BPTH Chapter 91

The Battle Commences!

Following the instruction of Shisan, the super team halted, and the descendants of the Ye Family, including Ye Qinghan, stepped out, as they integrated with their battle beasts.




In front of the Ye Family descendants, lines of shadowy battle beasts howled. Within the blink of an eye, all the beasts jumped into the chests of their masters, leaving a unique tattoo on each of the descendants’ bodies.

“Ye… Kill…”

On seeing the special technique of the Ye Family, the barbarians murmured in broken sentences, it seemed as if they knew something about the Battle Beast Integration. In response to their attack, the barbarians howled back, in a more threatening tone.

As one of the five most prominent families, the Ye Family had undoubtedly killed an uncountable amount of barbarians, and their hostility against each other had been accumulated to such a degree, that whenever they met each other, they would immediately engage in a bloody battle.

“Descendants of the Ye Family, squat on the ground! Girls from the Yue Family, use your Enchantment Skill, and Feng Family, use your Swordsmanship. Everyone, focus your attacks on the eyes of those barbarians!”

As the barbarians kept dashing towards the super team, they were only a 100 meters away from each other, which was known as the effective distance for the Enchantment Skill to exert its power. Shisan gave yet another order, while he remained as clam as always.

– Swoosh! –

Consequently, the descendants of the Ye Family squatted, making room for the Yue Family girls to shoot their bewitching gleam into the eyes of the barbarians. Within a split second, all the barbarians in the front of their group were attacked, standing there with blank eyes.

– Hu hu! –

Closely following behind the girls of the Yue Family, fifty swords of various styles emerged in the hands of the Feng Family descendants. They thrust their swords directly into the front line of the barbarians, who were still in a state of unconsciousness.

Most of the barbarians in the front line suffered from blindness. The super team had a complete success in the first round! Amazingly, they had spent merely five seconds to achieve this. Moreover, about fifty or so barbarians in the front, now only served as a barricade, prohibiting their fellowmen from running forward. Due to the inertia, the barbarians in the rear dashed against the blind ones at an uncontrollable high speed. Apparently, it was already too late for them to come to a stop, as the realization of the true situation had hit them too late. The blind barbarians failed to distinguish their brothers from the enemies, and clashed with them as soon as they bumped into each other. The formerly neat formation was now broken up into a mess. Some of the barbarians even suffered severe injuries. These injuries came not from the human super team, but from their fellowmen.

“Everybody, disperse in the shape of a fan. Those from the Feng Family, continue to use your excellent Swordsmanship to attack their eyes! Yue Family, please get ready to counterattack. Ye Family, unleash your Battle Qi, and slaughter the enemies indiscriminately!”

As a young man, who had a high aptitude in leadership, Shisan grasped this opportunity to fully demonstrate his talent. It seemed, up until now, as if the situation was completely under his control. So he ordered to launch the second round of attacks.

In the second round, the barbarian team was caught in an even nastier mess. With the Enchantment Skill of the Yue Family, the barbarians, who attempted to attack, suddenly came to a stop, wandering around, as they had fallen into an imaginary world. Also, with the help of the Feng Family, the long swords were hovering above the haunted barbarians group, waiting to stab into their eyes whenever the timing was right. At the same time, the descendants of the Ye Family formed large balls of Battle Qi, and threw them at the barbarians, letting them explode on impact. The total number of barbarians dropped to half, for many of them had already died in this fight.


The head of the barbarian group, a Barbarian Emperor, flared up with his eyes full of indignation. Within two minutes, half of his team had been slaughtered in front of his eyes! By punching against his muscular chest, the Barbarian Emperor expressed his grief as well as his anger. The most unbearable part for him, was that the members of his team were killing each other like morons! Like a wild bull, he bounced up from the ground, and flew towards the super team.

“Shiqi, it’s your turn to kill this monster! Yue Xian’gu and Feng Meng, assist Shiqi, and kill this giant barbarian!”

Turning his head towards the Barbarian Emperor, Shisan shot a disdainful look. Immediately, he instructed three Prince-Realm cultivators to bring him down. Indeed, Shisan was quite responsive to any sudden chances. Also, he was resourceful in thinking out countermeasures – he appointed three advanced cultivators to deal with the most powerful barbarian in the team, considering the Barbarian Emperor’s formidable defensive skills, which was proven by his unharmed body in such a chaotic battle.

After that, Shisan saw that the rest of the barbarians began to run away in all directions, very much like headless flies.

Quickly, he spit out another instruction, “The enemies are attempting to flee! Let’s spare no efforts in attacking them! Oh, wait… Shiqi, hurry up, the Barbarian Emperor is also running away. Catch up to him!”

Holding his cyan dagger in his hand, Qinghan rushed towards the barbarians like a rutting bull. The two Ye Family descendants, who were in the Third Level of the Realm of the Marshal, closely followed behind him, in an effort to protect their master. Because, if Qinghan were to be injured, then they would be scolded to death by Shisan.

– Swoosh! –

Without looking at the two temporary “bodyguards”, Qinghan rushed to the fighting scene within seconds. Upon his arrival, he immediately ran towards a tall barbarian. With the help of his integration technique, this unfortunate barbarian was frozen in the middle of his attempt to flee. Therefore, Qinghan managed to draw close to him, and cut through his neck, leaving a great amount of blood seeping out from the wound…

“Err! The barbarian was killed? Within a single second?!”

The two Marshal-Realm cultivators glanced at each other in utter disbelief, as their mouths had dropped wide open. Judging from the size of this barbarian, he should at least be a Barbarian General. How could their young lord, Qinghan, kill such a mighty enemy within a second?

Although Qinghan’s power left others stupefied, he didn’t pay attention to it. The only thing that occupied his mind right now, was to kill as many barbarians as possible. Like a fish, he swam into the group of barbarians.

In a hurry, Qinghan’s two bodyguards unleashed a large amount of Battle Qi on their swords, leaving streaks of light around the edge of their weapons. While at the same time, the rest of the Ye Family descendants couldn’t stand the temptation of slaughter. So they swarmed towards the enemy, who they considered to be as weak as lambs, though by size, they looked more like elephants…

At the same time, the assassins of the Hua Family also joined in the mess. The entire super team was chasing the running away barbarians, trying to form a net to reap them all. Unfortunately, the surviving barbarians were relatively strong, as most of them were Barbarian Generals. Despite the hovering swords above their head, they kept running, with their arms cupping their head in a protective gesture. Like giant moving ironmen, the barbarians moved their feet at maximum speed. Blood kept dripping from their wounds onto the ground, which was caused by the swordsmanship of the Feng Family. The barbarians believed that, as long as they kept on running, they could probably survive…

The seemingly cowardice escape had left the super team perplexed. By now, they had chased several kilometers already! As per the original plan, they were not allowed to chase enemies once they crossed their agreed so-called “safe distance”, otherwise, it was very likely that they would end up being caught in an ambush. Soon after killing a few more slow-paced barbarians, the team retreated.

Meanwhile, Ye Shiqi, Yue Xian’gu, and Feng Meng, had suffered the same dilemma.

In the beginning, the Barbarian Emperor was fully provoked, trying to seek revenge for his team members. Originally, the three Prince-Realm cultivators planned to besiege him in a proper formation. However, the barbarian speeded up unexpectedly as he ran towards them, and was immediately prepared to flee upon seeing the three advanced cultivators.

By covering his head with his arms, he exerted all his strength to run away. Funnily, his eyes were closed throughout his escape route, in case of being attacked by the Yue Family. Although Feng Meng had used his Swordsmanship to cut the barbarian’s flesh, the Barbarian Emperor was only slightly hurt due to his mighty defensive ability, as well as his ironclad armor. In the end, the barbarian was cornered on a steep cliff, and he just jumped off perpendicularly. The three advanced cultivators eventually returned, as there was nothing else they could do. They were rather disappointed, as they shook their heads helplessly.

Based on their speed, it had taken them only several breaths of time to return to the rest of the super team. However… when they returned to the previous battlefield, they were all stupefied by what they saw: the group of Ye Family descendants had encircled a group of barbarians, and a young man in blood-stained clothing was standing in the middle of the barbarians, fighting against the whole group on his own! No! This was not a group-against-group, but a one-against-all battle!


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