BT Chapter 17

Female Centaurs

When I said that if I was allowed to make the whole tribe become my slaves, they really would become my slaves.

It looked like there were violent tribal disputes amongst the centaurs that resided in the great prairie; it was often that the losing tribe in the battles were enslaved.

Becoming the subjects of a strong man wasn’t an unusual thing for the centaurs.

Of course, the centaurs seemed to be considerably at a lost, but the final choice was either to become a slave or face total annihilation.

The female centaur, Rusche, and the 4 subordinates were desperately persuading their adversaries.

Although I said slave, taking them and selling them to the likes of the human country wouldn’t happen――――That was my definate promise, I think.

I was not too familiar with human slaves and the like―― I also had strong opposition towards that; I summoned the earth spirit king (behemoth) and displayed its overwhelming stature/large build, in order to break their will and have them become obedient. (TL note: showing off power, dominance, and rule.)

「Ash-sama…………My older brother, the patriarch, that foolish Cain; please forgive him. 」

[TLC : 「アッシュ様…………私の兄であり族長でもあるケインの愚行、本当に申し訳ありませんでした」]

The female centaur, Rusche, apologized to me again while running behind me, through the great prairie.

I am put a 『Collar of Obedience』 on Rusche’s neck.

Among the centaurs who became my slaves, I only put a『Collar of Obedience』on this female centaur and the patriarch, Cain, I. (TL: note to self, change all Cane to Cain) [ED: Cain, maybe]

Though, I actually want them all to wear them.

But, unfortunately, there aren’t enough 『Collars of Obedience』.

Today, I was going to go to the fortress city, Kare to buy stimulants. Taking that opportunity, I was also going to to buy 『Collars of Obedience』 at the slave firm.

One was needed for my newly acquired slave, the half elf Luna.

Not buying just one, but ten at a time. [TL2 : what about the centaurs?]


I took into account that the number of slaves would increase again.

The reason I bought 10 was, when you buy 10, you get one free as a service. [TL2 : Buy 10 get 1]

By the way, though the market price was 10 gold coin, I only needed to pay 9 ½ (gold) coins.

Now, I went along with the female centaur, Rusche, that was wearing『Collar of Obedience』as my slave, going towards the unicorn ranch. (TL: I fear for her chastity.)

The other centaurs were waiting for orders in the village.

They were, however, going to migrate to the vicinity of the unicorn ranch afterwards.

Though there were 50 centaurs, I didn’t particularly know what to do with them.

Therefore, they would live on the outskirts of the unicorn ranch for now, and I would allow them to become the unicorn’s bodyguards.

Aside from more than 100 griffon, like that time, if it was the weaker fliying demon, the centaurs’ bows would take care of it.

Because Rusche was a hostage(Collateral Horse*) as well as a guard for my other slaves, it might be better for her to live in my house. (TL: yeah I have many interpretation of this one. Help please)[TLC :  (ルーシェは、人質(馬質)兼、他の奴隷の護衛として、俺の家で生活させるかもしれないが。)]

……It was not particularly to increase my slave harem.

I didn’t have any intention of taking someone to increase harem slave.

Even if her upper body was a big breasted beautiful woman, Rusche’s lower body was still a horse.

…………Certainly, her upper half was truly a beauty. A cold beauty to astonishing degree……added with enormous breasts…..but.

「Cain ani* is courageous and powerful. Even so, he is also quickly tempered. Please……please forgive him」[TL2 : ani is same as onii-san, nii-san]

「You don’t need to apologize so many times. When the others also became slaves, I already forgave them」

In addition to being fed-up with her repeated apologies, I said that so she wouldn’t apologize anymore.

By the way, Cain’s wounds were more shallow than I thought, maybe they would be healed in a few days.

He may also shoot the bow again, just like before.

Such a tough guy.

If it was him, with his brute strength and solid build taking that bow, I feel like being able to use him for something.

Though, I’m extremely doubtful about his degree of loyalty.

Well, since just like Rusche, their patriach Cain also waring a『Collar of Obedience』.

They can’t betray me, even if they want to do so.

「Tell me, did your ancestors have something done to them by humans?」

I’m a little worried because the other centaurs said something about their treatment.

「Yes…………The truth is――」

It was more than 100 years ago.

Their ancestors lived in a different place to the great prairie.

That place also lushly green with many game animals; it was truly a blessed land.

That place——-was snatched by the humans.

They resisted, but there were too many. No matter how hard they tried they were no match for the human troops, who had countless true magic users.

Many of their brethren died.

The place where they were living for many years was snatched; they then looked for new place, a place that completely had nothing to do with humans. They wandered around the world.

They felt hatred and resentment toward the human race.

At the end of their long and difficult journey, they finally discovered a new fertile ground.

So it was, that place was—-the great prairie.

「The ancestors who received cruel treatment from the humans told hateful legends about humans to their offspring. Our generation too, never held good feelings for humans. Especially young men around Cain’s age; they also vow to take revenge upon humans someday. Therefore, seeing Ash-sama, who is a human, he——-」

I see, indeed.

Inheriting resentment from their ancestors, that was why they were trying to kill me on sight. So that was their reason.

If that was the case I understood it——-I could understand their feelings.

「……I’m not directly related to that, you know」

「Tha, that’s right! O, of course I know that! Ah, Um, I’m really sorry! 」

The reason Rusche became confused and apologized to me was because I spoke in that kind of evil voice.

「You don’t particularly have to apologize. 」


「you apologized for your stupid elder brother and his clan. Though, they said I was a human and suddenly attacked」

「T, The punishment for that foolish older brother, let his relative, I, the younger sister, take it. I will take whatever punishment it is. Therefore, the punishment for my older brother, and my centaur tribe, by all means…….please pardon them.」

「I keep saying, I already pretty much forgave them after all of them became my slaves. Geez, I already let it be bygones. Besides, what an older brother does……..has nothing to do with his little sister……. 」

「A……Ash-sama? 」

My voice became considerably darker and depressed from the middle of the sentence.

Because the trauma of my previous life was still there.

In the previous life, I received several false charges. That not only affected me, but also people other than me; it even included my family and my little sister.


「Ah, Um……A-Ash-sama.」

「No, it’s nothing.」

I shook my head to cast away my previous life.

No matter how miserable my past (previous life) was, It didn’t matter now.

I was literally born again and reincarnated.

I would be fine if I enjoyed the present life as much as I could.

「Enough of that, Rusche. At this rate, the sun will set soon.」

I said so, and Rusche turn around with arms open wide.

And then, I flew at a low altitude.

「You’re good at running, is it because your lower body is a horse?」

「Ah. Y-yes! The speed of Tauonir tribe is the best. Beside, there is a legend that we’re descended from the sacred horse, Sleiphnir. Amongst all 75 centaur-Nir- Tribes, I can say that we’re amongst top five.」

「All right. Follow me and run with all your might.」

[Part 2______]

Rusche was certainly quite fast.

Speaking of speed, my flying speed had already surpassed 60 km/hr.

It was already the average racehorse’s (thoroughbred) speed.

If possible, I can increase my speed further.

My flying speed increased by almost twice; it appear my speed was more than 120 km/hr.


As expected, she couldn’t match my speed.

When I turn my face around, Rusche’s figure already looks like a speck.

It can’t be helped; I waited for Rusche while hovering in the air.

「Haahaa……Ash-sama is so great, his flying speed is also……… HaaHaa……splendid……HaaHaaHaaHaa……desu……HaaHaa」

As a result of sprinting with all her might, Rusche’s breath became incridibly rough.

Now, though she was advancing slowly, at the speed of a walking horse, it looked considerably painful for her.

Though I was flying slowly at her side, her speed dropped even further.

「It seems like it’s nothing special. It doesn’t mean the speed is terribly fast.」

Rusche’s breathing settled afterward.

「N-No, I mean, we centaur tribes excel in hunting, we also respect fast runners. Also, we yearn to be someone who can flying so high and quickly in the sky」

She said that while she looked at me with a look of respect and envy.


「Ash-sama, can you fly higher and faster than a bird?」

「Well, let see. I think I can fly high and fast for many thousand metres. Moreover, I can fly faster than bird. Even faster than a falcon[Hayabusha*] or a swallow[Tsubame*]」[TL2 : he said Falcon and Swallow in Kanji, but said it in katakana, so maybe reference for a certain fighting game]


「I can say that I fly higher and faster than a Pegasus[Pegasus*] from the horse race」[TL2 : Pegasus Fantasy, Ehm I mean the kanji written as Pegasus but Ash said it in katakana]

「More than a Pegasus too…………」

I have a hunch that the colour of envy and respect in Rusche pupil become stronger.

「So envious. I, even once is enough, flying in the sky…….like bird…..or pegasus ―― That is my dream 」

「Is that so…………If that’s the case, want to try flying? 」


「Don’t move from that spot for a moment.」

I descended, diving to the bewildered Rusche on the ground.

I crawl under the horse’s abdomen.

And then, I hold Rusche’s foreleg in my hand and carry her on my shoulder.

「Wh-What are you……………Aah!!」(TL: *repress all perverted thoughts*)[TL2 : this made me remember about centorea]


Hey, she raise an unusually erotic voice.

By some chance, did Rusche’s nipples(horse part) rub on my back?

Not just the female centaur’s human portion of the body, but does her horse portion of the body have nipples too?

……which of them would be used to give milk to their babies?

That kind of question sprang out suddenly.

「Ah, Um, Ash-sama…………Eeee!?」

Rusche raise a surprised voice.

I fly in the sky as I carry her on my back.

The current Rusche can fly in the sky by riding on my back.

Though it doesn’t mean that I have superior physical strength; it was just that by borrowing the power of wind spirit, I can even fly while carrying a horse and cow.

「Amazing…………I’m flying…………I’m, flying!!!!」

Rusche is currently overcome with emotions.

And then, with shaken voice

「My dream……my dream came true. The dream from my childhood…………」

「Is that so? That’s a relief.」


One falcon was passing by, near us.


「I’m going to increase my speed a little.」

「eh? Ah……Kyaa!?」

As I carry Rusche on my back, I chase after the falcon and overtake it.

Rusche was flying at high speed without hindrance on my back as I reached the unicorn ranch.

I then descend to the ground.

「Here is the unicorn ranch I talked about. The centaurs will immigrate to the surrounding outskirts of the castle wall and you and the centaurs are to take care of it, is that fine?.」



I drop her off from my back as Rusche was in a dazed state while holding her bow.


「Ah! Y-Yes, understood Ash-sama.」

She suddenly notice when I called her twice and her face recovered and nodded, trying to brace it diligently

「I can smell the aroma(smell) of a virgin.」

「Ooo, that beauty of centaur tribe is a virgin, isn’t she?」

「That beautiful and pure virgin, by all means, please give birth to my child」

I, no, Rusche was surounded by unicorns.

These guys, they really are indiscriminate when they see a virgin.

Though, Rusche was a virgin; this was the first time I heard that.

「Rusche. Are centaurs and unicorn able to produce a child? 」

「ah, yes. The possibility of having a child is exceedingly rare. If they born, it will be a very rare species called Unitaurs」


The unicorn and centaur’s child is Unitaurs, right. (TL: I am imagining a large horn sticking out of the head of upper half human body and white/random colored lower half of the body.)[TL2 : how coincident, me too] [ED: Kuruna from Rune Factory 3 with a horse body]

Though I now knew its name, I wondered about their appearance.

…………Should I try it, different tribe crossbreeding?

「ah, um!」


「I, I don’t want to give birth to unicorns child, b, by all means, I want to give birth to A, Ash-sama’s child.」

Could it be that, thinking that she will be made pregnant with a unicorn’s child, Rusche hastily said those lines?.

She was desperate, her face blushed too.

Centaurs…….could they give birth to a human child too?[TL2 : such convenient creature]

Well, though it was not like Rusche really wanted to give birth to my child.

I didn’t a have bestiality fetish.[TL2 : I changed the concept a bit]

I was relentless, even to 『half human』 half horse.

Rusche’s upper body was a cool beauty with big breasts, never the less, I was still relentless.

If I tryed it with a centaur, there was a more human-like person nearby, the lovely beastgirl, Angela――――――――)[TL2 : she caught your tail, huh]


Setting that aside, this world had considerable freedom in the matter of crossbreeds between different species.

A child could also be born between a unicorn and human too.

Female unicorns were an extremely rare species, I heard a legend that they could give birth to human child.

Well, though I don’t have any intention, either, for my child to be born from female unicorn.

To some extent, it would become bestiality.

In legend, female unicorns seem to have the appearance of a very beautiful human girl.

But, inside, they were still a horse.

For example, if by some miracle, a female unicorn was born in this unicorn ranch, I would never put my hands on her.

I truly means that.


Somehow, I felt that I just build some kind of flag……….No, it was just my imagination.

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