BPTH Chapter 96

Immortal Leader

Yao Kaka was in a really good mood. Being the son of the Saint Majesty of the Demonic Prefecture, he enjoyed the same privilege as his counterpart, Man’Gan. Actually, if traced back to his ancestors, he inherited the pure blood of the crazy lion sub-race, which had led to him being born with super talent. At the age of twenty eight, he had already achieved the lower level of the Demonic Emperor, thus his status in the Demonic Prefecture was further solidified.

He had indeed participated in this Prefecture War against the will of his father, who considered it to be too risky for his only son. But as a young man, Yao Kaka had been feeling increasingly bored in Demon City, so he wished to add an element of adventure to his life. Therefore, instead of idling away, he finally got his father’s reluctant approval, and went to the Prefecture War.

Although he had been continuously outraged by the human race, first by the robbery committed by the Sickle Team, then by Qinghan’s super elite team, who had slaughtered a great number of his men, Yao Kaka still believed that he had made the right choice. Apart from all the vexation in the past few days, he turned out to be abnormally excited.

Yesterday, he had received a piece of good news from his camp, which most likely explained his abrupt change of mood.

It was said that a young lord from Immortal City was also involved in this Prefecture War. Throughout history, however, people from Immortal City seldom took part in the conflicts among the three prefectures.

On hearing Immortal City, Yao Kaka shivered in fear, because their ancestors had told them time and time again about the absolute power of those from Immortal City. They’d been taught, from a young age, that they should never ever antagonize against anyone from that city!

Thus, anything Immortal City asked of them to do, would be done, as perfectly as demonly possible. Now, news had reached his ears that they had received orders to kill the young lord of the Ye Family! Since the demons and humans had long been enemies, it should be their own obligation to kill the human race at any cost. Furthermore, people from Immortal City had promised them, if they accomplished this task, a superior treasure-level item.

Feeling the smooth sword in his hands, Yao Kaokao shook his golden, curly hair, and showed a ferocious smile…

“How did a blood feud come to be between that young lord of Immortal City, and his counterpart of the Ye Family? Has the Ye Family guy killed the other’s father? Impossible! His father, Tu Shenwei, is in good health, as far as I know. Or could it be that Qinghan, that young lord of the Ye Family, has robbed Tu Qianjun’s wife? Mmm, I don’t think this hypothesis holds any grounds, the girls who want to be his wife could be lined in a long queue.”

Out of curiosity, Yao Kaka thought hard about the reason behind Tu Qianjun’s devious plan. In the end, since he failed to find a proper answer, he just gave up, and sighed, “Shit, it’s none of my business. The Barbarian Prefecture, as well as the Xue Family from the human race, will coordinate with us in the process. Wuhen has already placed some kind of tracker on the target, which will make it much more convenient for us to follow them.” Despite the fact that Yao Kaka found those bewitched worms obnoxious, he firmly believed in their tracking abilities.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Suddenly, he began to chuckle, as he felt it was hilarious, that he had suddenly become allies with his enemies. However, people from Immortal City had promised that, individually, whoever took the initiative in killing young lord Qinghan, would not only receive a favor from Tu Qianjun, but also a saint-level item.

A saint-level item! No one could stand the lure of such a rare treasure. With a resolute smile, he was determined to be the one to kill Qinghan, and get his dream item!


On top of the Immortal Mountain, Tu Qianjun stood silently, overlooking the landscape below. His eyes were fixed on a direction of Ghost Island in the east, as he envisaged the prospect of hauling in the net he had placed, which would crush Qinghan into a heap of chopped up meat…

As the only male descendant of the four immortal guards, Tu Qianjun enjoyed an extremely privileged life. His habitual aloofness was a product of his pampering environment. For him, to kill a human being, was just as common as killing an ant. Nevertheless, back on the island of the Tranquil Lake, he was unprecedentedly humiliated by Qinghan in front of so many people, thus he had vowed to gain his face back!

Whenever he remembered the half smiling Qinghan, and the gorgeous Qingcheng, Tu Qianjun’s fury would be rekindled, and the feeling of being slapped in the face was unforgettable.

Because of some special rules, Tu Qianjun had refrained himself from an outburst of fury, and had returned home instead. Once he was in Immortal City, he began to rack his brain to find an opportunity to punish Qinghan. After some close investigation, he was told of Qinghan’s whereabouts, and plotted to kill Qinghan in the mess of the Prefecture War.

– Swoosh! –

A sound broke the silence and brought him back to reality. Tu Qianjun turned his head sideway, and looked at a man with the corner of his eyes, as though he didn’t care about his arrival. Instead, he immediately turned his head back, and continued enjoying the bird’s eye view.

“Young lord!”

The comer was a man in a white robe, which covered almost his entire body, as only his eyes were revealed. Judging from the husky voice, this man must be nearing the end of his life.

“Yes?” Tu Qianjun slightly nodded his head, without turning around, as he didn’t want to be disturbed in his appreciation of the breath-taking scenery in front of him.

“Have you done all the things I’ve told you to do?”

“Yes, young lord. I have passed your message to Wuhen, Yao Kakan and Man’Gan. All three of them have promised to do their utmost to kill that bastard, Ye Qinghan. Please rest assured, that young lord of the Ye Family will be dead long before he has an opportunity to leave Ghost Island!” The man in the white robe replied with due respect.

“Humph, I’ve invested two treasure-level items and one saint-level item in this task as a reward. If they screw it up, they should be called garbage instead!”

“Actually, young lord, the items are a trivial issue, compared with the rules made by the Immortal Leader. You know… what we’re doing is against his rules, and I’m afraid our leader will be outraged if he discovers our plan at some point of time. I suggest you should seek the advice of your father, before taking any solid actions.” The white-robed man raised his eyebrows, full of anxiety and concern.

“The Immortal Leader!” Tu Qianjun’s eyes flashed with a touch of fear, but soon, he shook his head disapprovingly, “He has been away for over five years. I guess he won’t come back in the following few years. Even if he comes back in a few years, the things we’re doing now, will be long forgotten by then. Don’t worry, I’ll let my father know. Go and observe the situations on Ghost Island, and report to me as soon as you’ve finished gathering the most updated information.”

“Yes, young lord!” The white-robed man bowed to Tu Qianjun, before he turned around and went off down the foggy mountain path.


Ghost Island recently was exceptionally silent. Except for the human teams wandering around the forest, there were seldom any demons or barbarians. As Qinghan and his team marched forward, they found another risky area – the place the eighth-grade black dragon inhabited.

Actually, this place was in a small valley in the vicinity of the Bloody Prairie. Before the super team arrived, a whole team from the Mars Prefecture had intruded into this valley, and none of them had come back out, only bursts of agonizing groans had come out.

Sainan had taken the lead and investigated the surroundings. She immediately took out a piece of paper, and drew two maps, one was this valley, and the other was the gorge where the Double-headed Wolf lived. By redrawing this several times, she had finally produced a dozen maps, and passed them to each of the junior team leaders. These two places were now listed as forbidden spots!

“Black Dragon Valley? According to experience, the more dangerous the place is, the more precious the treasures in it are. I guess, that in the Black Dragon Valley, there should be at least a saint-level item, or some panacea.” Feng Zi looked at the map, as greed was evident in his eyes. He then turned to Hua Cao, with a smile, “Hua Cao, would you sneak into this valley, and collect the treasures for me? I’ll keep watch for you!”

“Fuck off!” Hua Cao quickly responded, as he rolled his eyes disdainfully, and pouted, “Go and get it yourself! I have so many lonely girls to save back in Descending Flower City. If I die, they’ll all become spinsters.”

“Alas, a saint-level item, or even a saint-level technique? When can I obtain such mighty assistance?” Apparently, Feng Zi was in deep dejection, as he stole a glance at Qinghan, before he said in an envious tone, “Qinghan, you’re so lucky! You know, at your age, it’s uncommon to receive a saint-level technique from your family. I’m afraid, that the old folks in my family won’t give me that until I enter into the Realm of the Emperor!”

Without speaking a word, Qinghan turned around, staring silently at the remorseful Feng Zi. As he kept walking, his feet were wrapped by large amount of Battle Qi, for he used his Mysterious Trace Step to accelerate his speed.

These days, they found it rather weird that the enemy teams seemed to have all evaporated, for not a single demonic or barbarian team had appeared in their vicinity. Deep inside, Qinghan was rather upset, and predicted that a crisis must be under way.

“Report! A team from the Mars Prefecture is in front of us. They require to see young lord Qinghan!” The scout of the Hua Family spoke in a heavy voice, as he cupped one hand over the other.

“See me?” Qinghan paused for a second with a solemn expression, before he suddenly showed a delighted smile.

“Is this the team led by Ye Yi?” Without noticing the stunned expressions of the others, Qinghan nodded to Shisan, and yelled, “Bring them here!”


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