BT Chapter 15

 Earth spirit king and Wind spirit king

I put on the magic tool, 《Green Wig》 that allows me to have a conversation with animals.

And then

At the same time, I approach the Griffon that are attacking the unicorns.

Incidentally, I set off to the closest Griffon which is 50 meters away and cancel 《Concealment》

Usually, I don’t use 2 spirit magic at the same time.

Although I can use up to 3 spirit magic at the same time.

They’re not aware of my existance yet, or maybe the Griffons are not paying attention to me.

Instead of turning their attention toward me, they just doesn’t stop attacking the unicorns.

「《Thunderbolt》」(TL: Pikachuu!!!!)

I borrow the lighting spirit’s power, volt, dropping down 《Thunderbolt》 from the sky to the closest griffons.

Streak of lightning drop down from the sky.

The Griffon that get direct hit raised a screech.

However, with that kind of damage, I was not able to kill it with one blow.

「What are you doing in my ranch!? You damned griffon! 」

While shouting, I continue dropping《Thunderbolt》 on the same Griffon.

Even though things may appear this way, it’s not enough to kill it.

On contrary to that, other Griffon facing toward me and charging to me in their wrath.

Soon, I gave that poor griffon my sympathy and strike it once more, ending it’s grieve.

No, it’s probably still breathing after falling to the ground.

Good grief…………what a stuborn fella.

I’m shivered facing such formidable opponent such as Griffon with strong life force.

In addition, the enemy themselves recognize me as a dangerous enemy who is killing them.

The Griffon flocks simultanously launching their attack to their mutual enemy.

Somehow, I think my first shout have some effect on them.

「ORAA, COME AT ME YOU SMALL FRIES!!!」(TL: does that comes with a burger?)[ED : ORA, it’s Goku favourite phrase]

While send such provocation to them, I made my escape by flying in the sky along with the enraged Griffons.


I send such provocation while running away from them.

The Griffons that chasing become so angry that they want to tear my limbs to piece.


「how’s that! How about this! 」

「such easy victory」


「Not gonna come, SEE YAー!」


While provoking them over and over again, I increase the distance while flying and escaping from them.

I hit them many of 《Thunderbolt》along the way, since that’s will increasing The Griffons hatred(hate) and anger.

I borrowed the words of the “Strongest Man*” that he use as provocative words in his Beat-em-up game competition.[ED : Fist of North Star, maybe]

Though the Griffon flying speed are fast, I’m faster than them.

Getting away from them is not a big deal.

However, I must not escape.

If the Griffon realize that they can’t catch up to me, they would make a U-turn and move back to attack the unicorns again.

I pretended to be overtaken little-by-little.

I adjusted the flying speed perfectly so that the distance with the Griffons shrinking little-by-little.

To be honest, I feel a considerable amount of tension and thrill.

Because I’m literally risking my life.

Really, The Griffons that catching-up to me, is neglecting their life to surround me.

Rather than one or two them, there is around 100 of them.

If I come into contact with more than 100 Griffon, and they come with banzai attack, I will lose. (TL note: Sorry, no offense to the Japanese reader, but I see this “肉弾戦” as human bullet or soldier fling themselves at the enemy, which is similar concept of Blitz or Banzai charge)[TLC :  (百匹以上のグリフォンに接敵され、肉弾戦に持ち込まれてたら、まず勝てない。)]

I wonder how many of them that want to kill me.

――I flew to a considerable range. (“-んだ”: So it’ll take time for them to catch up)

And then I――succeeded in baiting the Griffon.

I’m baiting them to come to the rock area from the great prairie.

There are several reason why I move to this place.

First is I don’t want to involved the unicorns in my line of fire after I released them.

Thus, This place is the place where I can utilizing and releasing my strongest power.

Therefore, the rock area have a lot of rock.

There is even huge boulder that is larger than the large Griffon.

In addition, I can fully exhibit the strongest 『power』 of the earth spirit in this area.

In other words, the earth spirit’s power here is strong.

Naturally, the wind spirit power also strong in the outdoor.

Also, It can be said that it’s a good fortune that the wind spirit power also strong in this place.

Since the wind here also blowing strongly, the wind 『power』 also strengthened.

I increased my flying speed in one breath, taking more than 200 metre distance from the flocks of Griffon.

And then, I get down to the ground.

I got down and stand from one rock on my right foot.

To rise my speed I exerted the last of my strength, that eventually tiring me out, being convinced that I can’t fly anymore, the Griffon rushing to me to be first.

Without knowing that this place will be their graveyards.

「Earth Spirit King – Beheemothhh!!!」

Focusing my mind, I call out the Earth spirit king (Behemoth).

The earth splitted, showing a gigantic figure of a beast covered with rock.

However, Behemoth’s form is smaller than the one I called last time.

It is approximately half its size.

Yup, that’s sure it’s.

I’m so exhausted to the extent that I can only summoned the body of the earth spirit king (behemoth).

In that situation, where I can’t summon one more spirit king.

「Wind spirit king – GINNNN!!!」

Immediately I’m doing a consecutive summon and summoned the wind spirit king, Gin.

His figure is that of a giant man wearing Arabian style clothes and flying in the sky.

It’s the wind spirit king – Gin.

Though his size is more than 20 metre, this isn’t his complete form.

「Behemoth! Gin! Assist me!!!」

「Very well.」

「Accepted. O-the one who can feel the wind.」

The Spirit Kings carry an overwhelming presence that is different from lower rank spirit, there is no way a non-spirit user can see their figure with naked eyes.

And, though they do not have a complete body. The giant beast(behemoth) and giant man (Gin) presence is enough to made the griffons faltered.

They were trying to escape.

However――it was too late.

[Part 2___]

At this distance it’s already too late, I cut the escape route in the 100 metre range of the griffons.

I invoked the composite arts between Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King《Huge Rock Storm Strike (Rock Strike Storm) 》. (TL: Fire the Improve version of Ashinator 9001(it’s over 9000!). Pretty much it becomes AAA like modern Gatling guns or the famous 8.8cm flak.)

I turn my right hand out toward the sky.

Countless number of huge rocks in rocky area flying as if piercing the sky at fierce speed.

Ten odds flying griffon get a direct hit and received considerable damage.

3 of them raised a screech and fall down from the sky.

However, this is only the first stage of my great move.

The HELL for the Griffons will begin after this.

「Drop down to hell!!!!!!!!!!!」

I throw down my hand below.

Countless huge rock continue to rise higher than than the flying Griffons.

Bundle of huge rocks Float in the air (Anti-aircraft) at the same time of my movement, rained donw at alarming rate. The target is the griffons that tryingto escape.

Due to the Wind Spirit King(Gin), the speed of the falling boulder increased further.

The huge rock hardness is also increased furthermore due to the Earth Spirit King (Behemoth).

Due to the the power of the Wind Spirit King and Earth Spirit King, the power of『Earth』attack attribute increase in a big scale and mercilessly mow-down the Griffons.

「Leave the fine tuning to me!!!」

Because of the Wind spirits (sylph) that clinging themself on the huge rock, the huge rocks shattered the Griffons spine, leading to the destruction of their cranium. (TL: what?)[ED : Ash made their head splashed like tomato]


Huge rocks that integrated by the Earth spirits (gnome), it altered the rock’s shape.

Producing countless projectiles similar to huge spiky rocks.

That further increased killing force of the huge rock.

There doesn’t seem to be a pommel of the star-ball style/hammer/halberd (morning star). (TL note: in short, it’s a fudging 2 hand mace.)

Though, for the biggest boulder, it’s weight, and power can’t even be compared to the morning star. (TL: Rise and shine, thy morning star reimburse thou life to thou heaven. Now where did thy keep thy naked weapon.)

――The scream of the Griffons resounded in the rocky area.

Almost all of the Griffons’ bodies and heads are smashed by the boulder, they’re crashed and dead.

Inside of the area is overflowing with the corpse of more than 100 Griffons.

Though as expected, annihilating all of them is too much.

Around 20 of them was left out and escaped.

Though they take a different direction from the unicorn ranch, they still escaped.

Still, the it’s not lke the Griffons tht managed to escape unscathed, I made sure to ingrained their fear toward me.

So frightened to me that they will never again dare to attacking my unicorn ranch.

Instead, maybe it’s better to leave some survivor.

Because they will tell the other griffons about their fear toward me.

Therefore, I turned a blind eye to them.

…………but the truth is, because I was not able to pursuit.

Although it’s not in their perfect shape, I summoned the Earth and wind of the 2 bodies of the Spirit Kings simultaneously.

I am using up almost all of my vitality and stamina.

After I made sure that the fortunate griffons already flying in the far sky, my mind that already strained loosened at once, I’m half collapsed on that place.

「That was close!」(TL: grave man, hehe, originally he said he’s in critical condition(assume). In reality, it said (dangerous))[ED : literally yes]

Although if I’m not made a request to the wind spirits, maybe I will be crashed to the hard rock head first without anyone supporting me.

Thank’s to the wind spirits, I’m only falling at low speed.

As my consciousness dimmed, I lied down. (TL: on the next time! Will Ash fall to his death, or will he be rescued by the pervert princess! Find out next time on Bocchi Tenseiki.)[ED : BAD END route he ended up in the hand of muscle daruma]

More than 30 minutes passed, my stamina recovered little-by-little.

The fatigue is still remained though.

…………Come to think of it, Griffon feathers and nails, and in addition their beak, can be sold for splendid amount of money to the material shops.

I leave them alone for now because I am too tired.

I’ll come to collect them afterwards.

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