved around in a circle.

The outbreak of wind caused the cloud, that contained poison, to disperse.

The wind spirit’s strength was weakened in the cave, where wind didn’t blow that much; it was quite different from the outside.

However, if it was only that amount of risk; it was still safe enough inside the cave.

「Ara、still not giving up。Then…………How about this?! 《death—》」[xiii]

「《Stone Blast》!!!」

I used《Stone Blast》 by borrowing the power of earth spirits, and completed faster than the lamia’s chanting, with her high-speed incantation.

The lamia was probably trying to invoke the advanced level magic《Death ray》.[xiv]

Death ray would deliver certain death upon hitting the target, but only if the target was a living creature; it would die for sure.

The user must cancel the magic or the target really would die.

《Death Ray》was extremely powerful; it could even“one-shot kill” a giant upon contact. That was why it was called the spell of certain kill upon contact. [ED: Repetative author is repetative]

However―― even if it was a powerful spell, it was harmless unless it was invoked.

「How!? How can you use the spirits that quickly!?」

While being struck by countless pebbles that rose up from the ground, she began to speak in a surprised tone for the first time.

The lamia that got her chanting interrupted, resisted while covering her face with both of her arms.

《Stone blast》, even a gigantic beast would be done for after receiving a direct hit from it.

But――The lamia was almost unscathed.

True magic, during the invoking process, in the middle of its aria, the body would generate an invisible magical ward, similiar to magical power.

In the case of elementary magic, the generated defense force of the magical ward was only trivial.

However, if it was an advanced magic, the thickness of the magical ward was proportional to the grade,

Despite receiving a complete direct hit from the《Stone blast》, it was only to the level of a scratch, and the lamia wasn’t injured.


The lamia held her face down and began to moan.

Did I deal more damage than I thought?

「A c-cut……My beautiful face was scratched……」

The lamia let out a deep voice while her body trembled all over.

Surely, it was small but, there was a little scratch on the lamia face.

Althought the blood that streamed out was small.

「…………U…….. UNFORGIVEABLE. E, even if you’re a cute trap that I like……. I ABSOLUTELY WON’T FORGIVE YOU FOR RUINING MY FACE. ……Ufu……Ufufufufufu. I, I will cut off your head ―― and keep it as one of my treasures. And then always by my side…… FOREVER」 [PF : I got the feeling that Ash just flipped her yandere switch] [ED: More like, she’s every bit as petty as he is.]

She murmured something with dead eyes. The lamia began to chant a true magic that I didn’t know.

Before I noticed, her transformation was removed, the lower half of her body become that of a snake.

It seemed that, for the sake of 『Going All Out』, she needed to reveal her true form.

A tremendous torrent of magical power started to leak from the lamia’s body.

――If that incantation was finished, I would certainly die.

I could feel that by instinct.


To begin with the 《Mute》 of spirits magic was nulled; could it be that it became completely useless due to 『resistance』.

That place was where the power of wind spirits was weak, furthermore I had heard that lamia had a fair amount of spell resistance.

In addition, using a half-hearted offensive spell to interupting her aria was close to impossible right now.

The magical ward that come out from the lamia, that was still chanting the aria, had thickened more, compared to a while ago.

Furthermore, the《Stone Blast》 from a little while ago worked due to the enemy’s negligence.

The reason why I was able to hurt her was because she had let down her guard.

Therefore, I had succeeded in interrupting the chanting.

But, it wouldn’t go that smoothly this time.

At that time, the lamia was protected by a very bulky magical ward, it seemed I couldn’t scratch her if I use half-hearted magic.[xvi]

And so, it was difficult to interrupt her incantation, as she started her incantation with the resolution to complete her spell, and was prepared to receive a certain amount of damage.

Using an incomplete spirit magic, right now, was the same as a death wish.

[Part 3______] Should I summon spirit king and use a powerful advanced spirit magic, or should I get closer and launch a direct attack? ……

I stepped on the earthen cave and leapt forward.

There wasn’t enough time to invoke an advanced spirit magic.

For the current me to borrow the power of spirit king, I still needed time to focus my mind.

That being the case, most likely I wouldn’t make it in time.

To have brought me to that conclusion, that spell chanted by the lamia was just that fast.

Therefore, I bet on killing her with a direct attack.

Resisted by the bulky magical ward, my lunge got dulled.

Though I initially charged at break-neck speed, towards the lamia, my movement were slowed down in mid-air.[xvii]

It seemed to take a considerable amount of time to travel a distance of a few metres.


「《(Violent Wind)Gale》!」

「GO!!!!!! ――――Nanooooo!!」

The wind spirits pushed my body with their hands.

《Gale》was a spirit magic that drived the subject in any direction with its powerful winds.

The target that was being thrusted by the wind spirits would have a feeling like they were receiving a body blow; it could even blow away heavy golems like paper weights.

And I made myself the target as I leapt.

I was being pushed by the wind spirts in the lamia’s direction.

I who thrusted myself with the wind spirits, instantly entering the proximity of close combat in one breath.

I shortened the distance instantly with the sudden acceleration; it was a unique way to use 《Gale》.

The lamia opened her eyes wide, as if she was astonished.

With this, it seemed that I could land one hit with a sword before the lamia finished her chanting.

I held a 《Wind spirit sword》 in my right hand.

I would die if I hesitated.

And then, if I died there, I wouldn’t know what kind of experience Angela and the girls would go through at that lamia’s hands.

Therefore, I mustn’t hesitate to cut down the lamia’s slender neck.

A horizontal slash, I swung the 《Wind spirit sword》 to cut her neck.

Unfortunately――the lamia defended that blow, aimed at her neck, with her wand.

The《Wind spirit sword》 could not be blocked with a normal weapon, no matter how sharp the sword was.

The stick, which the lamia was holding, had elaborate decorations and was probably a magic weapon, charged with a considerably powerful magic.

The lamia defended against my full-powered blow.

「AraAra, my bad――」

I sent her slender neck flying before she even finished speaking.

With a flash, a sword instantly appeared in my left hand.[xviii]

Just when the 《Wind spirit sword》 in my right hand was parried, in that instant, I created another 《Wind spirit sword》 in my left hand.

Thus, I gripped the 《Wind spirit sword》with my left hand and swung it into the lamia’s slender neck.

If I had to name this technique ————— I’d call it 《Dual Swords of the Wind Spirit》.


The lamia’s head rolled around in the cave and when it eventualy stopped, I realized it was murmuring.


Also, even with her head severed, she was somehow still breathing?

「……died……I died!!!???」

The lamia’s head screamed loudly, while opening her eyes, which were losing their composure.


「Die die die die die die die die!!!!????Dead, dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead, I’M DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!?????」

Of all the strangest things to happen!

The lamia’s head was still alive, even after bing sliced from it’s body; it even tumbled on the floor of the cave afterwards.

As though half-crazed, her loud shout resounded inside the cave.

Such marvelous life force.

I had heard, snakes were so tenacious that it wouldn’t die easily, even after slicing away their head.

The lamia’s half-snake body must also have that terrific life force.

Or was that individual (lamia) special, and excelled in vitality.

Though, it would eventually cease to breathe if I left it as it is.

Should I deliver the final blow, as the minimal amount of my mercy?

That way she wouldn’t suffer more than this.

「Pl-Please! Boy, please! (My) Head! Connect my head with my body! 」

The lamia, who was merely a head, made a request to me with frantic expression.


「All you have to do is to place my head to my body at the severed section!!!」

No way, just that? She really just needed to re-connect her severed head back to her body to escape death?

If that was true, then that was some incridible life force.

「Come on, hurry! I beg you, pleasee~ ! If you leave it as it is, I will really die……I will dieeeee!!!!」




I simply stared down at the head-only lamia without budging an inch.

「Whatever you like! You can do whatever you like! If you help me, you can do whatever you like!」


「Tha-That’s right, a slave! I will become a slave for you! Become the boy’s slave and give my whole life for you! 」

Prick, my eyebrows moved a little.

「Will you not betray me?」


「Will you never betray me? Will you become a slave that will never betray me?」

「O-Of course! I will become one! I will become a slave that won’t betray boy……no, Master! 」


「I, sw-swear! I swear to never betray Masteeeer!!!!」


「That’s why, hurry……Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry, hurry!!!!!!!!!」



I picked up the lamia’s head with both hand as light vanished from the pupils, as if the fire of life began to vanish.


Light returned to the eyes of the lamia which was about to lose it.

It seemed I’m picking her up kindled of some kind of hope in that lamia.

But――I smashed that hope into pieces.

「Oya? It seems I picked up a ball that keeps asking to be kicked towards horizon.」


The lamia let out a shrill cry.

The shadow of strong despair remained on her soggy and crumpled face, that was wet with her tears.

I hoist the lamia’s head in front of me.

And then, while looking into the lamia’s eyes,

「It’s not……“Boy”」

「Eh? Eh? 」


「Ah! Ma-Master!!!」

Well…………should I forgive her with this?

I carried the lamia’s head until I reached her body.

Just to be sure, I snatched away the wand, which was held in the headless body’s hand, and kicked it far away.

As for true magic, a wand was needed to invoke the magic.

Because without their wand, a user of true magic couldn’t invoke their most powerful advanced spells.

Afterwards, I joined together the head and body at the severed section.

In truth, I didn’t sympathize with the lamia.

I only considered that if that fellow, who was an excellent true magic user, become my slave, it would make life more convenient in many ways.

Besides――That lamia was guilty toward Angela, so I would have her “pay the price to settle the fight” more than enough.

A slave—if she remained a loyal slave to me, I would consider aiding her, just like everybody else.

But anyhow, though everyone was my slaves, I thought I’d first let her taste the feeling of being at the bottom.

It might be interesting for that lamia to serve Angela, that served me, as a slave of a slave.

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