BPTH Chapter 98

Leopard-shaped Demons

“How many credits did your guys obtain so far?” Suddenly, Qinghan raised his head with sparkling eyes, and asked expectantly.

“We’ve almost accumulated 5,000 credits!” Feeling a little bit awkward, Ye Yi responded immediately.

“Ohh, that’s great! Did you guys have any plans for the near future? I mean, would you like to join our team, or do you prefer to continue fighting separately?” By firmly nodding his head, Qinghan showed his appreciation for Ye Yi and his team’s efforts. After all, the larger-sized super elite team, formed by the four families, had gained, so far, less than 4, 000 credits…

Before the Sickle Team had put itself in the limelight of the war, they had reaped a lot of credits with their bait-and-lurk strategy. On the other hand, unlike the young lords in the super elite team, the members of the Sickle Team were all fearless death warriors, who were adopted by the Ye Family, which had ended their life on the streets. Initially, when they had launched their first few fights in this forest, they were regarded as members of mediocre background. Therefore, no one would pay much attention to them. It wasn’t until they had slaughtered many demons and barbarians, that people started to pay close attention to this team.

With a grim smile, Ye Yi shook his head, as he stared at Qinghan, “Follow your team? Young lord Qignhan, we’ve heard along our way, that your team already enjoys a much greater reputation than us. It’s dangerous and your team might already be targeted by the enemies! So for our team, we shall continue to fight behind the scene, I mean, not in the name of the Ye Family. The reason why I arranged this meeting, was to warn you of the enemies’ new strategy, and to tell you to stay alert. Don’t slip into their trap! Security should be the number one priority at the current stage. Remember, young lord, there are more roads that lead to that same goal, the Spirit Immortal Dan, and not every one of those road asks of you to put your life on the line. Anyway, take care!”

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Starting tomorrow, we’ll continue to increase our efforts in patrolling. Big brother, you should take extreme care of yourself. Please rest assured, we’ll seek revenge for Ninth Brother once we find an opportunity!” Shisan exchanged a glance with Qinghan, as they prepared to leave, for the super team must’ve marched quite a distance by now, and they still had to catch up.

Ye Yi and the others returned into the cave, after seeing Qinghan and Shisan off.

“Big brother, what shall we do next?” Ye San couldn’t help but ask.

“What shall we do? Alas, perhaps we should learn from our young lord, and imitate their strategy. I mean, we’ll fight within our abilities. If the enemies we encounter are easy to be brought down, we’ll definitely slaughter them. Whilst if the enemies are too difficult to one-sidedly slaughter, then we’ll just run away. Anyway, we have to dilute some of the attention our young lord’s team gets. Everyone has his own destiny; this is the most we can do. My brothers, stay alive, for we have a prosperous future awaiting us after this mission…”

Upon meeting with the super elite team, which had taken them half an hour to catch up to, Shisan immediately ordered to further enlarge the area of patrolling, from the previous 2.5 kilometers to 5 kilometers. Although this was a laborious task, they were willing to multiply their efforts, since they were all told of the new tactic of the demons and barbarians.

It had been four months since their arrival on Ghost Island. In total, the super elite team had only earned around 4,000 credits, which made Qinghan exceptionally anxious. Yet never had Qinghan put any pressure on his team members, he simply didn’t mention it verbally. The team members, on the other hand, were fully aware of the urgent situation, and hoped to gather as many credits as possible in the days to come, by killing some randomly-encountered teams from other races.

Nevertheless, not a single demonic or barbarian team came into view, as they marched forward. The situation now was absurdly unusual.

“How is Ye Yi, and his team?”

Suddenly, Qingwu popped up beside Qinghan, speaking in a tone of anxiety.

“Ye Jiu lost one of his arms, and Yao Kaka is the one to blame.” Out of fury, Qinghan clenched his teeth so hard that some blue veins vaguely emerged on his forehead.

“Oh, No!” Qingwu also bit her ruddy lower lip in indignation, and sighed helplessly, “It’s lucky that he escaped in the end. It’s better to live with one arm, than it is to die. Our family will surely compensate him later on!”

As for Shisan, knowing the condition of his brothers didn’t seem to make him feel any better. Since their departure, he had worn a surly face all along, and the angry flames in his eyes were about to explode. Truly, he was so tempted to go seek revenge for Ye Jiu. His eyes swept around the surroundings, hoping to catch a bunch of demons or barbarians to release some of his fury.

Being disappointed, Shisan found neither demons nor barbarians, but only a chilly breeze and a verdant ambush up ahead. However… a scout of the Hua Family was running towards the team, desperate to give them the latest news. Seeing this, Shisan’s eyes immediately lit up.

It was the first time, since four or five days, that they had found a demonic team!

“Stay where you are, and prepare for the upcoming fight! Group one of the Hua Family, please recheck the surroundings of the demonic team, and report to us as soon as you get more thorough and reliable information about the enemy. We cannot afford to be ambushed!”

Despite his deep desire to start a one-sided slaughter, Shisan still made a discreet order. The image of that dangling sleeve of Ye Jiu was hard for him to forget, but he knew, no matter how outraged he was, the safety of the whole team should always be put in the first place.

The morale of the team was unprecedentedly high, for they hadn’t tasted the thrill of battle for quite some time. The heavy breaths among the team revealed their impetuous excitement. Members of the Feng Family grabbed their swords, ready to perform their unmatchable swordsmanship.

Quite on the contrary, Qinghan lowered his head, feeling the outline of the ring on his finger. Of course, it was the yellow ring, rather than the bronze one. He was calculating the total amount of credits they had obtained so far. Based on the credits, Ye Yi’s team played a decisive role in this mission, at least, they had contributed more than the super elite team had by now. But, this so-called Sickle Team had lost its advantage, since it was being heavily targeted by the enemy. Unlike the previous chaotic Prefecture War, this time, the young lords of the Demonic and Barbarian Prefecture led their team under a carefully-planned strategy. Given the adverse status quo, Qinghan was caught by a feeling of dejection.

Several minutes later, the scout of the Hua Family arrived with a stunning piece of news: the enemy ahead was a team of leopard-shaped demons, and there was no other reinforcements lurking around. Also, among the demons, there was a Demonic Emperor that represented a handsome amount of credits!

“Let’s fight right away!”

Shisan shouted with passion, after he received approving glances from the other Prince-Realm cultivators in the team.

“Haha!” Feng Zi laughed out loudly, as he unsheathed the sword from his back.

While at the same time, Hua Cao and Hua Xin nodded to each other, as they gestured to the other members of the Hua Family. All of a sudden, bodies began to fade away.

Slowly, Qinghan took out the cyan dagger from his boot, and joined the elite group of the Ye Family.

The super team had now been divided into several small groups, each and every one of them had a special task to perform. During the previous four months, they had drawn a great amount of experience, both in terms of fighting and cooperation. Currently, they seemed quite adjustable to any kind of situation.

Now, in the face of an imminent ferocious fight, even the girls of the Yue Family were itchy to bring it on. Under their beautiful long lashes, the light of excitement was nowhere to hide.


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