BPTH Chapter 99

Perfect Attack

The leopard-shaped demons were actually a bunch of short-sized, creepy creatures, with pointy ears, narrow eyes, and spotted skin. They rolled their green bean-like eyes, inspecting their surroundings.

Although the super team had seen this kind of demons before, it was still their first time to encounter two hundred leopard-shaped demons! Without any verbal attacks, which they would probably use against human race enemies, the super team dashed towards the demons as soon as they saw each other. It was said, that only the advanced demons, such as Demonic Emperors, were able to comprehend human language.

Shisan shouted to the team members, and asked them to launch a quick fight, and retreat immediately after it was finished.

However, the situation seemed a little bit weird!

Seriously, it was unusually ridiculous!

Hardly had the super team approached the demons, or the latter swiftly turned around, and ran away in the opposite direction!

“What the hell is going on here?”

Qinghan and Shisan looked at each other in utter confusion, for they had never seen a demonic or barbarian team run away at the mere sight of them. They didn’t even begin the fight. The leopard-shaped demons spared no efforts in their retreat, as if they were a group of weak goats chased by a formidable lion. But strangely, they seemed quite joyful in this process, rather than frightened.

“Why? We didn’t even release our Battle Qi, why are they running away in such a hurry?”

Shisan racked his brain, as he was trying to figure out the possible reasons behind this absurdity. As he looked forwards at the back of the demons, he found something exciting, and yelled, “Go and chase them! Members of the Hua Family, go and delay their speed; everyone else, observe them. The Demonic Emperor is wounded! Don’t let them escape!”

Hearing this, the team members all turned full of spirits, for the wounded Demonic Emperor alone represented one hundred credits! Also, a team without any Demonic Emperors would be much easier to slaughter. The whole super team, therefore, swooped towards the demons like crazy, as if they had just taken a dose of stimulants.

– Swoosh! –

The scouts of the Hua Family began to launch their attacks, many of whom were ambushed in the shrubs nearby. One after another, the scouts jumped out from the shrubs, in ambiguous figures, while holding their swords high in the air. When they finished these attacks, no matter the results, their figure would immediately disappear.




As streaks of shining light reflected from the side of the swords, a great number of demons were stabbed to death. However… the rest of the demons didn’t even turn their heads around to see off their fallen comrades. As long as their legs were movable, they would keep on running away, covering their bleeding wounds with their bare hands.

The formation of this demonic team had been disrupted by the sneak attack from the scouts. The original square-shaped formation had now been replaced by an arrow-shaped one. On the top point of this “arrow”, ran the seriously bleeding Demonic Emperor. Gradually, as the demonic team carried on, their formation became more dispersed. The relatively higher-ranked, or unwounded demons, now occupied the front position, while the less competent and injured ones were all left behind by twos and threes.

“Inform Hua Xin to keep the Demonic Emperor alive! Inform the scouts, they’re only allowed to stab the legs of the enemies! We’ll capture them all alive!”

As Shisan quickened his speed, he ordered one of the members beside him to transmit his words. Previously, he would order them to start the fight as soon as they received the scouts’ report. Because of Ye Yi’s warning, however, this time, Shisan acted extremely cautious. He even began to blame himself for the hesitation he had in his decision-making, which had cost them several minutes. As a commander, he was the first to be accountable if the team was dragged in any kind of danger.

– Boom! –

At some distance in the front, a deafening sound resounded in the air, which grabbed all the members’ attention. The very spot of this explosion, indeed, was caused by Hua Xin. As the most advanced cultivator of the group from the Hua Family, he had taken the initiative, and replicated eight identical figures, circling the desperate Demonic Emperor. As if the Demonic Emperor had already seen through Hua Xin’s strategy, he quickly unleashed a streak of purple gust, before Hua Xin’s sword approached him closely. Soon after that, the two sides collided with each other, and exploded. Although Hua Xin wasn’t hurt, the Demonic Emperor successfully escaped his stab.

Quickly, Hua Xin used his Invisible Technique. The eight figures faded away immediately following Hua Xin’s disappearance.

Nevertheless, the explosion ahead didn’t slow their footsteps. Instead, the super team ran even faster, while Shiqi exclaimed excitedly, “Burning of the Demon Power! This demon must’ve been severely injured. Keep on chasing, for the one hundred credits! We can make it!”

– Swoosh! –

In order to defend himself, the Demonic Emperor used the Burning Demonic Power for the second time, after Hua Xin had popped out a second time. At the same time, the other members of the Hua Family made their concerted efforts in stabbing the legs of the demons. As a result, some of the demons in the front line fell down, and others kept on running with bleeding legs. All this had greatly disrupted the demons’ plan of escape.

Eventually, after two minutes, the super team arrived at the fighting scene. They directly wedged in through the rear part of the demonic formation. With the help of the Feng Family’s swordsmanship, lines of swords soared up in the sky, hovering in front of the demons, who found no way to go forward. Members of the Ye Family all released their Battle Qi, throwing them into the most densely-populated demon sections.



A full siege was forged, with the front swords, and the rear Battle Qi attacks, the demons found no way out. They halted in the middle of their running, turned around, howling with their bead-sized bloodshot eyes. Desperately, the demons started dashing towards the super team, hoping to find a glimpse of hope for escaping. Like the captured fish in a net, they tried their best to struggle, in an attempt to tore a hole out of the net, and escape.

However, the super team members wouldn’t give them a single chance. An instant later, the girls from the Yue Family shot streaks of glaring beams, into the demons’ eyes. The first round of spiritual attacks was on! Next, the descendants of the Ye Family slaughtered the enchanted demons almost effortlessly. Even the Prince-Realm cultivators, including Shiqi, didn’t conceal their true ability anymore in front of the enemy, as they released a full Armor of Battle Qi. The fight turned white-hot.

Within ten minutes, the result of the fight was evident: the super team won! It was a perfect attack, owing to the assistance of the Prince-Realm cultivators. Not a single member was injured.

As usual, Qinghan began searching for the rings among the corpses, which had already become a habitual routine.



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