BPTH Chapter 95

The Secret Hunting Net Is Set Up!

“Young lord Wuhen! What brings you here? Did you come to look at our bruises?” When the aggressive Feng Zi saw Wuhen’s face, his indignation surged. Even a moron could identify the scornful undertone in his remarks.

Following Feng Zi’s sarcasm, Hua Cao curled up his lips disdainfully, “I thought that you already left for Immortal City. Did you become bored after staying in the camp for so long? Don’t tell me, that you just want to get some fresh air and came looking for us?”

Meanwhile, Yue Qingcheng didn’t say a word, as she only frowned in great anxiety. Since she had learned all the evil things Wuhen had done to Qinghan, she was worried that the arrival of Wuhen would definitely pose a threat to Qinghan.

As for the one who ought to exhibit the most hostility towards When – Qinghan, he just fastened his eyes on Wuhen. However, the flames of anger in his eyes seemed to be melting Wuhen down once and for all.

“Haha, we’re all members of the five families. We’re supposed to be allies, rather than enemies. We’re family, aren’t we?”

Despite the negative impression he had left on these young lords, he didn’t care much about it. And his brazen face was as thick as a wall, which could hardly deter him from being shameless in front of these people. As he replied with a fake smile plastered on his face, his eyes traveled from the young lords to the delicate face of Qingcheng. For a moment, he was fascinated by her beauty, but soon, he deliberately turned his head away from her. In the end, he met with the fiery look of Qinghan, and returned him with the same intense glance.

“Errr, we have much work to finish. We’re not interested in disturbing your leisure travel.” With a unnoticeable humph, Feng Zi interrupted, as he was disgusted by Wuhen’s hypocritical fake friendliness.

With a firm nod, Hua Cao also lifted his legs, preparing to leave. He could, also, no longer stand the seemingly-kind smiles behind the deeply rotten attempt that Wuhen exhibited.

“Hey, guys, we should sit down and have a nice talk. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time.” Wuhen proposed passionately.

“Humph, we’re here for a specific purpose, not for fun!” The tone in Feng Zi’s voice turned extremely unkind.

Hua Cao lowered his head in silence; while at the same time, Qingcheng whispered in Qingwu’s ears behind her hands. Only Qinghan stared at Wuhen like a wooden figure.

“Alright, let me cut straight to the point.” Folding his fan in his hands, Wuhen stared back at Qinghan with a grave expression, “I’m sorry but I have to waste a few minutes of your time. Let me have a private chat with young lord Qinghan. Hey, Qinghan, would you mind?”


Everyone focused their attention on Qinghan, in great curiosity. Since the hatred between these two young lords had been made public, they felt curious as to why such enemies would want to talk with each other. Meanwhile, both Qingcheng and Qingwu winked at Qinghan, in an effort to warn him of the possible dangers up ahead of him, if he stepped up to meet Wuhen.

“Young lord!” Shisan, who was now standing beside Qinghan, clasped Qinghan’s arms in anxiety.

“Don’t worry about me!” Qinghan dropped Shisan’s hands, and returned the two girls with a look full of confidence and assurance.

As if in great interest, Qinghan burst out a bright smile, and drew closer to Wuhen, “Young lord Wuhen, long time no see! I’m more than happy to talk with you.”

“Hey, guys, please wait for me for a moment. I’ll exchange a few words with Wuhen.” Qinghan turned around and added.

Although Qinghan was suspicious about Wuhen’s true intention, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest with his super team behind him. Even if Wuhen tried to kill him, he believed his integration technique would be enough to bring this bastard down.

“Young leader!” This time, the Prince-Realm cultivators surrounding Wuhen began to worry about their master. Since the Xue family had ordered them to keep a close watch on their master, they had to follow Wuhen anywhere he went, including the toilet.

Just like Qinghan, Wuhen waved his hands, and looked at the two cultivators with determined eyes. Later, he managed a smile, and extended his hands, as a gesture to welcome Qinghan.

“Xue Wuhen, what’s the matter?” Qinghan looked at Wuhen narrowly, as the cruel hostility in his eyes wasn’t hidden in the slightest.

Like a thief, Wuhen swept the surroundings, to ensure no one was actually overhearing them. A little bit embarrassed, Wuhen replied, “Young lord Qinghan, I have to apologize to you for what I did to you and your sister. But, you know, our family compensated your family with a large amount of treasures, we should call an end to this issue. What do you think?”

“Do you want me to act like a moron, and just accept all you have done to us?” Qinghan wrinkled his nose in disgust, for he had just heard the most ridiculous joke in his lifetime. By raising his chin, Qinghan continued, “If you really want me to forget all the misery you caused me and my sister, then let me use my blade to cut through your throat. Only like this, will I forgive both you and your family.”

“Alas… Do you really need to be this cruel?” Wuhen sighed helplessly, and the light in his eyes dimmed accordingly.

“Cruel? Are you referring this word to me?” Out of uncontrollable fury, Qinghan arched his eyebrows, and sneered, “What does cruel mean to you? The ruthless attack on Cattle-fence Street, the secret attempt to murder me back at the Wild Mountain Range, or your filthy kidnap scheme that targeted my sister? My sister is now lying on bed, in a vegetative state. Do you think it is possible for you and me to reconcile after all the cruel things you have done to us?”

“Like I said before, I didn’t know that she was your sister! As for the so-called secret murder I arranged… That was simply a plot made merely by Elder Shi, not me! Since things have reached this point, I have nothing to do but to express my sincere apologies towards you, and your sister.” With a seemingly bitter smile, Wuhen defended himself.

“Shut up! If this is all you wish to say, then I don’t think I can stay here any longer to hear all this bullshit.” Although Qinghan was tempted to punch him in the face, he held this impulse back, and left.

“Alas!” Looking at the back of Qinghan, Wuhen faked a helpless sigh. But soon after that, he couldn’t help chuckle to himself, for the worms, the size of an ant, that he had secretly planted on Qinghan’s hair, would serve as a tracker of Qignhan’s whereabouts later on. His dual pupils, with one black and the other grey, flashed a light that was as deep as the ocean.

Wuhen stood silently for a long while, until Qinghan and his super team had disappeared in the distance. Now, he began to laugh, louder and louder…

“Young leader, why have you placed concealed worms in Qignhan’s hair?” The two Prince-Realm bodyguards asked out of curiosity. As members of the Xue Family, they all boasted a good knowledge of the bewitched worms.

“Because, I want him to die!” As Wuhen quitted from his crazy laughter, his face grew surly.

In great astonishment, the two bodyguards looked at each other, before they looked around in all directions in intensified vigilance.

“Young leader, we don’t think this is feasible! There’re many advanced cultivators surrounding Qinghan, whose mission it is to secure his life. And most importantly, right now he’s the most-valued young lord of the Ye Family, his death will certainly stir up a riot between our two families…”

“Of course I’m not silly enough to try and kill him on my own! The demons and barbarians will do it for me, I just need to provide them with some necessary information about Ye Qinghan. You know, I have permitted Immortal City to help them finish a special task, after which I will get access to Immortal City, and bring glory to our family for ages to come!” Wuhen’s eyes lit up in overexcitement.

“But… Young leader, this is absolutely undoable. Killing a compatriot by the hands of the other races will surely be considered as the most disgraceful plan in our family’s history. We have to foresee all the possible results, including the worst one, which will probably root our family out. Given all these reasons, we don’t agree to your proposition.” The two Prince-Realm cultivators drew Wuhen near them, trying desperately to persuade their young master.

Despite the terrified expressions worn on their faces, Wuhen stayed as calm as before, and rummaged a red token out of his chest pocket, “This is the Flying Snow Token bestowed upon me by my father. You ought to listen to my arrangement without objections, as anyone should do so in front of this token. Please, rest assured that I’ll do it seamlessly. No one will ever discover this secret. If we do it, the prosperity of our family will surely lie in the hands of the three of us…”


On the other hand, Qinghan didn’t have the slightest clue of the concealed worms Wuhen had placed in his hair. Also, he didn’t know, that Tu Qianjun, Wuhen, Yao Kaka and Man’gan had already formed a temporary alliance, and a secret hunting net had been set up, waiting for Qinghan, as well as his super team to draw near and slip into it!

Leaning against a wall of the cave, Qinghan closed his eyes, as he was worried about the status quo of his sister.

The murderous light in his eyes grew stronger and stronger, and the warm summer wind turned increasingly scorching…

“Xue Wuhen, you bastard! I promise, that I’ll kill you on the first opportunity I get!”


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