BT Chapter 11

Hunting Grounds

The middle-age noble, Bado, is not breathing and continue to suffer in agony.

His face already become violet from oxygen deficiency inside the blood (Cyanosis).

…………Should I release him soon?

If I overdo it and carelessly kill him, that will be publish.

I canceled the 《water of suffocation》.

Being able to breath again, Bado grandly inhales large amount of air repeatedly.

While his breathing is still rough he stand up——and begin to attack me with his cane.

His eyes are completely in a hallucinated state.

Maybe because his blood already risen to his head and he didn’t realized that yet.

Bado swing his staff to attack in disorder manner to the extent that I can easily dodge it.

Apart from noble manner, I also learnt fencing once.

Still, many of this country’s magicians (magic nobles) taken a liking to mastering martial arts that involving physical weapon like cane till they can wield it like it’s part of their bodies.

The reason is that defensive arts and the like are used to dodge and fend off attacks.

In addition to similarly noble status, I think the middle-aged noble, Bado have a higher court rank (nobility) than my Hawk Wood’s family house, in his younger days he also received fencing training and joujutsu*. [ED : martial arts that using cane or staff]

However, that’s already long ago in the past the current Bado already passed his fortieth, the old him wielding sword and cane in a dull movement.

The bulging fat physique, along with nonexistent sharp movement, his movement really is dulled.

Moreover, he lose control of himself resulted from rage and simply using only unskilled big swing.

Using that to hit me is difficult. (TL: that’s what Blank said)

「what? Your expression is funny! Stop this pointless matter and take a break. Because your offensive-like attack will not hit me. (Come on now) 」

I worried about Bado’s body and declare that. (TL: I named Bado for bad! Originally it is batou, but I like Bado. Remind me of a bald man.) [ED : Don’t worry he will die anyway and his name won’t appear again till once in one line hundred chapter later]

Nevertheless, Bado become serious more than ever and was taken by the provocative act. (TL: back to translation work! (3/19/15))

Brandishing his cane like a bat in a jumbled movement. (TL: You shall not pass!!!)

No matter how hard I try, I the one he is talking is a poor talker, it’s because my lack of communication skill.

Currently, it wasn’t my intention to provoke him.

Instead, I was going to try to pacify you. (TL: pass-a-fist)[ED : Combo, “Air Raid”]

However, I unnecessary pissed him off.

First of all, should I continue to dodge it until my opponent’s stamina runs out?

That’s what I’m going to do but———-suddenly, Bado fell while holding his heart.

What? (TL: WT-? Sir, you have got to stop taking the pills)[ED : he already taking one for his ED]

I didn’t do anything?

Just like that, with a twitch, Bado then stop moving.

Is this some kind of trap?

Seeing this circumstance, I approaching him, ready for incoming attack.

Being Precautious, I requested Syl of wind spirit (sylph) to go see Bado’s condition.

Syl push her ears against the left side of the collapsed Bado’s chest to hear his heartbeats.

And then, shake her head slowly sideway while her eye shut. (TL: let’s see, 3 guys + 1 noble = Multikill!)[ED : One bear+22 unicorn+and multiple fish for his “dog”]

「he’s dead! 」

…………It can’t be!

It really seems like Bado died.

Perhaps, it was a heart attack.

It’s look like he usually didn’t do physical exercise, and suddenly rampaging with his fat body at that age, it then become too much burden for his heart and made it stopped working(and died) ―― I think. (TL: are there knowledge on physical workout that bad?)[ED : there is]

「Getting rid of this kind of person is not a regrettable things to do! 」

…….This wind spirit is same as usual, she can easily spitting such toxic words naturally. (TL: Option 2: Still, this wind spirit naturally didn’t lie disdainfully.)[ED : look like my version is better]

For the time being, I tried to give cardiac massage to Bado. [ED : save your kiss for your slaves, BTW neither Angela nor Remilia get Ash first kiss]

However, he didn’t revive.

……But, what should I do with him?

Luckily, the one who live in this vacation villa is only Bado— (TL: little help please.) ――for the time being………………….should I bury him? (TL: psh! I’m not counting all that Morse code!)[ED : where is the morse code]

I dig a hole 《Tunnel》 for the sake of destruction of evidence and buried Bado’s corpse. (TL: Expert assassin for hire)[ED : burry him till he reach hell instantly]

I cast that 《Tunnel》 several times, to bury him I dig a hole with depth exceeded 50 metres.

With this, Bado’s remain may not be found forever. [ED : such cruel kid]

I do not have a particular feeling of abandoning the corpse, I decide not to think deeply about it.

I picked up Bado’s staff. (TL: time to be a monk and repent my sin!)

With a gem embedded on it, I picked up the cane with such splendid ornament.

It’s not particularly like I’m taking advantage of the situation to steal.

To some degree, it become a robbery (aggravated burglary with violence).

I stabbed the stick into the ground of where Bado’s buried.

For he time being this will become subtitute for his grave marker. (TL: poor man, he was too aroused)[ED : I agree]

「you made a grave for such a heartless and cruel person…………Master is really a gentle person. 」

Angela join her hands together in front of her chest to pray, looking at me with entranced expression.

Somehow, Isn’t this beastgirl-slave gicing me a blind devotion? (TL: why not?)[ED : that’s right, nothing wrong with gaining devotion from a beauty]

I have a hunch that she will let me do anything to her. (TL: a bit help interpreting this one please, sounds like he’s going to feed her again)[ED : done, for Atla]

Well, set that aside.

I wonder what will happen to the elf girl after this? (TL: oh god… Diarrhea! Bad timing!)[ED : R.I.T, Blight-san…..]

The elf girl received ill treatment from the middle-aged noble, Bado, with her master death, will she released from her social position as a slave?

Or Bado’s family member succeed it as property?

But, holding the intent to kill and treating her badly, I feel that Bado’s ownership of the slave is decide to be terminated by the Kingdom’s Law.

In that case, should I will handle with slave confiscation in this country, and transfer the ownership of the elf girl to me? (TL: hypocrite…more harem for you then)[ED : the slaves is happier with him, even the ones that get beaten by him]

Perhaps, I have a hunch that it will be like that.

Even if the Master died, unless it was under a special circumstances, the slave will still be a slave.



「You are freed. Do as you like.」 (TL: but first! Would you like to fit into our 4-dimensional bag? To enter, please reimburse your life.)[ED : become my slave!!!]

I said that to the elf girl.

I do not know what happens legally, I feel this girl’s better run away for her own well-being.

Fortunately, the slave collar isn’t attach on her.

Though assisting in escape of a slave is also a crime, I decide not to think deeply about it. (TL: all this time I thought my translation was duckling suck… I can see my improvement for the first time now!)[ED : Finally!!!!, indeed this is a huge improvement]

「Ah, Please wait a little…………I will heal your wound.」

I became worried and caarefully heal the wound on her back.

It’s not like I’ thinking of showing my gentle and kind side.

Now, I didn’t have a Unicorn Horn but, if circumstances allow, I was able to heal some injury.

By borrowing the power of the spirit. (TL: I wonder, if he borrow power from the spirit, where the heck does he give back?)[ED : as you already know that spirits just want to go crazy]

I invoking water spirit《healing water》. (TL: your imagination, just replace fluid with water, Vis versa)

The gentle water will heal The wound on the elf girl’s back.

When the mass of water touch her back, in an instant, the elf girl *jump* and her body trembled.

However, It seems she can feel that the pain on her back gradually dissapeared.

The elf girl’s facial expression is at ease.

Ah that’s right, I think I shold unfasten the iron anklet on the elf girl feet.

I carefully cut the iron anklet with《wind spirit blade》 and remove it.

「And then, Angela, fetch me an overcoat (coat) from the leather bag.」

Angela hand over the overcoat which I used to put on the elf girl.

I want to bestow her this as a blessing. (TL: thank god I learned what “つもり” means, it is want)[ED : thanks GOD it mean a less trouble for me]

Because of her naked body, I think she would have problem running away.

I purchase first class coat imbued with cold resistant magic from the fortress town, Kare, however…hmmm, I guess I shall give her something good. (TL: I learned what “ろう” it’s short version of “-ましょう”)

………… Nude overcoat, maybe it’s too much? [ED : not for a new fetish]

If her escape destination is some street, some police might questioning her, maybe she will be captured for another matter.

「Angela. I give you money before to buy shoes, clothes[one-piece dress], and underwear, also for miscallenous items, right. Give it to this girl, I will give you a new one later.」

「Understood, Master!」

Somehow, Angela let out a delightful voice and joyfully grab the leather bag.

What a strange girl. [ED : face palmed]

I just gave an order to pass the things she bought for her to another person, why is she so delighted?

「……My Master is REALLY gentle person……」 (Mumble)

Angela is saying something that I didn’t understand in quiet voice. (TL: DUCK! He’s dense!)[ED : He is newtype of tsundere]

In addition, I decided to give her pastry-like thing as food. (TL: pasta and bread?)[ED : nope it’s sweets]

「Hey, Open your hand.」

The elf girl following my order obediently.

I let her take hold on one large gold coin in that hand

「you may live on that money for a while…………see ya」(TL: don’t wanna be ya).

Well then, Should I return to the prairie?



Something grab hold of my shirt sleeve that I’m wearing.

Is there still something you want?

That girl leaning on me, what a greedy fellow.

She still want more.

While the elf girl is grabbing my shirt, something appealing catches my eyes.

「……What? 」

I enquire the elf girl who didn’t give me an answer.

Instead of that, she is pointing at her throat.

I take a good look at her, there is threads sewn at her throat resembling surgical mark. (TL: she’s mute… probably her throat got slit or an infection. There’s no antibiotic so, yolo.)[ED : her vocal cord ……….]

After that, while she made a sad kind of expression, X (cross mark) are create from both of her hand. (TL: imagine Japanese expression of putting their arm, forming X front of their torso, meaning “No” and if I’m wrong, throw a punch at me mentally.)

「by any chance, you can’t talk directly, right?」

The elf girl nodded strongly.

「is it a throat illness?」

She shake her head this time.

「Did they cut the vocal cord in the operation or something?」

The elf girl did not affirm it or denied it.

「…………is the vocal cord forcibly cut against your will?」

She……strongly nodded.

Tears begin to float from her eyes.


Will I be able to regenerate a lost vocal cord with a unicorn horn?

I feel like it could probably be able to do it.

There is some limits, There seems to be considerably case where the lost organ regenerated with the horn.

By the way, for all that, the regeneration of hymen seems to be possible too. (TL: wow…virgin forever huh? Pervert Ash.)[ED : his first 4 slave[one of them is slave of slave] is a virgin]

Just before the coming of royal princess’s first night (your imagination), people would search for unicorn horns in a frenzy―― there is such anecdote too.

Though As for the virgin faith in unicorn itself, they seems very reluctant to it. [TLC :  (処女信仰のあるユニコーンにとっては、はなはだ不本意な使われ方らしいけど。)]

The regeneration of the membrane is not same as turn back to a virgin. (TL: not sure what it’s trying to say here.)

Aside from it.

I, to this elf girl that seems to have nowhere to go said.

「…………You, how about come with me for awhile? 」 (TL: original said come, regarding me for a while.)

I did not know what she misunderstood about, the elf girl’s face shine brightly as she nodded over and over again. (TL: and over and over and over until someone put a long cylinder rode through her back)

I carried Angela, and the elf girl on my back and fly in the sky. (TL: what about Remilia!?)[ED : it’s triple sandwich, double??elf sandwich]

Sharing seat with her is both their body sandwiched my back, their arms linked to my neck. (TL: …what about the police!? We got a pimp here!)[ED : Dark Justice]

It’s quite strange if someone saw from outside, I continue to fly into the air facing toward the prairie.

「This kind of human being……I never see it」(mumble)

I feel like Remilia muttered something. (Behind my back)

It’s in a very soft voice.

…………since I am particularly not a softhearted person.

I merely changed my mind.

I won’t let this elf girl escape, since she can be sold again as a slave, right. (TL: …how far will my respect for ash go? I have to re-evaluate ash.)[ED : as I said he is new kind of tsundere]

I will cure the elf girl’s throat and her mind, because she might be sold in high price.

I say it once more, I AM NOT A SOFTHEARTED PERSON.

…………the treatment of the slave seems to be different from the master from bottom to top. As one plan to come across a good master.

Except for escaped slave and harsh life, while necessity for life presented under a good master, the slave’s life may have better fortune/happiness to some extent. ―― the matter in question is that my changed mind have nothing to do with it.

at last, we arrived at the prairie. (TL: I leave you for 5 hours and now poop is all over the place. Curse them unicorns!)[ED : especially the young one(spoiler for next chapter)]

「…………No way…………no, that volcano, there is no mistake about it……this place is……」

Remilia spoke in an awfully frighten tone.

Remilia’s beautiful slender arm is around my neck, shivering in fear.

What about the volcano? (TL: Sh** gonna blow! Run!)

Certainly, on the beyond distant prairie at it’s opposite, at the southern side is a volcano.

However, because of the large distance between this place and that place, but even if the eruption happened the damages in this area won’t be that big.

Remilia’s tone become even more frightened ――there is somekind of awe mixed in her voice ――then, she muttering a single name. (TL: yeah…fudge, I found a new opponent, broken up sentences.)

「…………True Dragon King hunting ground…………」

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