BPTH Chapter 81

Hunting (2)

Under the instruction of Qinghan, the three descendants of the Ye family had tested the barbarians in their offensive and defensive abilities. They had to collect enough information concerning the other two races, in an effort to wage a successful war later on.

“Enough! Kill them all!”

About an hour later, the three cultivators and their counterpart rivals had fought through many rounds. With Shisan’s order, the ten cultivators swarmed towards the three barbarians, punching, and kicking them ruthlessly.

“Ah…” The three barbarians groaned in a mixed feeling of misery and anger. Soon after, they were all beaten to the ground, they died with open eyes full of grief.

“Young lord, now it’s your turn to pick up their rings, to see what rank they were!” With a satisfying nod, Shisan stepped closer to Qinghan, and whispered into his ear.

“Oh, yeah! I need more credits!” Hurriedly, Qinghan rushed to the three corpses, and took off their rings. As he had previously done, he placed their rings against his own, immediately a faint light emerged, and the number “ten”, was changed to “thirty five”.

“Three Barbarian Soldiers!”

As Qinghan had expected, these three barbarians were equivalent to human cultivators in the Realm of the General. And in terms of offensive and defensive power, they were stronger than their human counterparts. However, their monotonous attacking skills somewhat fell behind those of humans, for neither did they cultivate Battle Qi nor use any fancy techniques.

Unlike the previous time, most of the girls from the Yue Family had quickly grown used to this scene of slaughter, despite their pale faces. In addition, these barbarians were not chopped into pieces, and the girls had turned resistant to bloody scenes.

The cultivators from the Ye Family dragged the corpses away, and buried them.

The young lords gathered together, negotiating their current major tasks. Actually, they were going to stay here for several months, rather than a couple of days. Based on the experience from the Hua Family, the first three months would be the most chaotic months: most of them weren’t yet familiar with the exact places of the teleportation spots, thus the chance of being accidentally teleported to another place would be rather high. The best way, therefore, was to wait for windfalls, rather than wandering around and fall into a trap. In this way, it would be easier for the team to gain credits, and collect information about the enemy.

Eventually, the team was divided into two groups, taking turns to keep watch. They all agreed, that if the number of enemies didn’t pose a threat, they should deal with them independently; but if they came in large numbers, or their fighting ability was hard to defend against, the on-duty group would send out a warning signal to the whole team, in order to annihilate the enemies together.

The action, which they gave the codename “hunting”, was carried out. Team members began to bustle around, some were on watch, while others were cultivating…

When darkness fell, Qinghan obligatorily joined the first group, which was on duty tonight. Together with the other members, Qinghan crossed his legs while leaning against a tall tree, around which there were eight teleportation posts. Their task was to guard these posts, in case any demons or barbarians suddenly appeared. As what they had agreed upon, they would slaughter the enemies by themselves if the enemies arrived by twos and threes; and they would call up the whole team, to help annihilate the enemies, if they came in a larger group.

Owing to the smart Hua family, some delicate gadgets were placed near the teleportation posts. Before the demons or barbarians came out of the posts, a warning siren would be heard, in order to inform the team members to prepare for the upcoming fight.

The silver moonlight lighted up the night. While the salty wind from the sea blew into their faces, making them drowsy.

Qinghan, however, was wide awake, for he had planned a three-month schedule of cultivation. In his opinion, it would be a waste of time to spend three months passively waiting for enemies.

Apart from the necessary time of fighting, he decided to use all his leisure time on cultivation. As a cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the General, most of the demons or barbarians could kill him within a second. Therefore, in order to survive in this forest, as well as for the life of his sister, he had to be undaunted.

Since his previous tour to Wild City, Qinghan had enjoyed the pleasant feeling of being an advanced cultivator, of a man who could control his own life. Half a year ago, he was just a piece of garbage. Now, he was a totally different person. Once he had filled that cultivation gap, he definitely had obtained more privileges. In this world, without overwhelming cultivation ability, one would be undervalued as a piece of shit. This kind of values had deeply imbedded themselves in Qinghan’s mind, since he had experienced the different treatments before and after his cultivation had improved.

Qinghan was well aware of his own advantage – Little Black. Once integrated, he would reach the first level of the Realm of the Marshal. Any Marshal-Realm cultivator would be killed within a second, if he used his integration technique – Soul Blackout.

Previously, Qinghan had consulted Ye Qingniu about soul cultivation. Qinghan’s ideal was to kill more advanced cultivators by increasing his soul ability, but Ye Qingniu’s reply extinguished his hopes. Usually, before the Realm of the Emperor, one’s soul could only be improved by the accumulation of Battle Qi. There were only two ways to break this common rule, however; either by eating a rare Dan, such as the Spirit Immortal Dan, or by forcing himself in a Soul Tranquilization state.

The scarcity and value of the Spirit Immortal Dan was needless to say, or Qinghan wouldn’t risk his life for getting just one. As for the Soul Tranquilization state, which he had once entered back at the Yue Family, he hadn’t been able to replicate it, in spite of countless trials.

Right now, Qinghan had, therefore, focused all his attention on accumulating Battle Qi, with which his soul power could be improved. He swore secretly to himself, that he would obtain the Realm of the Marshal before the final war! At that time, he would be as powerful as those in the Realm of the Prince, after he integrated with his battle beast. Even if his elite team failed him in obtaining enough credits, he could still sneak attack the Prince-Realm counterparts in the demonic and barbarians races. He was optimistic, that in the end, he could get that Spirit Immortal Dan with glory…

Qinghan ordered his team member to call him whenever there was an emergency. Now, he was going to cultivate Battle Qi.

The manual left by his father mentioned that the Realm of the General was a watershed in cultivation. Before obtaining this realm, one had to solely rely on his own talents; after surpassing this realm, one had to depend on diligence and reflection, to distinguish himself from the masses. It was said, that three hundred years ago, there had emerged a matchless genius in the Feng Family, who had reached the Realm of the General at the age of seven! The whole Flame Dragon Continent was shocked. Nevertheless, this child genius was spoiled by endless praises, and became indolent as well as arrogant. As he grew up, he was stagnant in cultivation, for he didn’t cultivate as diligent as before. As for Qinghan, who had improved by leaps and bounds within several months, he had surprised the Ye Family. But no one really knew, how much sweat he had shed, how much anguish he had suffered, before he had finally jumped from the first level of the Realm of the Elite, to the first level of the Realm of the General. Fortunately, Qinghan didn’t want to be like that “genius”, who was like a flash in the pan; instead, he was determined to keep on cultivating whenever he had time.

However, despite Qinghan’s diligence, he was rather disheartened by how quickly his accumulated Battle Qi was consumed – some went into his Dantian, and condensed into the liquid state; while the rest went to Little Black, who was a gluttonous Battle Qi eater! Every day, Little Black would inhale large amounts of Battle Qi, without which he couldn’t grow up and become more powerful. Given the imminent final war, Qinghan had to put multiple efforts in cultivation, so that he could reach his goal.

At night, the chance of falling into a teleportation post would increase in the darkness. Thus, most of the cultivators from the three prefectures chose to have a rest, rather than wandering around. Therefore, except a Mighty Demonic Soldier, who had quickly been killed by Hua Cao’s subordinate, there were no demons or barbarians that got teleported here.


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