BPTH Chapter 90

The Enemy Is Up Ahead!

Three days later, the super team finally arrived at the periphery area of the Bloody Prairie. On their way, they had encountered several elite teams from the Mars Prefecture. Now, they had decided to rest, before they would engage in their first battle. They found a large cave nearby, which they entered, to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s battle.

At dusk, a special guest arrived. Long Sainan!

Accompanied by two cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, Miss Sainan, in her scarlet-red samurai suit, appeared in front of the cave.

On hearing their footsteps, the young lords immediately stood up and greeted them. Miss Qingwu held Sainan’s hands, and asked concertedly, “Sister, how do you know our route? The moment we arrived here, you showed up!”

With a bright grin, Sainan replied, “Hehe, it’s me that arranged this cave for serving as a temporary camp for all our elite teams. I have formed a team of spies to observe the surroundings, in case an enemy tries to invade this camp. That’s why I know exactly when you arrived.”

“Sister, I heard that this year’s Prefecture War is unprecedentedly chaotic, is that true?” Rolling her eyes innocently, Qingcheng asked a question, which she believed Qinghan would very much like to know.

“Chaotic? The Prefecture War always ends up in a mess.” By slightly raising her head, Sainan stolen a subtle glance at the crowd, and added, “I know, you guys want to know the information about the two super elite teams. Honestly, I came here just for this purpose.”

“In this Prefecture War, the son of the Saint Majesty of the Demon Prefecture, named Yao Kaka, leads a super team composed of eight Demonic Emperors, and two hundred Demonic Generals. Also, Man’gan, the son of the Barbarian Immortal, leads another team of seven Barbarian Emperor and two hundred Barbarian Generals… As per previous rules, the young lords like us wouldn’t get ourselves too involved in the war, other than accumulating experience by killing demonic beasts, and collecting treasures. But this time is an exception. You know why? The Sickle Team actually raided the team led by Yao Kaka, and robbed them of all of their treasures, which has definitely left them outraged. At the same time, this mysterious, yet crazy Sickle Team also killed a considerable number of barbarians, which further intensified their hatred towards our Mars Prefecture. Alas, the elite teams from our prefectures suffered as a result. If we didn’t cut off their chase for our elite teams, we would’ve lost even more members! Now, thank goodness, you guys have also arrived. I hope your team can join in the fight against those two teams.’

“Ha, no problem. Since you guys have already broken the rules, we won’t care much about it either. Let’s slaughter the enemies together! Sister Sainan, please rest assured, we promise to crack them down once we encounter them.” As an aggressive young lord, Feng Zi clapped his hands in agreement. He had actually greatly enjoyed maltreating the demons and barbarians that had appeared at the Monster Slaughter Pool.

“Sure, we will!” Qinghan was the second young lord to express his support. Without killing the demons and barbarians, how could he obtain sufficient credits, and save his sister with the Spirit Immortal Dan? As for Qinghan, the fiercer the battle, the more excited he would be. Moreover, he was confident in their super team, which was formed by four of the prominent families, and he believed that they had nothing to fear from those two enemy teams.

“That’s great!” Qingcheng positively replied, quickly following Qinghan’s response, in an attempt to cater Qinghan.

As for Hua Cao and Qinghan Wu, they also nodded in agreement. As was known to all, the Hua family was good at fleeing, owing to their Invisible Technique, so they didn’t give much heed to the possible dangers ahead. While Qingwu had already made her mind up to help Qinghan, so she wouldn’t quit in the middle either.

The seven cultivators in the Realm of the Prince also nodded, after looking at each other. Given the mighty formation of this super team, they would certainly be looked down upon if they rejected to help out in such a dire situation. Most importantly, among the seven Prince-Realm cultivators, three of them had already entered into the third level. Thus, they firmly believed, even if they lost the battle, the advanced cultivators would still be able to protect them and help them escape.

“Great!” Smilingly, Sainan rummaged through her chest pocket and took a ragged map out, before handing it over to Qingwu, “This is a map of the surroundings. Look, this red spot is where we are now. Most of our elite teams from the Mars Prefecture have gathered around this spot, so please don’t go too far away from here without knowing the situation ahead. This is the frontline, and risks are everywhere… On the backside of this map, there is some information I collected about the techniques and true abilities of the Demonic and Barbarian Emperors. You may pass this map around so everyone will be fully aware of the situation. If you have any further questions, you can ask any of my patrolling teams in the vicinity. They will take you to where I am…”

After listening to her detailed explanation, everyone increased their vigilance, as they sat down and crossed their legs to cultivate, so that they could accumulate more Battle Qi for tomorrow’s fight.


Deeper into the Visionary Forest, especially the areas in the periphery of the Bloody Prairie, the geography was complicated. Initially, when they first entered the forest, the only thing that they saw were the ancient trees and brooks… It seemed as if it was just a normal forest. When they arrived at the mingling battlefield, however, they finally realized how complicated the landscape was.

Early in the morning, Qinghan had led his team out of the cave, marching ahead into the battlefield. At the beginning, there were trees surrounding them, which indicated they were still inside the forest. However, as they went forward, they felt like they were lost in a maze, where bizarre things emerged one after another – sometimes they saw gigantic stones erected from the ground in various arrays; sometimes, a colossal cave appeared in front of them, very much like a ferocious mouth that was going to swallow them in; other times, numerous brooks crossed with each other, thus dissecting the land in various small sections.

Whenever they bumped into these weird areas, they chose to skirt around them, rather than going deep into the unknown danger. If they randomly trooped in such areas, they could very likely be trapped in the ambush of the enemy!

Two hours later, they finally bumped into the first elite team from another race. According to the information provided by the scouts of the Hua family, the enemies ahead were from the Barbarian Prefecture. Actually, as per the information on the map, the height of the barbarians had a direct link to their strength. Looking over the general height of the team, they found there was only one tall barbarian, who might be a Barbarian Emperor. After analyzing the enemies, the super team, led by Qinghan, determined to get a good start!

Boldly, the team strode forward to the barbarian group. Considering the presence of the Barbarian Emperor, they gave up on a sneak attack scheme, for it could be easily discovered by the soul power of the Barbarian Emperor.

The Prince-Realm cultivators moved in formation, with Shisan in the middle. Meanwhile, the other cultivators had stopped unleashing their Battle Qi, and were instead moving ahead on instinct.

As for human cultivators, one could tell their level of cultivation by their unleashed Battle Qi. Thus, in order to disguise their true ability, and make it unpredictable for the enemy, they used this scheme to perplex the barbarians before the fight. This way, they figured, could better protect their young lords.

When they were within a hundred meters of each other, the barbarian team suddenly rushed towards them. If one would be surprised by seeing a couple of barbarians, they would certainly be amazed by witnessing two hundred of them rushing in one direction. The barbarians were extremely muscular, and their backs were straightened like pillars. Looking at the approaching crowd, which was like hundreds of pillars, with a three-meter tall super pillar in the middle, some of the team members held back their breath in fear. The same bronze-colored armor, the same sturdy bodies, what an impressive group! Their roaring sound resonated in the air, like the booming sounds of an earthquake.

“We’d better act abide by our original plan. Slaughter them all!” Shisan yelled as loudly as he possibly could to overcome the noisy background. If they could annihilate this group, in which the worst were Mighty Barbarian Soldiers, the amount of credits they would obtain would be huge!

“Yes!” Motivated by Shisan’s inspiring yelling, the morale of Qinghan’s super team soared. Now, they began to unleash their Battle Qi, as they clashed with the enemies.

“Grrr! Grrr!”

The barbarians were also fully prepared for this fight, with some of them howling in excitement. In big strides, they carried their heavy legs as quickly as they could, while waving their pot-sized fists in the air.

“Listen! Descendants of the Ye family, integrate with your battle beast!”

As group leader of the Death Warriors, Shisan was credited for his wisdom and battle experience, so all the team members trusted in his leadership ability.


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