BT Chapter 16


「Which reminds me, there’s a visitor.」


Syl, who among the wind spirits (Sylph) had an especially good relationship with me, said that to me.



「A visitor? During my battle with the griffons? 」


「That’s right. Though they were only watching from the surroundings, and at quite a distance.」 (TL note: “けど”- from what I am taught, it’s making the sentence say but or something.)[PF : it can be used as “though”]


「……….what kind of person were they?」


「They had the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a horse.」



Was it a Centaur?


Centaurs were a half-human-half-beast race that had from above the neck (of the horse) replaced with the upper body of a human; they also resided in the great prairie. [TLC :  (この大草原には馬の首から上が人間の上半身に置き換わったような姿をしている半人半獣の種族であるケンタウロスも住んでいる。)


I happened to catch sight of centaurs several times from a distance when flying through the sky.


I’ve addressed them, but never come into a contact with them.


Incidentally, the centaurs in this world have become repeatedly persecuted by humans and were treated as monsters.



「That, it’s probably a centaur.」


「There are 5 men and 1 woman.」


「Hu~n, there’a woman centaur also mixed in with their group?」


「That woman, she has ultra-big-breast. They’re SOOO BIG!」 (TL:was?)[PF : They’re so big that Syl actually said BOINBOIN]



Moving her hands infront of her chest, the wind spirit made movements to express big breasts.


Syl’s chest was sad to the extent that her chest was truly nonexistent.



「Those people hesitated whether to greet you or not, Ash-kun, but eventually all of them left 」


「I see」


「They’re extremely scared of Ash-kun」




I flew in the sky in order to return to the unicorn ranch.


On my way, I came across a lion that was attacking zebra families.


The mother Zebra frantically protecting her children [foals] from the predator[Lion].


At this rate, however, once they’ve used up all their power, they will be eaten by the lion along with their kids.





The wild meant the survival of the fittest (law of the jungle).


The weak will be preyed upon.[PF : changed the meaning a bit since it’s more fitting this way]


It’s an unfortunate encounter, I, who is stronger than you.






A streak of thunder fell down upon the lion. (TL: If you know what I mean +1 anti-stress comment)[PF : accepted but, I must return the sentencs to normal as a result]


Since I reduced the power it wouldn’t be fatal but, for a while it will be numb.


During that time, the zebra family escaped.


It seemed the lion was unlucky today. (TL adding: “Because he met me, I shock him with my long straight beam (lighting) that would shock anyone when seeing the magnitude of it.” Inappropriate comment +1)[PF : I’m more shocked with the “light beam” part]


He accidentally met someone stronger than himself in the middle of its hunting.





「Just now, I practiced my spirit magic against a wild animal. It was just training. Training that used a lion as my target. So, no hard feelins[PF : -_-…………]


I muttered that to the wind spirits; the wind spirit, Syl, giggled.


「Ash-kun is lying to himself. But, that’s so cute」


「……Shut it!」






I saw a small scale village.


I saw few houses that resembled the movable kind of house(Yurt) that were usually used by nomadic tribes.


The roofs were made from non-woven sheep wool fabric(pelt).


It looked quite comfortable to live in them.


I was getting interested and approached the village. [PF : maybe hamlet is more appropriate since it’s consisting only of few house] [ED: If they were permanent structures I’d agree with hamlet. Instead, it would be a nomatic village and that gets tiresome to both read and type.]


There was also dozen of humans riding hors—–no, they’re centaurs.


With the upper-half of their bodies as human and the lower-half of their bodies as horses, there were several dozen people, several dozen of horses, in that village.


I puzzled over whether to take a detour at that moment.


Well, come to think of it, maybe they wouldn’t pay too much attention to me if I passed them while flying in the sky. [PF : Superman become target of paparazzi coz HE CAN FLY] [ED: Also because of the whole ‘hero’ thing…]


I want to see the moving type house(Yurt) up close.


I lowered my altitude untill I was flying about 20 meters above the ground, and passed through the village.


Several centaurs noticed me and pointed at me; though I don’t care about that.


Which reminded me, I hadn’t used《Concealment》


Well, that’s fine.



From one best looking moving type houses(yurt) in the village, a male centaur appeared.


He was one head taller than others centaurs, his naked half upper body was quite muscular. (TL: *sniff* sorry folks, trying to making it as accurate as possible.)


His arm muscles were especially amazing.


He was carrying a bow with those arms.


With the average strength of a human, the string of that longbow(Daikyuu*) simply couldn’t be pulled.[PF : Longbow in kanji, while daikyuu in hiragana, but their meaning is same anyway] [ED: I think I know this one, isn’t it tying to differentiate it as a western style bow, rather than a Japanese style one. Maybe the reverse…]


The tall Centauru nocked the bow with an arrow and——SHOOT IT TOWARDS ME!!!






I, somewhat confused, borrowed the power of the wind spirit, 《(Wind Armor) Sylph protection》 to avert the arrow.


It couldn’t completely avert its trajectory, and it grazed my cheek.


It was faint, but a trail of blood flowed down my cheek.



――just now, that arrow was aimed at between my eyebrows.



If I did not invoke《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》 in that instant, maybe it would have been an instant death for me.


I would understand if it was a warning shot.


If he shot to give a warning towards the suspicious person that passed through the village, in the sky; but that… [TLC :  (空とはいえ集落を横切ろうとした不審者に対して警告の意を込めた威嚇射撃なら、まだな。)]


He really was trying to kill me just now.


Not even shouting a warning, trying to kill me with his first attack.






An eye for an eye. (TL comment: Makes everybody blind! Yeah!!!)


A tooth for a tooth.


An arrow for an arrow.


And in addition to that――it will be returned two fold.



I lifted the《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》, and fired two《Wind Arrow》 at the tall centaur.








Though the wind spirits spoke such dangerous words while attacking, I don’t have any intention to kill him.


The two 《Wind Arrow》 that I shot pierced the tall centaur’s right and left shoulder.


Just as planned*.[PF : Ash, you’re not mimicking Lelouch right?]


The tall centaur dropped the bow, and his quiver of arrows, to the ground.


Splendid amounts of blood flowed from the holes in both his shoulders.


It might have also broken both his shoulder bones.


The tall centaur moaned and fell to his knee.


Though he might have fainted, it’s not a life-threatening wound.[ED: Yes it is! Blood loss and fainting from shock! Plus, his archery dreams are over even if he survives.]


For causing this injury, maybe I need to shoot two more arrows.—–That degree was still just you reaping what he sowed. [TLC :  (あるいは、この怪我が元で、今後、二度と弓矢を射れなくなるかもしれないが――その程度は自業自得だ。)]


I simply won’t kill him, but rather I want him to feel grateful toward my mercy.


I didn’t feel like to delivering the finishing blow, so I would leave the village as it was.






Seeing their fellow getting wounded, many centaurs loosed their arrows toward me at once.


Once more, I invoked《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》and the arrows didn’t reach me.


I felt a little chill from the bloodlust of the tall centaur because of the great bow. If it was an average arrow, however, I could perfectly protect myself from it with 《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》.


That was if it was only 10 or 20 arrows. (TL note: another “なら” being used, this text and the text above have 2 different situation for using “なら”.)


I don’t have any confidence of defending myself from 100 arrows that come at me at the same time.


I also, maybe, couldn’t defend myself from one extremely powerful arrow—like for example, the bolt of a siege weapon like a ballista.


This time, however, these centaurs only fired 10 odds arrow at me, there was no problem protecting myself from them. (TL: I might translated it wrong. Apologies to my editor and TLC)[PF : fixed]


The centaurs that loosed the arrows at me were wide open. (TL note: opening in defense)[PF : otherwise known as “UKE”, one of the two words that I wish to never know about]


It was just a waste of arrows.


Before long, there wasn’t any arrows left in the centaur’s quivers.



Well then――――it’s time for the hunt.(♪)




[Part 2 ______]

This is a war commenced by my opponents.


They’re attacking with ntention to kill me.


In a group attack too.


I can’t particularly calm myself as I received simultanous attack from the entire group. (Confusion)


It’s revived my trauma of getting persecuted by the human society in my previous life. [PF : it’s actually said “mass/group” but i changed it to “human society” since it’s more fitting that way]


In this moment――My judgement dulled and my view darkened.


It doesn’t matter if some people’s die.


With that intention, I’m using my hands to invoke attack system spirit magic.


Though they’re『half-man』 half horse, my opponent is centaur that treated as monster.


Moreover, they’re attacking in a group in order to kill me. [PF : gang bang??, sorry just can’t help myself commenting in this part you will know the reason few chapter later]


This is it, I won’t shoot my arrows at the the women, children, and I think it’s also fine to overlook the old centaurs.


However, forgiving the centaurs that shooting their arrows at me is futile nonetheless.



…………Lets annihilate them.



Well then, I wonder which spirit magic I will use to trample the—-.



「Pl-Please Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!」



I could heard the loud shout of a young woman from a distance.


Looking in that direction, I saw 5 centaurs running in the great prairie toward the village.


Leading them is the female centaur.


She wears tribal outfit with elaborate embroidery on her upper body. [PF : Otherwise she is naked]


In addition, I also have a clear understanding from the clothes that she wear, that her brea—ahem–st is shaking in a grand scale. (TL: subtly, I might have interpreted wrongly, but whatever. It has many meanings. “胸”- chest, breast, bosom, bust, heart, lungs, stomach, heart, mind, feeling (きもち)) [PF : you just want to say that it was oppai right?]



「Ah, That’s the big breast-san that I saw」



Syl the wind spirit pointed at her.


That female centaur?


It’s look like I somehow failed to notice them when I outstripped them when flying in the sky. (TL note: overtaken by sight of the female centaur)[PF : in short he won the race, but failed to see that breast]


It seems the male centaur is subordinate of the female centaur, rushing toward the village, and then coming directly under the floating me.



And then, while looking up at me, [PF : he is floating]



「Please pardon this gentleman wrong doing! Please, please, subside your anger!!!」



The representative, the female centaur is apologizing to me.






「Lushe! Why are you apologizing! 」 (politely)(TL: yeah, um, Editor, anyone? Got a name for this one? Please?)[PF : ルーシェ it’s basically Lushe/Rushe, have better name?]


「That human is injuring our patriach, Keyn!」


「Lushe, your elder brother, Keyn, also fainted from severe injury because of that man spirit magic!」


「Blood for blood!」


「The human is the one who starting it, kill him immediately!」


「Did you forgot! How the humans treated our ancestor! 」



With the exception of 5 centaurs that rushing at me, it seems they still wish to continue the battle with me.


If that’s the case, the battle―― not, let’s continue the war.


This time, I will even including an AOE attack to them. [PF : one-sidedly attacking them, I change it into AOE attack]



「YOU IDIOT!!! Did you want to wiped-out the bloodline of our Taupnir tribe!!!!」 [PF : have a better name for タウプニル(taupunir)?]



The female centaurs desperately let-out a loud voice that resounded in the village.


The female centaur called Lushe is roaring at the other centaurs.


Shiiii—n, the centaur village fall into silent.



「If this person feel like it, we—no, this person have a tremendous amount of『power』 to exterminating all of centaurs tribe in this great prairie!」



The female centaur, Lushe turning to face her fellow tribe while shouting and pointing her hand at me.



「Lu-Lushe, what are you saying……」



Looking at the young, brawny male centaur made a perplexed face.



「I saw it! No, five of us saw it! 」


「…………What do you mean, what did you see?」


「this gentleman, kicking the ass of more than 100 terrible demon beast, the ferocious demon beast, Griffon, and also more than two dozens strong lion!!! ALL BY HIMSELF! 」


The centaur villagers paled, then made a big ruckus.


「Bu, but, just one of them is capable of annihilating a small tribe, facing more than 100 of demon beast griffon by himself……to, to by able to do such feat is…………」


「That’s right, It’s impossible! However, this gentlemen accomplish impossible thing.」




「In the southern rock area of this village, laying countless number of griffons corpse. The earth is dyed red by that demon beast blood. If you think I’m lying, go see by yourself! 」



Commotion of centaurs become even louder.


The female centaur, Lushe look up at me again.


Then, she fold 4 of her leg and bow her head.


As if she is expressing her thought to surrender herself.


Following her, the 4 male centaur doing the same action similar to Lushe.



And then――――other centaurs too, one by one follow that suit. (Did the same thing.)


――all members of fifty centaurs there all surrendered to me.



I accepted their surrender.


The female centaur, Lushe feel relieved from the bottom of her heart. (TL: unicorn race conquered, check, other being destroyed, check, centaurs conquered, check! So what would happen when you mix a centaur and unicorn? Do you get unicentorn?)[PF : they will ty to kill the male centaur first]


Really, I almost comitted to slaughtering an entire tribe in fit-of-anger, that’s truly scary.



Although, it doesn’t mean I will simply accepting it.


At any rate, I almost kill all of them.


Practically save for the centaur being slaughtered by my own hands, if I remember correctly this guy’s truly trying to kill me.


That is, exterminate all centaur tribe in this great prairie, I won’t do that of course. (TL: basically genocide?)


Because the other tribes didn’t have anything to do with me.


On the contrary, I don’t feel like to annihilating an entire group of Taupnir tribe that attacked me.


Although, those guys just attacking me without asking any question but, annihilating them is also too much.


But even so, all of them surrendered and made their apologize, so I forgive them.



So, Instead of I’m destroying this village——–I got my hands on more than 50 centaur slaves.


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