BPTH Chapter 94

Encountering Wuhen

Without any words, the super team retreated as Shisan had ordered. Safety was now regarded as the highest priority! After all, a possible seventh-grade beast boasted the power equal to those in the Realm of the Prince. If, by chance, it was an eighth-grade one, most of the team members would be killed under its attack.

In silence, the team anxiously waited for the information from Hua Xin. If that beast in the cave was a seventh-grade one, then they would go for it, and reap the demonic crystals, which should be a rare treasure that wasn’t only good for cultivation, but was also a perfect material for the alchemy of Dan.


Less than ten minutes later, a thunder-like booming sound echoed throughout the gorge, leaving the team members petrified in fear. Accordingly, Shisan ordered the whole team to continue retreating, until they had reached the entrance of the gorge. Strangely enough, the horrible howl wasn’t heard a second time.

Standing at the entrance of the gorge, everyone craned their necks, hoping to see Hua Xin’s arrival. But they couldn’t see anyone appear in the distance, so they ordered another two Prince-Realm cultivators to investigate Hua Xin’s whereabouts. When the two newly appointed cultivators were about to set off, Hua Xin came back, with blood smeared all over his face, very much like a drowned rat.

“Ahh… It’s… It’s an eighth-grade demonic beast, the Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf. Everyone, leave this place immediately!” Hua Xin’ face was as pale as ashes; he was most likely attacked by that mighty beast just now.

By releasing the secret signals in the air, the team asked the other scouts of the Hua Family to come back as soon as possible, after which, they all turned around and ran, like an arrow being shot from the bow.

No kidding! The notorious Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf was an upper level eighth-grade demonic beast, that could perhaps swallow the entire super team. Normally, a high-ranked demonic beast wouldn’t leave his claimed territory. So, luckily, the risk of being followed by the Double-headed Wolf was actually rather low. But, they considered it to be safer if they kept an appropriate distance from this malefic beast, in case he was already provoked by Hua Xin and went out to seek revenge…

It took the team three hours to return to the vicinity of the temporary cave. Some of them even cheered for their narrow escape, and vowed that they would never go to that gorge again, which was supposed to be one of the most dangerous places on Ghost Island so far. If the Double-headed Wolf was fully provoked, their team members would all be torn into pieces.

Since this place was under the constant watch by the team led by Sainan, it was a comparatively safe place, so they gradually managed to relax, as they let go off the panic-stricken nerves.

Hua Cao turned to Hua Xin, inquiring the details of what had happened in the cave where the wolf stayed. Raising his head after a sigh of relief, Hua Xin found he had received all the attention, as everyone had strained their ears, waiting to hear the adventurous account.

Five hundred meters from the teleportation posts, there was a huge cave. When Hua Xin drew near this cave, he was confronted by a large ripple of Qi. Cautiously, he immediately made himself invisible and sneaked into the entrance gingerly. He heard a booming howl echo in the air, when he had only just stepped into the cave. Following this horrible howl, a pair of heads and cold eyes had emerged in front of Hua Xin, which had scared the hell out of him!

Without any hesitation, Hua Xin had used his Figure Replication Technique by creating four figures running away in four different directions. This way, he had hoped that the monster would be misled and confused. Unfortunately, due to the huge loath towards the intruder, the wolf spit out a mouth of cyan Qi, and crashed the four figures, as well as Hua Xin himself within a second! Disregarding the bruises and wounds on his body, Hua Xin turned to his Invisible Technique once again, and fled.

“What a narrow escape!”

The team members looked at each other, as fright was evident in their eyes. The Sivermoon Double-headed Wolf had definitely lived up to its rank as an upper level eighth-grade demonic beast. A Prince-Realm human cultivator was heavily injured by just a puff of his Qi! It was speculated, that only cultivators in the third level of the Realm of the Emperor would be able to defeat such a monster.

“Alright. Hua Xin, we’re all proud of you. Please, rest and heal your wounds. In the next Prefecture War, when you’ve reached the Realm of the Saint, you will surely be able to tear that monster into pieces!” With an encouraging smile, Shisan put a hand on Hua Xin’s shoulder, trying to console him. Hua Xin was actually the only Prince-Realm cultivator in the scout group of the Hua Family, without whom the super team would lose much fighting power. Therefore, Shisan talked in an exaggerated manner, in an attempt to re-boost Hua Xin’s confidence.

“Haha, Brother Hua Xin, Let’s seek revenge for you and slaughter that filthy beast in thirty years!” Feng Zi began to envisage how powerful he would be in the next Prefecture War, and he believed that all the young lords here would definitely have become the backbones of their families by then.

As they chatted leisurely, a scout of the Hua Family suddenly emerged with some information. In the front area, they had found Xue Wuhen!

“Ha? That coward has come out of the camp?” Feng Zi lifted his eyebrows, and sniffed the air with disgust, “Let’s go and meet this traitor!”

A shrewd light flashed in Qinghan’s eyes, as he was actually rather excited to hear Wuhen’s name. He had previously thought he had zero opportunity to kill this bastard, because Wuhen had remained in the camp, but now his chance had come. When all the factors were put together, The humiliation at Cattle-fence Street, the secret attack in the Wild Mountain Range, and the nasty plot to kidnap his sister, Qinghan couldn’t help but list Wuhen as the most-wanted man on his own personal killing list.

Indeed, Qinghan’s revenge plan was secretly supported by Ye Qingniu, for he was once told by this great elder, that as long as he murdered Wuhen smartly, and left no trace to follow up on, he was allowed to do so. Otherwise, the Ye Family would bear great responsibility for this crime once discovered.

During the years, collisions weren’t rare among the descendants of the five families. But, that didn’t affect the family bond that was established thousands of years ago among the five families. They had supported each other in hard times, as a human race in general. The small conflicts among the young lords, however, were allowed.

Nevertheless, up until now, never was a key descendant of a family killed due to any conflict. Thousands of years had gone by, and the five families had voluntarily formed an unannounced rule: revenge should be taken in darkness, as long as you don’t shake the foundation of the other family. If you’re capable of committing a proofless murder, just do it…

In Grey City, when Wuhen had first found the Jade Spirit Body, he had played a deep game immediately. Apparently, it turned out to be a failed attempt in the end, yet he left no direct evidence of his plot, so the Ye Family couldn’t kill Wuhen in the name of law, but only deployed Ye Qingniu to extort them for a great number of treasures…

Right now, Qinghan was confident that he could kill Wuhen in seconds by using his integration technique. One thing he kept in mind, was that he would do it secretly and perfectly, so that no one would be able to identify him as the murderer. With a big smile on his face, Qinghan followed the super team, and strode gallantly towards Wuhen.


Meanwhile, Wuhen was also in a delighted mood, which could be told by the smiling light in his dual pupils. By waving his folding fan casually, he rambled along Ghost Island, just as relaxed as he had been on Thirteenth Street.

Beside Wuhen, there were two Prince-Realm guards, who bore the responsibility to ensure the safety of their young leader. Also, two hundred Marshal-Realm cultivators followed behind Wuhen orderly.

The messenger from Immortal City had entrusted Wuhen an urgent task, which would be taken as an exchange for his entering into Immortal City after the Prefecture War. He had waited for so long, to encounter such a golden opportunity. Now, for Wuhen, his dream had turned into solid reality, because people from Immortal City had officially confirmed that they would fulfill their promise, on the condition that Wuhen would help them finished a special task.

Once he set his feet in Immortal City, Wuhen believed that his cultivation would soar up, and that his family would be glorified for generations to come…

As for the antipathy from other families, he didn’t care at all. Since he already considered himself as a member of Immortal City, his attitude towards his fellow young lords had changed accordingly. With a promising future ahead, Wuhen found it worthless to be mad at a bunch of weak ants…

Now, the two teams were only several steps away from each other. Wuhen greeted the young lords with an unusual bright smile, as radiant as the bouquet of the purple rose Hua Cao had held at the Summer Fire Festival…

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