BT Chapter 13

Jenga Brick

Before that.

I guess I should teach these three slave girls a game then leave them to house sitting.

It’s also because I want the three of them befriend each other.

Besides, I believe playing a game together is the shortcut.

Taking advantage of the recreation to propagating the frienship of these fellow.

Maybe by becoming a friend and getting familiar with each others, these girls will also opened their heart by playing game together.

In my previous life and even after reincarnated with my life in the town, I’m still a lonely person, I don’t have a companion to playing together not even one, so what I say just now held a little credibility [i].

I decided to enjoy playing together with the beast girl Angela, the high elf Remilia and the half-elf girl, Luna.

By the way, I named the half-elf girl, Luna.

The reason why I decided to call her Luna[ii] is because her beautiful silver hair is like the moon.

Maybe because it’s suited her, she look delighted with that name.

「This is how you take the brick with one hand, stack it up on the highest part and repeat the process. (This is how you play it.)[iii]」

I explain how to use bricks to play 『Jenga』in the yard.

I called it Brick Jenga.

Because I lighten the weight of the brick by the power of the wind spirit, there wasn’t any risk of the brick collapsing and falling on our feet.

For example, if the Brick collapse, the bricks won’t break and I will not be injured. (Because I lightened the weight)

However, even if it’s not like mine, according to Remilia she also can use similia spirit magic that can reduce the weight.[TLC :  (俺がいない時でも、精霊魔術が使えるレミリアにより同じように重量を減らせるだろう。)]

I’m giving an example for the time being, so now I’m playing Jenga Brick by myself.

By the way, though I playing alone―― Construction is my strong point.

As for the reason…………I think I don’t want to say it.[TLC :  (理由は…………言わなくても解かってくれるとは思う。)]

In my previous life, I’m often playing one person Jenga, I challanged myself on how high I can stack it,.

…………Though I say that, I found out a『formula』 for one person jenga, it can be said that I have splendid time playng by using that.

It’s not take that much time, I stacked the brick as far as shoulder height and and perfectly balanced.

「Waa, Amazing!」

「Playing that kind of game seems to be interesting, right?」

「*shaken in excitement*……*Ba-dump ba-dump*」

Looking at me stacking the brick tower, Angela, Remilia, and Luna giving out their thoughts.

Angela eyes shine with innocence delight.

Remilia is smiling with calm atmosphere.

Today, her expression become softened alot compared from the time when I bought her.

As for Luna, when the brick tower collapsed, despite being uneasy she look at it with great interest.

「After that, is the competition style played between several peoples. The competition is pulling out the brick then stacking it out in turn, the one who destroyed it is the loser.」

I also giving an example of how to playing Jenga with competition style.


Competition can’t be done by one person, right?

OIOI, what did you say.

Humans have two hands……….right.

I used my right hand and my left hand to show how to play in competition style.

With my left and right hand, I’m doing competition style jenga alone—-because of this I have considerable experience in this, too.

「by the way, there’s an opponent who can rival[rival] this right hand of mine who wons more than 1000 times. 」

When I say that while raising my right hand, for some reason Angela showing anxious expression.

「Ma-Master with that count alone, who d-did you played with? I, is it a woman? 」

I happen to hear her shaken-like voice.

I raise my left hand,

「This left hand is the worthy rival of my right hand, in term of skill it’s won’t lost to the right hand, it confusing the opponent with a tricky yet powerful play. The record is, as I thought the more skilled one with more number of win is the right hand.」

「………………」(your kidding, right? My heart is misplaced.)
「………………」(I take back my impression of Ash-sama.)
「………………」(who did I just give my life of servitude to?[iv])

The three of them were stunned.

They are also dumbfounded.

……ha, have they missed it?

Despite my intention of being a joke.

The truth is, In my previous life the right hand and the left hand competing for more than 2000 times.[ED : that’s the same as you’re doing it alone]

「U~……..m. Ma, master, did it means that you’re—-playing alone? 」

I pull back my hand and nodded my chin as I heard Angela’s shy remark.

Somehow, it’s feel awkward.

Hey, Remilia.

Why are your eyes filled with light of affection and give a gentle smile to me?

Stop it! Do not look at me with that kind of eye.

My mind not ready yet, If someone looking at me with such lukewarm eyes…………

Angela put her own hand on her chest and feel relieved for some reason.

Luna is looking curiously alternately at my hands while muttering「right-? Left-?」.

I, with right hand player and left hand player, having and underrstanding that I’m always playing alone, moreover the face of this three after directly hearing my explanation, why are this girls made that kind of face?. [TLC :  (俺が、右手(ミギー)選手と左手(ヒダリー)選手、さらに顔による解説役・本部(モトベ)の一人三役をこなして一人で遊ぶこともあったと知ったら、コイツらどんな反応をするだろう?)]

――Short while later, the four of us enjoying this jenga brick.

Set aside me who is more superior, Remilia who has good head ans dextreous hand is the most skilfull one.

Well, look like Imust searching for female virgin horses(mare) soon.

I decide to return back to the house to get some magic tools which was in the magic leather bag.

「Angela, you come here for a minute.」

I called out Angela, who delightfully wave her tails and the beast-girl follow behind me.

From inside the magic tool that I take out is pairs of two《communication earring[v]》and give one to her.

No matter how far we’re separated, we’re still able to talk, truly a convenient magic tool.

If that’s the case, I wanted to think of this thing as a mobile telephone.

The charge for calling is naturally free.

Even without this magic tool, I can borrow the power of the wind spirits《voice of wind (wind voice) 》 that even my companion’s can hear my voice, which will be able to deliver the message more or less.

However, because《Wind voice》 have a limit on distance.

I bought the《communication earring》with great pain, and I decided to use it at once. (Because it was very expensive!)

「I’m gonna going out for a while. If something happened, you as representative of the three must contact me immediately with this other half of《communication earring》.」

「M, me…………desuka? not Remilia-san.」

「N? Ah, well 」

Although it’s only by one day, Angela is the most senior slave.

For that reason, she is the representative, for the time being.

However, unexpectedly, Angela is being delighted.


Is it because the dog tribe beastman is bunch of fellows that fussing over ranks?

Is she happy because she was chosen as representative?

「I’m so happy……I, will treasure this for my whole life.」

Angela push it tenderly on her chest while carefully holding that《communication earring》like somekind of sacred treasures.

My intention was to only loan it temporary, now gone…………Well it’s alright.

Angela immediately attached the《communication earring》 to her ear.

She didn’t attach it on top of her head where the dog-like ear is, but on her human like ear.[ED : maybe Beastman in this world also have human ears]

Ah, that look good on you――that what’s I thought.

「how, how is it? Master? Do-do-does it suit m……me?」

Because I hear it in an uneasy voice with upturned eye,

「hm? Ahh……yes」

And I affirm it for the time being.

Angela put both of her hand against her cheek shyly, and delightfully let out「nihehehe」.

While waving her tail ULTRA-D***ing Fast.

The three of them, along with Angela, play Brick Jenga in the garden. I(on the other hand) am flying in the sky above the great prairie.

I search around for a while and finally come across herd of wild horse.

A huge herd consisting of more than 1000 horses.

I brought one of the magic tool《green wig[vi]》and put it on my head.

It’s a convenient magic tool that possibly allow the mutual understanding with animal.

Its appearance give a vivid green wig that kind of light composition texture.

By muttering the password「Y・A・P(Chat)」*, made it possible to understand the horses voice.[ED : it’s an instant video chat online]

「The males leave. The Female follow me. You have no right to deny.」

I declare it’s useless to question my order.

Naturally, the horses conveyed the intention of refusal.

The alpha male with it’s desposition is it’s large build, come toward me,「leave……otherwise, be trampled」type of threat.

However, I borrow the power of thunder spirit, Volt power, and dropping《Thunderbolt》near the horse from the sky, the horse become incridibly meek.

The horse keep shaking to the point that they can’t turn around and running away.

As I thought, displaying my power is the easiest way to made the wild animal obedient.

…………Thought I said that, I’m doing it properly.

[Part 2______]

If I leave the unicorns in the field, in the middle of mating season, or during the mating season then they’re discovered by the herd of unicorns nearby.[vii]

In that situation, this herd will definitely experiencing even more atrocity.

At any rate, if it comes to the unicorns, when they encountered herd of the horses, they will charge into them, then stabbing the herd of male horses to death with their horn, no question asked.

Even if the male is only a foal[viii].

And then they’re taking away the mare to give birth to their’s own child [ix].

Incase if they come across the non-virgin Mares, won’t they stabbed to death?, it seems they’re driven far away.

Truly without moral.

truly a beast.

No, I have no doubt that the unicorns is a beast (animal).

Well, in the wilderness survival of the fittest is the law.

In contrast with this heartless act, I’m not particularly intending to criticize the unicorns.

Guu~ those livestocks(To the degree of lost words for those beast) , that’s what I think about them.[TLC :  (ぐう畜(ぐうの音も出ないほどの畜生)だとは思うけど。)]

Though in some area the unicorns are treated as sacred beast(sacred horse), maybe it’s because they didn’t know about those guys true nature.

Slaughtering the males and attacking at the other herds, because their copulation with female(Restricted to virgin), rather than sacred beast, I think Sex Beast* is more suited to them.[ED : can also translated as Natural Beast, which will copulate even with it’s own parents]


「The mares. From now on, you are being taken along to the unicorn’s herd.」

If I inform them, the Mares will follow with pleasure.

Somehow or another, it seems like the unicorn is treated like an alpha race, the unicorns must be proud hearing those remarks, at least in the society of the horse.

Maybe, the unicorns are judged as elite handsome horse by the mares [x].

While I feel some sympathy to the frustrated male horses, I took the Mares to the unicorn ranch.

I temporarily opened the castle wall that I used as replacement for the fences, and let the mares go inside.

The unicorn rushed as soon as they saw the mares.

And then the unicorns scramble to be the first one to copulate with the mares.

……these guys, they really are a sex beast*. [ED : this can also read as Neatural Beast]

They’re just separated from the herd of male horses, however in general the mares are accepting to copulating with the unicorn.

Oh, it seems to be worthy of being called wild animals.

However, approximately half of the mare’s can’t get their unicorns partner.

The situation is that the Mares numbers is twice that of the unicorns, so it’s natural that there is some leftover.

As I though, is it because the only want to concieve a young and lovely mares?.

Eventually, if most of the mare impregnated, it will be fine.[TLC :  (最終的に、ほとんどの牝馬を孕ませてくれるなら、それでもいいけど。)]

――No, it is the unicorns.

I need to investigating something.

My fear really come true……… The unicorns, they’re only copulating with virgin mares.

They’re not particularly indifferent copulating with virgin mares earlier.

The problem is the motivation of the unicorns to copulating with non-cirgin mares is, zero.

After I bring alongst the mares with such great trouble, approximately half of them are non-virgin.

No matter what, the unicorns must also copulating with the non-virgin mares, of course if they’re get concieved the『productivity』of the unicorn ranch will be high.[TLC :  (ユニコーン共が非処女の牝馬とも交尾し、孕ませた方がユニコーン牧場の『生産性』がもちろん高くなる。)]

That’s why they must accept to mate with non-virgin mare, by all means.

Besides………… The non-virgin mares that didn’t addresse by the unicorns to become their partner seems to be pitiful, wait a minute………………[xi]

Of course, for example if the other party is human(Or any living beings that resembles humans[xii]), it can’t be said that they have tendency to choose the the one they like in regards to the female.[TLC :  (もちろん、相手が人間(もしくは人間に準ずる生物)なら、女性に対する好みをどうこういうつもりはない。)]

A one sided sexual disposition that didn’t want to embrace anything except for a virgin, In that case, I’m not concerned about it.

However, the unicorn is still a horses(beast) after all.

Even if it is intelligent, as far as I concerned, they’re just a damned horse*. [ED : can also translated as brute horse] (Just look how wild they are.)

As a matter of course, the horses (unicorns) do not have human rights[xiii].

To begin with, I am the owner of this unicorn ranch.

Won’t mate with nothing but virgin, such funny behaviour, I definitely won’t allow it.

Since the producticity of the unicorn ranch can be crashed because of that.

For the time being, try to settle it with gentle way, made a request to the unicorns.

If they’re listening to me they will be mating with virgin mare afterwards, otherwise mate with non-virgin mare.

I lowering my head with consideration of the unicorns feeling, I sincerily made that request to them.


「Stop bullshitting me!」

「that’s right! Why should we do that with non-virgin!」(They are already corrupted!)(you’re right)

「We, the unicorns do no copulate anything but virgin creature. It’s common sense! Common sense you know!」

「the plain looking virgin are more beautiful than the pretty looking non-virgin females. It’s also common sense too! 」

「I wished for the mare to to quickly concieved[xiv]*, bring in more virgin this time! 」

The unicorn did not listen to me or get the message.

The holder of the most elegant and elongated long horn, the high spirited young unicorn.

「Dirty looking non-virgin Mares and the likes, We are a proud pure high class noble and clean unicorns who probably will not copulate with you! Copulating with garbage-like you, the non-virgin females, our precious pen-is will rot, so you should give up! Take that filth away quickly from this place! Breathing the same air as the dirty non-virgin females is sickening!!!!! 」

Spelling out such offensive remarks [xv].

At the closer look, that young unicorn is Geo.

「Look at me, you human over there, take that filth away immediately! 」

The young unicorn, Geo, did not understand his position himself yet dare to command me.

「「「「that’s right! That’s right! 」」」」

The unicorns shouted annoyingly in agreement with Geo.

…………REALLY, THESE GUYS ARE………… (Going to hell)[ED : nope become Pen*s barbecque]


「F * C K Y O U[xvi]……I’m gonna kill you………… you trashy creature!」[ED : he really said Fu*ck you in English]

*Shi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n.

The unicorns simultaneously fell silent when they were threatened while I’m glaring at them with threatening eye.

Completely frightened, the unicorn begin copulating with the non-virgin Mares, successfully ruled to impregnate them.

If they say they’re already exhausted, before I cut-off their horn, I will cut-off their genitalia so they can’t copulate for the rest of their life anymore ――I deemed this threat to be effective.

It seems the unicorns also completely reluctant to be castrated from the bottom of their heart.

…… however, I am not a demon.

I will not force you to mating, but even the non-virgin mares also want to mate with the unicorn-sama.

I purchased large quantities of stimulants for horse mating in the town, and give it to the unicorns

Especially that beyond virgin troller, Geo. I give him especially large doses.

And then, I think I will isolating him alone with the oldest non-virgin mare.

While I was thinking about the plan to raise the productivity of the unicorn ranch, I face toward the fortress, city, Kare.

Because I want to buy large amount of mating stimulant.

「U, Um, both of you, ho, how do you feel about master?」

The beastgirl Angela voice could be heard while I’m flying in the sky.

I attach the《communication earring》 to my right ear.

Though it’s not particularly an emergency case.

Did by some chance Angela hand touch it, and by some coincidence pushing the start-up switch?

The person herself didn’t notice about the startup of《communication earring》

――Thus, I heard the girls talk between the slaves including Angela.

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