BT Chapter 2

House on the Prairie

unanimously the spirits let out a cry.

I’m a genius?

so I’m really didn’t have any talent for magic?

really? what the hell she saying———-u, uwaaaa!

the bear, climbing the tree!!!

crap, really dangerous situation!!!

that moment, I jumped from the tree

And planning to immediately made my escape from there ——but my landing is bad

and it’s twisted my angkle

It’s still fine for walking, but running at full speed is too much.

…………It’s game。

imagining that I will be eaten alive by that bear, in confused state I considering suicide by biting my tongue。

the bear jumped from the tree, and approaching me.

he’s being alert, or so, since I don’t have any plan to escape anymore, he’s slowly coming at me.

「nenenenenene」[TL : the spirits calling him]

one of the five spirits flying to my ears and speaking to me.

and the other spirits following her.

「need our help?」


what is this spirits just said, in a moment, I understand what she mean.

「I~M~E~A~N. we’re Sylph, low ranked wind spirits, and we can help you from that bear, is what I mean!」



「……………………really?, you will help me?」

「「「「「Of Course!」」」」」」

Sylph and the other spirits nodding at the same time

though somehow they seems to be weaker compared to the bear, but it didn’t seem so.

but, this is also my last hope in this situation.

「Help me!Please!!!」

「Um~, Okay. then, first the provisional contract. Chuu!」

suddenly, the first spirit kissing my cheek

pressing her little lips to me

「「「「「A~h, so cunning!ME Too!」」」」」

the other spirits, five of them simultanously coming at me.

well, they’re kissing my forehead and cheeks.

「this will seal the contract nano. however this is only temporary contract, let’s do with lips next.


「well then, use the most basic spirit magic of Wind system 《Wind Spirit Arrow (Sylph Arrow )》to shoot down that jumping bear. we will lend you our strength」

Spirit Magic?

《Wind Spirit Arrow (Sylph Arrow )》?

I’ve never learn something like that from my parents………

「Quickly shout 《Wind Spirit Arrow (Sylph Arrow )》and aim at that bear!what are you waiting for?, that bear want to eat you!」

「Ah……Aa、I、Know that」

I’m pointing at between the eyes and nose while waiting for the bear to approach me.


「《Wind Spirit Arrow (Sylph Arrow )》」

I let out a desperate cry.


All six spirits shouting at the same time, while the bear rushing at high speed

then something passed through area between the eyes of the bear, one object drilled through in between it’s eyes.

from the condition of it’s corpse, it’s appear to hit the vital spot..

and the spirit arts spot passing through it’s nether region.

the bear tottering backward, and collapsed with a thud.

I timidly approaching that dead bear.

A …… Amazing……。

Even with True Magic it was very difficult to take down the vigorous Wild bear in one blow.

at least that’s impossible without surpassing intermediate rank.

not to mention my Older brother, maybe it even impossible for my parents.

Previously, in the occasion where my father is appointed as the new lord of this town, he boasted his story about him eliminating dangerous animal from the forest.

The story of that time is、similiar to father, mother too those two using True Magic, showering the bear with spells since the start of battle and finally take it down――, that what they said.


I can see the spirits doing a high five each other.

「Hey, look at me!」


「My Bad. such time, we’re tossing our hand to celebrate our victory. There you are!」

the first spirit urging me, i raised my hand.


One by one, the spirits toss my hand.

This time I can’t believe myself that I’m flying through the sky.

《Levitate》magic, even High Class spellcaster can’t use it.

to me, the spirit――Wind Spirits Sylph――they said to recite《Wings of Wind (Sylph Wing )》and after I recite that, my body floating.

as a result, my body embraced by the the Wind Spirit Sylph, and can freely fly in the sky.

the first time I’m flying in the sky, I’m deeply moved, to the extent that I forgot my injured leg.

and since that time, My life completely changed.

yes, my life as a human spectacularly changed in an completely unexpected direction.

It’s not just wind spirit, fire, water, earth, darkness, and light spirit, I start befriend them.

Everyone of them, are very surprised with my talent as Spirit User, and cheerfully signing a contract with me.

I, rather than with human, is more enjoying being together with the spirits a human、my heart is at ease.

stranger won’t know what kind of conversation I had with the spirits.

I’m listening to what the spirits says, the spirits listening to what I says.

I’m breaking my oath to my parents behind their back, I’m talking to those spirit, based on this, mustn’t let anyone know.[TL : confused with this part –>両親との誓いを破っているという後ろめたさがあるので、精霊たちとの会話は、基本、誰もいない場所でしていたけどな。]

Borrowing power from the Wind Spirits Sylph, so that I can fly, out of town, I’m flying freely to someplace without humans.

My favourite place is, a certain Vast grassland that can be reached by flying for approximately thirty minutes away.

looking at the greenery spreading as far as I can see、it’s even reached the horizon.

also, since one need to passing the mountain from the city, 、there isn’t even one human live in the surrounding.

this is also importan for me who is a Misanthropist.

lying on the ground with the spirits enjoying the warm climate of the big grassland, is a pure bliss.

furthermore, borrowing The power of Earth Spirit Gnome, I build my house in the Big Grassland.

My own house.

no, Me and the spirits house.

Hardening the soil to made a simpleone-story house、but it’s quite wide.

It’s enough as protection againt the rain, but――lately, it’s not enough anymore.

As I thought, It need various furniture.

it’s not that straw bed is bad but, I want a soft and comfy bed placed in the house.

after that――I need a slave.

an obedient slave who could use magic.

human that absolutely won’t betray me—–yes, I wanted slave.

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