BPTH Chapter 83

Mysterious Trace Steps

Jumping back and forth like a monkey, Qinghan continued his fruitless fight with the barbarian. Every three minutes, while he was practicing his Mysterious Trace Steps, he would be hit several times by the barbarian. Thankfully, with the protection of his Battle Qi armor, and the inferior treasure-level item, the Tortoise Armor, he was safe and sound. As his understanding of the Mysterious Trace Steps matured, the frequency of him being hit by the barbarian slowly decreased… At the same time, the gigantic barbarian, like a machine, was tirelessly attacking Qinghan, as though he was fully outraged by Qinghan’s previous stab.

One hour!

Two hours!

In the end, the barbarian wielded his blunt arms in the air, with great effort, for he had consumed too much of his physical strength. On the contrary, Qinghan’s steps grew quicker and quicker, as he even managed to move in eighteen different styles. Although he hadn’t yet reached the first level of the Mysterious Trace Steps, he was rather satisfied by his improvements. Now, Qinghan was as nimble as a mud fish, as he successfully dodged all the attacks from the barbarian. He was actually practicing his Mysterious Trace Steps with the help of the barbarian!

“I’ll finish practicing in a short while.” Qinghan thought to himself.

As for the barbarian, he pinned his large eyes on Qinghan, as he was totally stunned by Qinghan’s defensive abilities. Originally, judging from Qinghan’s appearance, the barbarian expected Qinghan to be as weak as a rotten persimmon, which left him to think that he could punch this tiny human to death effortlessly.

Now, however, it was clear that Qinghan was just teasing this barbarian, who was determined to fight until the very end. The barbarian chose not to surrender, after considering the thousands of years’ hatred between the two races. Thus, he would rather bite the bullet than be a quitter.

Alerted by the panicking sounds from the birds, the barbarian’s eyes suddenly turned stern. The moment he looked up, he saw a cyan dagger, which rapidly descended, before cutting through his throat. Subsequently, he lost his consciousness…

Just before, his team members had sent Qinghan an urgent message, and required him to finish his fight as soon as possible. A scout of the Hua family had also reported to Qinghan, that two demons had appeared nearby, and that both of them were Demonic Generals.

With a chuckle, Qinghan secretly admired this perfect place, because they could catch a turtle in a jar – a sure success. Two Demonic Generals represented twenty credits! Happily, Qinghan called up his team members, and moved stealthily towards the two newly discovered demons.

To everyone’s surprise, the two teleported demons were females. Despite their equally slim bodies, the tattoos on their face couldn’t be described as beautiful, at least by human aesthetic standards. Of course, Qinghan wouldn’t show any leniency towards female demons. Qinghan, together with another descendant of the Ye family, bounced up from the ground, and flew towards the demons. Immediately, Qinghan integrated with his battle beast, and used his Soul Blackout technique. Within seconds, he successfully reaped the life of one demon.

The descendant of the Ye family, at the same time, unleashed a large amount of Battle Qi, and formed it into a big hammer, throwing it directly towards the other demon. Consequently, the demon was heavily wounded by the slam of the Battle Qi hammer. With an effortless stab, this Ye family descendant, who was in the Realm of the Marshal, easily killed this demon, whose cultivation was equivalent to those in the Realm of the General. After all, there was a gap of one realm between the two.

Astounded by Qinghan’s stunning performance, the rest of the team members, who had prepared to help him in times of danger, kept their mouths wide open. They had never thought, that a cultivator like Qinghan, who was in the Realm of the General, could kill a Demonic General within a second!

As for the Marshal–Realm descendant of the Ye family, he had the advantage of killing a lower-ranked demon. However, as for Qinghan, it was rare for a cultivator to kill a similar realm opponent within such a short period of time.

“Is it because of the integration with a holy-grade battle beast that makes Qinghan so powerful?” Some of them murmured, as they were grealy confused.

Without any explanation, Qinghan just smiled. He knew, that one day, they would all discover his true ability. Now, by using his integration technique, he aimed to test if this was also effective in front of those from other races. The answer proved to be a positive yes. As long as his enemies had a soul, they would become unconscious for some time, once they were attacked by Qinghan’s Soul Blackout technique.

As per the agreement, their team was supposed to be on duty for a whole night and a whole day. Luckily, owing to their advanced cultivation level, none of them felt exhausted. After collecting the corpses, the team remained on high alert, as they were observing their surroundings. Meanwhile, Qinghan jumped onto a big tree, and continued to cultivate.

Nevertheless, it seemed their good luck had been used up. During the rest of the day, the eastern district, which Qinghan was in charge of, remained devoid of other lifeforms after the last two demons.


A long day finally came to an end, as the sun was setting. Qingwu, leading a group of people, took over the shift duty from Qinghan’s team. Subsequently, the team members climbed up into the big tree and entered their bunks, before they fell asleep. As for Qinghan, he had one more important thing to finish.

Qinghan had to collect the credits from the corpses! As agreed upon, all the slaughtered enemies would be collected at a certain place, and only Qinghan would be allowed to take off their rings. Once Qinghan had finished this process, he would bury the corpses.

Walking along the pool, Qinghan finally collected all the credits, before he saluted the guards and left. When he was back at his bunk, he stared at his ring, where the number had already changed to 140. Under the concerted efforts of the whole super team, the had gained 105 credits during the first night and day. Adding up to his previous 35 credits, it had increased to 140. Based on the amount of credits, Qinghan estimated that they had killed approximately six Demonic Generals, five Barbarian Generals, and several Mighty Demonic Soldier, and Mighty Barbarian Soldiers.

In the middle of Qinghan’s excitement, a strange fluctuation in the air lifted Qinghan’s vigilance. Since he had cooperated with the members of the Hua family for quite some time now, he quickly recognized that it was the Invisible Technique. But who would come to meet Qinghan during his break? He believed it to be Hua Cao, the female-looking young lord! Qinghan comfortably leaned against the branch of the tree, as he silently waited for the arrival of Hua Cao.


With a pessimistic sigh, Hua Cao gradually appeared out of the darkness. With a surly face, he looked rather disappointed.

“What’s wrong with you, Hua Cao?” In a hurry, Qinghan stood up, and asked concernedly, before Hua Cao fully exposed himself.

“What a loss! As a cultivator in the Realm of the General, you can see through my Invisible Technique? Oh, how can I survive?” Hua Cao complained, as if he had suffered a great loss.

Hearing this, Qinghan looked at Hua Cao from the corner of his eyes, “Fuck you, hasn’t the Integration Technique of our Ye family been exposed in front of all of you? There should be no secret among the five prominent families! Come on, buddy. What’s really on your mind?”

“Ah, you can read my mind, young lord Qinghan. Haha, look there!” Suddenly, Hua Cao’s face turned red, as he embarrassingly pointed his finger towards something in the distance.

Following the direction of Hua Cao’s finger, Qinghan saw the place where the girls of the Yue family were stationed. Looking closer through the space of the leaves, there stood a newly-built simple bathhouse.

“Don’t get me wrong, Qinghan! I wouldn’t dare to peep at Qingcheng while she was taking a shower… I just… wish to peep at the other descendants of the Yue family. Would you please ask your future wife to remove the guards around the bathhouse? You know, that would be a feast for our eyes. I promise, I’ll pay you for doing so!” Hua Cao patted on Qinghan’s shoulder, as he spoke in a tentative manner.

“Go to hell! Why don’t you just ask her yourself? Haha, Hua Cao, your gentle appearance has cheated us all, deep inside, you’re a true pervert, who only wishes to indulge himself in obscenity.” Pushing Hua Cao’s arm away, Qinghan was shocked to see this evil aspect of Hua Cao, who had always maintained the proper temperament of a young lord.

Surprisingly, Hua Cao crossed his arms, and explained, “Old habits die hard. I mean, I tried to get rid of this stalking habit, but I can’t. You know why? The first technique we learn, as a descendant of the Hua family, is the Invisible Technique. Once we acquire this amazing skill, we have to finish the task given to us by the family – peep at the girls who’re in the middle of taking a bath, by using this special technique. Within a month after being given this task, we have to succeed! During these years, I’ve become addicted to it. Now, it has been several months since I’ve last peeped. I’m so itchy to have another peep…”


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