BPTH Chapter 88

Gambling (3)

“Mighty Hua Cao, haha, you win. Tomorrow same time, same place!” Despite his failure, Qinghan was quite satisfied with his performance today. When he saw the two girls beside Shiqi, he greeted them with a smile, “Hello, Miss Qingcheng and Sister Qingwu, you’re all here, huh?”

“Qinghan, your diligence in cultivation is quite impressive!” Qingcheng’s black eyes lit up the moment she met Qinghan’s glance, and her tender love for Qinghan, who had turned much more mature in his tanned countenance, grew even more intense. She understood the reason behind Qinghan’s crazy cultivation – to obtain enough credits so he might save his sister! As a young girl, Qingcheng was touched by Qinghan’s genuine love for his sister, but at the same time, she felt jealous as well.

Meanwhile, Qingwu twisted her straight nose, and complained, “Qinghan! Tell me, how do you know my grandfather’s Running Bull Step? Has he secretly taught you this special technique?”

“Running Bull Step?” Hua Cao came to realize why Qinghan could dodge his attacks so nimbly, “Oh, Qinghan, no wonder your footsteps seem weird!”

“I’ll explain it to you later, but not today.” Qinghan glared at Qingwu, as though she had spoken about something she shouldn’t have.

Upon receiving Qinghan’s scolding glance, Qingwu shut her mouth up immediately. But it was too late, Hua Cao was aware of Qinghan’s special technique now. Being afraid that Hua Cao might quit the bet after knowing this, Qinghan snatched Hua Cao’s sleeves, “Buddy, are you afraid? If you are, just admit that you’re a loser. Otherwise, you’ll lose even more face when you’re defeated later on.”

“Humph! Of course I’m not! Remember, it was you who got stabbed three times by me today. I will surely be the final winner of this bet…” In front of the two beautiful girls, Hua Cao deliberately straightened his spine, despite his slight awe for Qinghan’s mysterious steps. But as he bragged, he saw Qingwu glare at him in great fury. Out of fear, he just shut up in the middle.

“Gambling? What will you get if you win? Lady-boy, continue!” Qingwu immediately urged Hua Cao, as if she was greatly interested in it.

“Haha, nothing. Miss Qingwu, I’ll take a shower right now, and I’ll talk to you later. Fuck! This sweltering weather! I’m swimming in my own sweat…” After finishing these words, Hua Cao turned around and swiftly ran away, as though his boots were rubbed with oil.

“Humph! It’s clear that he’s deliberately hiding something from us. What kind of stakes did you guys agree on with each other?” With a soft sigh, Qingwu pointed her finger at Qinghan instead, hoping he would tell her the truth.

“Eh, I’ll talk to you later! The weather is so hot, I need to take a bath…” Qinghan frowned as he saw that both Qingwu and Qingcheng were waiting for his answer. Like Hua Cao, he just ran away.

“Ha, you and Hua Cao are going to take a bath together?” Out of sheer anger, Qingwu yelled at Qinghan.

When Qingwu was about to chase after Qinghan, she stopped, and stomped on the ground, cursing, “Ye Qinghan, let’s wait and see!”

Meanwhile, Qingcheng’s face turned blush, because she could guess the stakes for this bet, based on Qinghan’s awkward expression.


In the following days, the super team had some additional entertainment, apart from the boring patrol duty. They enjoyed to be spectators of the “Qinghan versus Hua Cao competition”. On the first day, Qinghan was stabbed three times within fifteen minutes, and he lost. As his skill in the Mysterious Trace Step grew more mature, however, the duration of the fight lasted even longer.

Today marked the thirteenth day since they made their bet. The team members, who were off-duty today, all gathered around Shiqi, as they were quietly waiting for the upcoming fight.

“Hurry up! Ye Qinghan’s odds are ten to one against, and Hua Cao one to one. Anyone else wishes to make a bet? One minute left!” Feng Zi was urging the spectators to bet on either Qinghan or Hua Cao, which embarrassed both candidates.

Since the third day since the bet was made, Feng Zi had formed his own casino under a big tree, with he himself being the host. Now he was surrounded by a bunch of speculators who wished to earn a small fortune from this fight.

“Young lord Feng, why have today’s odds dropped again? I remember, yesterday, young lord Qinghan’s odds were twenty to one against.” One of the members of the Hua family wore a long face, because he was so annoyed by Feng Zi’s exaggeration on Qinghan’s mysterious steps. Since the spectators had been told that Qinghan’s steps were the same as Ye Qingniu’s Running Bull Step, they had all started to bet on Qinghan.

Sadly, the truth was, that Qinghan had lost for thirteen consecutive times. The gamblers were outraged as well as anxious, since they didn’t want to lose even more money by betting on Qinghan. However, the odds on Hua Cao were too low to gain any profit, even if he won.

“Fuck you. You know nothing about the odds! I designed this rate on the bases of a variety of elements, such as their accumulated battle experience, their rest conditions, the weather… You know, I have spent all night calculating this result! Place your bet, otherwise, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” Apparently, Feng Zi was provoked, as he explained in a scolding tone. Yesterday, Hua Cao had won by a narrow margin, which indicated that Qinghan had gradually gained experience and became increasingly more likely to win a round. Therefore, being afraid to lose money, Feng Zi had lowered Qinghan’s odds.

Personally, Feng Zi was stunned by Qinghan’s amazing improvement. Because originally, when he was notified of their bet, he took it for granted that Qinghan would be the loser. Day by day, however, Qinghan’s mysterious steps helped him make great progress, which Feng Zi believed would exert even more power if Qinghan fully mastered this saint-level technique. What confused him was: it was said that this kind of steps ought to take as long as two decades to cultivate, how could Qinghan achieve the first level of this technique within several months?

“We bet on Ye Qinghan, 100 purple crystal coins.” In the middle of Feng Zi’s meditation, an extremely feminine voice crept into his ears. Soon, a rosy perfume blended with the fragrance of a peach flower blew into his face, so he couldn’t help but raise his head to see who had just spoken to him.

“Oh, Miss Qingcheng, Miss Qingwu. Nice to meet you, beauties. Errr, we’re just fooling around here… You don’t have to get involved.” Nervously, Feng Zi declined the two girls’ stake, for he was afraid he would lose too much money if Qinghan won. Obviously, 100 purple crystal coins was considered a rather large amount. If Qinghan were to win, Feng Zi would then have to pay these girls 1,000 purple crystal coins.

“Come on, you’re the host of this casino. Are you going to reject your clients?” By slightly raising up her eyebrows, Qingwu stared at Feng Zi intensively, as if her anger was going to clash with Feng Zi.

Bolstered by Qingwu, the rest of the gamblers all stole despiteful glances at Fengzi, a gesture seemed to urge Feng Zi to accept this deal from these two girls.

“Alright, since you’ve come to me, I have no alternative but to accept it. But, please don’t cry if you lose all your money!” With a burst of dry laughter, Feng Zi accepted the purple crystal coins. Despite his relaxed expression, he had an exceedingly hard time managing it. Deep inside, he was praying for Qinghan to lose, otherwise, he would be financially doomed.

On the other hand, Qinghan and Hua Cao had already engaged themselves in a fierce fight. Unlike the previous rounds, where Hua Cao kept chasing after Qinghan throughout the fight; this time, they stayed near the same place, running around. Whenever Hua Cao’s wooden sword was about to stab Qinghan, the latter would foresee the danger and dodge away.

Forty minutes had passed, and Qinghan had only been stabbed once. It took greater-than-usual efforts for Hua Cao to corner Qinghan into a rocky riprap and attack him. If it wasn’t for his Figure Replication technique, Hua Cao wouldn’t be able to stab Qinghan at all. Just like a mud fish, Qinghan escaped almost each attempted stab from Hua Cao, which made the latter want to vomit blood out of fury.

“Haha, fifty minutes have passed. Young lord Feng Zi, be prepared to pay us 1,000 crystal coins! Oh, how many beautiful clothes we can buy with such a large amount of money!” As the crowd was cheering for another one of Qinghan’s successful escapes, Qingwu made fun of Feng Zi by reminding him of the great amount of coins he was going to pay them if Qinghan won.

Although the odds were comparatively lower today, the gamblers were getting more and more excited by Qinghan’s nimble responses. Some of them couldn’t help but exclaim, cheering for Qinghan, hoping that the money they had lost in the previous days would all be returened to them.

“There are still ten minutes left. Why the hurry? For advanced cultivators, even one second can make a difference. It’s still too early to predict who’ll be the winner.” Feng Zi swallowed nervously, and cursed Hua Cao for a dozen of times in his heart. As the fight was nearing its end, Feng Zi’s trust in Hua Cao turned bleaker and bleaker…


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