BPTH Chapter 89

Set off Again

“Time’s up, Ye Qinghan wins!”

When the fight drew to an end, the result was self-evident. Some cheered, while others frowned. Among them, the most outraged was Hua Cao – he raised his feminine face up, threw his wooden sword on the ground, and complained, “Phew, I admit defeat. Fuck the Yue Pavilion…”

“Come on, buddy. Don’t be thwarted by just one loss. Tomorrow, you’ll win again!”

With a triumphant smile, Qinghan slowly walked towards Hua Cao, while wiping the sweat off his face. It seemed that Qinghan had successfully achieved the first level of the Mysterious Trace Step. In front of Hua Cao, who was in the third level of the Realm of the General, Qinghan was only stabbed once in an entire hour, which provided vivid evidence of Qinghan’s drastic acceleration in cultivation. If he kept progressing like this, then he would certainly be better qualified to fight and survive in the final chaotic war. His plan was to kill as enemies as possible, so that he could hopefully obtain the required amount of credits, after which he would save his sister…

“Feng Zi, get us the money! Wakaka! 1,000 purple crystal coins!” Out of ecstasy, Qingwu jumped off of the ground, reminding Feng Zi to pay them off. Indeed, Qingwu and Qingcheng had observed several times before they finally took this bet, because they believed Qinghan’s chance of winning would soar as he progressed. They had, therefore, put all their money at hand in this bet.

“Ahh, Hua Cao, you disappoint me! Because of your inability, I lost all my money. Oh, I’ll be stripped bare.” Feng Zi’s fancy plan to gain a windfall out of their fight finally came to failure. He had originally planned to go to the brothels for several nights, with the fortune he would make here. Now, however, he couldn’t even afford a one night stand…”

Consequently, in order to clear up his debt, Feng Zi used up all his money at hand, and also lent some from the elite members of his family. On the other hand, Hua Cao rejected to continue the competition with Qinghan, because he felt he would go crazy if he kept fighting like this.

Having no better alternative, Qinghan invited Shiqi, as well as his other members, to practice with him. Ideally, members from the Hua family were considered by Qinghan as the best candidate to be his practice partners. But, since Hua Cao had publicly rejected his invitation, he figured it would be better not to disturb other members of the Hua Family. As a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the Prince, Ye Shiqi was also an advanced cultivator. Although it seemed, that it was a waste of talent for Shiqi to fight with his master, who was at an obvious disadvantage in cultivation. Recently, the number of teleported enemies had decreased to a record level, so the need for advanced cultivators had also dropped.


As time drifted away like water, three months had passed since they had arrived at this Monster Slaughter Pool. Today, it was finally time to leave, and trek deep into the Visionary Forest, to engage in more battles.

Early in the morning, the super team was busy collecting items, preparing food and water, as well as patrolling the surroundings. They were in full swing to set off on another journey.

With a leg of wild boar in their hands, Qinghan, together with others, was exhibiting their gluttony manner. Actually, this lake was far away from the central part of the Visionary Forest, so it was less dangerous to roast food on the ground. Once they went deep into the forest, the smoke of the fire would be an obvious invitation for enemies. It was definitely not feasible to set fire in the risky deep forest. In a sentence, this might be their last delicious barbeque. Because of this, the young lords ate with relish, in an attempt to completely fill their stomach.

Generally speaking, Qinghan was satisfied with the three-month “hunting” task. For one thing, the whole group had acquainted themselves with the knowledge of demons and barbarians; for the other, they had earned almost 800 credits without having a single casualty. And most importantly, Qinghan had successfully mastered the first level of the Mysterious Trace Step, which would surely lend him a great hand in escaping in the upcoming war. Furthermore, with the accumulated Battle Qi, Qinghan was now on the verge of breaking through the first level of the Realm of the General!

“Everything’s packed up, let’s set off!”

In the eastern direction, a group of girls drew near in a formidable array, and they were led by Qingcheng and Qingwu. Upon their arrival, Qinghan quickly waved his hands, and yelled, “Let’s go!”

According to the geographical record of Ghost Island, the super team had just passed through a third of the journey in the Visionary Forest. On the three points of the triangular structure of this island, lay the respective temporary camps of the three prefectures. While inside the triangle, there was a vast Bloody Prairie. Twenty five kilometers away from the prairie, also known as its periphery area, was the destination of the super team’s journey. It was where the three-prefecture’s mingling battle took place.

Owing to the three-month cooperation, the super team had not only accumulated a great amount of fighting experience, but had also raised their morale. Now, they were storing up their energy for more fierce battles ahead.

In silence, the super team set off. Based on the recorded length of the distance, it could take them up to ten days to arrive at their next destination. The scouts from the Hua family led the way, and patrolled in the front by using their Invisible Technique.

To ensure everyone’s safety, they deliberately skirted some possible places where some dangerous monsters could emerge. As time went by, the team moved in a fast, yet silent manner. Step by step, they drew nearer and nearer to the periphery of the Bloody Prairie.

On the seventh day, they bumped into one of the elite teams from the Mars Prefecture.

Judging from their appearance, with half of them wrapped up in bandages, this elite team must have just come back from a bloody battle. Under the escort of several Prince-Realm cultivators, some young lords walked towards this team to express their greetings.

“Nice to meet you, young lord Qinghan, young lord…”

The leaders of this elite team were a young lord in blood-stained clothing, and a strong man in the Realm of the Prince, with an wounded left arm. Both of them had recognized the young lords walking towards them, and hurriedly greeted them.

“Young lord, the one in front of you is the young lord of the Liu family from Phoenix City; and the one beside him is an advanced guard in the Realm of the Prince.” Seeing Qinghan’s confusion, Shisan immediately whispered into Qinghan’s ears. As Qinghan had spent most of his leisure time in cultivation, he didn’t have much impression of the teams from other families.

“Phoenix City!” In response, Qinghan slightly nodded.

Indeed, Phoenix City was affiliated to Grey City, and the Liu family was in charge of this city.

After knowing the general situation, Qinghan nodded to the man in front of him, “Young lord Liu, what happened to your team. Why are so many of your men injured?”

With a bitter smile, young lord Liu replied, “Alas, we’ve lost a lot. I don’t know how to report back to my family. You might not realize how chaotic the battles are. It’s an awful mess…”

Based on the explanation of young lord Liu, they finally realized what had happened over there. It seemed, that both the Demon Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture had appointed important figures in this war. In each and every one of their teams, there were at least seven to eight advanced cultivators, like Demonic Emperors, or Barbarian Emperors. As a result, almost all of the elite teams from the Mars Prefecture were struck with large death tolls and injuries, once they were confronted by one of these teams. Several days ago, the elite team of the Liu family had unfortunately clashed with a super elite team from the Demon Prefecture. If it wasn’t for the suicidal explosion of another Prince-Realm cultivator, their team would’ve been annihilated.

“A super elite team?”

“Could it be her? The girl who can slaughter an elephant with one hand?”

This topic stirred a small discussion of the possible important figures in the other two prefectures.

“Fuck them! We’re not afraid of them at all, even in front of the son of the demon lord or barbarian king! I swear I’ll slaughter them all!” Out of uncontrollable fury, Feng Zi blustered. Since they had already formed a super elite team by themselves, they were prepared for a grand scale fight! But, to their surprise, the other teams had already taken the initiative well before they did.

“Errr… Have you guys heard of some especially strong teams in our Mars Prefecture?” Qinghan inquired about the whereabouts of Ye Yi, in an indirect way.

“Yes, of course. The elite team led by Miss Long Sainan has swept the battlefield formidably. Also, there is an unknown team, known as the Sickle Team, they impressed us a lot. Although we don’t know which family this team belongs to, we have witnessed their overwhelming fighting abilities. With four Prince-Realm cultivators as their leaders, and the rest of their members being in the Realm of the Marshal. Believe it or not, within thirty minutes, they slaughtered an entire team from the Barbarian Prefecture. In my opinion, this Sickle Team has killed too many demons and barbarians, the super elite team from the Demon Prefecture has now gone mad…” Young lord Liu gathered his eyebrows in anxiety, as he added.

“So, are you going to the temporary camp? Do you need any help from us?” Both Qinghan and Shisan looked at each other, with a mixed feeling of relieve and anxiety in their eyes. According to young lord Liu’s description, Ye Yi’s team should be safe and they might have gained a lot of credits; but the super elite team from the Demon Prefecture seemed to be hunting down Ye Yi and their fellowmen. Without any formalities, Qinghan cut straight to the point, in the hope that they could go to the battlefield as soon as possible.

“We have to go back to the camp to heal from our injuries. In the final war, we’ll come back out and try our luck again. Young lord Qinghan, take care…”

Qinghan gave them some healing medicine, and food, and soon after the super team continued on their journey. Since he had realized that Ye Yi and their fellowmen might be chased by the super elite team from the Demon Prefecture, he ordered the team to quicken their steps. After knowing the information of Ye Yi, the other young lords didn’t say anything, and only increased their pace.


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