BT Chapter 18

Faith and Pride of Unicorn’s

「However, you were standing together and fighting the griffons to protect the mares.」

I said that, while at the same time having a bit of a better opinion of them.

At the time of the raid by more than 100 griffons, the unicorns were protecting the mares by using their own bodies.

Luckily, when the raid started, I had noticed the unusual phenomenon at the unicorn ranch, so there were no casualties.

Nevertheless, majority of the unicorns sustained major injuries.

Although wounded, the unicorns protected the mares.

「Fuu, it’s natural.」

The young representative of the unicorns, Geo, replied.

「It’s because about half the mares are the ones that gave their virginity to us. Some of them might also conceive our children in their belly. To protect them is only natural」 (TL note: “守るのは当然であろう”the “の” there is connected with protect, it assumed to connect with mare.)

「That’s the case for the mares that offered their virginity to you. If they were the non-virgins are you still going to protect them too?」

Certainly, the virgin craving unicorns would steal the virgins for themselves, They wouldn’t even concern themselves with the non-virgins. [TLC :  (てっきり処女厨ユニコーン共は、自分達で処女を奪っておきながら、相手が非処女になったとたん関心がまるで無くなるかもと思っていたが。)]

「We~ll, that’s…」

Snort, Geo showed a cool smile with his eyes closed.

Che, in spite of being a horse, that one scored some points.

It raised my valuation of the unicorns’ stock.


「About that other half of them that are here, the bitches that offered their virginity to males beside us, whatever happens to them is fine for us. Whether they’re eaten or raped by the griffons, that didn’t have anything to do with us」

The young unicorn, Geo, said it like it was natural.

My valuation of unicorns’ stock that rose just now, instantly plummetted.

Well, it meant that these guys wouldn’t change their mind.

As I thought,『Education』is necessary.

「By the way, I don’t see you guys mating with the mares at all right now. Yet, you were swarming the virgin mares, wanting to be the first when I brought them in for the first time」

「Those virgins already got our first-rate, noble pen*s. After become a used goods, though we will protect them, we are not interested in mating with them again.」


「There’s nothing we can do. It’s because our first-rate, noble pen*ses won’t erect unless they’re in a brand new, pure virgin」 [Speaking with a haughty tone]

I see, so they can’t get any reaction…

If that was the case…………then, I just need to do something to make that reaction.

Copulating with nothing but virgin mares and in addition to that, they simply only mate with it once in the beginning. and never do it again with the same mare. Inexcusable.

As I thought, these guys needed 『Education』 for the sake of raising the productivity of the unicorn ranch.

I temporarily created a hole in the earth wall.

From there, I let the virgin centaur, Rusche, and other virgin mares get out.

The ones left there were those that, because they had already copulated with other male horse, the unicorns never wanted to become their partners.

After that, I brought the young unicorn, Geo inside a special education room. (TL: refer back to a chapter which I don’t remember, about him suggesting in putting a non-virgin old mare and him together.)

Inside the unicorn ranch, there was a special corrections room that I made, a 3-metre-radius space surrounded by 2 metre high walls; I put him in there.

At the same time, I arranged for him to copulate with the oldest mare[15 years old] that had already copulated with other male horses.[TL2: such cruel treatment(befitting to fall to Geo)]

By the way, a 15 year old horse in human terms would be 50 to 60 years old.

「Fun! Even if injected with whatever kind of medicine, we, the high-class noble unicorn, won’t feel any passion towards that dirty middle-aged second-hand woman! 」(TL: we need over 9000 CC on these guys.)[TL2 : they will die like some boy from brazil]


Geo declared that confidently.

And so, I made a certain『Bet』 with the unicorns.

The bet was, they had to prove to me that, after I inject them with the stimulant that I had gotten from town, they will not feel anything towards the mares that had done it with other male horses. [ED: 俺が街で手に入れてきた is like a modifier for 興奮剤. It is difficult]

If the unicorn could endure for half a day, I promised to bring them a large quantity of virgin mares every day from now on.

Thus, the unicorns accepted the bet with full confidence that they would never be aroused by second-hand mares and the likes.

I injected the stimulant into the unicorns.

But, I never told them that it was not a normal one.{ED: taken the liberty here to add spice]

It was a special stimulant with a strong aphrodisiac effect, even can be said a kind of magic potion; [TL2 : 催淫àaphrodisiac]


In fact it was too strong, to the point that its use on humans and fairies was prohibited.

「It’s USELESS, FUTILE! WE, the unicorns, are proud sacred beasts that have strong sense and will power! WE WON’T COPULATE WITH THAT DIRTY SECOND-HAND GOODS and throw away OUR BELIEVE with ONLY THIS DEGREE OF MEDICINE! WHAT EVER MEDICINE WE’RE INJECTED WITH, THE PRIDE AS UNICORN RACE WILL NEVER ALLOW US COPULATE WITH SECOND-HAND GOODS!!!! WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LOSE TO THE MEDICINE!!!! 」[TL2 : what a magnificent speech, at least till you read the second part…….] [Part 2 ______]

Immediately after injecting the stimulant, the unicorns were composed.


Before 30 minutes had even passed, their sense of reasoning was blown off and transformed them into a sex beast.

It was to the extent that even that young unicorn, Geo, began to copulate with the horse in the special training room.

His partner was a 60-years-old mare, if converted to human age.

While he continue to copulate with her, Geo muttered 「 I can’t win against the drug…」, with teary eyes.

I was satisfied with the result.

With this, the condition of virgin unicorn cooking also eased-up a little.

I was sure that with this, the unicorn ranch’s productivity would also increase. (TL: I know, I’m adding word here and there. What do you get when you have griffon + centaur?)[TL2 : Hippogriff, though they’re still pervert in the end]


Up till now, the unicorns wouldn’t copulate unless it was with virgin and they would only do it once.

And yet, maybe because of their high fertility, they were not annihilated.

With that, by putting a great number of mares in the ranch everyday, and making them copulate from morning till night——I have a hunch that the number of delivered foals would explode.

Among the children born here and there might be a female unicorn――――just maybe.[TL2 : So you really wished for it, huh]

Leaving behind the unicorn ranch, I went with female centaur, Rusche, till we reached the temporary settlement, then went back to house.

The Taupnir tribe, that became my slaves, became stiff when I ordered them to immigrate near the unicorn ranch in a few days.

Because Rusche was wearing the『Collar of slavery』, there was no fear of her running away.

Because the 『Collar of slavery』would choke the neck of a slave that tried to escape.

「Haa! I understand O’Great Ash-sama!!!」

Strong loyalty lodged in the eyes of the female centaur slave, Rusche.

If it was her, even if I remove the『Collar of slavery』, I get the feeling that she would not run away.

But, I, who hate betrayal, wouldn’t want to remove it.

……………………at least not now.

I was worried if she could return to the village alone, but Rusche confidently said that it wouldn’t be a problem.

It was befitting of Rusche, with her excellent archery and also fast feet, so I thought there wouldn’t be any problems.

Therefore, I returned by myself.

I flew and went to the house in the great prairie.

After I arrived, I entered the house.

Inside the house had already transformed beyond recognition.

The slave girls, Angela, Remilia, and Luna altered the interior design of the room.

The atmosphere inside the house had considerably changed with curtains and miscellaneous goods purchased from the fortress city, Kare.

Good quality carpet was laid on the floor too.

It was flooded with something like freshness and became gorgeous.

There was also a nice smell floating around, were they burning incense too?.

The incense had a relaxing effect, which calmed me by smelling it.

In addition, it made me think that it increased the comfort level of living in the house by three times.

――Not bad.

That was my honest impression.

「Ah, Welcome home Master!!!!!」

The first one that came out to greet me was, as I thought, the beast girl Angela.

As usual, she greeted me while dashing at me with her tail waving intensely.

And then――she let out――「Hawaa!?」(TL: *Quack!* Magnificently)

She fell down where there was nothing. This girl, could it be that she had dojikko* attribute? [TL2 : clumsy girl]

This person, that looked unnatural just now…… must have been my imagination.

I caught Angela.

「Te, Tehehehe…………Ah, thank you very much Master♪」

Angela looked very delighted when she was caught by me.

Her tail was waving vigorously while her face flushed red.

As expected, she was cute.

Angela was so cute and lovely and……it was adorable.

I――kissed Angela.

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