BPTH Chapter 84

Stalking Plan

For a minute, Qinghan was speechless.

“Are you people of the Hua family even human? In what world is stalking a task that’s supported by the family?”

Thinking of the victimized girls in Luo City (governed by the Hua family), who’ve had to deal with those stalking perverts, Qinghan’s anger grew into a fury. He could envisage the sordid eyes staring at the girls, while they were rubbing their delicate bodies…

“Fuck! Your entire family is filled with perverts! How can you do such a shameless thing to those innocent girls? Do you know the meaning of the word “humanity”? You’re absolutely beasts… monsters! It’s totally unfair to those poor girls, because they deserve the right of privacy! Hasn’t your nasty behavior been discovered over the years? Isn’t anybody protesting against your vile ways? What do the female members of your family think of it? Do they oppose it?”

“Don’t be such a hypocrite! I bet you just envy me. Honestly, my ancestors are known as the Gods of Obscenity. You know what? The girls in Luo City are eagerly waiting at home for us to peep on them! This way, they might marry into our family. However, if we’re discovered, we won’t admit it. Actually, those of us, who fail at this simple task, will be regarded as incompetent. Also, the disagreement of the female members of our family poses no threat to this practice. By stalking, we do not only cultivate our Invisible Technique, but also our state of mind. In my opinion, it should be encouraged, rather than denounced…”

In a triumphant manner, Hua Cao continued, “Indeed, we have strict family rules for us to abide by. First of all, the girl to be stalked has to be unmarried; at the same time, minors in our family aren’t allowed to stalk others’ sex life by using this technique. And once we’re discovered by others, we aren’t allowed to confirm our identity as descendants of the Hua Family. If we do… we’ll even receive severe punishment… Hey, to tell you the truth, I’ve even done such a thing back on the island of the Tranquil Lake, and I succeeded. A bunch of girls were taking a shower in the lake… and all of them were naked… It was fucking breath-taking!”

“Son of a bitch!” Qinghan yelled, out of inexplicable indignation.

Gradually, Qinghan began to realize that he wasn’t furious. Instead, he was endlessly jealous. In this lawless world, seldom would anyone make a fuss about stalking. Given the great influence of the Hua Family, they didn’t care much about the consequences brought about by this behavior.

All human beings, in some way, boasted a dual-sided personality. They could be good and bad at the same time. Stalking, somehow, fed their criminal temptation, to turn their imaginary beauties into real physical figures. Young men, full of hormones, would find it almost impossible to resist against such a temptation. However, most of the youngsters would feel too guilty to act upon this temptation, and only kept this amoral thought within their own mind. The Hua family, however, was exceptionally shameless, for they had made such a behavior as a common family practice since ancient times.

When others were told of this secret, they would lose their psychological balance and become depressed. The thing, that they deemed as disgraceful, but tempting, was a popular practice in the Hua Family! Their first response would be anger, which would slowly turn into jealousy.

“Come on, buddy, will you go with me? I bet your future wife will be thrilled, if you peep on her. Haha…” With a nasty smile, Hua Cao threw a tentative glance at Qinghan.

“Fuck you! I don’t need to peep on a girl in order to see her naked!” Qinghan was so itchy to punch Hua Cao, but he managed to refrain himself.

Thinking of Qingcheng’s curves, Qinghan’s heart started to swing in illusions. Also, the night at the An’yue Hotel, reminded him of the enchanting lady boss, who had groaned all night under his “attacks”.

It had been months since Qinghan had spent that night with An’yue. Back on the island of the Tranquil Lake, he had called up several girls of the Yue family to a bedroom, to make a hoax. No one knew, however, how hard he had struggled to behave himself in front of those seductive girls, when they were placed together in the confinement of a small bedroom. Now, under the demagogic proposal of Hua Cao, he began to think of the feasibility of this practice. Because of the Soul Tranquilization skill he had obtained, he had successfully been chosen as the future son-in-law of the Yue family. Plus, apart from this factor, Qingcheng did have feelings for him. She had even sacrificed several girls of her family to help Qinghan form a super team. It could be understood, that Qingcheng was attempting to get on Qinghan’s good side. Therefore, Qinghan reckoned the chance of him being refused by Qingcheng to be quite slim.

The more Qinghan thought about it, the more excited he became. The depression and fatigue in his heart were eager to find a place to vent out.

Choked by Qinghan’s response, Hua Cao was silent for a second, before he replied, “Of course, you don’t have to. The most beautiful girl in the Yue family, Qingcheng, has clung to you since the festival, despite the fact that you’ve publicly refused her. You know, at the beginning, when you said you would give up on the chance to compete for Qingcheng, we thought that you were gay. During the night, Feng Zi had even deliberately put his clothes on, in case you would climb into his bed. Haha… Now, however, we’re sure that you’re actually a lady-killer. Haha… Perhaps, you can even share some of the girls with us?”

Hua Cao’s remarks, like a barrel of cold water, poured on Qinghan’s head, and forced him to become sober. Deep inside, he despised himself for the evil thoughts he had just conjured up. Why did he refuse Qingcheng? Because he had a beloved sister back home, who was waiting for him to save her! Now, Qinghan was caught in a deep sadness, as he remembered how his sister had smilingly said to him, “I’ll marry you in my next life…”

When Qinghan pulled himself together, he felt guilty for being tempted by Hua Cao’s proposal. How could he start another romantic relationship, while his sister was still on the verge of death? With a stern look, he turned to Hua Cao and said, “It’s a matter of personal charisma. You’ll never understand. Alright! I’ll continue my cultivation. You should leave, and get some sleep!”

“You’re always cultivating. Buddy, it isn’t healthy to cultivate, you also need to take a break every now and then… Forget about it. You’re so boring… I’ll go and chat with Feng Zi.” With a shrug of his shoulders, Hua Cao tried a final time to persuade Qinghan, who was already sitting crossed legs. Eventually, he shook his head, and left…


It had been an entire month since the last conversation between Hua Cao and Qinghan. Since then, Qinghan had spent most of his time in cultivation, except for when he was practicing his Mysterious Trace Steps when demons or barbarians appeared.

As for Hua Cao and Feng Zi, they had racked their brains to implement their stalking plan. Nevertheless, they had made no substantial progress in this regard. Actually, the girls from the Yue family had already identified their evil intention, and added the guard force to six people, who were constantly guarding around the bathhouse. Also, in order to avoid Hua Cao and Feng Zi, they chose to bath when the two young lords were both on duty. As for Qingcheng, she admired Qinghan’s diligence, and didn’t disturb him. Sometimes, she and Qingwu would appear in the eastern side of the lake, as they were busy with something.

Several days later, Feng Zi and Hua Cao dropped their stalking plan, and started pursuing girls of the Yue family. They had chosen their respective “target”, and exerted all their means to lure them in. Somehow, this helped them to find entertainment in this boring camp life.

During these days, the number of demons and barbarians, who were teleported to this lake, had dropped significantly. Perhaps, they had mastered better methods to avoid the teleportation posts. Up until now, the super team had gained less than three hundred credits.

Because of the unpromising harvest, the super team had convened several meetings discussing countermeasures. In the end, they decided to let the young lords of each family fight against the enemies by themselves, so that their battle experience could be accumulated. In order to ensure the safety of the young lords, at least one cultivator in the Realm of the Prince would be present during these fights.


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