BT Chapter 20

Hot Spring Time

I arrived at the hot spring.

I lowered Angela to the ground.

「Uwaa, so vast!」

「It’s been a while since I entered a hot spring. About 100 years.」

「…………..This is……………..first time………’s nice and warm……..feels……..good」

Angela, Remilia, and Luna’s faces brightened when they saw the hot spring before their eyes.

Angela’s tail waved, as if expressing her delight.

Remilia and Luna seemed to be happy too.

Their ears, which were longer than human’s, were moving with *pata pata*.

When the heart was excited, the ears of the elves of this world seemed to twitch naturally.

Surely, I was also excited when I was this hot spring for the first time.

Anyhow, it was a good place for cleaning one’s body and it was an area of 100 square meters, that seemed to easily exceed an enormous natural hot spring.

Also, there were probably various effects in the hot spring.

「Ufufu, I assure you the warm water here has various effects such as the treatment of cuts, burns, skin disease, malignant tumours(cancer?), heart disease, weak constitution improvements, and infertility treatment♪」

The hot water spirit who was previously a water spirit (undine) informed us.

「In the olden days, there were many who came to enter. They were the elves of the prairies, that call themselves as Grass Elf or something like that. Though, lately there’s no contact from the grass elf tribe. In addition, various elves, beastmen, animals and monsters have come to bath in this hot spring. Those who wished for children came many times after hearing the stories that got passed down by the ones that were blessed with many children.」

(Hee, I see, various elves and beastmen; even monsters and animals came)

(Besides, aside from the grass elves that inhabited the prairie, there was still many sub-species of forest fairies(elf) that lived in the forest)

The grass elf seemed to be short, unlike a forest elf who was slightly taller than the average human being.

Their height was no more than the hips of a human; even the adults looked like 12 year old kids.

I heard they were extremely nimble creatures, too.

Their race characteristic was not similar to the hobbi●.

They really are not a hob●it.

It’s not a problem like using the copyrighted name, ho●t.

A grass elf is not a ●bbit.

Don’t make a mistake like that with them.

「Though, I have not seen what kind of grass elf is in this prairie. 」

「By the way, almost all of the grass elves were caught by the giants that live in the great forest, on the western side. As slaves they’re forced to do harsh manual labor. They also do things like exhibition killings between friends. The grass elf siblings that managed to escape from their cage and get to this place told that story while weeping.」[1]

(So, The grass elves that were caught by the giants become their slaves.)


However, for example, If I defeated those giants, would the grass elves become my slaves?

I was different from the giants, I did not enforce too much forced manual labor and I didn’t do something as meaningless as the exhibition of friends killing each other; which was futile, as it decreased their numbers.

However, could I——defeat the giants?

The giants fighting strength was something that humans and the like couldn’t hope to match. (TL: pretty much mean giants have uncanny strength/power.)

As a race, if only their numbers weren’t scarce, the giants would become the supreme rulers of the world, instead of humans.

That was, if the giants were under 5 meters, they could be beated, one way or another.

However, because some of the giants were great giants of the 50 metres class. (TL: 進撃の巨人- attack on titan/attack of the titan)

Let alone the villages and towns, even the metropolis would be annihilated by that degree of supersized monster.

No…………But doing something like that would――



I noticed that Angela was looking at me. (TL note to self: じろじろする is “to stare” )

Since she can’t see the spirits, and I’m talking in the direction where there was no one, maybe she felt unpleasant.

「Master, that meditating while muttering alone is also……….cool, desu」(in whisper)

Angela absent-mindedly muttered that line, while her hands touched her red cheeks.

This girl, she was treating everything I did in a positive way. [2]

I cleared my throat with a cough,

「Then, entered the spring.」

And, in hearing that, the slaves, almost involuntary, stripped their clothes.

Though, I was somewhat embarassed in seeing the women’s naked bodies.

However, I was not even 10 years old.

Although I was reincarnated, I was still a child in this world. [PF : What a lucky pervert]

Then according to the memories of my previous life, I had a hunch that for a young boy to go in the woman bath, that 10 was just barely the limit for entering the men’s bath.[TLC :  (前世の記憶では、十歳前後なら、男子は女風呂、女子は男風呂にギリギリ入れた気がするし。)]

In the first place, in this world, a mixed baths were popular in a town with a large public bath.

Even in my pastoral hometown, Raan, till they became an adult, both men and women usually bathed together (in cold water) while naked. [PF : well I also did that in my childhood]

Well…………since I really didn’t have any close local friends from the same generation, I never bathed together, either with boys or girl. [PF : ……..]

First, I checked the warmth of the hot water, touching the hot spring by using my right foot.

It was just the right temperature for bathing in.

I went into the hot spring as it was.


Umuu…………This feel really good.

Pa, paradise!

It even makes me want to come everyday.

「You girls, don’t feel so reserved, get in…………because it FEELS DREADFULLY* GOOD.」[3]

I told the slaves to, so they came into the hot spring with their master.

I didn’t intent to force them.

Beforehand, I already confirmed whether they were reluctant to go into the SPA together with me, a man.

Though those three didn’t seem too reluctant.

I turned my eyes toward Angela who began to take off her clothes.

I noticed when I saw her, Angela’s face flushed red while her hands at her white underwear(pantsu)—–she slowly removed them.[4]

Remilia, who was wearing a dress, took some time to remove it.

She spent some time taking off her dress, white stockings, breastplate, corset, chemise*, etc, because she wore many clothes on her body, taking all of that off seemed really hard.[5]

But, Remilia was really wearing various things on her body.

[Part 2______]

The nobles of that country didn’t wear anything under their dresses. Including the ladies, it was kinda like “no-panties” under their dress. [6]

For the sake of the honor of those noble ladies, I must say first that they DEFINITELY ARE NOT EXHIBITIONIST.

In that country, not wearing anything under their dresses was a common thing.

In my previous life, I think I had heard about that in Europe, during the Middle Ages.

There were many reasons, but the main purpose was to comfort yourself. [7]

It seemed it was a really hard problem to undress her own dress layer by layer alone; they didn’t have that much time.

Therefore, they could instantly take care of their “call of nature*” with that kind of dress, making good use of their panty-less state.[8]

By the way, the reason why the female nobles wore that kind of dress in this world was because of the sewage environment, thus the number of the toilets were scarce.

The reason they wore dresses that had a long hem was because it made them easier to take care of their bussiness—–indoors and outdoors. [9]

The noble girls alo did something similiar, they carried portable pots[potty] and had their attendants carry it for them.

But then, even if Remilia was spirit user, despite always keeping herself clean, she still dug holes in the earth using earth spirits to take care of her bussiness. Then she completely washed away the filth on her an*s and her pus*y using water spirits. [10]

I took care of “my big one” outside, the same way she did.

But that was another story. Using water spirit to wash your an*s felt REALLY~ GO~OD. [11]

It felt twice as good as the bidet toilet from the memories of my previous life. No, it felt dozens times better.

The tongue of the water spirit, which had a lovely girls appearance, are——let’s stop this talk at this point.[12]

The beautiful half-elf girl, Luna, was undressing all her cloths, but she was hesitating when it come to soaking in the hot spring.

While fidgeting, she hid her breasts and“nether region”with her hands.

However, her age should be just a little over 10 years old like me but……she sure was nicely developed.

If it was the three sizes and height, she was already not inferior to adult woman.

「What’s matter? Come in quickly, you don’t need to restrain yourself」

I called out to her,

「……is it……really ok……for me……to enter?」


「But……If I, who am dirty, to enter……the hot bath……get dirty…………」 [13]

Somehow, no matter how hard I try, it seemed she was especially hesitant to enter the hot spring together with me, who was her master.

Luna’s self-esteem was low and even under the impression that she, herself was but filth.

I stood up and silently aprroached Luna.

「Wah-WaWaWaWa, Master’s E-Elephant…………」[14]

Angela concealed her eyes with both of her hands while muttering something, I decided to ignore her.

I would become embarrassed if I worried about it.

However, while concealing her eyes with her hands, I felt she was looking at my nether region from the gaps of her fingers.

Remilia, while her face looked calm like she didn’t have any interest at all, I knew that she was giving sidelong glance.

Well, setting that aside.

「Look at me! Luna」


I faced toward Luna and held out my right hand.

It looked like an escort.

With the hand that covered her breasts, Luna quietly grabbed my right hand

I guided Luna inside of the hot spring.

And then, I, with Luna next to me, immersed myself in the hot spring.

So close to the extent that our shoulders touched each other.

Our hands were still clasped together within the hot spring.

Because Luna didn’t let go of my hand.


Angela raised a dog-like groan while looking at Luna who was immersed in the hot spring, while our shoulders touched each other.

And then, she hurriedly jumped into the hot spring.

「Ma-Master, so, soso, sorry, I will take your side too.」

She immediately positioned herself on my empty left side, completely dismissing my opinion.

[1] (TL: researching other useful conjugation, etc. I sometime forget them.)

[2] (TL: erm, I had other interpretation, but I’ll keep it as original as possible.) (PF : sorry, I change it to my own improvisation) (ED: whatever you say, Yuki)

[3] *[ED: Dreadfully in the old english sence. Like ‘very’.] [4] (TL: so is Ash or Angela blushing? Or both?)(PF : it’s Angela) [ED: it’s Angela] [5] [PF : If there’s no Hot spring description I will mistake Ash for coming to striptease club] [ED: More likely refers to an old-syle undershirt. Think bar-wench not baby-doll] [6] (TL: added time there because… you know? Excitement from “accidentally” seeing the exposed part or looking at their outlines of their “bre-*cough! Cough!*ast”.)[ED2 : you’re so excited, wait till you read the next line] [7] [ED2: there’s a company that have “naked dress code” in america, basically they’re working naked(both gender)] [8] [ED2 : in ladies language it’s “picking a flower” and the other stuff like that] [9] [ED2 : now you won’t look at those dress with same eyes again….EVER!!!] [10] [ED2 : I heard many agonizing voice from the other side of the monitors….] [11] (TL: …*cough* what? Wait? How? Somebody explain me the process please!) [ED2 : it’s something like that] [12] [ED2 : Remilia already lost her dignity by this point, oh and I think you already know the continuation of that “tongue”] [13] (TL get a motivation boost)[ED2 : ???] [14] (TL: is it really that big at the age of 10?)[ED2 : if it’s big, it’s not elephant anymore]



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