BT Chapter 21

Screams of Angela

In addition, our shoulders were almost like they were glued together.

While inside the hot spring, I put one of my hands over Angela’s.

After being startled for a moment, Angela looked down while blushing.

I thought she was happy.

Angela’s lips widely loosened.

Finally, Remilia finished taking off all of her clothes.

「Excuse my impoliteness.」

She went into the hot spring with her right foot.

Ughh…………Remilia’s face and figure was just TOO PERFECT.


Not just her face, but that body of her was entirely beautiful.

――It’s a work of art.

That was the best masterpiece. A supreme masterpiece, as if created by the hands of the god of beauty.

The most supreme work of art—that was my impression of her body.

transparent and beautiful skin to the extent that it exceeded the best white porcelain.

Beautiful, sparkling golden hair, like highest grade of gold thread.

Her pupils, were as if they were sucking out your soul and more beautiful than any precious gems.

Though her limbs were slender, only her chest was slightly bigger— on the contrary, made her traits more prominent.[i]

Maybe, this fairy(high elf) was the most beautiful thing when compared with any other existance in this world—-that was what I thought.

I continued to stare at Remilia, as if my soul was sucked out.

The hot water of the hot springs rippled when it come into contact with Remilia’s long and slender thigh, that resembled an antelope goat’s foot.[ii]

Her right hand covered her nether region while her left hand covered her modest but beautiful breasts, she was walking in the hot spring to get close to us.

Though only just a little of it peeked out, her unconcealed thin pubic hair had the same golden colour as her hair. [PF : WARNING INCOMING OF HEAVY NOSEBLEED DETECTED!!!!]

I, my eyes stared, fixedly on Remilia. It was as if I didn’t see the other girls———–

Suddenly, my field of vision was shut in darkness.

「Stop looking so much at nothing but Re-Remilia!!!」[iii]

……Ah, what the?

Did Angela shut both of my eyes with her hands?

The ones that sat on both of my sides were two beautiful girls, that was Luna and Angela, and in front was a beautiful fairy[Remilia], that slowly submerged into the hot spring.[iv]

Remilia’s true age was more than 3000 years old but, her outward appearance could only be seen as a girl in the second half of her teens. [v]

And in addition, she was beautiful to the point that it shook my soul.

Certainly, Both Angela and Luna are also 1 in 10 rare beauties.

Let alone one of ten people, I thought there wasn’t one girl as beautiful as this in 100 people.

Rina, my younger sister, the self-proclaimed most beautiful girl in Raan, and took pride in that.

However, honestly, I think that Angela and Luna are even above her.

Although, Remilia’s beauty was also far above them. [PF : such irony]

To the extent that ten thousand, no, millions of people would not match her in beauty.

Possibly, she may be the most extremely beautiful creature in the world.

I was unable to take my eyes off of Remilia, that was submerged into the hot spring.

「Uu……UUUu…………BUKUBUKU (Bubbling Bubbling) 」

Angela’s face had submerged into the hot water, while she raised a groan while next to me.

In an instant, Angela submerged her face and I felt that tears were gathering in her eyes.

Why did she cry?

「Looking at only Remilia-san…………Beside, having been so close like this with such a beauty, what am I?……….. 」(BukuBuku)

I feel like Angela said something inside the hot water.




Luna said with a shaken voice.

One large bear came down and showed up from the nearby mountain.

It approached the hot spring slowly.

It seemed there was a story that wild bears often entered this remote and unexplored hot spring.

Did this bear come over to enter the hot spring too?

It was a spacious hot spring to begin with, I don’t mind if we enter together.

It was because the present me, who could use the spirits, was not afraid of the bear; not one bit.

As expected, I wanted to wait until the claws reached near me.

I give up the spot in the hot spring that I was submerged in. I didn’t want to drive it away, particularly.


The bear’s eyes were looking at us for some reason. [vi]

Obviously, it seemed the bear recognised us as food.

It was drooling from the mouth.

「Ma-Master, it’s a Bear, A BEAR! IT’S…IT’S SCARY.」

「……Th-Thank you for the meal, it’s delicious」


Angel and Luna is frightened of the bear and came to embrace me.

Though Remilia also could use spirits, her expression was considerably tense; could it be that she was also afraid of the wild bear?

「I will drive it away. so…………please let go of me.」

I could feel the girls hearts making *doki doki* (heartbeat) sounds from their soft limbs, while I made a command. (TL: please check this and remove this comment. It said tachi (for plural), which I assume it’s the girls.)[PF : it’s the girls(Angela and Luna)]

Both of my hands were finally freed.

I put my hand together, as if praying.

But, it was not that I was praying to god, of course. Neither was I begging to the bear to spare my life, as it was not showing any sign to let them go.

I created a hole with my hand.

No, more accurately, I created darkness.

I joined both hand, and inside the hands was darkness.[vii]

That was done for the sake of borrowing the power of Darkness spirit, Dax.[viii]

「《Terror of Darkness (Darkness Terror》」

「……………………Understood………My………Dear, Ash」

[Part 2______]

The Darkness spirit (Dax), who governed darkness and fear, with the form of a black lump and big fist, rammed its body to the bear while saying that in gloomy voice.

In the next moment, the bear ran away at maximum speed.

The bear was dominated by fear.[ix]

The 《Terror of Darkness (Darkness Terror》was a spirit magic that caused fear in the enemy.

And I heard it worked nicely on on animals or animal race monsters.

It was because they lived through instincts.

Probably, the bear that just ran away felt frightened and would think to never again approach this hot spring in the future.

Though, I thought it would be nice to kill it, to made a bear stew ――I just drove it away this time.

In that situation, from the bear POV, it merely tried to take this opportunity to eat them because there were humans (and elves) that tried to enter the hot spring he usually used.

I thought it was somewhat a little pity to kill it just because of that.

If there was a need, I would kill the wild animal without hesitation; but right now, it was not necessary to do so.[x]

I submerged into the hot spring and felt good.

「As expected, master is amazing.」


Angela and Luna’s cheeks flushed red simply by looking at me drive away that bear.

「It’s exceedingly difficult to made a deal with darkness spirit, AAAh GEEZ, just how could he so easily receive its assistance……..」

Remilia looked at me with respectful eyes.

Also, regarding the darkness spirits; I didn’t think that it was particularly difficult to make a deal with them.

I mean, I am close to the ice spirits, even though I lived in an area where it hardly snows, where there shouldn’t be any way to make contact with me.

Was my affinity that good with the darkness spirits, that they were very favorable for me?

They would hear anything I said.

Nevertheless/Still, there was a little problem.

Once I summoned the darkness spirit, they wouldn’t easily return back to the darkness.

Moreover, they would transform into a very beautiful woman, and stand behind me for a long time.

Ji~~~~~~~~~ (PR: Sound effect for staring.)

She would continue to stare at my back in silence.

And once in a while:

「…………My Ash……………………I won’t hand you over…………to anybody…………to anybody.」[xi]

She would mutter to herself in a gloomy voice, or something like that.

In the beginning, I was quite scared at the actions of the darkness spirits, as their personality was a bit off.

Though lately, I had gotten used to it.

After having been refreshed in the hot spring, we went back to our house.

I tried getting onto the bed, that was transported by putting it in the magic leather bag.

It was a bed that was more luxurious than a king size bed. Also, it could float dozens of centimetres above ground using floating magic.

Even if all of us got on it, it would still float and not become overweight.

Since it also had a revolulving function, I tried to see how it’s like.

The bed rotated comfortably while floating in the air.

It was fairly interesting, as it resembled the playground equipment of an amusement park.

「Turn around, turn around♪」

「……How fun…… ♪」

The simple minded Angela and her younger pair, Luna; their eyes shone with pleasure.

「If I remember correctly…………This bed … is similar to some in high class brothels…………」

Remilia muttered to herself while her cheeks flushed red for some reason.

Daylight gradually fell down and I temporarily returned to my parent’s house.

Mother prepared dinner.

I felt bad for mom: I am not hungry because I already ate outside.

I found fruit/nuts/berries in the forest near the town and ate until I became full――and, that was how I deceived mother.

Mother was displeased since I wouldn’t eat her cooking.


I stealthily snuck out of the premises and decided to go to the prairie house.

I should be fine if I went back home before the time for breakfast, tomorrow morning.

The《Communication Earring》 that was unfastened when I was with my family was once more attached to my ear.[xii]

But, was this magic tool a defective merchandise?

I stared to have that doubt, since my conversation with Angela.[xiii]

That time when I went to the unicorn ranch alone, I heard Angela’s voice from the 《Communication Earring》.

After I returned, I asked Angela if she turned on the call button during that time. The beast girl shook her head with a puzzled expression.

If the calling function could turn on involuntarily, it was obviously a defective merchandise.

Tomorrow, I will investigate that in the second-hand shop where I purchased it in the fortress city, Kare.

If it was damaged, I will return the purchased good and exchange it for a new one.

When I opened the window of my room on the second floor, while thinking of such thing――


[Part 3______]

I heard an earsplitting scream.

It was Angela’s scream.

It came from the earring.

My heartbeat jumped sharply.

「Angela!? Hey, What’s happened!?」

I asked the beast girl impatiently through the communication earring.

But, there was no reply from Angela.

「NO! Don’t come near! No no nooooo!!!」

「Angela! Hey! Angela! ANSWER ME!」

「N-No……Forgive me……no……NOooooooOOOOoooo!!!!!!」


「Master! Save me……please save me! Save me…………Master!!!!!! 」

Angela cried to me for help.

However, she’s in a state where she couldn’t hear my voice.

「Tha-That place……the only one who can touch that place is! ONLY MASTER THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN TOUCH THAT PLACE……No, Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!」

「 Are, are they attacking!? He-Hey! Angela! I beg of you, answer me!!」

No matter how many times I called out, there was no reply from Angela.

Did this defective-like merchandise, 《communication earring》’s call function break down――when I equip it on my body?

I didn’t hear Angela’s scream anymore.

On the contrary, I heard nothing from it anymore.

Did the《communication earring》that Angela had get broken?

Most likely…………it must be that.

The earring on Angela’s ear was torn off to the extent――that kind……that kind of …..


I leaped into the evening sky from where I were, just outside the window. [1]

I just flew at great speed.


I beg of you……for heaven’s sake――I’m asking you, that everything was safe.[2]

I flew at full speed in the sky while shaking off the worst scene, that kept surfacing in my head.

If, 『something』 attacked Angela and robbed her of her life――――。


I would track it down and absolutely kill that 『something』.

No, for example, even if Angela, whose life was saved, was raped by『something』and suffered a deep wound in her mind――

In that case…………………Death.

I would absolutely find out that『something』 and kill it without fail.

I flew in the sky at hyper-speed, that I had never revealed so far.[xv]

I probably exceeded the speed of sound.

I aimed towards the great prairie. While at high speed, I saw a huge creature in my flight path.

It was a dragon.[xvi]

The dragon’s overall length was beyond 10 meters.

Though the dragon was feared as the strongest living creature in this world, it was flying in my direction, by some chance.

Though I said it was a dragon, from the color of it’s red scale and it’s size, I can estimate that it was the lower species of firedrake.

However, even if it was a low rank variety, the creatures called dragons were extremely terrifying threats.

That hard scales resists even guns/cannons let alone a bow and arrow, and breath ordinary gust to kill dozens of armed soldiers and knights in one go.

There was also a story that one low rank dragon (lesser dragon) once appeared and completely annihilated the order of chivalry.[xvii] [3]

That dragon opened its large mouth toward me.

It intended to burn me to death with its crimson breathe.

However――the dragon was unable to breath out its fire breathe at me.

「Get out of my way!!!!!!!!!!」

I raised my flying speed, faster than the dragon could breathe its fire, and plunged into that enormous jaw with 《wind spirit blade》in my hand.

While at it, I used a thrust like technique with《wind spirit blade》.

And pierced it into the dragon’s cervical vertebrae from the inside.

The《wind spirit blade》―― It broke through the mucous membrane, the cervical vertebrae, the skin, the meat, and the scales and exited outside of the dragon’s body.

Accelerating faster than the supersonic flying speed, I had thrown my life to give that desperate blow.

Looking back on myself, I had jumped into the gaping jaw of the dragon.

One minute, no even if it was one second faster, I was rushing toward Angela in the Great prairie.

I didn’t think of detouring around the dragon, or letting it pass, in that moment.

It was only that, since I thought it was faster to fly straight, I didn’t think of anything else at all.

I was only flying, using the shortest distance to Angela’s original position; the fastest way and without thinking at all.

Since I killed the dragon in one blow, I think I acquired the qualification to call myself『Dragon Slayer 』――――that kind of thing would be nice.

[i] TL note: 際立たせていた – Conspicuous = stands out so as to be clearly visible.

[ii] TL comment: wait? What? Author? What kind of comparison is this?

[iii] TL comment: oh my god, another one of those annoying things. Got to look back in my notes for this conjugation…and it’s not there. I missed something. Anyway I forget and will put something as what I badly “interpret as”

[iv] TL comment: I’m sorry author, but this “young girl” is perhaps over 9000 years old. How come she’s young? HOW!?! Appearance can be deceiving.

[v] TL note to self: change “十代半ばから後半に” to mid-to-late teens.

[vi] TL comment: It doesn’t want your spot, it wants your meat! (metaphorically for perverts)

[vii] TL comment: KA-ME-HA-ME- HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[viii] TL note: Dax, from chapter 8.

[ix] TL comment: got any idea what the heck is the passive form used for? I’ve only got the regrettable meaning…alright just researched it on Maggie sensei, it could be used for many thing. But here, the character is disappointed at the coward bear who tried to eat him.

[x] TL note: found the usage for –ba. It’s…you know what, you google it. It’s an indication that the preceding clause expresses a condition, like using “if”. If it ran, I will die (something along the line).

[xi] TL comment: The fudge? Did this just became yandare? Sheesh! Ok Ms. Grim reaper…

[xii] TL comment: isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Author?

[xiii] TL note: reference to the 1 way conversation in chapter 14. Oh and Ash, you turned it off you idiot!

[xiv] TL note: kuu – sound effects for being angry.

[xv] TL note: saying he’s flying faster than he ever had before.

PF : he’s entering lightspeed now

[xvi] TL comment: Ball Z! now you need to find the other 6 dragon ballz.

[xvii] TL comment: help? Chivalry of knights? TLC: in other translation sites, kishidan is translated as a Knight Order.

[1] [ED2: He was just outside his parent’s house]

[2] (頼む is equivalent to ‘Please ….’ In English in this situation.)

[3] (ED2: Scary history)PN : it is

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