BPTH Chapter 93

People from Immortal City Came Once Again

On the human side, the super team, formed by the four families, had already defeated a considerable number of enemies; while on the demonic and barbarian side, they had raised great vigilance against this super human team, especially the two elite teams led by Yao Kaka and Man’gan respectively. The former was the son of the Saint Majesty of the Demonic Prefecture, and the latter was the son of the Barbarian Immortal.

In the following days, the barbarians and demons all sent out troops to confront the human super team. In response, the scouts of the Hua Family, had enlarged their patrolling area as per Shisan’s request. Since Shisan had discovered Yao Kaka’s team, which desperately tried to follow them, he deliberately asked the scouts to double their efforts. Every time, when the enemies sneaked into their vicinity to cut off their route, the super team would be aware, and would retreat in advance, leaving the demons and barbarians howling in fury.

The fact was, that they didn’t retreat out of fear, Feng Zi even suggested fighting with them face-to-face. But the Prince-Realm cultivators, especially Shisan, reckoned it to not be the perfect timing to fight with them. For one thing, credits were the top priority of this journey, they wouldn’t sacrifice themselves before they had obtained enough of them; for the other, since the enemies didn’t launch a battle, or kill any of their fellowmen, they wouldn’t put their young lords and ladies in great dangers by involving them in such a grand fight. After all, if the young lords were wounded or killed, they would never fulfill their liability, even by dying a thousands times over…

Therefore, these days, they wandered along the area with unprecedented caution. Under the strategy of “security first”, the super team only fought those enemies they considered to be easy to deal with, in order to collect credits. Usually, they would retreat soon after the slaughter, in case they encountered even mightier enemy groups. The reality was, the chance of obtaining more credits turned apparently slim, but they felt much safer by fighting in this way!


In the temporary camp that belonged to the Mars Prefecture.

This place was quite silent these days, because most of the members had gone to the frontline to fight. Only a few people were left here, including the patrollers, and the wounded members, who were carried back from the frontline. Of course, there was a whole team, which was led by young lord Wuhen, that hadn’t stepped out since the first day.

Being a lurker, Wuhen had kept his team far away from the fierce battlefield. Instead, they were busy cultivating, or just playing around. As long as his members kept themselves in the confinements of the temporary camp, he would let them do whatever they liked. In these days, he had broken through a bottleneck in cultivation, that had annoyed him for many years, and he had finally entered the first level of Realm of the Marshal. Honestly, at his age, this achievement wasn’t something to be proud of. Yet, his success depended more on his Worm Bewitchment than on his reserve of Battle Qi. His twelve Golden Beatles, represented greater power than a normal great elder in his family. Because of this, it was no wonder that he was appointed as the future leader of the Xue Family!

Since his reputation had been seriously tarnished, when he had rejected to go together with the other four families, Wuhen had seemingly determined to continue his life as a traitor. He was well aware, that the others disliked him – Feng Zi and Hua Cao had turned hostile towards him; Qinghan wished to take his life; and even Qingcheng had developed hatred toward him because of Qinghan… Surprisingly, Wuhen didn’t give much heed to other people’s reaction, he only cared about his own cultivation, and the promise Tu Qianjun had made back at the Summer Fire Festival.

Encouraged by Tu Qianjun’s promise, that he would be invited to Immortal City, if he survived in the Prefecture War, Wuhen was aspired to climb out of the “dead well”, the nickname he had given the Flame Dragon Continent. Based on these premises, he would rather stay in the camp, safe and sound, than place himself in any risky situations.

Unexpectedly, a special guest visited the temporary camp today, which made Wuhen excited in some ways.

Today, above the temporary camp, a giant monster appeared out of the blue. Looking upward from the ground, the monster was very much like a large dark cloud that shadowed over the whole camp. On the back of the monster, a young man jumped off, as he received the awes and envy from the people on the ground.

The monster was actually a pterosaur, representing a saddle-beast from Immortal City! The young man gradually descended onto the ground, with golden rays enveloping his body.

Although rules had been stipulated that no one was allowed to join halfway in the Prefecture War, as a member of Immortal City, the young man wasn’t restricted from casually joining in. Actually, he wasn’t interested in joining the war, for he went directly into the bamboo house where Wuhen stayed, and came out a short while later. At last, he disappeared into the horizon, together with his pterosaur…

Soon after the departure with the mysterious young man, Wuhen immediately instructed his team, “Prepare yourself, we’ll enter the Visionary Forest and join in the war tomorrow!”

Wuhen’s team members now were all as busy as a bee, preparing food and other logistics. Staring into the pitch-dark distance, the dual-pupils in Wuhen’s eyes flashed with a sense of ruthless cruelty.

“Young lord, haven’t you said that we wouldn’t join in the war? You told us to stay in the temporary camp for a whole year! Why have you changed your mind?” The two guys beside Wuhen asked gingerly, as they saw the ferocious light in their young leader’s eyes, which they believed would be an ominous sign.

Without answering the question immediately, Wuhen gazed in the direction of the deep part of the Visionary Forest, before he responded, “I’d love not to. But, now the situation has changed. I have to finish a task and contribute my due part for Immortal City. Of course, one of the “knots” that weighs heavily on my mind would be untied in the process… Alright, go and prepare, this is going to be funny…”


Surprisingly, the gigantic pterosaur hadn’t left Ghost Island yet, as it was now flying in the direction of the Visionary Forest. Because the pterosaur was high up in the sky, people on the ground didn’t even notice its existence. Eventually, this monster descended on the camp that belonged to the Demonic Prefecture. The young man jumped off of the pterosaur, and negotiated with a bunch of demons. After that, he and his saddle-beast flew away hastily, for they had another destination – the camp of the Barbarian Prefecture. Likewise, the young man met with some barbarians and discussed a couple of issues before he left. In the end, the pterosaur and its master left Ghost Island, and were going in the direction of the Flame Dragon Continent…

Afterwards, both the Demonic and Barbarian Prefecture deployed a small team, to disseminate the information they had just received from Immortal City to Yao Kaka and Man’gan. When Yao Kaka and Man’gan were notified of the information, their frowned eyebrows finally relaxed. Without wasting any more time, they gave out new orders to their subordinates accordingly.


For the secret plot that was hatched in the darkness, Qinghan’s team knew nothing about it. They were just routinely hunting for possible preys to collect credits. Right now, they were walking in the middle of a large gorge, waiting for the reports from the scouts of the Hua Family.

For two days, they hadn’t encounter any barbarians or demons. The team had become lassitude, as they kept walking silently in the gorge, which extended for five kilometers in length. Such a grand-scale gorge was actually a commonplace in this forest.

Soon, a scout of the Hua Family brought the information about the situation in the vicinity, which surprised all the team members. The front area was densely covered by a dozen of teleportation posts! Places like this were rare, given the density and number of the teleportation posts. What made things worse, was that the surroundings of the gorge were as bald as a barren land, which made it quite difficult to lurk. Putting all the negative elements together, the super team decided to give up on this place, and reroute their trip.


Another scout of the Hua Family returned, and his solemn expression grabbed everyone’s attention. This scrawny man, with a tanned complexion, panted in anxiety, “In front… near the teleportation posts… there is a colossal cave, which we believe is filled with great dangers. Judging by the howls coming from inside the cave, we suspect that there must be a seventh-grade or even higher ranked demonic beast. We suggest the whole team to stop moving forward, until we get further information about the beasts there.”


Shisan discussed with the Prince-Realm cultivators for a little while, before he gave out yet another order: “Listen, the whole super elite team members, please retreat for 2.5 kilometers. Now, the Prince-Realm scout Hua Xin will take the responsibility to figure out the true situation up ahead! We’ll decide our next step based on his information!”


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